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Chapter 694

The image of the Law Enforcement Hall had always been relatively bad in people’s hearts, they were too dominant and wouldn’t tolerate a slight violation . Particularly the outstanding Divine Wrath which was the most elite force in the Law Enforcement Hall . They wandered in darkness all year round to tackle True Martial School’s enemies .

Even if their own people from True Martial School saw the means used, they would feel afraid as well .

“Is that Elder Duan Anyi who was next to him? During this time, he kept lobbying a lot of senior officials to hand over Ye Xiwen in order to calm the Emergence School’s anger, but he never got along with the Law Enforcement Hall people . Why did they go together this time?”

“If the anger of Emergence School can really be subsided, that would be great!”

“Cheh, that is just his own wishful thinking . The Emergence School has clearly planned this for a long time!”

Some people agreed, while some were simply scornful . Many people could see Emergence School’s wild ambition very clearly .

“Mind your own business!” Facing the two people’s overbearing probing, Ye Xiwen just gritted his teeth and expressed four words – Mind your own business .

Everyone looked at Ye Xiwen in a daze because they didn’t expect Ye Xiwen to say these words with a disdainful look .

But when they thought about it, what Ye Xiwen said made sense . In the face of the pressure from the Emergence School, even the senior officials did not say what to do with Ye Xiwen . The two men came out and probed Ye Xiwen overbearingly . Weren’t they poking their nose into others’ business and being a busybody?

“Ye Xiwen, don’t think that no one can put you under discipline . Brother Mu will be out of close cultivation soon . At that time, it will be your death . No, even the unstable factor of your Tibetan Star Summit will be removed!” Su Zhenfei said with an ice-cold expression .

“Busybody!” Ye Xiwen said with narrowed eyes .

“You…” Su Zhenfei was very annoyed by Ye Xiwen . He had met myriads of people for thousands of years in his life, and there were many kinds of strange and difficult people, but he had never met someone like Ye Xiwen .

Su Zhenfei didn’t care about all kinds of cynicism and even loud insults because he did not take Ye Xiwen to heart at all . Ye Xiwen was just a Half-step Great Sage who was not even a Great Sage . Even if Ye Xiwen had a breakthrough into the Great Sage, Ye Xiwen was still not his opponent . Su Zhenfei was very confident .

But what made it most unacceptable for him was that while he belittled Ye Xiwen, Ye Xiwen also belittled him . He finally understood the feeling of being belittled . Most importantly, he was ignored by a person whom he did not attach any importance to .

It felt like Ye Xiwen slapped him hard and loud, and the pain was searing hot .


These words made Su Zhenfei’s momentum slightly stagnant .

“With my identity, who are you to discipline me? Even the Supreme School Master has never said anything . Do I need you two little potatoes to poke your nose into my business and be a busybody?” sneered Ye Xiwen . ”If Mu Shengjie wants to deal with me, just let him come forward . You are not worthy of talking to me! ”

The two were trembling with anger and their faces were pale . Although Ye Xiwen did not speak loudly, it was like hitting them on their face at this moment . Smacking them mercilessly with each deafening slap .

The others were staring at Ye Xiwen astonishingly . The meaning between his lines was that these two Great Sages were small potatoes who were not worthy of talking with him at all . If they were to interrogate, Mu Shengjie had to come personally .

Is he out of his mind?

Everyone thought so . No doubt, Ye Xiwen’s strength was very powerful indeed . Within decades of entering True Martial School, he set off a huge commotion and had a great progress . From the beginning, he was just a small potato of Half-step Legend, and he could actually pry up the situation of True Martial School now . It was a world’s difference .

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But these were two Great Sages in front of him . They were two senior Great Sages indeed . Among the Great Sages, they were all strong . Under the Great Sage were all so-called ants [1] . Facing the overwhelming strength of the Great Sage Realm, Sage Realm was nothing .

Even if it was a Half-step Great Sage, it was only Half-step towards the Great Sage . In the face of the real Great Sage, Half-step Great Sage was not much stronger than ants .

Even a Great Sage Initial master could crush a person in Half-step Great Sage easily .

But from Ye Xiwen’s words, they became small potatoes who were not worthy of talking with him at all . There was disdain towards them in between the lines .

Was Ye Xiwen out of his mind, or were they out of their minds? They might hear it wrongly because it seemed so surreal .

“If Mu Shengjie wants to punish me, let him take action personally . Who are you?” sneered Ye Xiwen . “Originally, I thought that this school puts unity first in the face of a storm . Who knew that Mu Shengjie is so arrogant and does not hesitate to cause an internal war? ”

Ye Xiwen mentioned Mu Shengjie without the slightest respect . It could be said that it was a kind of contempt . Everyone was a little confused . Mu Shengjie was the top among the true legatee disciples . There were very few people who were on par with him .

Is Ye Xiwen out of his mind?

He is surely extremely arrogant!

Many people only had this idea in their minds . What Ye Xiwen did just now made them feel that Ye Xiwen was too arrogant . Although the Law Enforcement Hall was indeed aggressive, Ye Xiwen was really arrogant because he dared to go against the Law Enforcement Hall . It seemed like that was the case .

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“You even said that our Tibetan Star Summit is the school’s unstable factor . I think Mu Shengjie is the most unstable factor . He doesn’t even need to look for me, I will come to him personally!” said Ye Xiwen coldly .

He is crazy . The world is crazy .  This idea popped in everyone’s mind . Ye Xiwen not only had no respect for Mu Shengjie in his words, he even said that he would mess with Mu Shengjie .

It was really crazy . If Huang Wuji said that he was going to mess with Mu Shengjie, they would still believe that . After all, Huang Wuji was a match against Mu Shengjie, and they had already fought against each other countless times . They were old enemies and opponents already .

Both of them were the elites among the True Martial School disciples . After Mu Shengjie’s close cultivation, he was about to enter the Great Sage Great Perfection Realm . He was ranked one of the strongest below the Transcendent Realm .

But who is Ye Xiwen? How dare he mess with Mu Shengjie? I guess he will be pressed to death with just a finger . But since Ye Xiwen spoke out publicly, he should keep his words . He is either out of his mind or he has a backer with him .

At this time, everyone had only one intuition – Ye Xiwen must be out of his mind .

“You are courting death by being disrespectful to Brother Mu!” Su Zhenfei was furious, and his eyes turned red suddenly . This was utter humiliation . They came to interrogate aggressively in order to humiliate Ye Xiwen, but they were humiliated by Ye Xiwen now . How could they tolerate it?

In the minds of these Law Enforcement Hall disciples, Mu Shengjie had supreme prestige because he was their next Law Enforcement Hall Master . They even supported Mu Shengjie to become the Supreme School Master of True Martial School . So he was like a deity where no one was allowed to be disrespectful to him .

“Since you have a death wish, then I will fulfill your wish . You are not qualified to look for Brother Mu at all . Let me kill you!” Su Zhenfei said with gritted teeth .

“It’s true that those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes him crazy . Ye Xiwen, you are really crazy . You really overestimated your abilities . Who do you think a Great Sage is? It reigns above the Sage Realm, and is the emperor among the Sage . How dare you insult a Great Sage? Your time is up . Do you think we are like Lao Yi, the new Great Sage?” On the other side, Duan Anyi’s face revealed a cruel smirk .

Although Duan Anyi was a well-known person from the peace party, he was not in the peace party because he was a good person . Instead, he was in the peace party by compromising with external parties . He was also a person who killed decisively .

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The most important thing was that Ye Xiwen’s words today had humiliated him inside out . How could he accept it?

He also heard about Ye Xiwen murdering Lao Yi, but he didn’t care about it at all . The strength difference between Great Sages was huge . Even if both people were at the same level, there was an enormous gap . Moreover, comparing Duan Anyi with Lao Yi who just recently stepped into the Great Sage was similar to the five Great Sages besieging Blood Lord, they were killed one by one in the end .

The strength gap gave Duan Anyi such confidence .

In Duan Anyi’s eyes, if it were not for Ye Xiwen, it would not attract the attack of Emergence School . At least Emergence School could not find such an excuse, and it would also slow down some attacks . Wasn’t this the reason True Martial School had shrunk their contact with the outside world over the years?

If Ye Xiwen was sacrificed to delay the attack of Emergence School, it was worth it .

How would Ye Xiwen not know what everyone was thinking? Everyone thought he was crazy to provoke a Great Sage . Everyone wondered whether he was tired of living .

Or Ye Xiwen was simply insane? If it was still acceptable to provoke these two Great Sages, then Ye Xiwen must be insane in their hearts to provoke Mu Shengjie . Mu Shengjie was not just of supreme prestige among the Law Enforcement Hall disciples, he was also a God-like character for ordinary disciples . He was a peerless master who stood a chance to compete for the Supreme School Master seat . Even if Ye Xiwen was outstanding, Ye Xiwen did not have the ability to compete with him . Ye Xiwen’s cultivation period was too short .

They didn’t know that Ye Xiwen definitely had the confidence when he said so . He was only a Half-step Great Sage Late, but with ‘Observing Person Scripture’, ‘Tyrant Body technique’, ‘Phoenix Regeneration technique’ and other amazing martial arts lost techniques, he could even behead a Great Sage Late . Hence, he could deal with the two in front of them .

As for Mu Shengjie, Ye Xiwen’s present strength was a far cry from Mu Shengjie, but he still had Star Beast Avatar . After the blood slave fully absorbed the adult Star Beast’s spirit, he could skyrocket to Great Sage Great Perfection . Even if Mu Shengjie came out of close cultivation at that time, Ye Xiwen might have the power to fight against him .

“Die!” Su Zhenfei screamed, and a terribly violent aura completely swept out of his entire body . The vast aura of a Great Sage enveloped the whole world immediately .

[1] Meaning one’s identity is insignificant .

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