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Chapter 688

If someone said that Blood Hangman would be used as a whetstone previously, Blood Hangman would definitely not believe it .

What was a whetstone? The purpose of a whetstone was to help him achieve a breakthrough to a higher level . In other words, the opponent’s strength was far inferior to him . Otherwise, how could a knife be sharpened?

But if Ye Xiwen’s strength was not as good as Blood Hangman, then Ye Xiwen was even less likely to be his opponent . Maybe he could slam Ye Xiwen to death with a slap . The strength gap between Great Sage Intermediate and Great Sage Late was simply too large to be imagined . A Great Sage Intermediate simply could not match against him at all .

Blood Hangman could slam Ye Xiwen to death directly because he was not an ordinary Great Sage Late . The incident of being used as a whetstone could never happen to Blood Hangman .

But now this kind of thing really happened . Ye Xiwen really used Blood Hangman as a whetstone to hone his own sharp edge, and even broke through completely . For Blood Hangman, this was basically a miracle .

“It’s impossible!” Blood Hangman was stupefied . He couldn’t believe it at all .

In fact, if a typical Great Sage Intermediate really wanted to use Blood Hangman as a whetstone in order to break through to the Great Sage Late, then this person was doomed . Blood Hangman would beat him to death in just a few moves .

But Ye Xiwen had the Phoenix Regeneration technique, which was the fundamental reason why he dared to perform a breakthrough in the battle and used Blood Hangman as a whetstone . An average person simply did not have such confidence and strength .

Ye Xiwen could heal his injury completely in the blink of an eye, so he could be fearless . If there was no Phoenix Regeneration technique, he would be killed even if he had a Domineering Body .

Ye Xiwen’s momentum was still soaring continuously, and his eyes were burning with full fighting spirit .

“It’s your turn!” said Ye Xiwen slowly . After breaking through the Half-step Great Sage Late, he only felt that his strength had changed drastically with warm currents circulating in his body . It was a far cry compared with just now, which was simply different .

He could also feel that his Domineering Body had reached the peak of the seventh level . If he could break through the Great Sage, he could probably enter the eighth level finally . By that time, his physical body would experience a drastic change again, and there would be a qualitative gap . Although he had not reached the extreme, it would be different again by that time .

His Domineering Body technique had not broken through for a long time . After all, his Domineering Body was powerful enough relatively speaking, and each level was a qualitative change . It was not just based on the change in strength brought by the boost in power, but a real qualitative change .

There used to be a bitter battle with the Titan Body previously, but Ye Xiwen even crushed the Fierce Deity True Body now, which was comparable to the Titan body in the past . This was enough to prove that his Domineering Body was improving at an unimaginable speed .

He could feel that when his Domineering Body was cultivated to the extreme, when the Domineering Body was truly formed, he could even rip apart deities and demons . Furthermore, this was his own improved version of the Domineering Body, which he thought to be more powerful than the original one . All this must wait for the test of time .

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen moved in the midst of a sonic boom, and his body smashed countless air particles directly . The huge magnitude of force made an unimaginable explosive sound . He burst out in an instant, and rushed to the front of the Blood Hangman .

Ye Xiwen had a martial sword in his hand, which was truly a martial sword that he condensed with his own swordsmanship . Although it was based on the elderly’s swordsmanship, the sword would always have unimaginable power in Ye Xiwen’s hands .

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The martial sword slashed with a speed of light, tearing open the vast sky . It was terrifying like no other .

“Dang!” Blood Hangman blocked the rising sword . Ye Xiwen’s speed was way faster than before . Ye Xiwen did not activate his Demon’s Wings, but he was already much more rapid than before with only the speed of his own martial arts .

This breakthrough had led to an unimaginable breakthrough of Ye Xiwen’s overall strength . This almost made Blood Hangman unable to react timely . One could imagine the extent to which Ye Xiwen’s speed will soar after his Demon’s Wings were activated . If he was hunted down by Soul Destruction Temple’s Master again at this time, then it would not be the same as the last time, where he was injured badly at the end and almost died on the spot .

Originally, Blood Hangman already felt that Ye Xiwen’s power was overwhelming . Every time he crossed his sword with Ye Xiwen, he had to utilize his entire strength . It was already a terrifying matter that a Half-step Great Sage Intermediate had this level of strength . Ye Xiwen knew that it was not just four realms gap between him and Blood Hangman, who was a Great Sage Late . Most importantly, there was a great threshold of entering the Great Sage Realm .

Yet, Ye Xiwen could make Blood Hangman feel threatened . If Ye Xiwen advanced further, how powerful would he be? Blood Hangman could hardly imagine .

Blood Hangman could feel that his original guess was right now . Every time Ye Xiwen advanced, his power soared exponentially . It was even more terrifying now than it was at the beginning .

This sword slash was like the whole force of Mount Tai [1] slamming down .

The powerful force shook to the point of tearing Blood Hangman’s wrist muscles apart . The space between his forefinger and thumb cracked open and bleed profusely in a split second .

Blood Hangman was injured . He was really injured . This was the first time he was injured since the two battled . Previously, he kept blasting Ye Xiwen away, spitting out huge volumes of his qi and blood constantly like it was free . It made Blood Hangman feel exceptionally comfortable .

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Blood Hangman tortured people to death like that . The more tenacious his enemy was, the more interested he was in torturing and killing the enemy . The only way Blood Hangman felt his existence was to torture his enemies to death .

But now, the situation was reversed completely . Not only was Ye Xiwen not injured, but Blood Hangman was injured in this collision instead . Even if it was only a minor injury, it was also a strong signal for Blood Hangman . A signal that the weighing scale was about to reverse .

The young man in front of him was no longer the one who could let him beat casually . In the previous battles, the young man in front of him had no aspects that impressed him other than his persistence and tenacity . But now, Ye Xiwen showed such a magnitude of strength .

He had a breakthrough . He only broke through to Half-step Great Sage Late, and it was so powerful already?

If someone mentioned this to Blood Hangman previously, he would definitely not believe it and assumed that this person was talking nonsense . However, he believed it now . There were indeed such people in this world .

“Now it’s my turn to crush you!” Ye Xiwen sneered . He penetrated the sky in an instant, and charged towards Blood Hangman again . The sword slashed downward once more, and the majestic sword aura was almost going to tear apart the universe . Countless meteorites nearby turned into powder after encountering this sword aura .


The sword aura slashed on the Blood Hangman’s body, and a magnificent mushroom cloud actually rose . Terrifying power boiled in it, sweeping out an unimaginable energy storm .

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Blood Hangman stumbled and fell out of the storm, the bloody energy shield on his body was actually shattered . Countless resentful spirits were annihilated in this overpowering force . Although it was very cruel to them, it was not necessarily a bad thing for these resentful spirits who were locked up to return to the world .

Blood Hangman no longer had the same calmness as before . His clothes were ragged, and his face was a bit pale . He looked at Ye Xiwen in disbelief . If Ye Xiwen was just lucky previously, then the blow made him really see the horrifying strength of Ye Xiwen clearly now .

With the breakthrough to Half-step Great Sage Late, Ye Xiwen’s strength had surpassed him already . This was a scary thing for him as he never thought that he would meet such an opponent .

Without hesitation, Blood Hangman turned away almost immediately to flee into the Medicine King Valley . There was a Blood Lord of Great Sage Minor Mastery there . Even if Ye Xiwen was talented, he was not a match at all in comparison to Blood Lord who was in Great Sage Realm Minor Mastery . By then, Blood Hangman could kill this strong enemy through Blood Lord .

“Oh no,Ye Xiwen . He’s going to run away, stop him!” Ye Mo’s screams resounded in Ye Xiwen’s mind . This experienced and farsighted old demon had experienced many battles . Ye Mo went through countless times of battles which were more dangerous than any battle that Ye Xiwen had experienced . It could be said that he had also developed a pair of discerning eyes . He noticed Blood Hangman’s intention to escape almost instantly .

Ye Xiwen also reacted immediately, and he must not let Blood Hangman escape . Once Blood Hangman escaped, there would be no chance of beheading him again . Ye Xiwen was not sure if he could beat the Blood Lord in Medicine King Valley even if he summoned Star Beast Avatar . The integration of Star Beast Avatar had come to the most critical time now, because Ye Xiwen had an abundance of wealth all of a sudden . So he didn’t let the Blood Slave absorb the Star Beast’s spirit bit by bit as usual . Instead, Ye Xiwen intended to let it gobble up in one go . As long as the adult Star Beast Avatar’s spirit could be gobbled up in one go, then the Blood Slave would also have an explosive growth to reach the Great Sage Great Perfection Realm immediately . By that time, with Star Beast Avatar, he was truly invincible under the Transcendent Realm . As long as Ye Xiwen did not encounter a Transcendent Realm master, then he could certainly escape even if he encountered any powerful enemy .

Moreover, the most important thing was that by that time, Ye Xiwen could control Star Beast Avatar without countless elixirs to forcefully summon it . The reason why it was needed previously was because the Blood Slave itself did not have the ability to summon this underage Star Beast’s spirit . After swallowing the wisp of adult Star Beast’s spirit, Ye Xiwen suddenly had the matching ability and could be fully integrated into it, so he naturally no longer needed the elixirs .

Because it was impossible to defeat Blood Lord even if Star Beast Avatar was summoned, so Ye Xiwen must kill Blood Hangman in the universe .

[1] Describing a very powerful person or object .

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