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Chapter 687

Ye Xiwen just wanted to let out an excited yell right now . His power was boiling like an unimaginable force was flowing in his body . He was at the critical juncture . He was one step away from entering the Half-step Great Sage Late .

To him, the last battle with Gongyang Yongfeng was a pity . He almost stepped into Half-step Great Sage Late . Without stepping into Half-step Great Sage Late, he had no way to fend himself against the Great Sage Late .

It felt like the brakes were pulled right just as he was about to sprint . This feeling made him feel so depressed that he could spit blood .

However, he had no choice . Even his opponent Gongyang Yongfeng had been worn out to death by him . Even if he was not content, he had no other choice . He initially wanted to wait until after he returned to True Martial School and closed cultivation before breaking into Half-step Great Sage Late .

However, there was another opportunity placed in front of him now, which was this Blood Hangman . This Blood Hangman was more powerful than Gongyang Yongfeng . Even among the Great Sage Late, he was also considered an ace .

It was also due to this that Ye Xiwen proposed to challenge the Blood Hangman one-on-one . On the one hand, it was to hinder the Blood Hangman . On the other hand, he wanted to use the Blood Hangman to hone himself and make himself break into the Half-step Great Sage Late .

If other people knew, he was afraid that they would be frightened to death . Gongyang Yongfeng was a different matter . Although Gongyang Yongfeng was notoriously famous, after all, he was already old and could no longer be compared to his past self . And in the end, Ye Xiwen just wore Gongyang Yongfeng out to death . He depleted Gongyang Yongfeng’s vital energy and blood until he died, but he did not kill Gongyang Yongfeng .

What’s more? This Blood Hangman was more tyrannical than Gongyang Yongfeng . Using him to achieve a breakthrough was simply looking for death for ordinary people . They would be killed by just the press of one of his fingers .

“Who do you think you are!?” Ye Xiwen replied coldly . The will to fight in his eyes became fiercer, flaming ablaze as if there were stars in them .

His body’s momentum also climbed little by little, and it soon climbed to the peak of Half-step Great Sage Intermediate . He finally came to this place again, one inch away from stepping into Half-step Great Sage Late .

“Less nonsense . If you have the ability, just kill me and get it!” Ye Xiwen said with his mouth, but his feet did not stop moving . He suddenly took a step and violently shot out, turning into a golden light . He rushed to the Blood Hangman . Their battle had transversed to the universe . The terrifying momentum tore the space apart . A pair of golden wings appeared behind Ye Xiwen, and he appeared in front of the Blood Hangman in an instant .

With a longsword in his hand glinting brightly, he slashed his sword toward Blood Hangman .

“That’s fast!” The jest was finally gone from the Blood Hangman’s face . Surprise flashed in his blood-red eyes . It was his first time feeling Ye Xiwen’s extreme speed . Even the Soul Destruction Temple Master couldn’t catch up with his speed and finally let him go . That was a great master of the Sage Realm, who was more powerful than a Blood Lord, let alone a Blood Hangman . The two parties were not at the same level at all .

It was conceivable how fast Ye Xiwen’s speed was . Immediately, in an instant’s effort . Ye Xiwen had already attacked him with his sharp sword approaching Blood Hangman’s face .

“Clang!” A loud sound of metal clashing was heard . Wave after wave of terrifying shock waves swept out from the middle of the place . The qi of two sharp swords suddenly collided in the air . This was the battle of two sword masters .

By the skin of his teeth, the Blood Hangman finally blocked Ye Xiwen’s attack . He couldn’t help but feel chills down his spine . If he hadn’t been careful and vigilant just now, he was afraid he would have really been hit by this ant’s sword .

However, without waiting for him to think about it, Ye Xiwen’s offense kept pressing forward . He turned into a boll of golden light and disappeared . When he reappeared, he was already behind the Blood Hangman . He swung his sword again, and lightning struck .





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The range of the two’s combat was getting bigger . Ye Xiwen no longer launched attacks at the risk of his life, instead he used the speed that he excelled the most in . The so-called “in the world of martial arts, only speed is invincible” was greatly reflected in Ye Xiwen .

The Blood Hangman’s strength was much more tyrannical than Ye Xiwen, but he had no way to kill Ye Xiwen because Ye Xiwen was too fast . He was so fast to the point where it was hard to even get caught .

Especially in battle, Ye Xiwen did not begrudge qi . He constantly hastened the Storm Wings on his back to release Storm Power, violently slamming it down on the Blood Hangman’s body . Although it could not gravely harm the Blood Hangman at all, it made him battered .

“Roar!” The Blood Hangman yelled an angry roar, shaking all directions . He was beyond furious . He never thought he would be so embarrassed by an ant he did not consider worthy at all . The crimson blood aura on his body surged even more . The bloody air instantly scattered out, one circle after another . It was extremely terrifying . In the middle of each blood wave was interspersed with countless people’s screaming and howling, all of whom were killed by him . He extracted their resentful spirits and then sacrificed them to his martial arts .

There were so many resentful spirits, it was unclear if there were hundred thousands or millions . He had really murdered many people . No wonder there was rumours about how he liked to torture and kill . His fetish in torturing people to death had already twisted his heart .

Until now, those who were tortured to death by him had become his helpers, making his martial arts more terrifying . Circles of resentful spirits swept out, swallowing and shattering everything they encountered . It was extremely terrifying .

Caught off guard for a moment, Ye Xiwen was also affected . His body was densely covered with hundreds of resentful spirits, all of which were old hateful spirits who had been dead for who knew how many years . They were fierce and abnormal . They were fed fresh blood by the Blood Hangman and had become ferocious demons .

“Hah!” Ye Xiwen shouted . A golden Divinity instantly covered Ye Xiwen’s whole body . Every drop of golden Divinity seemed to have a deity chanting inside it . The Divinity that had been merged with who knew how many deities began to resurrect at that very moment . They turned into all kinds of deities, all of which were different kinds of Beast Gods . It was like each deity had resurrected to descend on the world .

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Those resentful spirits were created using the Power of Yin in heaven and earth and contaminated with fresh blood . They feared the Power of Yang of the most, and Divinity was simply such a power .

They were killed by the deities that Divinity produced in no time, but the little time it took was enough . The Blood Hangman had grasped this opportunity and launched himself over .

In a fight between experts, it only took a moment to settle with a victor .

“Clang!” The blood dyed long sword glimmered with intense crimson was slashed downward in haste . Ye Xiwen could not evade it . The Blood Hangman’s Blood Sea sealed off his surroundings . He couldn’t tell his direction in the universe; they were all sealed, preventing him from escaping .

“Die!” The Blood Hangman shouted coldly, his facial expression was quite ferocious . He was a very prideful man . It made him very depressed to have been so embarrassed by an ant he had never considered worthy .

Now he finally had the chance to kill this ant on the spot to vent his hatred .

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen raised his sword and blocked it . The Blood Hangman’s terrifying power completely slammed down on him without mercy . The terrifying power even caused Ye Xiwen equipped with the Domineering Body to crouch down, getting totally crushed by it . Luckily, he had the protection of the Domineering Body . If it were an ordinary person, he would have been crushed to death already .

It wasn’t because the Domineering Body was weak . On the contrary, if not for the Domineering Body, Ye Xiwen would be killed on the spot . However, his realm and the Blood Hangman’s realm had an overwhelming gap . If the gaps between their realms were closer, it was unlikely that the situation would end up like this .

However, the Blood Hangman’s power rolled down in waves like the tide, trying to pulverize Ye Xiwen’s entire defense .

Both Ye Xiwen’s eyes turned red . His will to fight was like fire that wanted to burn through the world . The golden Divinity on his body also billowed up in waves to resist the crushing of the power of this blood wave .

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The two insane forces were crushing each other, colliding wildly around Ye Xiwen .

The Guanren Sutra inside Ye Xiwen was revolving at a terrifying speed . The formed galaxy was also spinning at a speed that was visible to the naked eye . It should be known that the galaxy formed by the Guanren Sutra in Ye Xiwen’s body was an exact copy of the real universe’s galaxy . Therefore, on normal days, the revolution of the entire galaxy could be said to be quite slow . The revolution within the galaxy was still considered fast, but the rotation of the entire galaxy was difficult to detect with the naked eye . It was just a little bit, but it really had the feeling of ten thousand years passing in the blink of an eye in the universe .

However, it was now revolving at a speed that was visible to the naked eye . It could be seen how crazy the Guanren Sutra had gotten .

Ye Xiwen had already tried his best . The cells in his body were collapsing one by one, but were repaired by the Phoenix Regeneration technique .

“Ah!” Ye Xiwen yelled . The momentum of his body had climbed to the peak and finally broke through . It rose insanely, stepping directly from Half-step Great Sage Intermediate into Half-step Great Sage Late .

“Boom!” The blood sword that was about to sever Ye Xiwen’s shoulder was bounced off by a frightening force . The impact almost tore the Blood Hangman’s hand apart . He just gaped in shock at Ye Xiwen, whose momentum had increased sharply in front of him .

He… actually achieved a breakthrough!

He didn’t expect that Ye Xiwen would actually break through at the most critical moment . Ye Xiwen broke through, which was to say, he had just become a whetstone for others to hone themselves .

How could I become a whetstone!?

He still found it hard to believe .

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