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Chapter 686

It was not that he could annihilate these hundreds of thousands of Blood Wolf Plunderer with only his strength . Even with his strength, it was impossible to achieve such a level . This possibility was only limited to the masters of the Transcendent Realm .

However, despite his inability to annihilate these hundreds of thousands of Blood Wolf Plunderer, at least he was able to escape . Not even the Temple Master of the Soul Destruction Temple was able to hold him . He never thought that the warriors of the hundreds of thousands of Blood Wolf Plunderer would be even more frightening than the Temple Master of the Soul Destruction Temple .

In any case, he was confident of his ability to escape . Of course, there was nothing for him to be nervous about .

“Haha, do you team up with many people to gang up on one person? When did you, the self-proclaimed member of the prestigious and upright family learn to do something like that!” A brash voice roared from the sky and another boisterous voice gushed out . It turned out to be the honorable Great Sage, with a vigorous aura, seemingly not from beneath Yao Buping .

However, he had the appearance of a young man in his twenties while wearing a blood-red robe . His bloody red long hair, swaying in the wind, appearing ostentatiously in front of everyone . His hand was holding a long sword with blood on it . It was unknown as to how many people were slaughtered by this sword .

Suddenly, there were changes in the facial expressions of the people simultaneously . It was already hard for them to hold off against the Blood Lord . What’s more, there was a top expert who was no less superior than Yao Buping . Together, these two people could exterminate them .

Many people even wailed in anguish in their hearts that their chance of survival was gone with these two people here .

Some people had even recognized this young man . He was no ordinary citizen but the Blood Hangman, the second-in-charge of the Blood Wolf Plunderer . Compared to the Blood Lord, whose reputation preceded him, the Blood Hangman had also made a name for himself . Furthermore, he was notoriously famous for torturing his opponents sadistically . Compared to the Blood Lord, he was much worse .

“Let me handle this person . You guys deal with the Blood Lord!” At this moment, a distinct yet cold voice suddenly came out .

Everyone turned their head and looked around . However, who they saw was Ye Xiwen who had arrived behind their back when they were not looking . Many people were a little dumbfounded .  At this moment, not even the arrival of the Great Sage can resolve the situation . Would it not be whimsical for a Half-step Great Sage like him to be able to defeat the notoriously violent yet outstanding Blood Hangman?

That was not a competition of power . The Blood Hangman of the late Great Sage could even kill the Half-step Great Sage, Ye Xiwen with just one finger .

However, unlike other people, there were expressions of slight joy on both Yao Buping and Tian Butong’s face . Unlike others, they had both witnessed how the Gongyang Yongfeng of the Late Great Sage was murdered by Ye Xiwen with their own eyes .

In other words, even if he did not possess the capability to defeat a Great Sage Late warrior, he definitely had the power to stall the Great Sage Late warrior . For the Medicine King Valley which was now in a dire state, it was already difficult for them to deal with the Blood Lord . Moreover, they still were up against the Blood Hangman who was equally strong .

If no one could stall the Blood Hangman, then what awaited them would be a lopsided massacre with simply no chance of retaliation at all .

In the Blood Wolf Plunderer, there were not many Great Sage . However, when it came to competition between these experts, the quantity was not what enabled them to win . When the four Great Sages on their side were up against the Blood Lord, the possibility of victory was none to nil .

However, as the event had developed to this stage, they could only go all out at the risk of their lives just for the sake of survival .

Also, at this moment, some people volunteered to stall the Blood Hangman . Of course, this was the best idea . It was best to stall the Blood Hangman for as long as possible . If the stall was prolonged until they managed to kill the Blood Lord, then this crisis in Medicine King Valley would be truly resolved .

“Just you?” The Blood Hangman tilted his head and looked at Ye Xiwen . There was an unimaginably wicked smile on his face, “It seems that I have withdrawn from worldly affairs for too long . Did anyone forget my feats?”

As he was talking, the Blood Hangman started to make a move . His figure leaped to the vast sky and appeared in front of Ye Xiwen in an instant . He raised his sword and struck it, unleashing Monstrous Blood Waves .

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The long sword had already reached in front of Ye Xiwen . When Ye Xiwen was about to be sliced into half by the sword, Ye Xiwen moved and raised his hand, turning his entire arm into a sword and deflected the attack .

“Invincible Sword!” He let out a scream, accompanied by a burst of engulfing and raising golden deities that knock against the Monstrous Blood Waves violently .


This collision had instantly caused a big crack on the void with the point of collision being the center of the crack . Like a spider web, the crack spread through the void in all directions .

In the endless cyclone, Ye Xiwen’s figure had retreated ten feet from it before he landed on his feet . During the previous collision, there was already a clear distinction . It was obvious that Ye Xiwen still had room for improvement in cultivating his skills .

However, even so, his current ability was sufficient to surprise everyone in Medicine King Valley . At first, they did not even think that Ye Xiwen, who was a Half-step Great Sage could actually stop the Blood Hangman .

After all, the Blood Hangman was the ferocious Great Sage Late expert . Yao Buping did not even dare to announce that he was able to defeat this frightening opponent even if he encountered him .

Everyone had finally come to an understanding as to why Yao Buping would make Ye Xiwen take the lead at this moment . It was not Yao Buping who made a mistake . Ye Xiwen did have such strength . Not only did he have a different kind of alchemy flame, but he did have the strength that was on an equal level to the Great Sage .

Although they were all astonished as to how a Half-step Great Sage could possess such a terrible strength that was equally matched to the Great Sage, they did not have the time to continue thinking about it . Of course, they would have hoped that Ye Xiwen’s strength would become stronger and better .

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On the other side, the face of the Blood Hangman who was just fooling around became solemn . At first, it seemed that he was just fooling around with an ant and not taking Ye Xiwen seriously at all .

He is just a Half-step Great Sage .  In his mind, it was not any different from the ants but unexpectedly, this ant had given him a different surprise . This was not an ordinary ant . There was something extraordinary about it which in turn sparked his interest .

However, his interest in it was merely just a thought . As for the upcoming battle, it was something that did not come up in his mind . The previous blow had made him realize that the ant in front of his eyes was unexpectedly powerful but there was still a huge gap between the ant when compared to him, who was already in the stage of the Great Sage Late .

After showing interest, there was a merciless expression on his face . His favorite thing to do was to extort his prey into desperate straits and then witness their expression of desperation, just like the Medicine King Valley in its current situation .

However, to his surprise, Ye Xiwen, who fell into a disadvantageous position continued to unleashed attacks towards him directly as opposed to remaining in his position .

It was almost immediately after he was being repelled, he was already prepared to launch an attack . His unwavering attack was impressive .

“Interesting . Let me see what is different about this ant then .  Hahahaha!” The Blood Hangman laughed, rushed towards Ye Xiwen, and had an intense battle with him in a different location .

Both sides collided continuously in the void . Wherever they went, everything was crushed into fragments whether it was the Medicine King Valley’s disciples or the Blood Wolf Plunderer’s warriors . The hand-to-hand combat of both sides was like collisions of two huge stars in the sky . The terrible shockwaves produced from the violent collisions made everybody give up hope for the moment .

In the void, Ye Xiwen was repeatedly beaten into retreat but he recklessly charged towards the Blood Hangman . He was expelled back numerous times until he vomited blood . However, in the blink of an eye, he was fighting with the Blood Hangman as if nothing had happened to him .

Countless disciples of the Medicine King Valley admired him . Regardless of their past perspectives of Ye Xiwen, they could not help but admire Ye Xiwen . If it were them doing so, they definitely could not do it . They could see that Ye Xiwen’s strength was obviously no match for the Blood Hangman but he still charged towards the Blood Hangman numerous times . This was not something any ordinary people could do .

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Many people witnessed Ye Xiwen’s combat skills . They could not help but felt thrilled by it . Master Long was fighting the Great Sage with the strength of Half-step Great Sage . How could they let him down?

Especially Tian Butong, Yao Buping, and a few other people who rushed straight towards the Blood Lord . Compared to the Blood Hangman, the Blood Lord who strode over the Great Sage and young master, was more like a mountain lying in front of them . It was literally impossible to cross over which made people despair but they still had to cross over .

With the destruction of the entire protection array, countless Blood Wolf Plunderers fell from the sky spreading the fire of war throughout the entire Medicine King Valley . Battle cries were heard everywhere . The disciples of the Medicine King Valley and the disciple of the Blood Wolves were fighting against each other in a group . The Blood Wolves Plunderers wanted to destroy the entire Medicine King Valley while the disciples of the Medicine King Valley were fighting for their survival . Both sides fought desperately with their opponents and did not leave any leeway .

In the sky, the fights happening on both battlefields were the most vicious . On one side was the battle with Blood Lord against Yao Buping, Tian Butong, and the others while on the other side was the battle between Ye Xiwen and the Blood Hangman .

Although the battle between both of them could not be regarded as evenly matched, both sides were in a state of stalemate in terms of fight status . The battle soon transversed to the celestial . The huge troops that were deployed by the Blood Wolf Plunderer were turned into dust from the shockwave created in the fight between both of them . The troops were unable to stop the shockwave from the fight at the sage level .

Soon, the Blood Hangman had discovered an important point which was no matter how he attacked and beat up Ye Xiwen even till Ye Xiwen vomited blood, Ye Xiwen was able to retaliate immediately as if there was nothing wrong with him .

It was like an unyielding cockroach, which made people feel uncomfortable and disgusted . No matter how it was hit badly, it was still fine .

However, the Blood Hangman had thought of the reason in an instant .  Could it be that this person had martial techniques that heal his wounds? Thinking of this, his eyes suddenly lit up because as he was living a life where he was constantly at war with others, protecting his life became important to him . If he was able to acquire such a powerful martial technique to heal himself, the safety of his own life would be indefinitely secured .

“Kid, as long as you surrender your body’s healing technique, I will spare your life and take you in as my slave!” Blood Hangman roared .

“Do you get to decide?!” In the midst of Ye Xiwen being expelled back, his eyes did not flinch, not even the slightest . He was even more determined to fight . With a rise in his body’s aura, he was about to make a breakthrough!

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