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Chapter 676

“Good . Very good!” Gongyang Yongfeng said it again and again . His complexion was already pale and his gaze was burning in anger that it could set the sky on fire . His last disciple’s martial arts was abolished . Although his disciple did not die, it was no different from death in his heart . There was no difference at all .

His whole life’s hard work was completely ruined at this moment . He never thought that the reason behind such a calamity would also be related to his pampering of his disciple on normal days . If it wasn’t for his usual pampering of his disciple, his disciple would not be so arrogant and domineering, bullying the weak for fun . Then, it would not have caused Ye Xiwen to attack .

He just thought it was the fault of the person in front of him!

From a certain sense, his disciple and Gongyang Yongfeng actually shared the same origin, and were tarred with the same brush .

The disciples’ behaviour naturally reflected the teacher’s behaviour . It was the eternal truth that similar people fit well and birds of a feather flock together .

“Your disciple is just seeking his own death!” Ye Xiwen said while sneering continuously . Gongyang Yongfeng was actually a Great Sage Late master . After all, he had experienced countless years of cultivation . Logically, Ye Xiwen was most probably not his match, and Ye Xiwen could only escape . Unless Ye Xiwen summoned Star Beast Avatar, then there was a possibility of defeating him .

But Gongyang Yongfeng had now entered the Angel Decay state . All aspects had fallen from the peak state, and suddenly plummeted to an unprecedented declining state . His whole body was shrouded in a decaying atmosphere that ordinary people couldn’t see .

It seemed like he just managed to maintain the status of Great Sage Intermediate Peak now, and it would change over time . It might even continue to decline continuously . This was the normal life of ageing and death . When the Angel Decay occurred, warriors who never encountered ageing and death in their entire life would suddenly go through a lifetime of aging in a short period of time before dying completely .

“If you are counting on him to continue your legacy, then you should give up earlier . Then, you don’t have to jump out of your grave later due to anger!” Ye Xiwen laughed mockingly at the Gongyang Yongfeng’s insight of selecting his successor without holding back . He actually chose such a person to be his legatee . Although the successor did not have to be a great philanthropist, at least his mind must be mature and firm . A person like his disciple was like a flower which grew in a greenhouse, unable to withstand any difficulties . He looked mighty, but he was just a paper tiger . Ye Xiwen didn’t care about him at all .

“Ah!” Gongyang Yongfeng was about to be angered to death by Ye Xiwen . Not only did he abolished Gongyang Yongfeng’s favorite last disciple, he even mocked recklessly here, “You are courting death!”

Gongyang Yongfeng swung one of his hands, and the whole ground surface shook violently . A huge wooden spear penetrated from the ground below and went straight to Ye Xiwen’s feet, attempting to pierce through Ye Xiwen into half .

This Thousand Plants Sect’s martial technique was simpler compared with Medicine King Valley . They constantly cultivate all types of spiritual fruits, Celestial materials and rare treasures . The plants were mostly sold to Medicine King Valley and other alchemy-cultivating sects in exchange for various other resources .

“He!” Ye Xiwen screamed, and his eyes were full of fighting intent . Since pushing his cultivation into the peak of Half-step Great Sage Intermediate, he still didn’t have the chance to attack and test it completely .

Although the Gongyang Yongfeng in front of him only had the peak strength of the Great Sage Intermediate now, he used to be a Great Sage Late after all . In terms of combat power, it would probably be enough to defeat all Great Sage Intermediate .

After entering Great Sage, very few people could progress cultivation all the way . It was even considered lucky for many people to enter Great Sage . It was very possible that one would not progress one bit for his whole life after entering .

Ye Xiwen also believed that his combat power stood at the peak of Great Sage Intermediate . This battle was enough to confirm his thoughts . He even wanted to use this battle to sharpen his skills and break through in the battle . He might be able to break through in an instant .

All he wanted now was an evenly-matched battle .

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Golden Divinity liquid began to emerge beneath Ye Xiwen’s feet . It was majestic like towering waves crashing down .

“Kaboom!” The Golden Divinity Waves collided with the green wooden spear, and it made a scary explosion sound, as if something was crushed . The green wooden spear broke through the Divinity Waves and rushed in .

“Boom!” With a roar, the wooden spear instantly turned into powder and was drowned by the Golden Divinity Waves . Ye Xiwen had the upper hand in the first battle .

Gongyang Yongfeng was completely infuriated . As a Great Sage, he had cultivated for many years . In Thousand Plants Sect, his position was almost above all and second to only one person . Even the current Sect Lord was his junior .

It was conceivable that with his position in Thousand Plants Sect, he had always been respected and admired by thousands of people . He had never been ignored and reprimanded like this before . Most importantly, the person in front of him had crippled his beloved disciple whom he regarded as his legatee .

He was almost bursting in anger already . He couldn’t wait to chomp his flesh!

The Golden Divinity Waves under Ye Xiwen’s feet turned into a glimmer of light . He rose up and flew towards the outer universe . He didn’t want to fight here because it was a power battle between Great Sage-levels . Even if this was the old nest of Medicine King Valley which probably had many arrays arranged, the battle could still cause a huge damage . This was not Ye Xiwen’s initial intention .

“You want to flee? No way!” Gongyang Yongfeng saw Ye Xiwen was flying away, and chased after him immediately . A green gourd appeared in his hand, spitting out green wood energy covering the sky . It transformed into wooden spears spreading all over . It seemed like a series of green waves immediately covering towards Ye Yewen .

The atmospheric layer of the huge star where Medicine King Valley was located was far from comparable to that of Real Martial Domain . It was not even one tenth of it . Ye Xiwen just used a fraction of martial arts, and he had already flown out of the atmospheric layer . The wooden spear waves formed by the countless wood energies were also approaching behind him aggressively .

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Ye Xiwen could make a move with no worries when he was out of the universe . He turned around, and shot out a punch suddenly . A big star was formed and it slammed down the air with rumbling sounds . It was also like a millstone crushing the air . The wooden spears hit by his fist turned into endless fragments on the spot and scattered in the universe .

Gongyang Yongfeng’s movement was also fast, he caught up with Ye Xiwen in a split second . He panicked suddenly because his attack was shattered easily .

He originally chased after him just to prepare for contingencies . He never took Ye Xiwen to his heart . Ye Xiwen was just a Half-step Great Sage . How could Ye Xiwen be compared with him?

His insight was naturally stronger than those of individual cultivators . He could see that Ye Xiwen was just a Half-step Great Sage at a glance, so he didn’t even bother about Ye Xiwen . He was also convinced that Ye Xiwen abolished his disciple’s martial arts . He certainly knew his disciple very well . His disciple was just in Sage Realm . In the face of Half-step Great Sage, his disciple definitely couldn’t cope with it .

Gongyang Yongfeng just didn’t expect to see such a shocking scene when he came up just now . The gourd in his hand was a Great Sage tool that he had cultivated for many years . Although he had no right to launch it, the scene of Ye Xiwen breaking his attack easily left him stunned for a moment in his heart . However, fury soared into his heart again immediately after that .

He despised Ye Xiwen very much in his heart . If he couldn’t tear him into pieces, it would be difficult to get rid of his hatred .

His entire body’s qi was triggered, and a mighty Great Sage’s powerful qi swept out . Those Semi Sage or Sage Realm warriors who caught up later on felt as though the ground was shaking and the mountains were moving . A stream of infinite strength was unleashed . The sky, earth, oceans, stars, sun and moon were all swept away in an instant .

Compared with the full outbreak now, the stream of Great Sage’s aura just now was considered nothing at all .

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During the Angel Decay, all vital energies and blood would deplete quickly and disappear in a short period of time . Therefore, all warriors usually practiced condensing the power of vital energies and blood during the Angel Decay so that they would not be discharged easily during attack . Because once they were discharged, it was difficult to replenish and it would accelerate their aging .

Just like once a person was injured, he might look as good as before, but he actually consumed the originally stored undivided growth cells . This was also the case with warriors . The vital energies and blood power consumed could be replenished in the previous heyday . But once they entered the Angel Decay, the more they used, the less would be remaining .

This was similar to the previous old Sect Lord who survived by a special secret method to reduce the weakening of vital energy and blood to a minimum . However, after the last battle, all his vital energies and blood were exhausted . He passed away while sitting cross legged on the spot, and that was it .

Gongyang Yongfeng had unleashed his full combat power now . He was already madly furious without holding back .

“Swoosh!” With a shrilling blast through the air, Gongyang Yongfeng had reached in front of Ye Xiwen . He had completely let go . The speed of Gongyang Yongfeng burning his vital energies and blood almost accelerated to the extreme .

Although he was madly furious, he still had some sanity after all . He was determined that Ye Xiwen would not be his match, so he went all out to kill Ye Xiwen . Although attempting to kill Ye Xiwen immediately would consume a heap of vital energy and blood, it was still within his acceptable range as long as it was not a prolonged battle .

“Peng!” The entire universe seemed to be torn apart by his figure suddenly . Gongyang Yongfeng appeared with a wooden spear in his hand . The spear’s vitality was exuberant . It was as though the spear was not a weapon, but a heavenly huge tree instead . A vast ancient aura emerged from it .

The entire sky had become a sea of ​​wood qi, and it was full of vitality everywhere . In order to cultivate this woody qi, he had cultivated for a long time . If this woody qi was put into the desert, it would be able to let the entire desert be covered with greenery and become full of vitality almost immediately . The power of a Great Sage was incredible, and even Ye Xiwen couldn’t do it . But Ye Xiwen didn’t need to be able to do it as long as he had the corresponding combat power .

The long spear pierced through the sea of woody energy . It pierced straight towards Ye Xiwen .

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