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Chapter 672

Even if they were insulted like a dog, they still didn’t dare to yell back . They just glared at this group of young men fixedly . Even if they were flushed with anger, they didn’t dare to retort .

They were all individual cultivators . Aside from a small number of individual cultivators who had exceptional talents and complete mentorship in the cultivation world, the majority of individual cultivators were at the bottom of the cultivation world, having no remarkable status .

The group of young men in front of them who were major sect disciples was exactly the opposite of them innately . It was as if a group of poor losers who encountered a group of rich and dashing men . Even if the rich and dashing men did nothing, they could still overthrow those poor losers .

The reality was very cruel indeed .

“Hahaha, look . Don’t these people look like crazy dogs who are very mad?” The fatty said with a laugh .

The young men beside him laughed out loud, seemingly to echo what the fatty said .

The person he was speaking to was a man in his twenties with sword-like eyebrows and sparkly eyes, who was dressed in a Chinese robe . He was very handsome and had an extraordinary manner .

The fatty’s words made him frown slightly and said, “Brother Zhou, these words are a little out of line!”

The fatty’s original proud face suddenly stiffened, as if he didn’t expect Brother Wang would say this to him because of the individual cultivators that were like weeds and not worth mentioning in his eyes .

There was a flash of resentment and hatred in his eyes suddenly . Although it was just a flash, Ye Xiwen frowned lightly after noticing it . It was true that individual cultivators had very low status in the cultivation world, but to poke fun at these people for entertainment was of no higher upbringing .

“Excuse me, gentlemen . I am Wang Hongchang of Medicine King Valley . I am here to escort you into the valley!” The Brother Wang said to everyone with his arched hands . He had a graceful demeanour and excellent posture . Compared to the fatty, it was a world of difference . He made people comfortable and exuded good vibes instantly .

Many individual cultivators cursed secretly in their hearts .  They are both disciples of major sects . Why is there such a huge difference? It is really like a human and a beast .  The fatty humiliated them unscrupulously . They were not good-tempered people as well . Although they dared not defame them, they already cursed in their hearts .

“Brother Wang, what is there to say about these people? If it weren’t for the seniors who showed mercy, these people would not even qualify to sit in and listen from afar . They should be deeply grateful for such an opportunity!” said the fatty scornfully . His eyes were full of disdain .

He had too many reasons to look down at these people . He was far better than these people in terms of mentorship, cultivation or other aspects . Just like the rich and dashing guys, he could defeat the poor dwarf without even lifting a finger .

His cultivation had already reached Sage Realm minor mastery long ago . Facing these Semi Sage individual cultivators, he naturally felt superior . Even though these Semi Sage individual cultivators already belonged to a very successful group in individual cultivation, it was nothing at all to him .

“Even if we don’t have a mentorship and our cultivation is far worse than yours, we still have one thing called dignity . Motherf*cker, isn’t it just a conference? I quit . I’m not going to listen to it, okay? We still need to be insulted like a dog by this dead fat pig just to listen to this conference from afar . I’m not happy . Is this the sincerity of Medicine King Valley to invite all the cultivators? I don’t think so . Even such people are worthy of an honour seat but we can only listen as observers . So it can be seen that Medicine King Valley is just the same!” Finally someone could not take it anymore and scolded . It was Yang Tingyu beside Ye Xiwen who couldn’t tolerate it anymore . He was the youngest among the crowd . He looked like he was middle-aged, but in fact, he was not the oldest among these people and his cultivation just reached Semi Sage Initial . He had the least experience since he was the youngest . That was why he had some protrusions [1] that were not found in other individual cultivators .

They were individual cultivators, but who wanted to be at the state of remaining at the bottom? Who never thought of leaping their cultivation to the top one day?

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It was just that these protrusions had been defeated little by little over time and vanished . At this time, it suddenly appeared again because of the fat young man’s insult .

Hearing his remark, the other individual cultivators’ faces suddenly showed commending expressions and was indignant . They shared his grieve and distress . Although this person was scolding, he was actually voicing out the thoughts in their hearts .

Didn’t they think so too? Why could this kind of person sit in the honour seat, but they could only listen from afar? Wasn’t it just because they were born in a good family? They all submitted it too, but even if this was the case, they should not insult others . It was already a personal humiliation to describe them as dogs .

Ye Xiwen was also slightly surprised while looking at Yang Tingyu next to him . He did not expect that Yang Tingyu dared to speak out for justice this time . Previously, he looked extremely cautious, as if his protrusion had been grinded off . He did not expect that hot blood was still flowing in his heart at this time .

He was not optimistic about these individual cultivators, not because of mentorship or talents . What was important was a brave and fearless heart to move forward, and it was absent in these people .

Talents were crucial in cultivation, but the more important thing was the mind . Only with a persistent heart that never gave up on martial arts could one carry on till the end . These individual cultivators’ protrusions had already been grinded smooth . They only knew to tolerate whatever they could . In order to obtain opportunities and resources, they did not hesitate to sacrifice their dignity . But they did not know that this was ruining their possible future development .

He just didn’t expect Yang Tingyu still had some protrusions and hot blood at this time, which was somewhat surprising .

“Please do not misunderstand, we at Medicine King Valley are absolutely sincere in inviting everyone to come here!” Wang Hongchang saw everyone fuming, and his expression changed suddenly . Hatred surged through his heart all of a sudden . He hated the fatty for talking indiscreetly .

If these news were spread out, then Medicine King Valley’s reputation would be ruined . One individual cultivator was nothing at all for Medicine King Valley, and it was not necessary to focus on it . However, it would be different in terms of the entire individual cultivators network as there were relatively few masters in individual cultivation . But it was only lesser, not that there were no masters .

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There were still a few masters in individual cultivation who were renowned throughout the world and most importantly, Medicine King Valley needed to rely on these individual cultivators in many aspects . One such was the collection of some medicinal materials, which were acquired from these individual cultivators to a large extent .

If the news spreaded out and enraged these individual cultivators, their collective resistance to the Medicine King Valley would definitely have a huge impact on the Medicine King Valley .

This time, Medicine King Valley invited these individual cultivators to participate because they wanted to foster a good relationship . It was just letting them to listen anyway . It was nothing for Medicine King Valley .

Although they didn’t necessarily have to please these individual cultivators, they couldn’t offend these individual cultivators either . That was only what a fool would do .

But because of this fatty’s few words of ridicule, he triggered a deadly bomb that attracted everyone’s hatred instantly . Although it was the fatty talking, the Medicine King Valley was unjustly implicated while just being present . They were hated for no reasons .

“You have the sincerity? Is this your sincerity? Even if no one escorts us to the valley and we are not qualified to sit in the honour seat, you allowed this person to insult us here? Although we are less capable and are not legatee, we are not to be shamed by anyone!” Yang Tingyu said with a sneer . After he finished talking, he turned around and left, ignoring the crowd . It was evident that he was exasperated . For individual cultivators, especially for alchemy warriors, their cultivation was not mainstream in the starry sky . So it was extraordinarily difficult for those who did not have the mentorship to cultivate . This opportunity was very rare, but he was ready to give up . Between dignity and prospects, he chose dignity .

“Dignity, arrogance? Those are just like a pig or a dog . How dare you mention this in front of me!” The fatty retorted abruptly, and his eyes were splashed with murderous intent . He hated it when other people talked about his body shape . Initially, he wanted to reshape his body and become perfect after his cultivation reached the Sage Realm, but he had not been able to reduce his body weight . So this subject was a taboo for him to talk about . Yang Tingyu even dared to call himself a dead fat pig just now . It really poked his trigger button . “Want to leave? Come here!”

Sudden changes occurred unexpectedly . The fatty suddenly transformed a giant hand towards Yang Tingyu and suppressed him down . This giant hand which was massive pressed down the space directly . He wanted to press these people to death .

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He was already clouded with anger . He did not differentiate that it was Yang Tingyu who said it, and it had nothing to do with other people . In his heart, these people were like pigs and dogs who wouldn’t matter if they died . They were on Yang Tingyu’s side . When Yang Tingyu spoke just now, their faces even showed agreement as if they were ridiculing his body shape .

They were all just as bad as the rest, and all of them should be killed .

He simply regarded these people as weeds who were not worth mentioning .

Abrupt changes occurred suddenly, and everyone didn’t expect that this fatty dared to attack without any warning in the Medicine King Valley . Even Yang Tingyu, who was just firm and emotional, did not expect that fatty would make a move with the intention to kill all of a sudden .

The crowd wanted to escape at this time, but they were just Semi Sage . How could they go against this fatty opponent of Sage Realm . Before they could react in time, the giant hand already appeared in front of them, preparing to press them to death .

Just as they were desperate, a golden light burst from the sky, as if it were shining from the borderless deities world .

A thin and fair finger pierced through the golden light, poking at the giant hand directly with overwhelming momentum and irresistible force .

[1] A metaphor commonly used in Chinese context . It meant the bravery of a person to fight

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