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Chapter 663

“Haven’t you refined Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan before? You can refine it now and sell it!” Ye Mo suggested .

Ye Xiwen immediately remembered that when he entered Sage Realm in order to break through, he was begging around to collect raw materials to make Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan . He was even stopped by the law enforcement staff and got scammed, forcing him to accept Beidou’s mission to Meteor World .

But that was a matter of decades ago . Ye Xiwen almost forgot about it . Once Ye Mo mentioned it, Ye Xiwen suddenly felt that this was indeed a great method .

Twenty years ago, Ye Xiwen was just a Half Sage . Compared with the current strength, it was a difference in a power realm for Ye Xiwen . It was simply not the same .

For him at that time, refining a Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan was also something that needed to be careful and cautious . Just refining the raw materials of Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan made him crazy already .

But now he was completely different from the situation at that time . With his current strength, he could even beat Great Sage alive to death . His strength grew multiple folds, showing a vast difference in level . For him in the past, refining Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan was difficult . But, it was just a piece of cake for now .

Of course, that was just because he had a mysterious space and Ye Mo used Tianyuan Mirror to help him . With that mysterious space to help him, he could accurately deduce what to do at each step . Even if he didn’t practice it a few times, as long as he was willing to spend elixir to complete the deduction process, he could quickly attain mastery as though he had refined it countless times . Just like a precision machine, continuously refining it according to standard procedures .

Ordinary alchemistss, even masters of Sage Realm found it difficult to make a standard grade pellet such as Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan . It was safe to say that there was a considerable chance of failure, and the probability of success would not be high . After all, they were not machines, and their experience could only be accumulated through continuous failure or success . In the process, the wealth they need to consume could make them directly bankrupt . Therefore, alchemy teachers often rely on a certain powerful force . Or, simply found a large force themselves . For example, the Alchemists Association was found in this situation .

This was the case for ordinary pellets, not to mention the standard grade pellets . For many alchemists who were recently promoted to alchemy master, they were only considered entering the ranks of alchemy master when they refined a standard grade pellet . However, for many people concerned, they could only refine a standard grade pellet out of sheer chance . They would not be able to refine it the next time .

In this case, even though the pellets produced by the alchemists were profitable, the alchemists themselves were quite poor . This was because the wealth they spent to explore the pellet recipe was also an astronomical figure .

But Ye Xiwen was the exception . Failure? That was not in his consideration . Even if he failed occasionally, it was not a big deal . As long as he could ensure that most of them could be refined successfully, then the remaining failures would be nothing . Profits would still come to him in abundance .

“For one Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan, you can sell it for 10 million elixir . Ten of them are worth 100 million elixirs . Hence, one hundred of them will be one billion!” Ye Mo said with a little excitement . Anyway, this was indeed a great way to make money . It was also true for alchemists . Of course, the premise was that one should not throw all the limited wealth that was earnt into exploring the blackhole of finding new pellet recipes . It was something that couldn’t be achieved in one’s lifetime .

One Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan needed materials worth approximately 3 million elixir materials, and the profits had exceeded 300% . Generally, alchemists would also need to consider the failure rate and other factors, so the actual profit was not in such scale .

But for Ye Xiwen, failure rate was out of consideration .

The demand for Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan in the market was apparent from the number of people in Legendary Realms . In the True Martial School alone, there were more than dozens of millions of Legendary . Even if the warriors in Legendary Peak were less than one hundredth or one thousandth of the previous figure, it was also a very large quantity .

What’s more? The Legendary masters in the entire Real Martial Domain and the demand of Legendary warriors in various worlds in the sky could be said to be endless . As long as Legendary masters could not breakthrough into Sage Realm, this Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan would always have a demand in the market, never worry about selling it .

There was a great threshold between Legendary Realm and Sage Realm . It was the first level that mortals faced to break through the mortal shell . The Legend that could attain Sage Realm was less than even a hundredth . It was evident when Ye Xiwen had to use Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan’s potency too .

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Thinking of this, Ye Xiwen’s eyes suddenly flashed . He didn’t even need to be an alchemist to refine other pellets . He could attain great riches by only relying on Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan .

Among the alchemists, those like Ye Xiwen who could only create one or a few of pellets such as Tailor Po Sheng Dan’s standard pellet were extremely rare . In fact, it was approaching non-existent . For alchemists, they could only refine standard grade pellets after refining many pellets and mastering many pellet recipes .

Ye Xiwen was definitely a monster and odd-being .

For Ye Xiwen, this was definitely a constant source of wealth . After he was promoted into Great Sage in the future, the required wealth was even more astronomical . Most likely, the Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan could not provide for it . After all, he could not afford to dwell in alchemy all the time . However, this matter could be left for a lot more later . For Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan, it was a sweet summer dew that came in time for him!

After thinking about the solution, Ye Xiwen was in a good mood for a while . After retrieving many phenomena around him, he walked straight out of the close cultivation secret room .

When he was out of the close cultivation, he only heard about the news that the whole True Martial School was full of excitement because of his affairs . The excitement didn’t die down even after a year .

Under the explanations of two brothers and sisters, Yang Wenjun and Deng Shuixin, Ye Xiwen learnt that the master of Emergence school had threatened the master of True Martial School to surrender Ye Xiwen . Otherwise, the consequences would be at their own risk .

However, the executives of True Martial School threw a tough attitude, saying that it was absolutely impossible to surrender their disciple .

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They had seen through the intent of the Emergence school . This was just an excuse . In the end, they still wanted to fully intervene in the Real Martial Domain, whether it was earlier or later .

Ye Xiwen frowned . He had anticipated that Emergence school would find fault on this . After all, Emergence school’s ambitions for Real Martial Domain were almost everyone’s knowledge . Now it was just an excuse . Lao Yi’s death was a great excuse .

Even Lao Yi made the first move on Ye Xiwen and Ye Xiwen had the right reasoning, speaking of it was still useless . No one cared about such things . No matter whether the final result was that Lao Yi was dead or Ye Xiwen was dead, there was no difference .

It didn’t matter to Emergence school . They only needed one excuse or a fuse, and Ye Xiwen knew it clearly .

He even thought about escaping . If True Martial School did not choose to protect him in the end, he would not just surrender to his fate . There was no other way than escaping . The most worrying thing was to involve parents and relatives . Now seeing the worst situation didn’t happen, the school chose to protect him in the end .

But he still understood that the wording “not surrounding my disciple” were all nonsense . If he was just an ordinary disciple, he believed that True Martial School would not regret sacrificing the life of an ordinary disciple despite this was just Emergence school’s excuse .

But as the saying goes, it is better off to be able to hold off for a while . Having more time for batter preparation would be great .

Now that the school didn’t choose to hand him out, they most probably see the potential in him . He was one of a kind since the ancient time . As a Half-step Great Sage, he actually killed a Great Sage Tianjiao .

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Ye Xiwen could fully imagine how shocking the senior management was when this news came back . Compared to this record, the previous killing of hundreds of Half-step Great Sage Late Masters was not worth mentioning at all . It was not at a comparable level .

However, since the school did not choose to surrender himself, Ye Xiwen could be at ease for a while . There was a folks saying, when the sky fell, there would be a tall man shouldering it [1] . The pressure on the side of Emergence school would be borne under True Martial School executive .

“Master, you are probably going to become a celebrity in the Emergence World . But Master, now there is a group of people who are not friendly to you in the academy, jumping up and down, saying that if there is a war, it is because of you . They want to hand you over to calm down the anger of Emergence school! “Yang Wenjun said with a frown, obviously also quite angry . There were not many Tibetan Star Summit, but each of them was united . They all had a close relationship . Hence, they were really mad when there were such slanders on Ye Xiwen .

But those people formed a united force, and he couldn’t help it .

“No worries, senior brother . Those are just some clowns who amount to nothing!” Ye Xiwen waved and said calmly . He didn’t put those clowns in his heart . There would be people like them in many places . When he was in Great Country Yue, didn’t he also encounter such people frequently?

Those who just want to sacrifice others for a moment of peace . In Ye Xiwen’s opinion, such people were nobody that couldn’t achieve any great feat . They could not hold any responsibility at all . Even if they know that Emergence school just needs an excuse, they would rather be delusional .

“Indeed, they are just some clowns!” Yang Wenjun didn’t comment further as he noticed Ye Xiwen wasn’t worried about it at all .

[1] The most prominent person will be the first person shouldering the disaster or issue .

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