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Chapter 662

His body was shrouded with golden light . Behind him, the Mingxin Ancient Trees shuddered with mighty power . It continuously emitted grass and wood fragrance . Once a person inhaled it, he would immediately become sober . Even if he was stuck in a stagnant close cultivation, the fragrance could maintain their soul and keep their spirit sober, which had an unimaginable effect on enlightenment .

A pair of wings behind him spread out with full force, and the enclosed room seemed to turn into a cosmic starry sky . A few dragon roars arose from his body .

A cloud of fire was boiling over his head, as if he wanted to enclose the entire chamber .

Now, Ye Xiwen’s body was surrounded with weird phenomena . When he broke through into the Half-step Great Sage Intermediate, many of his martial arts were manifested at once, as if in congratulations to Ye Xiwen’s breakthrough in power realm .

As Ye Xiwen’s skills became more profound, these martial arts lost techniques had already shown signs of further transformation to become more powerful without much practice .

Ye Xiwen sorted out many martial arts he acquired . In the early days, he practiced something like Eloping Thunder With Nine Echos which had become useless for a long time . The martial arts he created anytime now were much more powerful than Eloping Thunder With Nine Echos .

In addition, another one of it would be Coiled Dragon Palm . The first martial art of adequate quality that he got . Cultivation of this martial art was difficult . The process was still fresh in his memory . He learned through it step-by-step slowly with each individual move at a time . He used it every time as though it was his ultimate move . For Ye Xiwen in the early days, it played a supreme role .

At this point in time, Ye Xiwen had already noticed Coiled Dragon Palm was a Great Sage grade martial art . It was most likely left over and created by a Great Sage . Despite it being merely an aura, this martial art was impossible to be comprehended fully due to the Mountain Qingfeng Sect’s strength in the past . Ye Xiwen was relying on that mysterious space to prevent himself from getting killed by the aura .

At first, he regarded it as an innate martial art, but now it seemed like a great mistake .

On the other hand, he possessed other arts such as the Thousands Starlord Fist, Shattered Star Fist and Sky Collapsing Fire Cloud Hand . All of them basically surpassed the Great Sage Realm martial arts and Transcendent Realm martial arts .

Indeed, Ye Xiwen already learnt from Ye Mo that after he escalated from the Great Sage Realm, it would be Transcendent Realm . From the Sage realm, there were signs of transcendence . The meaning of the sage was a creature that surpasses mortals .

The Sage realm first undergoes physical transformation . When it comes to the Great Sage, it will be the soul and spirit transformation . They are fundamentally different from the average people . It is true transcendence after the next breakthrough .

This is the so-called transcendence .

The ancient people emphasized longevity . This thing that only existed in legends really happens to them . These transcended powerhouses were the real longevity without boundaries . Great Sage only had a life span of five thousand years . Transcendents would have a life span of ten thousands years, flaunting the terrible strength of transcendents powerhouses .

Why were these powerhouse difficult to be messed with? No one would be willing to drive these powerhouse to a dead end when it was not at a critical moment . It was because it would be very likely to draw out old monsters from close cultivation . They were like living fossils .

For example, when the Yuan Sect fell into desperation, there was an old master appearing out of the blue . Such a thing was not uncommon among those with deep inner knowledge in the sect .

People who had reached the transcendence level had almost reached the peak of the starry sky world, and truly surpass all beings .

So, Nie Han was crazy when he knew that a distinguished character in Demon World was willing to give empowerment to him as a reward . In his opinion, it was worth it to pay a huge price to kill Ye Xiwen . Although he paid a huge price, his cultivation would be able to make rapid progress after getting huge empowerment in the future .

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Such a distinguished character was rare since ancient times . They were truly a behemoth . Only the transcendent powerhouse could get into a great force at True Martial School .

Inside True Martial School, only those who had surpassed the transcendence were eligible to compete for the names of the top ten legatees . This was not only a good name, but the resources distribution of the top ten legatees were also far superior and further one-sided . It was beyond the imagination of ordinary people, surpassing the top hundreds of legatees .

The martial arts created by such masters were naturally tyrannical . Even if Ye Xiwen truly broke into the transcendence, he could also exert a great power . At present, Ye Xiwen’s main art – “Shattered Star Fist” was even more powerful .

Demon’s Wings and Phoenix Regeneration technique, even if in Ye Xiwen’s current cultivation, he couldn’t see their level . The only thing that Ye Xiwen could be sure of was that they were far beyond the Great Sage Realm, and even beyond Transcendence Realm .

The Phoenix Regeneration technique was originally obtained on Thousands Demon Beasts Island . Ye Xiwen did not know the specific level of magical power, but Demon’s Wings was taught by Ye Mo . It was said that it was the lost technique created by the demon .

Although Ye Xiwen did not have a specific idea on how powerful the demon was, Ye Mo said earlier that one lance was enough to destroy a world . Ye Xiwen firmly remembered it . Hence, the lost technique created by such a character should be unfathomable . Ye Xiwen only comprehended the surface and such great power were released . In the same realm, his speed was invincible . Even those Great Sages could not catch up to his speed .

Among these martial arts, Ye Xiwen was already able to manifest the full power of the Coiled Dragon Palm . In other words, he had fully tapped out all the potential of the Coiled Dragon Palm . Unless he could figure out the next part of the martial art and continue to push it to its perfection, otherwise there would not be a huge breakthrough . No matter how skilled he was, it was just a martial art at the Great Sage level .

When he broke through to the Half-step Great Sage Intermediate, many of his martial arts resonated in his body . He also evolved, becoming more powerful . It was a breakthrough with no need to cultivate . It seemed like a doctor working on a primary school student’s subject . Even if they had not done it, they can quickly understand it .

Ye Xiwen opened his eyes slowly . His eyes flickered brightly . Within this year, he did not only break through in cultivation, but also constantly figuring out these martial arts .

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Although his previous accumulation was enough, after all, he had to break through to Half-step Great Sage Intermediate . In addition, deducing the essence of these martial arts had also cost him eighty millions elixir . The elixir on him was basically not enough . There was only one hundred million elixirs left . For him who had a huge demand now, it was basically the same as being poor .

Fortunately, he plundered the wealth of many experts previously . Some of them were consumed by him in the form of elixirs, but most of them had some special medicinal materials, or some other magical materials .

Ye Xiwen guessed that if he sold all of them, he could at least earn two billion . However, after the sale, he was really destitute and had nothing .

Although he consumed a lot of elixirs, his strength had improved more significantly . Overall, it was still very cost-effective .

After breaking through to the Half-step Great Sage Intermediate, his strength could basically counter the Great Sage Intermediate . After cooperating with Tianyuan Mirror, Great Sage Intermediate would be unmatched to him .

However, the Star Beast Avatar had not made much obvious progress . The duration of one year was still too short . The blood slaves had not absorbed the Star Beast’s spirit . There was no way to form a qualitative breakthrough . Naturally, there was no way to mobilize Star Beast Avatar’s power .

However, Ye Xiwen was confident that the Star Beast Avatar could reach the Great Sage peak without any problem as long as he had enough time .

By that time, he would be among the top powers under the stars . He could be truly fearless as long as he did not encounter the transcendence masters .

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Even if he really encountered a transcendence master, he could still fight with him since he had had the physical body of the star beast and various talented powers . At the very least he could protect himself to a certain extent .

“Now that I have consumed these elixirs . I can only sell those raw materials!” Ye Xiwen sighed and found that no matter when, his wealth was never enough . Indeed, he cultivated a hundred times faster than ordinary people, but the wealth he spent for this was a hundred times that of ordinary people, or even more .

“No, Ye Xiwen . In fact, you have a better option . You should refine those herbs into pellets and sell them!” Ye Mo suggested .

Ye Xiwen finally remembered that he still had the identity of an alchemy master, but he had not forgotten that approach . It was because the wealth consumed by his own cultivation was already an astronomical figure, and the alchemy master role was more inferior than him .

They all use pellets to enlighten themselves . They must continue their alchemy, mastering all kinds of pellets recipe and continue to make breakthroughs . However, whether it was the raw materials of Alchemy or various ancient pellet recipes, it would not come for me . They needed wealth to buy them, which was also an astronomical figure . Hence, those alchemy masters might seem rich after selling a lot of pellets . In fact, this was not the case . Unless they were satisfied with their status quo, as long as they wanted to cultivate, they would need to constantly invest .

So those alchemy masters often didn’t have much money .

However, Ye Xiwen was stronger than those alchemy masters in raw materials aspect . All of them were almost from plundering the enemy’s wealth, which was a cost-free business . Although he did not plan to go down the road of alchemy to the end, alchemy still made money, a lot of money .

“En, that’s a good idea!” Ye Xiwen nodded .

“Didn’t you refine Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan in the past? You can refine it now and sell it!”

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