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Chapter 66 - Blue Flaming flower

The sun was setting in the western sky and one could hear a burst of hoofs. The sunlight had drawn a long shadow of the person riding on a horse.

On a horse, a teenager clad in black clothes was rapidly riding on the main road.

While riding the horse on the main road, a small town appeared in Ye Xiwen's field of vision. Since leaving the Qingfeng Mountain, he had already travelled for two days on the main road. In the Qingfeng town, he had bought a fast horse for five hundred low-grade spirit stones and this was no ordinary horse, because it carried the blood of a demon beast in its body. There was a large distance between Qingfeng Mountain and Yi Yuan School's Main Sect and took about two months to cover this distance by road and an ordinary horse would die before covering even one tenth of this distance!

For Ye Xiwen, a common horse was just not enough!

He was a strong expert with Xiantian level skills in his body. He could go without eating and sleeping for days, but that was not the case for common horses, however, this horse contained the blood of a demon beast in its body, increasing its endurance and making it two times faster at the same time, so now, Ye Xiwen did not need to spend all his time on the road and could stop and practice as well whenever he wanted to do so.

Ye Xiwen entered this small town and asked around to find out that this town was called Caojiaji and Cao family had the biggest influence in this town, to such an extent that the entire town relied on the businesses owned by Cao family.

Ye Xiwen also discovered that there were many warriors of varying strengths going in and out of the town. The weakest among them were at the Houtian sixth stage and powerful warriors had already entered half-a-step into the Xiantian realm and some were even the masters of Xiantian realm.

He found an inn to settle down and found a place for the horse as well. He wanted to have dinner so he took a seat in the dining hall of the inn, and a waiter came forward to give him a warm welcome.

“Sir, what can I do for you?”

“First, give me a bowl of herbal tea and a variety of side dishes along with it.” Ye Xiwen placed the order. To hasten his journey, he didn't have time to eat and won't always get proper time and place to relax and have dinner.

“Right away!” The waiter replied.

“Waiter, wait for a second, I have something to ask you. Is something going on in the Caojiaji town? I see a lot of warriors wandering around here.” Ye Xiwen asked.

“Sir, have you not enlisted yet?” The waiter said in a surprised voice, “Well, in the radius of thirty Li, our Caojiaji town is located on an underground magma pool, and recently, someone found the Blue Flaming flower in a dormant volcano. The news about it spread wide and far and attracted many warriors. Two days ago, the lord of our Cao family has also started to recruit brave warriors to send an expedition!”

Blue Flaming flower? Ye Xiwen gawked and never thought to hear about such a rare treasure in a small town like this. He had read in many records that it grew only in the extremely high temperature environment of magma.

Of course, there were many benefits one could get by consuming this flower. It could transform the mortal body into a fire spirit and then, one could practice fire attribute power techniques, which was quite rare.

“But why recruit warriors for that?” Ye Xiwen asked this question because who wouldn't want to hog such a rare treasure.

“Good question sir, because a monster lives inside the magma pool to guard the treasure!” When the waiter said 'monster', he could not help but shiver a bit, “And that ferocious monster has already killed several scout warriors.”

“So there is such a thing!” Ye Xiwen frowned but a demon beast guarding a rare treasure was a very normal thing, but this was obviously not a general demon beast, otherwise, it would not have made such uproar.

“What do you know about that monster?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“All I know is that Cao family is now recruiting warriors who can slay this monster and if you are interested, you may enlist your name as well.” The waiter said. “It would be nice if you killed that monster, because magma pool is not far away from the town, and the monster would frequently visit here, and has also killed people from the Cao family!”

Originally, Ye Xiwen just wanted to take a rest in this small town but now he had become very interested in that Blue Flaming flower and decided to wait and see what would happen in the end.

After about a minute had passed and the inn slowly began to get crowded and almost all of the rooms had been booked in no time. Ye Xiwen also booked a room, then slowly sat down on a seat and began to eat and drink together. In the last two days, he didn't get a chance to have a relaxed dinner like this.

Then, suddenly, Ye Xiwen noticed a tower-like large man entering inside the inn. He glanced around and saw that all the seats were occupied, and right then, he saw Ye Xiwen sitting by the window. He strode to the front of Ye Xiwen and said in a low muffled voice: “Boy, step aside and quickly get lost then grandfather will spare your life.” (NT: 'To speak in a low muffled voice' is an idiom)

“Get lost!” Ye Xiwen did not turn his head, but shouted loudly. Only the strong commanded respect in this world which followed the principle of 'might is right'. Ye Xiwen looked weak compared to that burly man that had resulted into this situation.

“What did you say you little bastard!” The brawny man suddenly stared at Ye Xiwen with his big eyes, and his big hand instantly shot towards Ye Xiwen.

“Bang!” Ye Xiwen slammed his palm on the table, and suddenly, a chopstick flew up from the table. Ye Xiwen struck the chopstick with his palm  using the “Coiling Dragon palm” power technique.

“Phew!” The chopstick exuded a sharp piercing sound and flew with a lightning speed towards the big hand of that brawny guy.

“Ah!” The brawny guy screamed in a loud voice when the chopstick pierced right through his palm with a terrifying force and sent his body flying, that severely hit on the wall and his hand got firmly nailed on the wall by that chopstick.

The brawny guy was endlessly wailing while his hand was nailed on the wall, but from Ye Xiwen's demeanor, it seemed as if nothing had happened at all. He took out a new set of chopsticks from the box and started eating once again.

Ye Xiwen knew, at this time, there must be numerous people staring at him. These were the rebellious warriors and desperados. However, they had not entered into the Xiantian realm, so Ye Xiwen simply did not care about them. But this could be troublesome for him because, the rumors about the Blue Flaming flower, and the enlisting of warriors for subduing the monster, had attracted a lot of strong masters to arrive at this small town and Ye Xiwen did not want to have a high profile.

Now that Ye Xiwen had effortlessly defeated that noisy burly guy in front of everyone, he could feel several gazes looking maliciously at him.

“Ha ha ha, this young brother's got some fine skills!”


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