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Chapter 658

Ye Xiwen has now reached the point of life and death . It could even be considered as unprecedentedly dangerous . If he were to confront directly, he did not even have any chance of victory at all; it was impossible to win .

He could only try desperately, and only to try desperately to escape . Even if he tried desperately, he was not qualified to defeat that Great Sage .

“Want to escape?” Nie Han’s roar came from the sky . Letting Ye Xiwen as a Half-step Great Sage to slip away was a disgrace to him .

When he turned his palm, he immediately exuded endless power from it . He immediately turned his hands and toward Ye Xiwen and pressured him again . Ye Xiwen was crushed immediately in the air, almost crushing him into pieces .

Ye Xiwen almost immediately felt that the space around him was crushed into fragments, and his body was immediately covered with layers of Golden Divinity, protecting him in it . Then, he almost got controlled by Nie Han again immediately after this . He was like a cage bird that couldn’t escape at all .

However, Ye Xiwen was well prepared . How could he make the same mistake again? A pair of golden wings spread out behind him instantly, stretching out ten meters . On the wings, there were sounds of thunder and explosion, and a roaring boom . Waves of wind and thunder were sweeping toward that big hand .


The wind and thunder fell to Nie Han’s big hand, and a fierce explosion burst open . Even his big hand shook, but only for a while .

However, this little time was enough for Ye Xiwen . The pair of wings behind him suddenly waved . His body was almost wrapped in a force of wind and thunder . He instantly flew countless meters, escaping the pursuit of the attack range of the big hand .

There was a burst of angry roar from behind Nie Han . He never thought there would be so much troubles to kill such an ant in the eyes of Ye Xiwen . Letting Ye Xiwen slip away from his hands again was the most shameful thing . If this was known by the others, not to mention that his reputation would be ruined, he wouldn’t even have face to face the others .

“Just die!” Nie Han growled . He immediately pursued . He launched a series of Demon Fist, creating a huge shadow of a demon that was targetting at Ye Xiwen .

The speed was extremely fast, but it only took a moment to reach Ye Xiwen . Although his skill was not as exaggerated as Ye Xiwen’s Demon’s Wings, it did not mean his speed was slow . After all, his skill was not too bad . In addition, Ye Xiwen’s skill was not within the same grade with him at all, so the gap was actually not as large as expected .


Ye Xiwen screamed .

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Demon’s Wings fanned wildly . Each fanning that was full of the power of wind and thunder almost changed the color of the heaven and the earth, shooting out a sword qi .

Suddenly, the sword qi rose straight into the , shattering the cloud in the sky . It rose up when it met the wind, instantly turning into a dozen-mile-long Monstrous sword and striking down like lightning . All of which were condensed by Ye Xiwen’s sword will . Unless he could defeat Ye Xiwen’s sword will, otherwise it was absolutely impossible to completely defeat Ye Xiwen .

But this sword will was copied by Ye Xiwen on the repressed old man in the grave of the demon lord . Ye Xiwen didn’t understand what does a demon lord mean, but now he undertood it . When a demon lord appeared, it would be the end of the world . Even the True Martial School that was at its peak need to go all out to deal with it, so it could be imagined that how horrible a demon lord was . That was a higher realm than the Great Saint .

However, the demon lord was actually dead, and there was an old man suppressing it . Although it was only spirit, it was also powerful . Ye Xiwen used this deduction to simulate the sword will . He had never failed in every battle until now .


The whole world seemed to be in shock . The sword will was shattered inch by inch under the huge fist in the sky . All his spirit and sword will apllied on it were all distorted and shattered in an instant .

There was no way to stop this demon shadow from advancing .

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“Pff!” Ye Xiwen spurted blood, and flew out, like a kite with a broken line .

Ye Xiwen didn’t try to stop it . He just let his body flew out . Finally, it stopped . He bit the blood on the corner of the mouth and circulate Tianhuang regeneration technique in the body to heal the injury on the body . He had achieved his purpose . First, he stopped the demon shadow from advancing . Although it was only a moment, it was still valuable for him . Moreover, he also flew out for a dozens of miles by using this force . He completely escaped the attack range of the big hand .

“Go!” Ye Xiwen yelled loudly, then the pair of wind and thunder wings behind them suddenly fanned . He turned into a cloud of wind and thunder and flew away .

His speed was really too fast, but in an instant, he had flew out of the Wind Dragon Star .

The angry roar of Nie Han came behind him, “Little bastard, don’t try to escape . Even if you escape to the ends of the earth, you can’t escape my pursuit!”

He was really furious for letting Ye Xiwen escape . As a Great Saint, he actually let the early stage Half-step Great Sage escaped . For him, this was simply a shame .

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And it also depended on whether he could break through the Great Saint . Although the cultivation that had been instilled by others was definitely not as good as his own cultivation, with his cultivation, he knew that he was unlikely to have the opportunity to really break through the Great Saint . Among of the ninety-nine temple masters of Demon Worshipper, he was also the bottom one . His cultivation and talent were not as high as others, so he knew that this may be the only opportunity he broke through the Great Saint . It was absolutely impossible for him to let go .

With the help of this impact, Ye Xiwen rushed out of the Wind Dragon Star for a while, and his injuries were almost repaired a moment later .

At this time, he had already rushed to the vicinity of Wind Dragon City . With such a big movement, it suddenly shocked many experts in Wind Dragon City .

“Ei, isn’t that Ye Xiwen? What is he running in a panic? With his cultivation, what terrible master did he encounter in order to make him flee so frightfully!”

A few days ago, everyone still remembered Ye Xiwen’s mighty power of beheading a Great Saint in Wind Dragon City . Now that they saw him running in a fluster, all of them felt exceptionally strange .

Immediately after that, there was an angry roar from the Wind Dragon Star . A terrible shadow ran after him across the void .

“Just die!”

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