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Chapter 65 - Departure

After completely mastering the 《Restraining breath technique》, now, even if he stood next to a master of the peak Houtian ninth stage, his breath would not be discovered. And so long as he was careful enough, he had full confidence to pull a fast one on a Xiantian master.

Ye Xiwen also discovered that the utility of 《Restraining breath technique》 was far more than just restraining the breath. It could even change the breath of the practitioner completely into another person's breath, which was very rare. (NT: This technique could manipulate the cultivation level)

He had spent a lot of time on practicing 《Coiling Dragon Palm》 and had also burnt a large number of spirit stones so that he could continue to stay inside the 'Special Space' present in his mind. That scary thought had been absorbed by the 'Special Space' and now, he could practice 《Coiling Dragon Palm》 as and when he wished to do so, because inside that mysterious space, he did not need to be worried about that scary thought going berserk inside his mind.

So long as he had time and enough spirit stones, Ye Xiwen could observe and emulate this 《Coiling Dragon Palm》 technique, but it was too subtle and his cultivation level was too low to be able to fully comprehend it. After a month of continuous burning of spirit stones, he had begun to comprehend only a section of that thought and had learnt the first move of 《Coiling Dragon Palm》, named 'Hidden Dragon rising from the Abyss'.

The power present in the move, 'Hidden Dragon rising from the Abyss', was tremendous but it came at a major cost, because once used, it would consume 10% of the Xiantian Zhen Qi instantly.

This month, the strength of Ye Xiwen had progressed extremely fast, enough to surpass the rate of consumption of spirit stones. In just a month, to practice inside the 'Special Space', he had consumed more than 50,0000 spirit stones, which was more than half of his total stock of spirit stones.

Although, he had not yet entered into the Xiantian realm, but now, he was confident enough to beat any master of the Xiantian first stage and he could even compete with the masters of Xiantian second stage and could easily exchange blows with them.

After continuously practicing for a month, Ye Xiwen did not continue to stay in the backside of Qingfeng Mountain and returned to the Yi Yuan School.

“What! You are going to walk alone to the Main Sect?” At the Ye family's residence, the members of Ye family were sitting on a dinner table and suddenly, Xia Chunxue exclaimed.

With a puzzled expression on his face, Ye Kongming looked at Ye Xiwen, because he couldn't understand why Ye Xiwen had planned to walk all the way to the Main Sect.

“Do you know how long it takes to walk from Qingfeng Mountain to Main Sect?” Xia Chunxue asked, “At least more than two months if you walk at a moderate pace.”

“I know, but my cultivation has reached a bottleneck and I think that walking all the way to the Main Sect would turn out to be a good training for me.” Ye Xiwen said.

Generally, Main Sect would always send giant demon birds to serve as mounts for the disciples.

These flying mounts were not uncommon in the Main Sect, especially for those Xiantian masters, who were unable to fly and these demon birds acted as their mounts to fly in the sky. There were a variety of mounts available, such as; to fly in the sky, to run on the ground and to swim in the water.

These flying demon birds also served as a communication link between the Qingfeng Mountain and the Main Sect.

Therefore, although they were going to enter into the Main Sect in just three months, but Ye Feng and other core disciples were not anxious and were quietly waiting for the people from Main Sect to come and pick them up.

Ye Kongming looked at Ye Xiwen then turned his face towards Xia Chunxue and said: “If he wants to go alone, then let him go. He will gain a lot of experience from this journey and he will also get a chance to learn about the local customs which will be quite beneficial for his future practice.”

“But going by the road can be dangerous!” Xia Chunxue said in a worried voice.

“Kids need to have their own adventures because you can't expect a circus tiger to hunt in a wild forest. Wen’er is not a kid anymore and we can't protect him for a lifetime.” Ye Kongming said.

“Well, but you have to be very careful on the way.” Xia Chunxue said.

“En, I will!” Ye Xiwen nodded, and then he took out a porcelain vase from his bosom and said, “This is a Xiantian Pellet. When the time comes, please give it to sister for me.”

At that time, both Ye Feng and Ye Ruxue were doing closed-door practice in order to have a breakthrough before heading for the Main Sect.

“Isn't this Xiantian Pellet yours? How can you give it your sister!” Xia Chunxue immediately said. “What will you use?”

“Rest assured, I have two Xiantian Pellets.” Ye Xiwen said, and he knew that it was very difficult for them to believe him so he took out the other Xiantian Pellet in front of them.

“Then, it's all right.” Xia Chunxue had to agree.

Both Xia Chunxue and Ye Kongming were considerate enough to not ask about the source of this second Xiantian Pellet.

At that time, they were both glad for Ye Ruxue, because now, with the help of a Xiantian Pellet, she would be able to safely enter into the Xiantian realm.

They were very happy, because all of their children loved as well as supported each other.

The three siblings would support each other after entering into the Main Sect, just knowing this much was enough for Ye Kongming and Xia Chunxue and they couldn't ask for anything more.

They just wanted their children to lead happy and peaceful lives!

When Xia Chunxue accepted the Xiantian Pellet for Ye Ruxue, a genuine smile appeared on Ye Xiwen’s face. After coming to this world, he had lost all of his previous relationships. His loved ones had been left behind in the previous world and now, everything related to his original world existed only in his memories. So, the existence of Ye family worked as a mental support for him and he was genuinely happy to be of some help to them.

After coming to this world, Ye Xiwen had totally freaked out when he noticed that he possessed memories of two persons. In order to get rid of this confused mental state, he had decided to create a new identity for him in this new life and world. And, he cared a lot for his family members and could do anything for their sake.

Ye Xiwen's decision to walk alone all the way to the Main Sect had caused a huge buzz in the Yi Yuan School because he was not an ordinary disciple, but was a rare talent of Yi Yuan School because he had become the strongest top core disciple after killing a Xiantian master.

He had become the ace of Qingfeng Mountain's Yi Yuan School and if he would walk alone to the Main Sect then everyone feared, that he might face an accident on the way. Moreover, Yi Yuan School had many enemies, including Zhang family, and they could pose a threat to his life.

However, the principle of this world was 'Might is Right'!

While executives did not quite agree to his decision, but Ye Xiwen didn't care about their stand and had already decided that, next morning, after packing his things, he would leave Qingfeng Mountain and walk towards the Main Sect.



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