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Ye Xiwen closed his eyes. He felt as if all the principles in his body were in his control. This was a completely different feeling from when he was in the Sage Accomplished realm. He felt completely changed now that he had crossed this step. After all, it was half step into the Great Sage realm.

All kinds of principles became increasingly clear to him. The more formidable the soul and essence of a person would be, the faster they would understand the principles. He had made the breakthrough within a few years. This was hugely related to the fact that his soul had already been transformed in its entirety. His soul had already transformed… So, it was as if a Great Sage was trying to comprehend the sage realm's principles, martial arts, and so on. So, how could his speed be slow?

He had spent three years in crossing this step. However, he knew that he had achieved it more easily as compared to other people. After all, many people would remain stuck at this doorstep, and wouldn't be able to cross it for their entire lives.

He would have to cross two more steps after having completed this step of quantitative change. Then, he would be able to smoothly enter the Great Sage realm. He was very confident about it. However, he had consumed 1 billion Primary Spirit Dans just for crossing this step of quantitative change.

He was accustomed to this much consumption. However, he still felt that he had consumed a terrifying amount of Primary Spirit Dans. [This is just the initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm. So, how will the consumption be less in the future? I would need an astronomical amount of Primary Spirit Dans in order to enter the Great Sage realm.]

These investments would appear valuable at that time. Then, Ye Xiwen could dare to challenge even an expert of the initial stage of Great Sage realm depending upon the strength of the initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm and the coordination of the Heavenly Source Mirror. This would be the first time when he would be able to challenge a Great Sage without drawing support from the strength of the Star Colossus's Avatar.

The Star Colossus was allowing the blood slave to merge into it more easily as its owner was getting more and more formidable. It had already rushed to the peak of the Great Sage realm within such a short time by surpassing the late stage of the Great Sage realm. The Star Colossus's soul that had initially been captured had almost been consumed in the process.

Ordinary methods were useless if he wanted to promote the strength of the Star Colossus's Avatar. Ye Xiwen even thought of going out to the foreign battlefield in the outer space, extracting that sealed Star Colossus's soul, and refining it into a blood slave. After all, his Star Colossus's Avatar's cultivation speed would increase significantly if he did that. Even he wouldn't be able to catch up with its speed then.

However, he just thought about it and nothing more. He wasn't so insane that he would implement it. [It's a Star Colossus that feeds on planets. Just that cub inside the Heavenly Source Mirror has reached above Great Sage Accomplished realm in its peak phase. And, that monster who has been suppressed in the foreign battlefield is an adult Star Colossus. It is said to have even slaughtered a dragon. It had made the entire True Martial World panic at the slightest move. It's a dreadful monster that has made the entire True Martial University thoroughly decline to this extent from its flourishing period.]

[Several elders of the True Martial University had paid the price with their blood back then. All the inheritances had perished one by one. They hadn't been able to kill it even after having paid such a price… They could only manage to seal it. So, one can well-imagine how formidable this monster is.]

Ye Xiwen had been just a legendary disciple earlier. He could just imagine how formidable Great Sage experts and experts above Great Sage realm were. Therefore, he hadn't felt that that Star Colossus was abnormally formidable. After all, it had been sealed by the True Martial University.

However, he now felt that he had been very naïve at that time now as he thought about it. [I had been as naïve as a child. I had been like an ant that had been trying to guess the broadness of the sky. It seems fascinating now.]

[The entire True Martial World will perish if this monster accidentally gets released. The True Martial University had almost been destroyed by it even though it had been in its peak phase back then. So, one can well-imagine what would happen to the current True Martial University if that monster got released.]

However, this temptation was still floating in his heart. After all, this was an extremely fast method of making a breakthrough. He could vaguely feel that the entire True Martial World would sink into turmoil soon. After all, more and more forces of the universe had begun to spy on the True Martial World. He didn't know the reason for this. However, it didn't look good.

This meant that the order that had been maintained by the True Martial World for countless years might break down. And, turmoil and conflagration of war would get spread if this order broke down. It would be a turmoil which might cause the fall of countless experts.

After all, the True Martial World's big shots would have no choice but to go all out in a war if the foreign forces targeted True Martial World.

The Heaven would be destroyed and Earth would get extinguished if the big forces collided. It would be the end of the world. The sage experts would appear ridiculously weak in such a level of collision. Great sages would also only have the strength to protect themselves. Only a person with strength equal to that of a Supreme Lord might be able to stand any chance in that case.

This was merely Ye Xiwen's speculation, and he didn't have any real proof. But, more and more signs were pointing in this direction. However, this had made Ye Xiwen feel an urgency to increase his strength. He could barely manage to defend himself as per his current strength… even with the help of the Star Colossus's Avatar. He didn't need to worry about protecting himself as long as he didn't come across a character of the Supreme Lord's level. However, he still had many friends and close relatives in the True Martial World. He might not be able to protect them by himself… no matter what.

Everyone would be in terrible danger if the fight took place. Therefore, he must promote his strength to the greatest extent before that!

Therefore, the Star Colossus that had been sealed in the foreign battlefield was a big temptation for Ye Xiwen. He believed that he would reach heaven in a single bound if he succeeded.

However, he soon suppressed the temptation that had aroused in his heart… He was rash and impetuous in the opinions of ordinary people, and had done many shocking things. For example… he had clashed with the Law Enforcement Hall's people and killed their disciples after he had entered the True Martial University.

He had wiped out several hundred experts of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm in the Devil World Competition. That was simply unprecedented. Overall, he had left a reckless guy's impression in the people's minds.

However, they didn't know that Ye Xiwen would think over and over again before doing something he needed to do. He had an urge to do quite many things. However, he had done them only after having thought carefully. He had also taken some risks. However, he would rarely do things without using his brain.

He had strong control over himself. It was hard for the outsiders to imagine it. Therefore, he decided to give up this matter even if it was extremely tempting after he thought about the consequences of failure.

However, this matter had taken root in his heart now. He decided that he would wait until his strength increased even further in the future. He would think about this matter again when he would have certainty. He wouldn't do anything in which he didn't have complete assurance.

A group of sharp visions were sweeping inside the True Martial University. However, they were cut off by the matrix barrier that had been laid on top of the Hidden Star Peak. After all, these were the matrix formations of one of the former Top 10 big inheritances... The vision of an ordinary person couldn't sweep in.

Ye Xiwen's expression was calm and composed. He had established distinguished merit in this Devil World Competition, and many high-level experts of the university were optimistic about him. However, there were also many people who possessed enmity for him.

The strongest person under the Great Sage realm meant that that person was invincible in the sage realm. This was a huge title.

Ye Xiwen retracted his aura, and those countless visions immediately went away.

He then strode out… He transformed into a streamer of light, disappeared into the horizon, and flew outside the university.

His flying speed had increased even further after having made the breakthrough into half-step Great Sage realm. He could easily surpass the speed of an expert of the initial stage of Great Sage realm even without opening his devil wings.

The foreign battlefield was extremely dangerous for the old Ye Xiwen. However, it was nothing for the current Ye Xiwen. Those Star Beasts that had been trying to stop him couldn't reach near him. They got crushed and turned into fragments by the Real Elemental Energy that was protecting his body.

There was no difference between these legendary demon beasts and ants for him now. They couldn't stop him from advancing. They got wiped out by him in a large area and vacuum was formed wherever he went.

He had already reached the Wind Dragon City within an hour. His strength had advanced by leaps and bounds as compared to the last time when he had arrived in the Wind Dragon City.

He couldn't go to the foreign battlefield to look for that Star Colossus. However, he thought of another way… the dragon's vein which he had locked up on the Wind Dragon's Planet! A dragon's vein was not only capable of supporting the energy needs of a big force; it would also give birth to countless spirit arteries which would control the sect's destiny. Even the True Martial University had only a few dragon's veins.

However, Ye Xiwen hadn't been capable of taking a dragon's vein away the last time. He had just been able to lock the dragon's vein therein by using the Trapping Dragon Technique. And, his strength could be compared to that of a Great Sage now. Therefore, he must see whether he could absorb and take away this dragon's vein or not.

His accumulation would rise forever if he possessed a dragon's vein. Not only his strength would advance by leaps and bounds, but the Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree would also grow more quickly.

After all, the Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree had been growing on this dragon's vein earlier. And, Ye Xiwen had taken it away by force. He was now feeding the Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree by burning countless Primary Spirit Dans every day. How much time he would be able to save if he possessed this dragon's vein?

What was most important was that it would slowly transform his qualifications in the long run. There's a so-called saying 'a place derives reflected glory from an illustrious son'. So, a place that is spiritually soothing and beautiful is more likely to have geniuses and outstanding talents.

Even a world-shaking person can appear at a place that has a dragon's vein. One can have a meteoric rise in such a place. They can reach all the way to the heaven. Things like destiny which would look illusory at first would start to look real.

Ye Xiwen attracted the attentions of countless experts as soon as he arrived in the Wind Dragon City. He had been only a little famous the last time he had arrived in the Wind Dragon City. He had established a reputation more than a decade ago by winning the Martial Arts Championship. However, the situation was different now. He had come into the limelight with the end of the Devil World Competition three years ago.

"Is he Ye Xiwen? I've seen him once before. I hadn't expected that he would grow at such fast speed. The last time that I had seen him had been in the battle that had taken place between him and Xuan Yuan Palace Hall's Pang Yang Bo. Both of them had been young heaven's pride experts at that time. However, it's astonishing that Ye Xiwen has become invincible under the Great Sage realm in just a matter of few years!"

"Ye Xiwen is exceptional. It seems from the way he looks now that he has become even more tyrannical than earlier!"

(To be continued)

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