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"I can't thank all the senior masters enough!" Fair Maiden Peak's Chief said to all the Chiefs. She was showing respect to them.

She didn't say that she would give any gift to Xiao Ya. After all, accepting her as her Last Disciple was already an enormous gift. So, she wouldn't want anything else when the time would come.

Xiao Ya looked at Ye Xiwen. She saw him nodding. She received the gifts from these three aloof chiefs, and then showed her courtesy to the Fair Maiden Peak's Chief by kowtowing in front of her. She officially entered the Fair Maiden Peak with that.

The seven-colored aptitude result on the qualification test stele, the incident of all the four chiefs fighting over Xiao Ya, and the gifts that they had given her had made Xiao Ya a sensation in the entire True Martial University. This was just as Ye Xiwen had expected.

Almost the entire True Martial University had come to know that there was such a young girl who hadn't entered the university yet, but had already obtained the attention of all the high-level experts. Everyone knew that there was such a peerless genius.

Xiao Ya had obtained the attention of everyone on the Fair Maiden Peak soon after she had entered it. Everyone on the Fair Maiden Peak regarded her as a hope for the peak's rejuvenation.

Fair Maiden Peak's Chief had even sent a highly experienced Great Sage lady of the Fair Maiden Peak to guide Xiao Ya in her cultivation. She would also give directions to her in her cultivation from time to time. Moreover, she had personally handed over the Fair Maiden Scripture to Xiao Ya. This scripture was the Fair Maiden Peak's martial art. Several experts were guarding her all the time so that the spies of the other forces present in the True Martial University couldn't assassinate her.

The True Martial University had placed many spies in other forces in the countless previous years. However, the other forces had also placed many spies in the True Martial University. These spies might not have set out in their entire lives. And, they may have remained hidden for generations. However, they would cause a huge threat if they attacked.

Xiao Ya's innate talent had already alarmed the entire True Martial University. She would at least become the Chief of one of the Top 10 big heritages in the future as per the talent revealed by her. They couldn't lose such a genius. Therefore, they must make preparations for her safety.

Ye Xiwen had become relaxed after he had come to know about the treatment that Xiao Ya had been receiving on the Fair Maiden Peak. He didn't know how much better she would become as compared to him after having been fully nurtured by the Fair Maiden Peak.

Countless disciples were surprised once the news about these treatments transmitted outside. Forget about watching such treatments... They hadn't even heard about them. Even an ordinary heaven's pride expert wouldn't get such treatments after having entered the True Martial University. It was already considered as pretty good if a peak's Chief would occasionally clear up their doubts.

There's a so-called saying 'the master leads a disciple in their cultivation'. The True Martial University had always felt that a person must depend on their own efforts for their cultivation. Many people couldn't officially become an apprentice to a master even after having cultivated for their entire lives. It was also not that easy to formally become an apprentice to a master in the True Martial University. After all, those masters themselves had to cultivate as well. Therefore, it was impossible for them to guide an individual all the time.

Ye Xiwen had been cultivating by himself from the beginning. But, he didn't find it inappropriate. After all, real strong experts would desire to walk on their own paths. It was impossible for them to follow the path of their predecessors.

Ye Xiwen could finally begin his closed-door training without any scruples after he had helped Xiao Ya join the Fair Maiden Peak.

He had obtained a big harvest in this time's Devil World Competition. He had obtained huge benefits from all directions. This had been a very rare opportunity for him.

He had no status among the core disciples before he had gone to the Devil World. But, he had become widely famous as the strongest person under the Great Sage realm now.

His foundation had also become stable after he had passed through numerous bloody battles. So, he had no worries about the future. Not only his strength had progressed, but he had obtained even more wealth in various forms. He had consumed the majority of wealth which he had plundered from those experts in the battles. He hadn't transformed them into Primary Essence to enhance his vitality. Instead, he had transformed them into Real Elemental Energy and consumed them.

However, he had obtained more than 1 billion Primary Spirit Dans even then. It looked like an extremely huge wealth. But then, who among those several hundred experts of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm wasn't an elite expert among the core disciples? Therefore, the total wealth that he had accumulated from them was an astonishing figure. In fact, his wealth wouldn't have been only this much if he hadn't consumed so much of it in that battle.

Ye Xiwen's ranking wasn't high on the merit list… He had grabbed a rank among several hundred people even after having killed several hundred elite experts who had been ranked above him.

However, he had later obtained rich rewards from the university. He had been rewarded 2 billion Primary Spirit Dans. And, it must be mentioned that this amount was the sort of wealth a common Great Sage could accumulate in their entire life. Therefore, it couldn't be said that the True Martial University's reward wasn't generous this time.

2 billion 'Primary Spirit Dans' wasn't an insane amount for Ye Xiwen. However, it was an astronomical wealth nonetheless.

The high-level experts of the university hadn't said it clearly. However, Ye Xiwen knew that this must be the reward for killing an expert like Shou Kun and those several hundred elites of the other forces. In fact, this happened in every force. The reward for killing devil experts would be publicly known. But, the reward for killing the experts of other forces would be a secret… They would never declare it openly. Everyone knew this.

Moreover, there were those 500 million Primary Spirit Dans which Ye Xiwen already had. In other words, he now had 3.5 billion Primary Spirit Dans in his stock. Even an ordinary Great Sage couldn't imagine possessing so much wealth. In fact, even Ye Xiwen couldn't consume this amount of wealth within a short time.

However, the precondition was that he mustn't summon the Star Colossus's Avatar every-now-and-then. The Star Colossus's Avatar was indeed a bottomless pit. 3.5 billion Primary Spirit Dans could only make it fight seven times… which wasn't a good enough insurance for Ye Xiwen. Moreover, the consumption of Primary Spirit Dans had also increased multiple times along with the exponential promotion of its strength.

That's why Ye Xiwen eagerly wanted to promote his own strength. There would be no need to seek help from the Star Colossus's Avatar after he had entered the Great Sage realm. He wouldn't need to call the Star Colossus's Avatar at least under normal circumstances after that.

Even Ye Xiwen didn't know to what extent the strength of the Star Colossus's Avatar could increase. After all, it was just in its young stage… The Star Colossus might surpass the Great Sage realm after his blood slave would completely integrate into it.

The entire potential of the Star Colossus's Avatar would get pulled out at that time. Then, it would be impossible to extract any further potential by simply integrating the blood slave further into the Star Colossus. And, the left-over potential would be used to let the Star Colossus grow little by little with time. However, Ye Xiwen couldn't help but have a headache when he thought about the Star colossus's growth cycle. That's because their growth cycle easily fell in a range of ten thousand to hundred thousand years.

However, this would surely happen after a very long time. Ye Xiwen's fighting prowess would reach above Great Sage realm if the Star Colossus's Avatar surpassed the Great Sage realm. He would become the strongest person in the entire world at that time.

However, those things were too far away in the future. The most important thing for the current Ye Xiwen was to think about making the breakthrough into the initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm.

Then, he could even contend against the experts of the initial stage of Great Sage realm by coordinating with the strength of the Heavenly Source Mirror. Moreover, he would be able to do it by depending upon his own strength, and not depending upon the Star Colossus's Avatar's strength. So, this would be the qualitative change and leap.

Ye Xiwen was just a tiny step away from these things now. The half-step Great Sage realm and the Great Sage realm differed by just one layer of window paper. Half step… Half step... They indeed just differed by half-step.

The transformation of body would take place in the sage realm, and the Great Sage realm would transform the soul. And, half-step Great Sage realm was where the transformation of soul would begin. The transformation of soul would complete after passing through the initial stage, intermediate stage, and late stage. And, a person would smoothly enter the Great Sage realm.

It was very hard to cross this step for ordinary people… It was just like entering into semi-sage realm from legendary realm. After all, this transformation must take place in one's essence.

However, this wasn't an issue for Ye Xiwen since he had already completed the transformation of soul. His soul had already completely transformed earlier.

The process of stepping into Great Sage realm from half-step Great Sage realm involved both qualitative as well as quantitative change. Ye Xiwen had already completed the process of qualitative change. So, the grade of his soul didn't differ from that of a Great Sage. However, his capacity differed from that of a Great Sage. The quantity of energy that he had accumulated was still equal to that of a sage expert. Therefore, he still needed to accumulate.

He would smoothly advance into the half-step Great Sage realm as long as he completed the accumulation. The thing that was extremely difficult for other people was just like a casual push for him. It was nothing.

Endless Primary Spirit Dans began to burn inside the Heavenly Source Mirror. They then transformed into 'spirit energies', and crashed into Ye Xiwen's body. He needed the supplement of endless 'spirit energies' in order to carry out the quantitative change.

~~Inside a private room on the Hidden Star Peak~~

The 'spirit energies' were gradually entering into his body. And, the 'Observing Person Scripture' was operating frantically inside his body. The small universe inside his body was also rotating unceasingly. It seemed as if the entire universe was condensing together, and the entire solar system was spinning.

His 'Observing Person Scripture' had reached to the peak… the so-called bottleneck. The entire solar system had already been formed. All the things that he could recall had already been added, and the perfect solar system had already appeared in his body.

Ye Xiwen had already completed the most difficult process of qualitative change. However, even the most basic quantitative change wasn't that simple. Many people would spend hundred years in completing each process of qualitative and quantitative change respectively. It required a very long time to have such accumulation.

However, Ye Xiwen had unimaginable wealth. His wealth could be described as an astronomical amount without an issue as long as he didn't use it for calling the Star Colossus's Avatar. His process of quantitative change was also taking place frantically and at an incredible speed under the huge influx of 'spirit energies'.

His inner solar system was also climbing gradually at a speed that could be clearly seen with the naked eye.

Time had been passing year by year... Three years' time seemed to have passed within the blink of an eye. Moreover, Ye Xiwen's reputation of the strongest person under the Great Sage realm that had been established by him had also died gradually along with the time.

"Bang!" A boundless aura swept out from the Hidden Star Peak.

"Ha ha ha ha ha! I'm finally a half-step Great Sage!"

(To be continued)

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