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Many sharp gazes were fixed firmly on Ye Xiwen. After all, they could see Xiao Ya's dependency on him. Therefore, his opinion was very important if they wanted to receive her into their respective sects.

"Boy, you say… Where should this little girl go?" Dangyang Peak's chief shouted. It seemed as if he could see through Ye Xiwen from the way he was looking at him.

Ye Xiwen's expression turned cold. [These people are extremely formidable. I would be in big danger if their imposing auras accidentally locked upon me.]

[Perhaps, even me being a Great Sage would've been nothing for them!]

[These people have already surpassed the Great Sage realm. Whether the sage exerts are many or a few doesn't matter for the Great Sages. These people are the real pillars of the True Martial University. Their number is very small. They can be counted on fingers. However, the True Martial University can dominate the entire Southern Region by just depending upon these people.]

"This girl's name is Ye Ya. She must enter our Fair Maiden Peak!" Fair Maiden Peak's chief said. Her mellow voice sounded pleasant to the ears.

Even Ye Xiwen didn't know Xiao Ya's maiden name. Therefore, he had given her his own surname, and recognized her as his little sister.

The water-like gaze of the chief of the Fair Maiden Peak fell upon Ye Xiwen's body. However, it made him tremble with fear.

"My Ten Thousand Fathoms Peak is a ten-thousand years old inheritance. I'll accept her as my last disciple if she enters my Ten Thousand Fathoms Peak. I'll empty my pocket in teaching her!" The tone of the chief of the Ten Thousand Fathoms Peak appeared dull. However, he had spoken resolutely and decisively.

Countless people in the surroundings felt a little dizzy as they heard this. [Did he really just say 'last disciple'?!]

The ranking system formulated by the True Martial University for general disciples wasn't as strict as it was for the registered disciples. However, the disciples were divided into a few categories like Registered Disciples, Inner Disciples, Immediate Disciples, and Last Disciples.

The Registered Disciples were the most useless among all the categories. Their names were just registered in the university… That's all. They were sometimes allowed to listen to the major subjects when the class opened… Inner Disciples were important. And, Immediate Disciples were even more so. They were taught a lot of martial arts which the Inner Disciples weren't.

And, the Last Disciples were the ones who would inherit the mantle of the teacher. Recruiting the last disciple meant that the teacher wouldn't admit new disciples.

The teacher wouldn't preserve any resources from then onwards, and would hand over everything to this Last Disciple. In layman's language… a Last Disciple would probably become a top-notch Chief in the future. And, they would at least become Elders if they couldn't obtain the position of the chief. And, such people occupied a very important place in the university.

There were several hundred or several thousand disciples under the Ten Thousand Fathoms Peak's Chief. He also had many Immediate Disciples and heaven's pride experts under him. However, this was the first time he had decided to accept someone as his Last Disciple.

"I've already said that I want to accept her as my Last Disciple!" Dangyang Peak's Chief didn't give up. He was the first one to have arrived here. He had recognized her talent first. [Xiao Ya has peak innate talent. Teaching such genius won't go in vain. This is a bright student. What if I don't receive any other disciple after her? All the other disciples have simply become trash in my opinion after I've watched her.]

"Ten Thousand Fathoms and Dangyang, do you want to mislead her?" Statecraft Institution's Chief said. "Ye Ya will not only become my Last Disciple, but she will also receive full support from my Statecraft Institution in her cultivation if she joins my Statecraft Institution!"

Xiao Ya looked at Ye Xiwen. She was also slightly confused at this time. Nothing had ever moved her emotionally so far apart from Ye Xiwen's matters. However, she also knew that her choice was related to her growth in the future. It was very important.

Ye Xiwen stepped forward, and said, "All the teachers are very interested in my Little Sister. This boy can't thank you enough for that. However, Litter Sister Xiao Ya is also only one person. It's impossible to make several copies of her. Every master is very much fond of Little Sister, and I appreciate your kindness. However, Little Sister has already given her consent to the Fair Maiden Peak. She has given her word that she'll join the Fair Maiden Peak, and it's not good to break promises!"

Ye Xiwen saluted them by raising his clasped hands after he said this. It was a standard greet. However, it wasn't because he was afraid of these four individuals' martial arts accomplishments... It was because these four individuals had shown a whole new level of respect for Xiao Ya. They had been fighting and arguing over her. So, he had to thank them for this as her Elder Brother.

However, he also thought about it. [These four individuals' strength hardly differs. There's also hardly any difference in their qualifications. In fact, it's impossible for someone to have qualifications that are even more superior to those of them.]

He had chosen the Fair Maiden Peak in this condition. After all, he had already promised, and he couldn't back out now. Otherwise, he reckoned that the Fair Maiden Peak would hate him for this. Moreover, he genuinely believed that the Fair Maiden Peak would be the most appropriate for Xiao Ya.

Fair Maiden Peak's Chief hadn't put forward any conditions. However, could a talented and powerful person like Xiao Ya be afraid of not getting special treatment after she had joined Fair Maiden Peak?

The faces of the Chiefs of the Dangyang Peak, the Ten Thousand Fathoms Peak, and the Statecraft Institution sank as they heard Ye Xiwen's words. They hadn't expected that Ye Xiwen wouldn't wait for them to complete their conditions and would already decide that she would join the Fair Maiden Peak.

They had immediately become depressed. However, they also had nothing to say since Ye Xiwen had said that Xiao Ya had already decided to join the Fair Maiden Peak. She had just arrived for the qualification test now. She should already be considered as a person of the Fair Maiden Peak.

It hadn't been fixed yet. But, the biggest issue was that no one had put forward more generous terms than the others. However, they felt much better after they thought that even the other chiefs couldn't get hold of her.

The complexion of the Fair Maiden Peak's Chief slightly cleared up after she heard Ye Xiwen's words. The ice-cold expression on her face had also apparently reduced by a great extent. The resentment in her heart had also vanished. Her attitude towards Ye Xiwen hadn't been good earlier. After all, she would've gotten hold of Xiao Ya and flown away if Ye Xiwen hadn't brought this disciple for the qualification test and made such a big noise.

She was secretly angry with him. However, she was very impressed by him after she heard this sentence. Moreover, she couldn't show a scowling face to him after she had seen that he was Xiao Ya's Elder Brother.

On the contrary, Ye Xiwen wasn't aware of the sudden change in the mood of the Fair Maiden Peak's Chief. He hadn't thought about this point from the start. Anyway, he had never met the Fair Maiden Peak's Chief before. He could just figure out from her unconventional appearance that she was a powerful Chief and master of deception.

"It's indeed a pity… Such an extraordinary girl will be transformed into an iceberg by the Fair Maiden teachers!" Dangyang Peak's Chief said pitifully. More than half of the Fair Maiden Peak's disciples had cold faces. Some people also jokingly called them a group of icebergs. And, the biggest iceberg among them was naturally the Fair Maiden Peak's Chief.

However, he felt that a strong killing intention had shrouded him. So, he decided not to speak further when he saw the murderous aura in the eyes of the Fair Maiden Peak's Chief. After all, he couldn't dare to provoke this ferocious woman.

They couldn't make Xiao Ya join their sects. However, she was still a disciple of their True Martial University now. They could totally imagine how ferocious she would become after growing up in the future.

The seven-colored aptitude was a legend among legends. As per the legends… only the first batch of the True Martial University's ancestors had such qualifications which far surpassed the qualifications of ordinary people. That's why these Chiefs had been attracted over here and had been fighting over her. They believed that she would soon cause a huge sensation in the entire True Martial World.

"I have nothing to say since you've decided to join the Fair Maiden Peak. I had refined this inner armour in my free time when I had still been youthful!" Dangyang Peak's Chief sighed. He was feeling down. However, he also didn't nag any further. He just gave Xiao Ya an inner-armor. This inner armor was emitting multi-colored divine beams.

That inner-armor had a looming pressure which made people cry out in alarm.

"Great Sage tool!"

This was a Great Sage tool. Everyone had almost fainted. Many people had never seen a Great Sage tool in their entire lives. In fact, even many Great Sages didn't have a Great Sage tool. And, he had given away a Great Sage tool just like that. This was hard to imagine.

Ye Xiwen tried his best not to get choked to death. [This inner-armor is a Great Sage tool. The sage experts can't hurt her if she has this thing to protect her body. In fact, she can even escape from the hands of an ordinary Great Sage.]

This gift was extremely precious even if it might be nothing for them.

Ye Xiwen thought about it once again. [I've struggled so much in order to transform the Heavenly Source Mirror into a Great Sage tool. And, look at Xiao Ya… She has effortlessly obtained a Great Sage level inner-armour.] He immediately had an urge to vomit blood as he thought of this.

"This old guy has given you a present… So, I won't be stingy. I had accidentally obtained this lady sword once. This sword is useless for me. So, I give it to you as a present today!" Ten Thousand Fathoms Peak's Chief wasn't stingy either. He gave her the longsword which had been made from an unknown jade. The entire sword was emitting dark-green serene light. Moreover, the fluctuation of principles on this sword was as good as that on that inner-armor.

"Great Sage tool… another Great Sage tool!"

Many people nearly fainted. [It's really a Great Sage tool. Is this really the way of this world? Is a Great Sage tool some roadside cabbage? Is it a pebble on the roadside that one can casually grab it?]

[They've given away Great Sage tools one by one like cabbages!]

This matter alone was enough to cause a sensation throughout the True Martial University after today. And, Xiao Ya would also become famous in the entire university.

"I don't have those Great Sage tools to give you. However, I'll give you this Immense Righteousness Scripture!" Statecraft Institution's Chief didn't give her a Great Sage tool. This made everyone heave a sigh of relief. However, they soon almost fainted once again.

Great Spirit Scripture - this secret book wasn't some ordinary third-grade secret book. It was instead a martial art of the Statecraft Institution. It was the origin of all martial arts of the Statecraft Institution. And, it was also the source of the Four Books and Five Classics of Confucianism.

In layman's language, only a handful of the entire generations of the Statecraft Institution could obtain this secret book. An outsider couldn't even peep into the information present inside this secret book.

But, he had given it as a present to Xiao Ya straightaway!

[Oh my god! What in the world is this?]

It wasn't a Great Sage tool… It was much more precious than that! A Great Sage tool was nothing in front of this Great Spirit Scripture… Statecraft Institution's Chief was the most just and honest man among all of them!

(To be continued)

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