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Every expert of the True Martial University was celebrating this time; regardless of the faction they belonged to. After all, they hadn't anticipated that such a miracle could happen.

It was an impossible thing for everyone. Anyone else in Ye Xiwen's place would've already been killed.

Even the super-ancestors might not have been able to do it.

"Ha ha ha… That elusive old fogy of the Hidden Star Peak hasn't returned to the True Martial University in over a thousand years. But, I had never thought that he would have such an outstanding disciple!"

"God cares for the Hidden Star Peak. It was Huang Wuji who was invincible in his generation earlier, and this Ye Xiwen has now done something which nobody has ever done. Won't Hidden Star Peak rise to the Heaven?"

Many experts of the True Martial University sighed with emotion one after another.

The roars of countless heroes came from the surroundings. This microcosm had been specially strengthened. But, it seemed as if it would collapse under these roars.

Those forces that had besieged Ye Xiwen had suffered a disastrous loss. Their vitality had sustained injuries. They had lost several experts in one fell swoop. It wasn't clear when they would be able to replenish their losses completely.

"Son Lin!" The Cave Lord of the Fire Cloud Cave opened his round eyes. Tears of blood flowed out from them. Chi Lin was his favourite core disciple. He had nurtured him with great care… just like a master passes the cassock and alms bowl to their favourite disciple. However, he had now died. [It's this Ye Xiwen again. It's Ye Xiwen again. Chi Tian had died at his hands the last time. And, he has killed even Chi Lin now.]

[This Ye Xiwen has become a nemesis of our Fire Cloud Cave. So many heaven's pride experts… so many geniuses have died at his hands.]

"Ye Xiwen, it'll be very difficult for you to find a safe place in this world!"

Countless lords deeply remembered this ant-like person on whom they hadn't paid attention earlier. They hated him to their bones. They wanted to slap him to death, and vent the hatred in their hearts.

They obviously didn't think that such a situation wouldn't have occurred if they hadn't sent people to kill Ye Xiwen. His corpse would've already become cold long time ago if his strength had been even a bit weaker.

They could only think of Ye Xiwen, and the fact that he had made them suffer a disastrous loss. [Damn you, Ye Xiwen!]

This battle had caused a sensation. The names of the Young Barbarian King and the other people got wiped out from the merit list, and this news was spread to all the experts who were present in the Devil World.

The majority of people knew that such a battle had taken place. They knew that a lunatic had challenged countless experts. Many people hadn't been able to come. However, they had guessed the outcome by looking at the names changing on the merit list.

[Those countless experts who had besieged Ye Xiwen have died. All of them have died. This is extremely dreadful.]

"Did he really do it? Is he even human? How can he be so dreadful?" Gao Ling Xiu uttered in a state of shock. She still had that old impression of Ye Xiwen. [Ye Xiwen had been able to contend only against the experts of the initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm when he had appeared in front of me for the first time. However, he has already reached to this extent now. It's simply unbelievable.]

[Even the thought of challenging countless experts of the entire world would be enough to make people insane. In fact, this thought would make anyone's blood bubble-up to the brim.]

[But, Ye Xiwen has done it. And, it's not just what other people think of this feat. But, this is enough to make his name glorious and eternal through ages. His name has shaken the True Martial World.]

[He has done it. He has pulled it off. The names of those experts have been omitted.]

"He has done it. Our True Martial University has recruited an invincible genius this time!" Bi Jing Wei couldn't believe it. His reaction wasn't any better than that of Gao Ling Xiu. [It's hard to believe that Ye Xiwen has defeated so many experts. No, not just defeated… He has killed them all. This is countless times more difficult than defeating! Any person who has cultivated to this stage must've had suppressed one or two individuals. Therefore, it may not be too difficult to defeat these top experts. However, killing them is too big a challenge. Even I can't dare to say that I can do it. However, Ye Xiwen has done it!]

Fan Yi Cheng was beside him. His complexion had turned conflicted. On the one hand, it was hard for him to believe it. On the other hand, he was struggling to decide whether he should feel happy or unhappy.

The appearance of such a tyrannical expert was a great event if he looked from the True Martial University's point of view. After all, he could take charge of a faction after several hundred years. However, it might not be so for their Law Enforcement Hall since Huang Wuji had already put their Law Enforcement Hall into a difficult situation earlier.

Therefore, he didn't know whether he should feel happy or sad at this time.

The entire True Martial World was shaken for a moment!

Ye Xiwen had caused a huge sensation in the True Martial World in a flash. He had become famous. Even many Great Sage experts didn't have such popularity!

Ye Mo returned into the Heavenly Source Mirror to recuperate after he had collected those blood essences. Ye Xiwen stood up. He then swept his eyes across the surrounding. The spectators took a step back in quick succession as far and as wide he saw. They didn't dare to look straight into his eyes. Ye Xiwen had given them an extremely profound impression. [It's simply impossible for a person to achieve this feat. It was obvious that only a Devil God would do such a thing. He is truly ruthless and has formidable strength.]

[He'll kill us if we make him angry. Nobody can stop him.]

Ye Xiwen didn't say anything. His torch-like vision just fell onto those endless devil experts who were hiding at a distant place. He then shouted, "Aren't the experts of devil race going to enlighten me?"

Everyone went in uproar. [Is he trying to challenge the devil experts now? He has just finished a fight. And, it doesn't seem that he hasn't replenished his Real Elemental Energy. Moreover, fighting in succession like this is clearly not effective.]

[Furthermore, the Devil World is the devil experts' home. Those devil experts are native to this place. They are far superior to ordinary human experts.]

It seemed as if Ye Xiwen could see through the depths of everyone's heart wherever his gaze went. He naturally knew what they had been thinking. However, he didn't care about it. He clearly knew what he was doing. It was easier for him to deal with those elites of devil race than the elites of human race because he had the Heavenly Source Mirror. Therefore, it was much simpler to deal with those elites of devil race than the human experts.

The devil experts might have been getting restless earlier. In fact, they had wanted to kill Ye Xiwen at that time. But, they wouldn't dare to approach him now even if they borrowed courage from ten individuals. And, that's because they had seen the recent fight with their own eyes. In fact, a weak devil expert might have been scared to death. It was pointless to struggle against such battle strength even if they were the experts of the devil race.

"Ye Xiwen, this is bad. An expert is coming!" Ye Mo's voice suddenly appeared in Ye Xiwen's mind when he was about to rush into the group of devil experts and begin his killing spree. Suddenly, Ye Mo's figure disappeared without a trace. Even his aura also disappeared. It seemed as if he had never been in Ye Xiwen's body.

"I hadn't expected that a genius like you would be present in the human race!" A large figure came out flying from the sky; he was dressed in a silver robe. He looked traditional and graceful. He was an approximately 30 or 40 years old middle-aged man; he was incomparably handsome.

Ye Xiwen's pupils contracted. This incomparably handsome and harmless looking middle-aged man had given rise to a bad feeling in his heart. He felt even more terrified than how much he had felt from Feng Ling back then.

This man made Ye Xiwen feel suffocated. An ordinary person couldn't feel any dangerous aura on his body. They could only feel the graceful, noble, and calm aura… just like that from any other ordinary person. Everyone knew that it was impossible for an ordinary person to arrive in the Devil World. Moreover, an ordinary person couldn't fly either.

However, Ye Xiwen was getting that terrifying feeling from his body.

"Oh! Have you sensed it? You unexpectedly have sharp intuition!" The middle-aged man apparently didn't mind Ye Xiwen's sensitive and vigilant behaviour. He just let out a chuckle, and said.


Ling Fei's sharp and clear voice came from Ye Xiwen's behind. Ye Xiwen was stunned by this.


[This man before me has made me feel terrified. But, he is Ling Fei's uncle?]

"You left home without saying a word. Your father is very worried. He'll turn the entire Devil World upside down if he can't find you!" the middle-aged man said with a smile on his face. He then narrowed his eyes. However, he looked harmless like a pet animal.

"Humph, he doesn't care about me!" Ling Fei pouted her small mouth. She seemed spiteful.

[What kind of drama is this? A girl has run away from home, and her family member has arrived looking for her?]

"Isn't it just about going to the human world? I'll take you there on a trip!" The middle-aged man let out a smile, and shook his head. He looked like an elder who didn't know what to do with a child.

"Really?" Ling Fei asked whilst being pleasantly surprised. Then, she looked at Ye Xiwen in a somewhat embarrassed manner. She was obviously weighing and comparing.

"Our Fei Fei has troubled you this time!" the middle-aged man said to Ye Xiwen with an honest expression. He looked graceful. It was an epitome of courtesy.

"What? How have I caused him trouble? In fact, I've helped him a lot!" Ling Fei said whilst being dissatisfied. She was obviously quite unhappy with her uncle's statement.

Ye Xiwen let out a smile. He had disliked Ling Fei's presence in the beginning. However, he had gradually become habituated to it. In fact, he felt relieved in the closed-door training when Ling Fei would keep watch. After all, he didn't need to worry about other things when she was around.

"Well, let's go. Otherwise, your father will send an army to catch you!" the middle-aged man laughed, and said to Ling Fei.

Ling Fei was somewhat unwilling to go. She had never enjoyed such carefree days in her entire life. However, she also knew that she had no other choice but to go since her uncle had arrived.

She bit her lower lip, and said to Ye Xiwen, "I'll miss you. So, you must also miss me. Otherwise, I'll beat you up!"

Ye Xiwen didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. And, he didn't know what he ought to say!

Ling Fei went towards the middle-aged man after she had said this sentence. Then, both the individuals transformed into streamers of light, and disappeared into the horizon.

The wind blew, and leaves fell down!

And, the sensational Devil World Competition came to an end.

(To be continued)

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