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The remaining two individuals finally lost their heads after Zuo Xiu Zhu and Wind Chaser got killed in succession. They panicked at this time because they had obviously become Ye Xiwen's next target after the death of those two men. Five individuals couldn't deal with him together; let alone the two who were left.

Ye Xiwen's vitality was getting more and more exuberant. The more enemies he killed, the more tyrannical he would become. He had obtained many profits in this fight. He could properly undergo 'closed-door training' after returning. And, he would be completely changed when he would come out of the 'closed-door training'.

Ye Xiwen could even dare to fight a Great Sage at that time by coordinating with the Heavenly Source Mirror. After all, the Heavenly Source Mirror would've become a Great Sage tool by then. Moreover, it would be his real body that would fight a Great Sage; not the Star Colossus's Avatar. So, this was essentially different.

Anyway, he must quickly settle these enemies who were present before him. And then, the transformation would take place.

Both men had been scared out of their wits by Ye Xiwen. Three out of five men had already been killed by him. What could the remaining two possibly achieve?

Chi Lin didn't speak big words like he had in the past. After all, wouldn't it be a big joke if he had said that they would encircle and kill Ye Xiwen? In fact, it would be pretty good if they didn't get slaughtered by him at this time.

"Run!" Chi Lin couldn't endure anymore. He transformed into a streamer of light, and was about to fly out into the void. Xiang Baiyu was beside him; his movement wasn't any slower. He also transformed into a streamer of light, and flew out.

"Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand!" Ye Xiwen shouted. Then, a big hand suddenly stretched out, and smashed down upon those two men who were escaping.



Both men crashed into the ground like meteors.

Ye Xiwen didn't hesitate any further. He stepped over, and arrived near Chi Lin. His injuries didn't look that serious as compared to that of Xiang Baiyu. Barbarian God's Real Body wasn't as strong as Ye Xiwen's 'tyrant body'. However, it was much stronger than that of Xiang Baiyu. Therefore, the attack just now hadn't injured him fundamentally.

Chi Lin was about to climb out of the huge crater; he-himself had opened this crater after he had smashed into the ground. However, Ye Xiwen had already arrived in front of him.

He attacked with the Big Bang Stardust Fist, and the surroundings transformed into a starry universe. A big and burning star among the endless stars rushed towards Chi Lin.

"Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand!" Chi Lin shouted, and a big hand stretched out. It seemed as if it would definitely grab that big star.

"Bang!" Chi Lin's palm was exploded, and blood splashed out. He couldn't block Ye Xiwen's power.

"Bang!" The fist momentum was unimpeded, and immediately exploded on Chi Lin's body. He was killed on the spot, and his soul was entirely extinguished. His entire blood essence was absorbed by the Heavenly Source Mirror.

The Heavenly Source Mirror was also transforming at a faster speed inside Ye Xiwen's body. In fact, it had already reached on the verge of a critical point. It only differed by one chance from making a breakthrough into the Great Sage realm and completing the transformation.

Xiang Baiyu had also climbed out of the crater on the other side. He became scared to death when he saw this scene. Five men had arrived to kill Ye Xiwen in the beginning. But, only he was left now…

Ye Xiwen's black clothes were fluttering in the cold wind at a distant place. It wasn't clear how, but he looked like an ancient devil god which made everyone terrified.

"Opportunity!" Ye Xiwen turned towards Xiang Baiyu. His eyes immediately shone. [Opportunity… An opportunity is right in front of me.]

He stepped over. He covered the endless void, and finally arrived in front of Xiang Baiyu. A big hand stretched out. It then transformed into the Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand, and smashed down.


A top-tier heaven's pride expert of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm fell on the spot!

His entire blood essence was absorbed by the Heavenly Source Mirror. A boundless and mighty scarlet aura finally burst out from Ye Xiwen's body with a loud bang.

"Ha ha ha ha…" An unrestrained laugher came from inside Ye Xiwen's body, and Ye Mo appeared. He rose in the wind while being dressed like a scholar. His imposing aura was getting stronger and stronger. He made the breakthrough, and became a Great Sage tool from a sage tool.

His pair of very red eyes looked incomparably savage. He looked like a devil. Yes, he-himself was a devil! He could become the devil lord of a generation if Ye Xiwen hadn't unexpectedly tamed him. He could've become a fierce Devil God. He was a tool-spirit. However, he wasn't an ordinary tool-spirit. Instead, he was a tool-spirit of the divine tool possessed by a legendary Devil King.

"Ha ha ha ha… I've finally made the breakthrough. These were top-tier meals!" Ye Mo released his devil characteristics which he had restrained so far after he had become a Great Sage tool. He still needed some time to harness this power. This and the breakthroughs made by martial arts experts were different methods leading to same result.

Ye Xiwen sneered. He didn't stop Ye Mo from going all out. [These people had encircled me in order to kill me. They had been harbouring evil intentions. Ye Mo might not have attacked… However, I must've attacked. I can't let my mortal enemies live.]

These people were elites among every force. Killing all of them was like establishing extraordinary merit. Ye Xiwen didn't check those points when it came to the merit list. Some rewards were indeed given on the basis of the merit list. However, every big force had secret rewards for killing the elite disciples of the other forces.

These several hundred elite disciples of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm who were present on the scene were more than half of the total number of elite disciples who had participated in this Devil World Competition.

Moreover, there would be many rewards for killing these five top-tier heaven's pride experts. Ye Xiwen would find it hard to calculate the exact amount.

Moreover, a large group of devil experts were watching from the outside. Ye Xiwen wouldn't mind killing them and changing them into points if they tried anything.

Ye Xiwen was still thinking. However, Ye Mo had already moved. A big scarlet hand spread out. It transformed into a huge devil hand. Those several hundred disciples present in the surroundings wanted to escape. However, how could they be a match for Ye Mo after he had already evolved into a Great Sage tool?

Only a Great Sage could match a Great Sage tool. These experts were well-known figures in the half-step Great Sage realm. However, there was a difference of Heaven and Earth between them and Great Sage experts. So, how could they be compared with a real Great Sage?

The difference between sage realm and Great Sage realm was indeed as massive as the separation between Heaven and Earth. One could reach to the heaven after crossing this one step.

Some people like Ye Xiwen could become famous in the entire world by just escaping from the hands of a Great Sage. But, it was impossible for someone to contend against a Great Sage. Ye Xiwen might be able to accomplish it in the future. However, it was impossible for him at present.

One could well-imagine how big the disparity between Sage realm and Great Sage realm was.

Ye Mo transformed out a massive devil hand, and soared to the vast sky. Those experts of half-step Great Sage realm were running away in all directions. But, they couldn't escape from his hand. All of them were caught by his hand.




These experts were transformed into masses of blood fog one after another, and were entirely absorbed by the Heavenly Source Mirror. These people were merely in the half-step Great Sage realm, and weren't worth mentioning in comparison to the Great Sage experts. However, even a Great Sage might not be able to escape if several hundred such experts joined hands. However, their morale had already been broken by Ye Xiwen. Therefore, it was impossible for them to join hands.

The scarlet rays of light on the Heavenly Source Mirror gradually turned dim. Its aura was somewhat unstable because of recently becoming a Great Sage tool. However, it had slowly become stable after absorbing so much vitality.

Ye Xiwen became ecstatic in his heart. His strength had increased easily and enormously after having assistance from Ye Mo. After all, Ye Mo had just become a Great Sage tool. He would have the advantage from now on. Moreover, his decision of throwing all his profits into the Heavenly Source Mirror hadn't gone in vain this time.

After all, he didn't need to be afraid of the suppressive power of a Great Sage tool after having the Heavenly Source Mirror in his hands. This hidden card would become even more tyrannical, and his strength would rise even more if the Star Colossus's Avatar collaborated with the Heavenly Source Mirror. It couldn't be compared with the current state.

"Top five experts are dead. Counting from Aguda, Li Yi Feng, and Shou Kun… the top 20 names on the merit list have been almost replaced by him in one stroke. My goodness… he's too terrifying!"

"Anyone among these five top-notch experts could be rated as the strongest expert under the Great Sage realm. Still, they couldn't deal with him even after joining hands. Moreover, another several hundred elites of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm have died at his hands. Who is he?"

"Perhaps, the title of the strongest person under the Great Sage realm will belong only to him in the future. 'the strongest person under the Great Sage realm' — only he deserves this title!"

Someone said, and other people became silent. Several spectators were quiet. All of them were well-known figures among the core disciples. Shou Kun and other people were particularly well-known figures among each force. They were also known as the strongest individuals under the Great Sage realm. They were the strongest men in the minds of the disciples of every force.

However, only Ye Xiwen would dare to use the title of the strongest person from today onwards. Moreover, only he could use this title. After all, who else would dare to challenge the entire world?

"Dead… dead… all of them are dead!"

Countless lords repeated this sentence in that microcosm. They saw on the merit list that first the Young Barbarian King, and then Zuo Xiu Zhu, Chi Lin, Wind Chaser, and Xiang Baiyu… all five top disciples had died miserably one after another, and their names had been removed. Several hundred core disciples had been extinguished in a split second soon after that. They had been massacred.

These incredible changes had finally stopped. However, countless lords had gone crazy after watching this scene; especially those lords who had sent people to besiege Ye Xiwen. They originally wanted to deal with him, and not let him grow. However, nobody had anticipated that they would never be able to stop Ye Xiwen. On the contrary, he had taken advantage of this opportunity, and had annihilated all these disciples in one fell swoop. Thus, they had suffered a disastrous loss.

These people were elites among their core disciples. Therefore, losing all of them so suddenly had injured the strength of every big force.

They were extremely hurt inside. They couldn't believe the facts. [How can such a monster exist in this world? How can someone contend against so many geniuses all alone?]

"Ha ha ha ha… It's a miracle. Ye Xiwen is the most talented disciples of my True Martial University!"

True Martial University was in jubilation now, whereas other forces were extremely gloomy.

(To be continued)

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