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Chapter 64 - Rapid advancement in cultivation

Ye Xiwen was sweating heavily after that scary thought had attacked his consciousness and had almost destroyed his mind. This was quite a terrifying experience for him.

“Are you alright little brother?” Ye Feng asked in a worried voice because he did not know what exactly had happened to Ye Xiwen. He just saw Lin Zhantian shouting and suddenly rushing towards Ye Xiwen, who was drenched in sweat and looked terrified at that moment.

“It's nothing, I am alright!” Ye Xiwen said in a calm voice, however, that vivid thought had firmly imprinted itself into his mind and it had become impossible for him to forget it.

“Blame me.” Lin Zhantian said, “I did not warn you in time but you cannot read this secret book of 《Coiling Dragon Palm》!”

“Why?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“A long time ago, our forefathers had brought back this 《Coiling Dragon Palm》 power technique from the ruins of a suspected Ancient Martial Arts Era!” Lin Zhantian slowly explained.

“Ancient Martial Arts Era!” All of the three disciples exclaimed at once. In ancient times, there existed an extremely glorious martial arts civilization, and now, only a few bits and pieces of that era had remained. The once glorious era of martial arts had now just turned into a legend.

“Yes, this power technique comes from the Ancient Martial Arts Era, but after obtaining it from the ruins, no one could actually learn it, because this type of martial arts technique is inherited and learned through thoughts, and no one could withstand the immensity of that thought!” Lin Zhantian explained, “It contains a mighty writing and the method to learn this technique is hidden as a thought between the lines. Long ago, a lot of our ancestors had tried to inherit this martial arts technique, but in the end, the thought present inside this secret book had destroyed their souls and killed them. After a long time, no one paid attention to it anymore and it finally fell into my hands. I brought it here, but due to a temporary oversight, I was distracted and forgot to warn you kids about it. Fortunately all three of you are all right!”

Ye Xiwen had a burst of lingering fear, because just now, his soul might have been torn apart by that terrifying thought and his mind would have completely collapsed. If this thought had not been sucked inside the mysterious space, then he would definitely have faced a mental breakdown and death by now.

The thought was really too frightening, and no one knew who had created or passed down this incredible martial arts technique. But, it contained just hand written text, then how could it actually contain such a terrifying thought, hidden among the text and even the passage of innumerable years couldn't erase it. From this, one could easily infer the incredible prowess of the creator of this book.

“You can't learn this martial arts technique! You absolutely cannot, so give it up.” Lin Zhantian said.

Ye Xiwen nodded and didn't argue with Lin Zhantian, but he also knew that the terrifying thought had been absorbed into the mysterious space. Later, if he wanted to take a look at it, he could do it any time so he didn't need to argue over something that he had already acquired.

Ye Xiwen kept the secret book of 《Coiling Dragon Palm》 on the shelf, and chose another power technique called 《Restraining breath technique》. Although a lot of power techniques, more or less, mentioned about how to hide one's breath. However this power technique specialized in the field, not to mention, it was also a Xiantian level technique. (NT: 'Hiding breath' means to hide one's cultivation level)

Others were surprised because they couldn't understand why Ye Xiwen had not chosen an attack type Xiantian power technique, but rather, he chose such a technique that would be useless for fighting. However, they did not know that Ye Xiwen had already learned many fighting based Xiantian level power techniques, and if he was to choose one more, it would be equivalent to biting off more than he could chew.

After each of the three winners had chosen a power technique, the core disciples competition had finally come to an end, and whole Yi Yuan School had become noisy, talking about the recent incidents. The news of Zhang family sending a Xiantian master inside the Blood Yuan Territory, to massacre the Yi Yuan School disciples and seize all of the Blood Yuan fruits, had spread throughout the school, but no one would have thought that this Xiantian master had been killed instead, along with all of the other Zhang core disciples.

Overnight, the news spread in the Yi Yuan School like a forest fire, and the headline clearly referred to Ye Xiwen's exploits and how he had single-handedly beheaded a Xiantian disciple. Now, everyone knew that Ye Xiwen had actually beheaded a Xiantian disciple of Zhang family.

In a short period of time, Ye Xiwen's reputation had incredibly surpassed that of those established top disciples of previous years and many disciples had started to recognize him as the strongest top core disciple.

However, when there was uproar in the outside world, and everyone was talking about the exploits of Ye Xiwen, but he seemed to have vanished and no one could find him.

After choosing a Xiantian power technique, Ye Xiwen didn't waste time and shut himself up to start the closed-door practice. He was going to the Main Sect after three months, so while he still had time, each second of it was valuable for practicing, because he needed to be strong enough to sustain himself among the geniuses who were also going to enroll with Ye Xiwen.

After entering into the Main Sect, the competition would be even more intense.

In a blink of an eye, a month's time had already passed.

In the backside of Qingfeng Mountain, the intermittent loud roars of a Dragon could be heard echoing in the sky. Ye Xiwen had a calm expression on his face and suddenly, his palm shot out, and a figure, with its hands clasped together, leaped inside the mountain forest using 'Dragon Tiger steps'.

“Boom!” With a loud sound, a large tree instantly collapsed by a forceful slap of Ye Xiwen's palm using 《Coiling Dragon Palm》.

Ye Xiwen stopped his movements, and calculated the time and found out that he had been practicing over a month. In just a month, his strength had progressed by leaps and bounds! His cultivation had reached all the way to the peak of Houtian ninth stage and was only one step away from entering into the Xiantian realm. He had also condensed 20% of his Zhen Qi into Xiantian Zhen Qi, and his strength had directly reached the strength of 3 Dragons which was even comparable to the strength of a Xiantian second stage master. Now, Ye Xiwen had become powerful enough to easily defeat a Xiantian expert like Liu Zhi, in few moves only.

Also, during this month, Ye Xiwen had gained the most progress in his martial arts techniques, and for that, he had to burn a large number of spirit stones to advance his martial art skills, faster in a short span of time.

The first was 'Missing moon beheader'. After a month of crazy practicing, he had finally succeeded to reach the 'Dacheng' realm and now, he could strike nine consecutive blades one after the other which was big feat even for a Xiantian master. And chopping nine consecutive blades was the dead end for 'Missing moon beheader', but, with the strike of each additional blade, the total might of the attack would also increase significantly and after nine consecutive blade strikes, one could imagine the terrifying might present in the ninth blade.

After a month of continuously burning the spirit stones, his 《Celestial step》 technique had also reached the next level. Initially, this technique was incomplete and could only be regarded as an advanced technique. At that time, Ye Xiwen had practiced it to the 'Dacheng' realm, but later, inside the 'Special Space', he completely deduced the missing 'Xiantian realm' parts of 《Celestial step》. Although, he had merely mastered the first glimpse of Xiantian realm parts, but now, his speed had increased by more than 50% of what it used to be. It could be said that his speed had increased to a terrifying level.

While practicing 《Tyrant body technique》, he had finally reached the peak of 'Xiaocheng' realm, and was only one step away from entering into the 'Dacheng' realm, and once he did, his physical strength would grow rapidly.

Lastly, he had completely practiced 《Restraining breath technique》 to its highest possible level.


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