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Blood splashed out. And, an arm went out flying in the sky. Zuo Xiu Zhu groaned in depression. His complexion had turned deathly pale. His arm had been chopped off and sent off flying. Blood was unceasingly flowing out from his wound. The sword-energies that Ye Xiwen had left in his body had made the blood gush out unceasingly. He didn't even get enough time to expel the sword-energies that had been left behind by Ye Xiwen.

It was difficult for him to conceal the terrified look in his eyes. He hadn't expected that the outcome would be like this when only Young Barbarian King was missing. They had suppressed Ye Xiwen when they had been five individuals. Therefore, Ye Xiwen hadn't been able to concentrate on killing one individual among all of them.

However, Ye Xiwen had broken these restrictions like a ferocious dragon with only one person gone.

"How can this be possible?" Everyone looked incredulously at Zuo Xiu Zhu and Ye Xiwen… no matter whether it was Wind Chaser, Xiang Baiyu, or Chi Lin. They reckoned that Zuo Xiu Zhu would've been killed by Ye Xiwen if he hadn't dodged the attack just now in advance. How could he be so formidable? It was simply hard to imagine. This went far beyond their expectations.

"Run, quickly run…. We aren't a match for him!" Wind Chaser promptly said. He was an assassin. So, he would escape thousands of miles in shame if he couldn't kill a target. This was his nature. He wouldn't consider direct battles and so on. One should escape from an unfavourable situation… This was his normal thinking.

"No, we can't escape like this. Each one of us will be killed by him if we try to escape. Do you think he'll let us go? This monster will certainly take revenge. We've encircled him in order to kill him. So, he won't leave us in any case!" Chi Lin shouted loudly.

Everyone's alarmed mind suddenly cooled-down. They then thought for a while… [It's really so. Even we wouldn't have left him if we had been in his place.] After all, it wasn't that they didn't know the principle of rooting out the source of trouble.

They might be able kill Ye Xiwen and get a way out only by fighting with their entire strength now. It wasn't clear when, but they had vowed in the beginning… They had been full of confidence that they could kill Ye Xiwen. However, only the thought of running away was left in their minds now. What kind of sorrowful situation was this?

Their determination of killing Ye Xiwen had already died out; especially Zuo Xiu Zhu's. He was definitely the most tyrannical person among them. However, his arm had already been chopped off by Ye Xiwen now.

In fact, he might have been cut into two halves on the spot if he hadn't dodged in time.

"Ye Xiwen has brought that woman too. So, we can give him some worries by capturing her!" someone among the experts who had surrounded Ye Xiwen shouted at this time. Consequently, everyone's vision commutatively fell on Ling Fei; she was present on the other side.

Everyone believed that it would be very easy to handle Ling Fei since she looked delicate and weak. Moreover, Ye Xiwen had brought her; quite many people had seen this. Therefore, they believed that they could compel Ye Xiwen to submit as long as they captured her. They could have a way out of this difficult situation at that time.

That man's voice had just fallen when a few assassins appeared in the surrounding while everyone was in a dilemma whether they should do this or not. All of them were the assassins of Tianya Group. They then rushed towards Ling Fei to capture her.

Other people might have apprehensions. However, these assassins didn't have such apprehensions. A mission would be complete as long as they could kill the enemy. There wasn't any other way for them.

Taking a hostage may not have been a just-and-upright method in the opinion of the majority. However, nothing was off limits for them.

Those four experts of the Tianya Group had already arrived in front of Ling Fei in a moment. Her weak and delicate body slightly shivered. It seemed as if she was scared. Those experts' faces also exposed a victorious grin. [We can at least prevent Ye Xiwen from attacking as long as we capture this woman. So, this is the best way.]

Chi Lin and a few other people were already prepared to block Ye Xiwen. They would block Ye Xiwen if he tried to save her. However, who would've imagined that Ye Xiwen would directly rush towards Zuo Xiu Zhu to kill him? It seemed as if Ling Fei's life or death simply didn't affect him.

A few people were astonished to find that Ye Xiwen was so cold-blooded that he had just ignored this. [Our goal behind taking her hostage won't be achieved if Ye Xiwen doesn't care. Won't it be wasted effort?]

However, they soon saw a scene which they wouldn't forget for their entire lives... Those four assassins who had launched a surprise attack on Ling Fei had already arrived in front of her. However, that young girl had who appeared to be trembling with fear shot out her slender palm.

That thin white palm smashed down. It seemed quite slow to everyone, and they could see its trajectory. However, it exploded in an instant after the pre-emptive strike.

"Bang!" An assassin of Tianya Group could only watch the thin white palm helplessly as it got closer and closer… and a slap finally struck his body.

That expert of Tianya Group was immediately blown up in the sky, and blood splashed out. He didn't have the power to fight back. It seemed as if an ant had been smashed to death without any difficulty.

Everyone was left dumbstruck as they saw this scene. It seemed as if they had seen a ghost. Those four assassins of the Tianya Group weren't as formidable as Wind Chaser. However, they were also dreadful experts of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. They could even assassinate a Great Sage if the latter one didn't pay attention. In fact, even a person of Chi Lin's level was also somewhat afraid of these assassins.

One of them was smashed into the sky by a slap now. How much terrifying power did this weak looking body contain?!

[How is it possible? She had looked afraid a moment ago.]

More people reacted soon after that. They were stunned as they saw this scene before their eyes.

Only Ye Xiwen knew that Ling Fei's body hadn't shivered because she was afraid. Instead, it was because she was excited. Ling Fei was already in the Great Sage realm. However, Ye Xiwen could clearly see that she had very less fighting experience. It might be because of her noble status… She didn't have too much fighting experience, and a very few people would dare to attack her. Therefore, she would get very excited whenever she would come across such an opportunity to fight.

Everyone finally understood why Ye Xiwen had ignored that move a moment ago. He wasn't being cold-blooded back then. Instead, he knew that this little devil was far more ferocious than him. These people didn't have the power to pose any threat to her. These people thought that they had chosen a weakling to bully. However, they had chosen a super-giant iron wall to kick instead.

Everyone was a bit dumbfounded.

"Withdraw quickly!"

Those remaining experts of Tianya Group began to escape without making any delay after they realized that they had made a mistake. After all, they would escape thousands of miles in shame if they couldn't kill the target.

"Freeze for this young lady!" Those remaining three experts of the Tianya Group were restricted inside the void under Ling Fei's sharp voice. In fact, her voice had seemed like the sound of a silver bell. It seemed as if they were suddenly bounded by some dreadful power.

"All of you are villains!" Ling Fei snorted lightly. Then, a grey sceptre appeared in her hand; it was as tall as a person. There was an image of a grey angel at the top of the sceptre. And, it was emitting incredible rays of light.

That greyish angel moved and brandished the sword in its hand. It was just a small sword in the image, but it emitted endless sword beams. Those remaining three assassins of Tianya Group were immediately chopped off by the chaotic sword.

Everyone was terrified to see this scene. The experts of late stage of half-step Great Sage realm appeared as weak as ants in front of this delicate young girl. They simply didn't have the power to fight back.

However, everyone's attention immediately went back towards Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen hadn't stopped when everyone was left in shock by Ling Fei's dreadful strength. On the contrary, he had rushed directly towards Zuo Xiu Zhu.

He believed that he didn't need to worry about Ling Fei. She looked weak and delicate. However, she was an exceptionally ferocious person whom he couldn't match even if he summoned the Star Colossus's Avatar.

Therefore, how could he let go of such an opportunity? He unfolded his devil wings, and arrived in front of Zuo Xiu Zhu. He was looking ruthless. [It's better to break one finger rather than injuring ten fingers. I'll break all shackles after I've killed Zuo Xiu Zhu. It'll be impossible for the remaining three to bind me after this.]

"Clang!" Sword-light illuminated half of the sky. Zuo Xiu Zhu's pale complexion was clearly visible under the radiance. He suddenly clenched his teeth, and shouted, "I may die… But, I'll make you share the same fate!"

Suddenly, endless red rays of light emitted from Zuo Xiu Zhu's body. This was a secret technique of his sect. His strength would rise frantically within a short time on using it. However, his cultivation realm would drop by one level as a cost of using it. The price was too huge… So, he wasn't ready to use it until the most dangerous time.

However, how strong and experienced Ye Xiwen's eyesight was… He had found out his intentions in an instant. How could he let his enemy succeed? His iron sword shook the world. It transformed into incredible sword power, and cut open the world.

"Don't!" Chi Lin screamed. He could've stopped Ye Xiwen at that place. However, he had misjudged. How could Ye Xiwen not notice this? This stunning change had happened within a snap of the fingers.

"Puchi!" Zuo Xiu Zhu didn't get enough time to resist. His body was penetrated by the sword power, and his soul was broken down. His entire blood essence had been absorbed by the Heavenly Source Mirror.

"Whoosh!" A divine beam swept out from the sky, and rushed towards Ye Xiwen. Wind Chaser had already arrived near him in a stealthy manner.

"Humph! Let's see who can save you this time!" Ye Xiwen sneered. He then clenched his fist without any fear, and shot a punch.

Ye Xiwen's fist power was matchless. That mighty divine beam that had been approaching him broke down under his fist pressure.

However, his fist momentum didn't reduce. It slammed into the void, and broke down the space. Consequently, Wind Chaser had no choice but to leap out from the sub-space. He had forced out without making any delay. He could be regarded as a model assassin.

However, Ye Xiwen obviously wasn't going to let him escape this time. His sword cut open the world, and pierced the vast sky. He followed along with the sword, and arrived in front of Wind Chaser.

He was immensely proud of his speed. However, it looked nothing in front of Ye Xiwen's speed.


Wind Chaser was sliced in the sky, and got transformed into a mass of blood fog.

(To be continued)

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