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[How has Ye Xiwen's body become so intrepid?!]

The battle was still going on frantically. Ye Xiwen had repelled Chi Lin in a flash. However, Zuo Xiu Zhu had already charged towards him. His sword-lights were world-shaking. They weren't inferior to the sword lights that Ye Xiwen had produced a moment ago. A sword cut opened the world, and smashed down.

Zuo Xiu Zhu's cultivation was topmost among all these individuals. It was enough to pose a threat to Ye Xiwen. After all, Ye Xiwen hadn't entered the Great Sage realm yet.

He forced Ye Xiwen to give up the idea of chasing Chi Lin. Ye Xiwen couldn't help but get slightly anxious while facing Zuo Xiu Zhu's attack. He had the assurance that he could blow up any of these five individuals in a one-on-one battle. However, he unfortunately seemed to be trapped in a net under the combined attack of these five people.

The combined attack of these five men had imposed an even bigger pressure on Ye Xiwen as compared to a moment ago when he was surrounded by densely packed enemies. Those five men were attacking in turns. Therefore, they didn't have any hesitation. Moreover, all of them had some mutual understanding. There wasn't a huge mutual understanding between them. However, it was much better as compared to earlier when Ye Xiwen had been dealing with a big crowd of experts.

Zuo Xiu Zhu's sword-lights contained a kind of indistinct main dao. This was a kind of might sword-dao. It was an unconventional sword technique. So, one could well-imagine how ferocious it must be since it had given birth to sword-dao.

The sword-lights blotted out the sky and covered the Earth as they smashed down and shrouded Ye Xiwen. It seemed as if they would definitely kill him, and turn him into fragments.

Ye Xiwen promptly shot his big hand. He grabbed those endless sword-lights with his Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand.

Those sword-lights crazily entangled on top of Ye Xiwen's big hand. It seemed as if they would explode his big hand just like he had exploded Chi Lin's Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand a moment ago. However, how could Ye Xiwen be so ordinary? He coldly snorted, and his entire divinities frantically rushed to his arm. Then, those frantically revolving sword-lights were suppressed by the boundless divinities in a split second.

His sword smashed down. It seemed as if it would chop off the horizon. However, it looked so childish in front of Ye Xiwen's Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand.

On the other side, Chi Lin's complexion had turned exceptionally ugly. Their Fire Cloud Cave's martial technique had displayed such might in Ye Xiwen's hands. It was obvious that it was a matter of extraordinary shame and humiliation for him.

He could see that Ye Xiwen's Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand was more ferocious than his own. He couldn't imagine how Ye Xiwen might have cultivated the Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand to such a level.

The Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand was widespread. However, it had some restrictions in practicing… Different level of people could learn different levels of Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand. Even he hadn't obtained the complete version of it. However, Ye Xiwen's Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand looked superior to his. [How is it possible? Is this a dream?]

"Star Burst!" Ye Xiwen shouted. He shot a punch, and it transformed into a star and burst out. Stars exploded everywhere! And, the mighty star power swept out towards Zuo Xiu Zhu.

Zuo Xiu Zhu had no choice but to retreat in order to avoid this dreadful star power. He even used the endless sword-lights to protect himself.

"Bang!" a violent sound of breaking of space re-sounded. Xiang Baiyu and Young Barbarian King had already arrived behind Ye Xiwen. They had arrived by taking advantage of the time when Zuo Xiu Zhu had obstructed Ye Xiwen.

The attacks of both men had been brewing long ago. After all, the continuous attacks of the other three men hadn't given them the opportunity to attack earlier. However, their attacks directly rushed towards the vital point of Ye Xiwen's body at this time. And, it seemed as if this would kill him, and finish the task.

"Bang!" The attacks of both men suddenly arrived near Ye Xiwen's body. However, Ye Xiwen's body emitted scarlet rays of light, and formed a scarlet barrier. Those two dreadful forces had arrived near his body. But, they eventually banged on top of that scarlet barrier, and gave rise to ripples. However, they couldn't break the barrier.

"What? A damaged Great Sage tool?" A terrified look flashed in the eyes of both men. It was obvious that they had gotten the hint of a damaged Great Sage tool from this barrier. It wasn't a complete Great Sage tool. However, it could pose a huge threat to them even if it was a damaged one.

They possessed tyrannical strength. However, they didn't have as profound heritage as Shou Kun had. A damaged Great Sage tool was something which they couldn't obtain.

However, they didn't know that Ye Xiwen's Heavenly Source Mirror wasn't a damaged Great Sage tool. Instead, it was a sage tool which was just half-step away from evolving into a Great Sage tool.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen took advantage of their shock, and shot a fist without fooling around. The surroundings transformed into a starry sky. His fist condensed into a star-river, and instantly exploded after it slammed into Young Barbarian King's body.

The Young Barbarian King screamed, and went out flying. Endless star-power frantically exploded inside his body. His body was the Barbarian God's Real Body. But, he didn't have any choice while facing such tyrannical and crazy power. It wasn't clear how many bones were broken in his entire body. He would've been torn into pieces by now if he didn't possess the legendary Barbarian God's Real Body.

Countless people in the surroundings were left dumbstruck as they saw this scene. They hadn't expected that Ye Xiwen would show the vigor of a dragon and the ferocity of a tiger even in this five-on-one situation. The attacks of these five men had posed a threat for him. However, it had only posed a threat for him; nothing more.

The Young Barbarian King was blown away for the third time. He would've been blown up if he didn't possess the Barbarian God's Real Body.

[Is there no one under the Great Sage realm who can contend against him?]

This thought emerged in the minds of countless people.

"Humph!" a cold snort came from the sky. Then, a sword appeared in Zuo Xiu Zhu's hand. The murderous aura overflowed the entire place. And, endless sword-lights soared straight towards Ye Xiwen.

"We can't attack separately now. Otherwise, he'll defeat every attack. He's extremely formidable!" Chi Lin shouted. His heart was also filled with agony. An invincible and super-confident person like him had acknowledged that someone was much more powerful than him… that he wasn't a match for this person. How difficult this must have been for him?

"Join hands? Do you think that I'll give you a chance?" Ye Xiwen sneered. The pair of golden wings unfolded behind him. Then, the golden divinities crawled over his entire body. He looked like a God of War casted from gold from afar.

He moved… Only the golden shadow was left at his spot. He charged towards the Young Barbarian King. Ye Xiwen obviously knew the so-called saying 'it's better to weed out the weakest first'. Young Barbarian King had sustained most serious injuries among these people. So, it was easiest to kill him.

His hand stretched out, and it transformed into a very big hand. Zuo Xiu Zhu's sword-lights were grabbed and extinguished within an instant. Zuo Xiu Zhu's sword-lights were exploded therein no matter what.

Other people had also figured out Ye Xiwen's objective by this time. So, they attacked one after another to kill him. After all, they couldn't let him succeed in his objective.

However, the scarlet barrier formed on Ye Xiwen's body once again. And, their attacks couldn't cut open his scarlet barrier no matter what.

The contest between the two sides was taking place at a great speed. It wasn't clear for how long this fight would continue if he let the Young Barbarian King escape. The contest would be full of uncertainties in that case.

"Stop him…we can't let him succeed!"

Those four men attacked at this time… Moreover, even those supporting experts on the side-lines attacked one after another. After all, they weren't fools either. How could they not see Ye Xiwen's objective? And, they couldn't let him succeed since they had figured it out.

However, their speed was extremely slow. The golden light blotted out the sky and covered the earth as it arrived. Ye Xiwen's speed was extremely quick. And, he dodged these attacks at a lightning speed after unfolding the devil wings.

It took long to mention all these things. However, everything had happened in an instant. Ye Xiwen had already arrived near the Young Barbarian King in an instant. The sword intention transformed into a lightning bolt in the sky, and smashed down.

"Puchi!" The Young Barbarian King screamed. He had already been cut into two halves on the spot. He struggled to mend his body. However, Ye Xiwen obviously wasn't going to give him such an opportunity. The Big Bang Stardust Fist smashed down. And, a galaxy with inexhaustible brilliance exploded therein.

"Bang!" Young Barbarian King's soul got extinguished in an instant. Then, his formidable vitality got absorbed by the Heavenly Source Mirror.

Ye Xiwen felt that the Heavenly Source Mirror had become stronger. In fact, it had reached even closer to evolving into a Great Sage tool after it had absorbed Young Barbarian King's entire vitality.

However, he thought about it once again. Young Barbarian King himself was just one step away from entering the Great Sage realm. And, it wasn't clear how many times more tyrannical he was than an ordinary expert of half-step Great Sage realm. His physique wasn't as good as Ye Xiwen's 'tyrant body'. However, it was still top-notch. It was enough to crush the demon beasts of the same level barehanded.

[A top-notch heaven's pride expert has fallen.]

Countless people began to boil. Young Barbarian King's name was erased from the merit list. It was equal to declaring his death!

Everyone had already acknowledged Ye Xiwen's strength. He had the strength to explode any person in a one-on-one battle. However, he had managed to kill Young Barbarian King even in a five-on-one contest.

Was this the end of the world?

"It's pointless. You'll certainly die today!" Zuo Xiu Zhu shouted as sword-energies burst out from each pore of his body. These sword-energies reorganized in the sky, and formed a huge sword-array. This sword-array immediately formed a world of swords, and overwhelmingly smashed down upon Ye Xiwen.

It wasn't clear how many times more tyrannical Zuo Xiu Zhu's cultivation of sword method was than that of Ye Xiwen. He was a real sword cultivator. Ye Xiwen had extremely high understanding of the sword way. However, he merely used to do it in his spare time.

"Buried Heaven Sword!" Ye Xiwen shouted. The sword intention condensed into a longsword in his hand, and suddenly swept out. It rose in the sky whilst facing against the wind, grew up to several hundred feet tall in an instant, and smashed down like lightning!


Buried Heaven Sword and the entire sword-array collided in the sky. The collision spread out the sword-energies in all directions, and the traces of sword-energies pierced the vast sky.

However, the momentum of Ye Xiwen's Buried Heaven Sword didn't decrease. It had already arrived in front of Zuo Xiu Zhu in a flash whilst destroying the sword array all the way.


Blood splashed out.

(To be continued)

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