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Which martial arts cultivator didn't have a healing divine technique? After all, nobody could say that they would never sustain injuries. One must recover within a short time if they had sustained injuries. This had become an essential thing for all experts. And, it was already shocking if someone could recover to this extent within a few breaths.

How could others figure out what the Young Barbarian King had thought? After all, he was a mighty influential figure among the core disciples… He was a famous person who was just one step away from the Great Sage realm.

Their eyes were brimming with greed as they looked at Ye Xiwen after they thought this. [Ye Xiwen certainly can't have such strength without countless adventures under his belt. He must have innumerable treasures and magical powers. We might rise above others if we can rob even some of those treasures.]

On the other side… in another microcosm…

Countless visions were fixed on the merit list. A group of divine senses were locked upon the merit list so that they could quickly find out any change in the merit list.

Moreover, all the mighty experts who were present here had used all kinds of methods, and had found out that a stunning battle was going on in the Devil World. The True Martial University's Ye Xiwen had challenged all the experts alone. It was a scary fight.

It was an exceptional fight which had surpassed all the other fights of its kind before-and-since. Nobody had dared to challenge so many experts like this apart from Ye Xiwen.

None of the mighty experts present here could think of provoking everyone even if they were the scariest experts of the True Martial World… even if they could set off an earthquake with the stamp of their feet.

This was as if someone among them had abruptly spoken and challenged everyone else. One must know that Ye Xiwen hadn't challenged the weaker experts. Nobody's realm was lower than his among all the experts who had surrounded him.

So, these people believed that either he was insane… or he had some backup. That's why he had done so.

Some people believed that Ye Xiwen was insane, while others believed that he certainly had some support.

"Ye Xiwen is insane. Such an expert rarely appears in the True Martial University. But, I'm afraid that he'll also fall quickly now!"

"Awesome! Ha ha ha… He truly deserves to be a disciple of my True Martial University. He has enough courage. I wasn't so courageous back in the day!"

The divine senses of many people were firmly locked upon the merit list. They were paying attention to the names that were changing in the merit list. A lot of changes had occurred. Some people had been killed by the devils, and the rankings of some people on the merit list had increased unceasingly after killing the devil experts. However, they weren't paying attention to these changes.

"Dead! Fang Leng is dead!"

Someone suddenly shouted, and everyone's gaze fell onto the merit list. Fang Leng's name had been somewhat near the top where everyone could see it just in a glance.

Everyone saw it now... Fang Leng's name had been omitted from the merit list. And so, the expert behind him had moved up by one rank.

The mood of all the experts from the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall sank as they saw this scene. The Xuan Yuan Palace Hall might not have been wiped-out from this Devil World Competition with Fang Leng's and Li Yi Feng's death. However, there wasn't much difference between getting wiped-out and the death of these two supreme core disciples in succession.

The True Martial University's enemies were under the entire sky. However, the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall's condition wasn't good either… After all, the True Martial University was consistently trying to restore their former glory in the True Martial World.

However, other forces were also trying to replace it. Countless years of dispute had given rise to immense hatred between these forces. So, how could they not throw stones at others who had fallen when they had gotten such an opportunity?

Everyone was left dumbstruck. They hadn't anticipated that this could be the situation. Ye Xiwen hadn't died. On the contrary, the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall's Fang Leng had died first. Another group of experts had been fighting with him. However, they had also been killed along with him.

"Ye Xiwen, it's your last day today. You won't get the opportunity to escape!"

Several experts had decided. Those who were coveting Ye Xiwen's treasures and magical powers hooted one after another. They had already gone crazy in this moment. There was no one among them who didn't want to rob Ye Xiwen.

A dreadful war had begun like this in the Devil World. These people crazily attacked Ye Xiwen to kill him. And, Ye Xiwen had also burst into these outstanding heroes. The entire world trembled under the fluctuations of the attacks of the several hundred dreadful experts of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm.

Many people believed that Ye Xiwen's action of breaking into the crowd was equal to following the path of one's own doom. Nobody could save him. However, it wasn't so in his opinion. Even a Great Sage would be ripped apart under the combined attack of so many experts. Therefore, he mustn't give them an opportunity to attack together. So, he had burst into the crowd instead. He was surrounded by people from all directions. However, it was an enormous safety for him because they couldn't attack unscrupulously because other people were also present around him.

A golden light fluctuated inside the crowd at a flying speed. An expert of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm died at Ye Xiwen's hands every time it disappeared and appeared. Everyone was rushing towards him like madmen, and was getting killed within no time.

Smell of blood pervaded the sky, and whoever smelt it felt like vomiting. The smell was from Ye Xiwen's blood, and the blood of his defeated enemies.

Ye Xiwen faced less attacks because of rushing into the crowd. However, dreadful attacks still unceasingly struck his body. An ordinary person would've already died on the spot by now. However, it was Ye Xiwen… His body was extremely tough. It wasn't possible to kill him on the spot since he could soon recover with the help of the Phoenix Regeneration Technique. That's why he had survived till now. Otherwise, an ordinary person would've already died and disintegrated by now if they had been in his place.

However, Ye Xiwen couldn't avoid injuries either. Sometimes, the wounds were so deep that his bones were clearly visible and blood had splashed out.

He had continuously sustained injuries. However, his fighting prowess and imposing aura unceasingly grew stronger and stronger. The flesh and blood of those experts who had been blown up by him were absorbed by his Heavenly Source Mirror, while their wealth was seized by him. These experts weren't as rich as him. However, they had already entered the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. Each individual might have had as much as 10 million Primary Spirit Dans. So, the total wealth would reach to an astronomical amount.

Moreover, he had burnt even more Primary Spirit Dans, and had instilled them into his body in order to support the consumption. He had the support of the Primary Spirit Dans. However, he couldn't avoid injuries while facing the assault of so many experts. Anyway, the consumed Primary Spirit Dans were getting replenished at an astonishing rate.

The Primary Spirit Dans were being consumed at every moment. However, he could at least seize one million Primary Spirit Dans from all those he had killed. And, this amount was pretty good. After all, many little drops make an ocean. Therefore, this was also a huge treasure in a way. It was even more so in his opinion.

However, those experts attacked him even more madly. They had so far just heard that Ye Xiwen had some extremely formidable healing technique. But, they had now seen how many times Ye Xiwen was blown away by their combined attacks… but had tenaciously made come-backs, and soon recovered to the peak condition. His imposing aura was getting restored to the most peak condition at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Moreover, anyone with eyes could see how formidable his body was. An ordinary person would've been blown up to smithereens long ago. However, his body hadn't blown up. Such physical strength was truly shocking. This had given them another reason to kill Ye Xiwen. After all, who wouldn't want to barge into an army like this?

"Dead… dead… The war has just begun, and my god they've fallen so soon. It's like one person is dying every second!" Countless people looked at the merit list. They wanted to see what was happening. However, astral wind was blowing in that chaotic battlefield… The void was shattered into pieces, and the chaos had leaked out. So, the divine senses couldn't explore the battlefield in this situation. Many people didn't know what was happening there. They could only judge what was happening inside by looking at the change of names on the merit list.

However, one thing was certain… Nothing had happened to Ye Xiwen. He was still tenaciously fighting. His name was still there on the merit list... His name was still behind a thousand names. However, everyone's divine sense was locked upon his name on the merit list. In fact, countless pairs of eyes were fixed on his name.

Ye Xiwen's name was fluctuating. Sometimes it would get dim, while sometimes it would emit incredible rays of light. However, the names of one or a few experts were erased from the merit list every time his name emitted incredible rays of light. What kind of terrifying scene was this?

"My God… Ye Xiwen is against Heaven's will. He'll certainly have a place among the core disciples of the True Martial World if he survives!" the complexion of an expert standing in the circle turned deathly pale as he said. He was almost scared to death after watching such this world-shaking fight before his eyes. He and Ye Xiwen were equals. Both of them were in the Sage Accomplished realm. However, he was nothing in a place like this which was filled with the experts of half-step Great Sage realm. Therefore, he hadn't dared to approach. He wasn't tempted even if many people had incited him to kill Ye Xiwen and rob his divine weapons and wealth.

[Are you kidding me? Is it that easy to deal with Ye Xiwen?] Many people had seen with their own eyes how Aguda had died back then. Moreover, he knew this well that Ye Xiwen's stuff wouldn't fall into his hands even if they managed to kill him.

"Dead… All are dead… So many experts have died at one person's hands. This news will shake the entire True Martial World when it transmits outside!" someone cried out in alarm. His complexion had turned deathly pale after watching this war before his eyes.

"It has already caused a sensation in the True Martial World. I reckon our forces must have also obtained this news by now. Anyway, Ye Xiwen has become famous in the entire True Martial World this time. He'll certainly become an extremely terrifying person if he survives. In fact, the True Martial World's scene might change after several hundred years because of him!"

(To be continued)

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