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Everyone was left dumbstruck as they saw this scene before their eyes. [Had Ye Xiwen already planned it?]

[He hasn't sustained any injury. Had everything been a plan to trick everyone?]

It looked so. He was extremely terrifying if it was true. But, it wasn't so because of his plan. After all, these small schemes were nothing for these people… What was so dreadful was the might required for this plan.

Even a Great Sage would've been ripped apart by such a dreadful joint attack. However, Ye Xiwen had survived it. Moreover, he hadn't sustained any injury. This was extremely terrifying.

Ye Xiwen didn't stop after he had blown away Fang Leng in one fist. He continued to chase him. In fact, all this wasn't any trap in reality. His strength wasn't too tyrannical either. The fact was that his Phoenix Regeneration Technique was extremely tyrannical.

He could restore to his peak condition as long as his body hadn't fallen apart. Fang Leng's speed had been extremely fast a moment ago. Ye Xiwen hadn't restored to his peak condition yet. However, he had already recovered enough to fight him. Ye Xiwen was now pursuing Fang Leng. He had had just an instant. However, he had already taken advantage of this short period of time, and had restored to the peak. The dreadful aura swept out, and rose to the sky. This indicated that Ye Xiwen was in his most peak condition.

Phoenix Regeneration Technique was extremely powerful. This was also a reason because of which he had dared to challenge several experts at once. He hadn't thought that he could provoke several experts at the same time and not get injured as per his strength... He was sure that he would sustain injuries. However, he could quickly recover as long as he didn't get blasted on the spot. That's why he had dared to do something so unprecedented.

Any other person in his place would've been ripped apart on the spot even if they had more tyrannical strength than him. Ye Xiwen had already prepared for his safety since he had provoked them on the spot. He had challenged them after he had had assurance. Only a real powerhouse could pull this off. He had gone up so boldly. Only a mad genius could think of it.

"Ye Xiwen… You… How is it possible?" Fang Leng looked at Ye Xiwen in disbelief. He couldn't believe that Ye Xiwen who had been blown away a moment ago had now blown him away in one fist.

He was convinced that he hadn't been mistaken. After all, Ye Xiwen had sustained serious injuries, and had almost died. There was just half-second left. That's why he had taken the initiative and attacked. He wanted to take the lead, and kill Ye Xiwen in order to re-establish the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall's supreme prestige before everyone.

The Xuan Yuan Palace Hall had become a big joke for everyone because Li Yi Feng had been effortlessly killed by Ye Xiwen. Li Yi Feng had vowed to kill the culprit. But, he himself was annihilated by Ye Xiwen instead. The Xuan Yuan Palace Hall would become an enormous joke if Fang Leng didn't make sure that Ye Xiwen was dead. Moreover, he needed to kill Ye Xiwen with his own hands. This was intolerable for any disciple of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall who was ambitious for the position of the Lord of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall.

Therefore, he just had to take the initiative and kill Ye Xiwen first. However, his attempt had been thoroughly ruined by Ye Xiwen now. Ye Xiwen hadn't become weak. In fact, he was much stronger than what Fang Leng had imagined. He was already exhausted. Still, he had blown Fang Leng away in one fist. Such strength could be considered as incomparably terrifying.

"I told you that today is the day you die!" It seemed from Ye Xiwen's ice-cold voice as if he was talking about something that had nothing to do with him.

The Big Bang Stardust Fist suddenly smashed down.


Fang Leng's body was exploded by the Big Bang Stardust Fist. The defensive divine tools on his body were also blown to smithereens as this happened. Even his body had been disintegrated by Ye Xiwen!

Ye Xiwen's body emitted blood light at this time. Fang Leng's corpse was absorbed along with the fragments of his divine tools.

"Ye Xiwen, I've already entered the most crucial time of becoming a Great Sage tool. I need a great amount of flesh and fragments of divine tools to accelerate my evolution!" Ye Mo's voice reverberated in Ye Xiwen's mind. And, Ye Xiwen immediately became pleasantly surprised upon hearing this. Ye Mo had fallen into deep sleep several days ago after reaching to the most crucial stage since he wanted to put his entire effort into evolving into a Great Sage tool.

Ye Xiwen hadn't expected that Ye Mo would suddenly wake up at this crucial moment. However, Ye Xiwen promptly nodded. After all, Ye Mo needed it. So, he would put his life on stake to accomplish this. Moreover, the people in front of him were his enemies. After all, they were coveting those 500 million Primary Spirit Dans… or wanted to climb up whilst treating him as their stepping stone. They wanted to become famous through one fight after intercepting and killing him. It was extremely deplorable.

It took too much time to explain. But, everything had obviously happened very quickly. Fang Leng had been defeated by Ye Xiwen only in a flash. And, he had instantly died. The spectators were left dumbstruck by everything that had occurred before their eyes. In fact, they were staring blankly. After all, they hadn't expected that they would see such a scene… Fang Leng was the topmost expert. But, he was annihilated like this in two fists. Everything seemed extremely unimaginable. However, it looked very normal after they thought about it carefully.

Ye Xiwen truly had such strength. Aguda had also been killed by him like this earlier.

The other experts' attacks also arrived at this time. And, Ye Xiwen was once again blown away by the attacks just like earlier. People had also thought that Ye Xiwen was truly dead earlier. However, they had received a tight slap on their faces in the end. And, they didn't dare to make such a judgement now… That's because the result of such a judgement was that Ye Xiwen had taken advantage of their negligence, and had killed Fang Leng.

Some people had disdain in their hearts. They were already determined that this was Ye Xiwen's trap to attract some people. However, he had already used this trap a moment ago. And, he was thinking to use it once again now. So, how could they be fooled once again?

Nobody dared to rush up and launch an attack on Ye Xiwen after learning from Fang Leng's tragic fate a moment ago. This was just as expected…

Their worries had also bought Ye Xiwen the most crucial time to recover. Ye Xiwen stood up. His slim figure appeared tall and straight while facing all the mighty experts of the human race. However, nobody dared to look down upon him because of his ordinary appearance.

He appeared like a world-famous God of War in this moment. He looked unrivalled and extremely dreadful. The surrounding place turned quiet wherever his eyes went.

"All of you who want to kill me will perish today!" Ye Xiwen's loud voice didn't have a thread of fluctuation. [These people have greatly underestimated me. They think that they can obtain the reward after killing me. However, nobody has dared to challenge me alone. I would have a whole new level of respect for them if they were like Bu Luo.]

Ye Xiwen forced into the army of experts after saying this. A golden light flickered, and he rushed in. His speed was extremely fast. Many experts didn't get enough time to respond, and he had already rushed inside the group. He was also inside this group. So, they were hesitating even if they wanted to attack. It had become impossible for them to attack unscrupulously like they had moments ago. This was also what Ye Xiwen's goal was. He didn't need to be worried about his life even if he sustained injuries occasionally as long as they couldn't attack him unscrupulously. After all, he also knew that these experts were extremely dreadful. In fact, almost half of the entire experts of the True Martial World had gathered here. Even a Great Sage would die if he came under their combined attack. He had almost died a moment ago. Fortunately, it was just 'almost', and he had gotten enough time to recover.

"Bang!" An expert didn't get enough time to react, and Ye Xiwen's fist had already smashed him. Each expert was easily killed by just Ye Xiwen's one fist. Then, their bodies disintegrated in the sky, and were absorbed by his Heavenly Source Mirror within a split second. It transformed them into a kind of nourishment that could accelerate the process of becoming a Great Sage tool.

"Friends, we are still slow. We must attack quickly. This man is incomparably fierce. He's vicious and merciless. His strength is incomparably tyrannical. It'll be impossible to match him if we don't join hands!" an expert finally spoke-up in a fearful tone. Ye Xiwen seemed immortal to these people. The combined attacks of so many people couldn't affect him. This was like an insurmountable barrier. Moreover, this barrier was killing them. Ye Xiwen would kill them if they didn't unite. They would only be killed by him if they waited any further.

They were already doomed when they had arrived to kill Ye Xiwen in order to obtain those 500 million Primary Spirit Dans. This thought had flashed past their minds. However, they hadn't anticipated at that time that Ye Xiwen would force them into such a desperate situation on his own.

Ye Xiwen's speed was incomparably fast. He had already killed five or six top-tier experts of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. His efficiency was extremely high. He was treating these people as small and weak creatures… just like a rare genius of a generation.

A loud shout entered everyone's ears at this time.

"You people don't need to worry. He isn't immortal. He has just cultivated a powerful healing technique, and nothing more. This isn't any secret in the True Martial University."

Everyone shot a glance. This man was the Young Barbarian King of the Hundred Barbarians Cave. He hadn't moved until now. He hadn't attacked yet. Instead, he had been observing Ye Xiwen's trick. He just thought that he might not be able to catch Ye Xiwen even if he attacked.

Countless people had been fighting. However, he had gotten the opportunity to see through Ye Xiwen's trick. [Ye Xiwen has been blown away twice and has sustained serious injuries. This is fact. I've seen it with my own eyes. So, I can't be mistaken.] He might have been wrong the first time. But, he had confidence that he couldn't make the mistake the second time.

[Then, there is only one possibility. He has cultivated some incredible healing technique.] A greedy look flashed in his eyes as he thought this.

(To be continued)

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