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"You will fight together or one-on-one battle?" Ye Xiwen's ice-cold voice seemed to have come out of hell. He forged ahead and suppressed the surrounding space as if it were made of cotton. Then, he suddenly stamped his foot, and shattered the entire space.

Everyone couldn't help but hold their breath as they saw this scene. They hadn't expected that this could be the situation. Bu Luo wasn't weak… In fact, he was very powerful. However, he looked as weak as a lamb in front of Ye Xiwen.

Some people had finally started to understand why Ye Xiwen had dared to challenge all the outstanding heroes of the world. He was undoubtedly very arrogant. However, he also had the qualifications to back up his audacity.

Anyone else present on the scene wouldn't have had such assurance if they had been in his place. He had defeated Bu Luo very easily. So, it was no wonder that he had dared to openly challenge all the heroes.

A person would have such confidence if they had strength. On the other hand, a person who didn't have strength would naturally be cocky as well as ignorant.

This was the kind of world where the strong were revered.

Ye Xiwen's strength had left everyone in shock. However, all of these experts suddenly became angry when they heard Ye Xiwen's ice-cold words — will you fight together or do you prefer a one-on-one battle. They admitted that Ye Xiwen was ferocious. However, they were also top-tier experts who could deter a region. So, they absolutely couldn't let him insult them in this way.

"Ye Xiwen, your arrogance will destroy you today. You've dared to provoke us outstanding heroes. Therefore, you're destined to die!" a figure came out from the sky soon after Ye Xiwen had finished saying. He looked at Ye Xiwen from afar with an ice-cold expression on his face. It seemed as if he was looking at a dead person.

Ye Xiwen raised his eyes, and shot a glance. This man was Fang Leng. He was another extremely formidable expert of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall… just like Li Yi Feng.

Fang Leng had the top-notch strength among all the core disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. In fact, he was even more powerful than Li Yi Feng whom Ye Xiwen had killed. Li Yi Feng had died. So, Fang Leng now held the supremacy among all the core disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall.

"You have only this much courage?" Ye Xiwen let out a contemptuous smile. He looked away from Fang Leng, and didn't pay attention to him. He had already noticed these people. He had waited for a very long time, but Fang Leng hadn't dared to come up. Feng Leng seemed to have been hesitating. These people possessed tyrannical strength. However, they had also lived for hundreds of years... In fact, some of them had already surpassed a thousand years. Therefore, everyone among them was a cunning fox. Nobody wanted to take the lead. All of them wanted other people to attack first. They had been playing this good tactic.

Bu Luo had taken the initiative. And, that had been just as they had wished. However, Bu Luo had been annihilated by Ye Xiwen at a lighting speed. He hadn't been able to pose any threat to Ye Xiwen.

"Yes! Ye Xiwen, today is the day you die! Nobody can save you today. You're indeed outstanding. You've also made a supreme contribution to our True Martial World in this Devil World Competition. However, you've provoked us outstanding heroes now. And, this means that you've chosen to die!"

Several experts spoke-up one-by-one after Fang Leng. All these people had evil intentions for Ye Xiwen. They wanted to kill him and obtain those 500 million Primary Spirit Dans.

All of them were top experts in the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. And, the aim of their lives was to enter the Great Sage realm. However, it wouldn't be possible if they had shortage of wealth. 500 million Primary Spirit Dans could help them in progressing to the Great Sage realm. So, this was the best opportunity for them… They couldn't let this opportunity slip by their hands.

Some even craftier people had thought of stealing Ye Xiwen's treasures as well. Ye Xiwen was very powerful. So, he had to have some extraordinary treasures. Almost every one of them was thinking this. All of them wanted to rob him…

"You people clearly don't have the courage to fight one-on-one. So, come all at once!" Ye Xiwen laughed recklessly. He looked somewhat disappointed. However, he was also a bit excited… These people were afraid of dying. They hadn't said so. But, Ye Xiwen knew that it was definitely so. Otherwise, it would be absolutely impossible for them to wait until now as per their conceited nature. Everyone had waited until several crafty people like them arrived. This proved that they had fear in their heart. This was enough for Ye Xiwen to understand that they wouldn't fight him one-on-one.

"Kill… Kill Ye Xiwen! Snatch his treasures, and we'll get those 500 million Primary Spirit Dans in return!" a Xuan Yuan Palace Hall's disciple said. The Xuan Yuan Palace Hall and the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa had together made the declaration about the reward. However, it wasn't these disciples who would have to pay that reward. Instead, the forces behind them had to do so. Therefore, these disciples were also longing for those 500 million Primary Spirit Dans. They didn't want to let this opportunity go… This was the best chance to kill Ye Xiwen for all of these mighty heroes.

His words seemed like an order since everyone who had evil intentions for Ye Xiwen had attacked. Xuan Yuan Palace Hall, Ten Thousand Beasts Villa, Hundred Barbarians Cave, Fire Clouds Cave, and Northern Barbarians Shaman School… Several top disciples of all of the illustrious forces of the True Martial World who together deterred the True Martial University had attacked commutatively. Countless attacks swept out... Countless martial art attacks shattered the void!

This scene was as terrifying as the dreadful scene of doomsday. Nobody had ever witnessed such a situation. It would be normal if two forces collaborated to deal with a person. However, such a situation where so many experts had collaborated to deal with just one person was unprecedented. On top of that, that one person was merely an expert of the Sage Accomplished realm. A person like Ye Xiwen who had challenged everyone to attack together had never appeared in the past. So, everyone had reckoned that it would be highly-unlikely for such a person to appear in the future as well.

The legends about this fight would be spread even after many years. The experts who hadn't attacked just now and were just watching would spread the legends of this dreadful fight.

This battle was like doomsday… It was like the dusk of Gods… It was like a huge disaster… It was extremely terrifying! The endless void had transformed into dust within a split second. Everyone who was witnessing this scene was incomparably terrified.

Several experts had attacked together. It wasn't a Great Sage level attack. However, even a Great Sage would've escaped in fear if they had come across such might. After all, they would've eventually gotten transformed into fragments if they hadn't escaped.


The protection of golden divinities on Ye Xiwen's body got crushed and transformed into fragments by these attacks. This was just as everyone had expected. Then, the attacks struck Ye Xiwen's body, and it seemed as if his entire body would be crushed into pieces in a split second.

Even a Great Sage would've died whilst facing such dreadful attacks. Ye Xiwen was blown away. He spouted mouthful of blood, and fell into the endless chaotic space. His condition looked incomparably miserable at the moment. It seemed as if he would die in the very next moment.

Those outstanding heroes felt a chill running down their spines; especially those who hadn't attacked. They saw that Ye Xiwen had been blown away in the first strike. So, they believed that he would certainly not be able to withstand the following blows. In fact, it would be a miracle if he withstood even three such strikes. Many people bewailed, [So, can nobody accomplish this feat? Is it impossible to challenge all the outstanding heroes of the world at the same time?]

This force was gigantic and dreadful. A large amount of power was combined together. At least 300-or-400 top-tier experts of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm had joined hands to attack at once.

"Ye Xiwen, you're screwed. You're a bane to my Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. Too many experts of my Xuan Yuan Palace Hall have died at your hands. Today is the die you die. You must pay the debt of blood with blood. You'll die without a burial ground!" Fang Leng took the initiative, and arrived in front of Ye Xiwen. He was holding a big hatchet in his hand. This was a terrifying martial technique of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall — 'Xuan Yuan God's Hatchet'. It had been comprehended from the myths of a legendary God. It was extremely terrifying. It was also Xuan Yuan Palace Hall's primary martial technique… Every martial technique of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall had originated from this technique. In fact, that was how the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall had gotten its name… There was a big connection between its name and this martial technique.

His big hatchet rose against the wind. It then grew bigger and bigger. It didn't delay… It smashed down like lightning, and split open the space. It seemed as if it would finally strike Ye Xiwen's body.

Ye Xiwen who was still flying in midair opened his eyes at this time. His eyes emitted incredible rays of light. The dim golden rays of light that had been present on his body earlier suddenly erupted just like great waves. That dreadful attack from a moment ago seemed nothing in comparison to this eruption.

Fang Leng was left dumbstruck. Then, he became alarmed. [Is this Ye Xiwen's trap?] He didn't feel it was so. So, he thought once again. [This is impossible. Nobody can survive while facing such an attack. I would've been torn into pieces if I had been in his place. Even a Great Sage can't withstand such an attack.]

[Ye Xiwen's performance is remarkable. He wasn't reduced to dust on the spot by the attack. However, it is certainly impossible that he wouldn't have sustained any injuries.]

However, Ye Xiwen didn't give him time to respond. He suddenly brandished his fist.

Fang Leng didn't get time to think much. So, he quickly unleashed his top technique within a split second. He held his hatchet even more tightly, and pushed his power to the max. His tall figure grew even taller as he stood between the Heaven and the Earth. He appeared like a mythical God who had split open the world and had wanted to cut open a path through the chaos. It was incomparably dreadful.

It seemed as if his hatchet would even cut the world into two halves.

However, Ye Xiwen had already arrived in front of him and attacked. The entire void swayed under his ferocious step. The endless devil energy present in the surroundings suddenly began to boil as if it were roaring because of his Big Bang Stardust Fist.


The entire world suddenly boiled and cracked. It trembled because of this dreadful collision.


A stream of blood splashed across the blue sky. Then, a figure went out flying upside down. It was Fang Leng!

Everyone was staring blankly at this scene before their eyes. They seemed to have been left dumbstruck. Ye Xiwen had looked to be in an incomparably pitiful condition a moment ago. But, he had blown away Fang Leng in just one fist now.

(To be continued)

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