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Neither those experts nor Ye Xiwen had anticipated that Bu Luo — a devil expert — would dare to appear when several human experts were present here.

Ye Xiwen had obviously found that devil expert's faintly discernible figure behind all those experts. He had challenged the outstanding heroes of the entire world… And, this included the devil experts. However, he had believed that the devil experts would wait until a bitter fight would break out between him and all the human experts. And, they would arrive to receive an easy advantage afterwards.

However, this Bu Luo was audacious. He was quite intriguing!

Ye Xiwen raised the corner of his mouth, and let out a smile.

"You humans are a bunch of spineless cowards!"

Bu Luo's words suddenly made all the human experts boil.

Many experts were embarrassed endlessly on being insulted by a devil expert. However, they didn't have anything to say… Several people had surrounded Ye Xiwen, yet nobody was willing to step forward. They didn't want to stand out among others. After all, anyone who would act like a mantis would be eaten by the orioles.

A devil expert had taken the initiative now. This was a matter of extraordinary shame and humiliation for them. So, many ill-tempered experts wanted to go out and kill Bu Luo first.

However, Bu Luo didn't provoke the human experts any further after he had spoken this sentence. He instead turned towards Ye Xiwen, and said, "I've heard your name. However, it was unfortunate that I hadn't gotten an opportunity to fight you. I've heard that you've challenged the outstanding heroes of the entire world. Therefore, I've arrived. You must be courageous since you've dared to do so. But, it would be better for you to die at my hands instead of dying at the hands of these wretched humans."

[Extremely arrogant!]

These words emerged out in everyone's mind at this time. [He's very cocky. What is Ye Xiwen in comparison to Bu Luo? He's merely a tiny troublemaker.]

Ye Xiwen had challenged the outstanding heroes of the entire world. However, he still viewed them as outstanding heroes. However, Bu Luo simply didn't pay attention to them. He had scorned them as a bunch of spineless and wretched cowards.

These experts were elites among elites in the human race. They were geniuses among geniuses. So, how could they accept this humiliating evaluation? Many of them couldn't take it anymore... They were just about to rush out to kill this mad devil.

"Bang!" Bu Luo didn't wait for Ye Xiwen's reply. His imposing aura suddenly swept out. The devil energy on his body rose, formed a tornado around his entire body, and soared straight into the sky.

The complexions of several experts who had wanted to kill Bu Luo initially changed as soon as they saw this scene. Such strength could intimidate a person even if they had seen it from afar.

Ye Xiwen was in front of him. He appeared like a small boat that could collapse at any time in the face of the gigantic waves of Bu Luo's imposing aura.

"Bang!" Bu Luo attacked… A fist suddenly arrived in front of Ye Xiwen. Bu Luo's hands were emitting a black jade lustre. This was the result of cultivating the fist technique to the peak. The martial technique that he had cultivated wasn't an ordinary one.

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen opened his eyes; there was a surprised expression in his eyes, [Bu Luo indeed has enough tyrannical strength. He has a great agility skill as well… So, even the combined attack of all the human experts might not be able to stop him if he uses his entire strength in order to escape.]

Bu Luo had planned to attack relying upon his incredible agility. This was why he was so domineering.

However, he had overestimated himself. Moreover, he had underestimated Ye Xiwen…

Ye Xiwen moved… His vitality suddenly rose. It then condensed into a scarlet column of energy, and soared to the sky. He was standing far away opposite to Bu Luo… His complexion didn't change as he faced the approaching tornado which had been formed from Bu Luo's fist. Suddenly, Ye Xiwen's golden divinities crawled over his entire body. And, the golden rays of light emitting from his body illuminated half of the horizon.

He looked like a God from afar... a God who had arrived on an expedition in the Devil World and had shaken the entire world.

His imposing aura transformed violently. He had transformed into a whale from a small boat. That whale then cleft through the waves. Even the shower of tornado couldn't sway this powerful sea monster.

"Good, Good!" Bu Luo wasn't shocked as he saw Ye Xiwen's aura bursting out violently. In fact, he was pleasantly surprised. This was rather excellent. He was a mad fighting devil. So, killing more tyrannical experts would bring more pleasure to him. In fact, he was obsessed with this. He had unceasingly challenged more and more powerful experts, and had killed them. His cultivation had suppressed several formidable experts of the Great Devil Clan, and he had become one of the strongest experts of the Great Devil Clan under the Great Sage realm.

He was a mad fighting devil!

Ye Xiwen's face was expressionless. A fist swept out. It was just a mediocre fist. But, it had transformed into a big star as soon as it had swept out. Then, that star's flames grew more and more as it rose. The storm set off by Bu Luo's fist momentum was nothing in front of Ye Xiwen's Big Bang Stardust Fist. It got destroyed in a snap of the fingers.


The two fists collided in the sky, and incredible rays of light were emitted. Loud sound reverberated, and dreadful shock waves swept out. The space of the Devil World was instantaneously destroyed wherever these shock waves went.

Several weak experts moved away one after another in order to save themselves from getting swept away by this dreadful tornado.

"Crack!" an ear-piercing sound of fracture was mixed-in with that dreadful sound of explosion. It sounded particularly ear-piercing.

Then, a figure went out flying from inside that tornado. He had held his one arm with the other. And, there was an expression of disbelief on his face… It was Bu Luo!

Bu Luo looked at Ye Xiwen incredulously. His eyes were filled with horror. His arm had been ruined in one fist blow… in just one fist blow!

He had never thought that this would be the outcome. Ye Xiwen was formidable in his opinion. However, it should've been impossible for Ye Xiwen to match him. After all, he had never lost while competing with his peers. Even he himself didn't know when arrogance had gradually emerged in his mind. He had casually arrived here looking for Ye Xiwen. And, he believed that he could effortlessly kill Ye Xiwen in front of everyone. So, he had been treating Ye Xiwen like an ordinary expert of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm.

The two sides had begun fighting only a few moments ago, and his entire arm had already been destroyed… and that too in just one fist. Cold sweat was dripping from his dark face which was filled with scales. The severe pain had spread throughout his body which made him almost unconscious on the spot. This pain would've surely made him unconscious if he hadn't experienced countless life and death battles and hadn't been accustomed to injuries.

What had truly made him surprised was Ye Xiwen's body. Bu Luo was dependent mainly upon the cultivation of his fist technique. So, body was obviously his biggest advantage. He was confident that he wouldn't fall into a disadvantageous position even if he came across those well-known legendary physiques of the devil race. Therefore, he was very confident that he would kill Ye Xiwen in one fist.

However, who could've imagined that Ye Xiwen would teach him a big lesson in just one attack? Bu Luo's body could be considered as strong. However, Ye Xiwen's body was even stronger than his. Ye Xiwen had created the Tyrant Body Technique in the beginning with the intention of dominating and contending against the devils and Gods of the entire world even if there were several hundreds of them.

Ye Xiwen was much more tyrannical than Bu Luo!

This fight had immediately revealed the winner and loser!

Ye Xiwen sneered. His key strength was his invincible body, and his weakness was his lower realm. So, Bu Luo would've come across as somewhat ferocious if he had tried to suppress Ye Xiwen with his stunning magical power. Ye Xiwen wouldn't have been able to injure him so easily in that case. However, competing with Ye Xiwen depending upon the body was a hopeless venture.

Ye Xiwen pursued Bu Luo. He was feeling some pity in his heart since he knew that Bu Luo had reached to this extent depending upon his ordinary Great Devil body. However, Bu Luo's unrestrained killing intention a moment ago had thoroughly enraged Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen's speed was already too fast. But, his speed had reached to an all new level after he had unfolded the devil wings. His figure immediately arrived in front of Bu Luo just like an afterimage.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen shot a simple punch… Anyway, how would Bu Luo not have known his own situation at this time? The excited look of meeting an opponent that had been present on his face a moment ago had already disappeared. And, an unprecedented thought had emerged in his mind at this time… It was to turn around and escape.

He had never escaped from a battle whenever he had fought with his peers. But, such a thought had suddenly aroused in his mind now.

However, this thought had merely passed his mind when Ye Xiwen's fist smashed down. Ye Xiwen's fist pressure broke the space, and shook the entire world. A boundless aura swept across the enormous starry sky.

Bu Luo only got the time to raise his hand to resist.

"Ding!" a metal clanging sound was heard. Ye Xiwen's fist smashed down on his other arm, and the 'crack' sound was heard once again. Ye Xiwen had destroyed his other hand as well.

Bu Luo's forehead was densely covered with sweat because of the severe pain. It wasn't clear how many fights he had experienced. He looked at pain as if it was nothing. However, this time he had almost fallen unconscious because of this terrible pain.

The unbearable pain had seeped into his soul… It had already broken away from his body.

"Ah!" Bu Luo screamed… This devil screech was world-shaking. His loud scream had scattered the devil clouds in the sky. However, it couldn't reduce his pain even a bit.

Bu Luo might've been hesitating to escape earlier. But, he didn't have any hesitation now. He had to escape right now. Otherwise, he wouldn't get the chance later.

Bu Luo turned around, transformed into a magic light, and was about to escape. He had seemed overbearing when he had arrived a while ago. However, he was running away like a dog under Ye Xiwen's chase now.

Everyone was left dumbstruck as they saw this scene before their eyes. They had thought a moment ago that Bu Luo was extremely ferocious and arrogant. However, he had been rendered a stray dog within no time.

"No! Bu Luo isn't too weak. Instead, Ye Xiwen is just too strong!" Some people reached to this conclusion… They didn't believe that Bu Luo was too weak.

Bu Luo wanted to escape. However, how could Ye Xiwen let his enemy escape? He stepped forward and arrived on Bu Luo's side. Then, a fist suddenly struck Bu Luo's body.

"Bang!" Bu Luo's incomparably strong body went out flying under Ye Xiwen's fist. It disintegrated in the air, and his soul was extinguished.

Then, the whole scene turned quiet. Everyone just heard a shocking sentence.

"You want a one-on-one battle? Or will you come at once!"

(To be continued)

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