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Ye Xiwen was sure that he was powerful when it came to strong physique and mind. His incomparable confidence had originated from his strength itself. However, the aspects that he mostly lacked were innate talent, foundation, and so on.

He had always been quite powerful. However, he had never had much confidence in himself. Therefore, he was different from the stereotypical image of geniuses that people had in their mind.

Ye Xiwen had never felt like a heaven's pride expert even though he had been branded as one by the people. After all, his accomplishments were because of the mysterious space to great extent. He had progressed so quickly because of that mysterious space.

He was now planning to use the countless talents whom he would defeat to obtain the strongest physique and mind, and thereby identify his own martial road.

He had already reached close to the Great Sage realm in the blink of an eye.

Most of the martial experts used to be similar in the beginning. Their cultivation, martial arts accomplishments, foundation, and even wisdom were copied from various senior experts. However, they would gradually begin to move towards their own path as their cultivation grew more and more profound. And, Great Sage realm was the most important step of this process. This was because a martial cultivator would begin to lay their own road from the Great Sage realm.

There were innumerable famous powerhouses in the entire world. However, none of them completely resembled someone else.

Every powerful person was stubborn. Being stubborn made them believe in themselves. It would make them believe that their path was right. People who don't turn around even after they've knocked against a wall are often stronger and more stubborn. Therefore, the road that one chooses in the beginning is very important. One would continue to walk on the wrong path forever if they had chosen the wrong path in the beginning. So, how would they have big achievements in that case?

Ye Xiwen wanted to utilize this opportunity to sharpen his own road, and gradually clarify on which road he wanted to walk.

However, this was a very long process, and it was just the beginning now. This was also what Ye Mo had taught him… Any powerful person of a generation is like this in the beginning. Even the Devil King — the leader of the Devil World — was like this in the beginning.

Ye Xiwen's words had spread widely. They had spread to the ears of all ambitious people. They had shaken everyone… as if a pot had exploded.

His words had received everything… respect, contempt, and even curses!

However, Ye Xiwen's reputation had undoubtedly risen because of this matter. Countless top-tier experts had come to know about the man named Ye Xiwen.

Many people believed that Ye Xiwen would certainly become a dreadful super-heaven's pride expert in the future if he survived for long. A person who has the courage to challenge the entire world can't be a lunatic. He would become peerless.

The devil wind whistled, the devil clouds surged on, and a figure arrived from the distant place. He was dressed up like a barbarian. He was a disciple of the Southern Barbarian's Hundred Barbarians Cave.

Someone recognized him as soon as he appeared. He was the chief disciple among the Hundred Barbarians Cave's core disciples. He was known as the Young Barbarian King. People used to call him by this name. However, he possessed extremely tyrannical strength. People had forgotten what his real name was over the years.

His ranking on the merit list was better than that of Aguda; he was ranked tenth. He had easily broken into the top 10 ranking after Ye Xiwen had killed Shou Kun. However, nobody dared to deny that he possessed powerful strength.

A group of disciples of the Hundred Barbarians Cave followed him from behind.

"Big brother, we must kill Ye Xiwen as soon as possible. We've investigated and found that he had killed our disciples when he had been in the Southern Wilderness. We haven't celebrated even a single day since then. He has become very arrogant now. So, the prestige of our Hundred Barbarians Cave will definitely strengthen enormously after we've killed him," an expert of the Hundred Barbarians Cave spoke up in a low and muffled voice. Many barbarians were simple minded. However, who would remain simple after having cultivated to this extent? This chief disciple also knew that Ye Xiwen's reputation had risen enormously at present. So, their reputation would also rise enormously if they killed him.

They would definitely receive special training from the Hundred Barbarians Cave in the future if they could rise above the most outstanding disciples of the entire True Martial World. Making a breakthrough into the Great Sage realm would be just a matter of time at that time.

"Kill him?" The Young Barbarian King shook his head. His expression had turned somewhat dignified. "He has effortlessly killed Aguda. In fact, he has wiped out the Northern Barbarians' entire team. Even I wouldn't have assurance whilst dealing with such a person. Do you think that he has challenged the people of the entire world without any assurance?"

It should be mentioned that Ye Xiwen's reputation had risen just a bit after he had killed Shou Kun. However, his reputation had caught up with that of the top players after he had killed Aguda in front of everyone.

The Young Barbarian King would've certainly launched an attack on Ye Xiwen without any hesitation before Ye Xiwen had killed Aguda. However, the Young Barbarian King had become much more cautious after he had heard about Aguda's crushing defeat. He was still confident that nobody could defeat him. However, he was also cautious and timid.

"Wouldn't 500 million Primary Spirit Dans slip away from our hands if we didn't kill him?" that expert of the Hundred Barbarians Cave said rather unwillingly.

"We'll definitely obtain those 500 million Primary Spirit Dans… but not like this!" The Young Barbarian King replied in his ice-cold voice. He looked vicious and rough from the outside, and didn't seem to be a cunning person. However, he was an extremely sharp person in reality. He knew that many people must have this thought. However, he didn't want to go there and stand out among others because standing out among others would often cost a person their life. And, Ye Xiwen was like this only. Whoever took the initiative against him would bring about their own destruction.

Ye Xiwen had already sensed that the Young Barbarian King was more tyrannical than Aguda as soon as Young Barbarian King and other people had arrived. However, he didn't pay attention to him.

After all, he had effortlessly killed Aguda. Therefore, he didn't pay attention to the Young Barbarian King even if he was more powerful than Aguda.

He was still waiting with his eyes closed… He was waiting for enough formidable people to arrive so that he could create his road to invincibility.

More and more experts had arrived. Ye Xiwen just felt a powerful tyrannical aura of the Young Barbarian King. The energies of all the experts who had arrived in the surroundings had locked onto Ye Xiwen. It seemed as if the entire energies present in his surroundings were congealed and not a bit of it could be absorbed.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't mind and continued to absorb and breathe the energies. Those tyrannical auras couldn't stop him from cultivating.

"Good Ye Xiwen… you have some skill. However, today is the day of your death!" Several experts had already surrounded Ye Xiwen out of nowhere. Each one of them was an expert of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. Experts with strength lower than this realm didn't even dare to arrive because there were too many experts present at this place. So many experts had never gathered together in a Devil World Competition.

All the top-tier experts of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm of the True Martial World had arrived. They looked somewhat excited. They had a bit of assurance that they would certainly kill Ye Xiwen. So, they were planning to take advantage of this critical situation.

The voice had barely faded away when a tyrannical devil energy arrived after passing through the entire world. Then, a tyrannical devil expert arrived in front of everyone whilst laughing frantically.

He was a Great Devil. He was dressed up in plain and simple clothes. However, there was a sinister expression spread across his entire face which was covered with scales. He wasn't dressed up in magnificent clothes. However, they were sparkling just like stars.

He was a devil expert. However, the experts present on the spot recognized him as a Great Devil.

However, they didn't need to say anything as Ye Xiwen had already recognized this Great Devil at a glance. He had faced all kinds of devils in the last few months. So, how could he not have recognized that he was one of the strongest devil experts under the Great Sage realm?

"Bu Luo!" Ye Xiwen narrowed his eyes. Finally, someone had arrived who made him excited.

He hadn't heard Bu Luo's name just a few times in his expedition of the last few months in the Devil World… Bu Luo was a prominent figure among the devil experts.

There was a big difference between the devil race and the humans. It was that the devils were very careful about the bloodline that they had inherited. Some were born in the sage realm or the legendary realm, while others were born merely in the weak Houtian and Xiantian realms. The different bloodline would almost decide the achievements of their entire life.

Bu Luo was born in the Great Devil Clan. It was one of the eight noble clans of the devil race... The Great Devil Clan was commonly considered as a bunch of cannon fodder. However, it also had noble and ordinary people in the clan. The disparity between the noble and the ordinary people of the Great Devil Clan was as big as the difference between Heaven and Earth. 99% of the top-tier experts of the Great Devil Clan had originated from the noble bloodline. So, it was simply a myth that the ordinary Great Devils could stand out.

However, Bu Luo was a Great Devil expert of the ordinary bloodline. It would generally be impossible for a devil expert like him to stand out among others. He could only be used as a cannon fodder and sent to the battlefields of the devil world expeditions.

Bu Luo wasn't a nobleman. However, he had emerged out among several geniuses depending solely upon his astonishing willpower and outstanding talent. Therefore, he was extremely famous among the devil experts under the Great Sage realm.

"I've heard that Bu Luo had offended a Great Sage and had gotten chased for thousands of miles as a result when he had been in the sage realm. However, he had still managed to escape. Consequently, he had benefited from misfortune, and had entered the half-step Great Sage realm. He is incredible!"

"I hadn't expected that he would be the first one to come. He is a bloody devil expert. His method is extremely fierce. So, I don't know whether Ye Xiwen will be able to stop him or not. Ye Xiwen is extremely arrogant. So, I don't find him pleasant to the eye. However, I don't want him to lose to a devil expert!"

Everyone suddenly began to talk because of Bu Luo's arrival. Ye Xiwen had become famous in the entire world after he had killed Aguda. However, Bu Luo had already become famous long ago. Even the humans who were his archenemies clearly knew about his past achievements.

"You humans are a bunch of spineless cowards!" Bu Luo's ice-cold devil eyes swept across everyone, and he said disdainfully. He looked down on these human experts.

Everyone was against Ye Xiwen at present. However, nobody would care if he killed this devil expert. After all, there was a big enmity between the humans and the devils. This was the general idea. Those devil experts present at the distant place had initially planned to arrive here. However, they could only watch from afar once several human experts had arrived here. After all, just one mistake could cost them their lives if they got surrounded by human experts. Their bodies would then disappear without a trace.

However, Bu Luo had dared to appear here alone. This was beyond everyone's expectations.

(To be continued)

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