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On the other side, Ling Fei was intrigued by that assassin — Yin Luo. The entire mountain range had collapsed. But, she didn't care. She had just protected Xiao Ya from getting injured from the powerful blast.

She just muttered, "Yin Luo? You're surnamed Yin?"

The Hidden Devil Clan was worthy of being a renowned race of assassins among the devil clans. The enemy's attack had arrived in front of Ye Xiwen in an instant. His speed was extremely quick. His longsword rushed straight for Ye Xiwen's soul as if it possessed some magical power. That sword then slashed at his soul.

The intent was to cut Ye Xiwen's entire body into two halves. His sword emitted incredible divine beams. The dreadful strength of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm had fully manifested.

This man was a heaven's pride expert in the Hidden Devil Clan. So, an ordinary person would certainly meet a disastrous end if they came across him.

However, Ye Xiwen moved into action at this time. He shot his fist, and it transformed into endless star-lights which then interweaved to form a huge net. Yin Luo's longsword got obstructed by that huge net before it could reach Ye Xiwen.

The longsword couldn't advance even an inch.

His longsword couldn't pierce Ye Xiwen's palm. Ye Xiwen's palm seemed to be gilded. The rays of light emitted by his palm contained incredible might.

"What? How can he have such tyrannical flesh?" Ying Luo's complexion turned pale with fright. He hadn't anticipated that Ye Xiwen would be able to grab his sword bare-handed. His sword wasn't a Great Sage tool. However, it was surely a top-tier sage tool. In fact, even some of his peers who belonged to other great clans in the Devil Race didn't have such powerful body that they could stop his sage tool bare-handed.

He was left stunned by this. So, he suddenly trod away. His body then began to distort crazily, and he disappeared from Ye Xiwen's eyes.

This was obviously the renowned agility technique of the Hidden Devil Clan — the 'Nine Spirit Shadows'. It was an extremely clever agility-type martial art.

Suddenly, nine figures appeared in front of Ye Xiwen. Each of them looked exactly the same. And, all of them together launched an attack on Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen knew that all these nine figures couldn't be real bodies. It was highly unlikely that the opposite party was controlling nine bodies at the same time like Ye Xiwen would do with the Star Colossus' Avatar. So, eight of them had to be fake. However, the problem was how to decide which among them was the real one. After all, the real one would get an opportunity to launch an attack on him if he made a mistake in distinguishing between the real and fake ones, and attacked the fake ones instead.

This was the most troublesome aspect about dealing with the Hidden Devils. One could never tell which figure was the real one.

"It's useless. You can't distinguish between the real and the fake. This is the supreme devil technique of my race. Consider yourself fortunate since you've gotten a chance to witness it. You're truly fortunate. However, it's impossible for you to see through this technique!" The nine figures of Yin Luo simultaneously said. The voices came from all directions. It was simply impossible to determine which was one was real.

Ye Xiwen coldly snorted. [I can't see through them… I can't see through them even with my divine eyes. However, it doesn't matter… I'll just annihilate all of them. Then, I'll know which one is real and which ones are fake.]

Then, the Real Elemental Energy on his body began to boil. And, the small universe inside his body began to rotate frantically. Endless star power began to expand, and formed a small universe… All nine figures of Yin Lou were engulfed by that universe.

The stars began to ignite inside the universe at this time. They smashed down upon those nine figures of Yin Luo under the control of Ye Xiwen's will.




Each figure of Yin Luo transformed into a mass of devil energy under the lightning fast attacks, and disappeared.

"Found you!" One of those figures of Yin Luo didn't fade. Instead, it blew away the stars in one fist blow.

Ye Xiwen hadn't hoped that these attacks would annihilate Yin Luo anyway. He had just wanted to find his real figure. And, he had achieved his goal now.

"Die!" Ye Xiwen shouted. He immediately trod at an incredible pace. His speed was faster than that of Yin Luo. He had arrived in front of Yin Luo in an instant.

Boundless sword intentions condensed in his hand. Then, these sharp sword intentions suddenly slashed down under Ye Xiwen's control.

Yin Luo was greatly alarmed by this. He had just now blasted away the stars. And, he had immediately understood Ye Xiwen's plan - to use this method to find out which one was his real figure.

Consequently, he became terrified. He had never encountered such a troublesome evil scheme. It could be said that the entire Devil World used to shake under the power of his 'Nine Spirit Shadows'. Everyone would admire the 'Nine Spirit Shadows' of the Hidden Devil Clan. And, nobody would dare to say that the 'Nine Spirit Shadows' technique wasn't good. He hadn't cultivated it to the peak. However, it was already extremely ferocious. In fact, he had never suffered a defeat when he had used 'Nine Spirit Shadows' technique in the past.

However, he had now lost whilst using it in the face of Ye Xiwen. Moreover, Ye Xiwen had found a method to decode it within a very short time. This had obviously happened because Yin Luo hadn't cultivated it to a perfect state.

The 'Nine Spirit Shadows' could divide a person if it was practiced to the peak. And, the divided figures would have the potential to attack. He would be able to split up into nine powerful avatars after cultivating this technique to the accomplished state. The avatars could last only for a limited time. However, the situation would change from one-on-one to nine-on-one for some time. This was the reason why the 'Nine Spirit Shadows' technique was famous in the Devil World.

The duration for which it would work wasn't quite long. However, it was enough for the Hidden Devil Clan who knew how to seize every minute and every second.

What had made him even more terrified was Ye Xiwen's sword technique. It was just a simple sword. However, it had made him understand that Ye Xiwen's skill of sword technique had reached to perfection. In fact, it was much better than his own. How had he cultivated it to perfection…? He had seen Ye Xiwen's terrifying fist technique just now. And, even his sword technique appeared to be so terrifying now.

Yin Luo believed that 'to know everything was to know nothing'. Therefore, he had been focused on perfecting his sword technique since childhood. However, he felt as if his worldview had crumbled significantly now after he had met Ye Xiwen. He was also a heaven's pride expert of his generation in the Hidden Devil Clan. He also had his own pride and confidence.

Ye Xiwen grinned. [The confidence of this expert of the Hidden Devil Clan seems have thoroughly collapsed. He must know that I can firmly suppress him in everything no matter whether it is speed, sword technique, or anything else.]

Yin Luo promptly brandished his sword. The sage level longsword emitted incredible rays of light, and went up to greet the incoming attack.

A huge sound of explosion sounded… Two longswords had collided in the sky, and produced huge shock waves. The shock waves swept out rippling in the air like sea waves. It was a very terrifying sight.

"Crack!" The sound of breaking of bones was heard amidst the sound of explosion. It was very sharp and unpleasant to hear.

Yin Luo screamed, and fell on his knees. His left leg couldn't withstand this tremendous impact. It had broken down, and he had fallen onto his knees.

His complexion had changed significantly at this time. He had finally understood that he had underestimated Ye Xiwen. Any fist technique or sword technique of his would be inferior to that of Ye Xiwen. However, these weren't the most important things in Ye Xiwen's case… The most important thing was that Ye Xiwen possessed an outstanding and top-tier body. This represented the so-called saying 'all tricks are useless in front of absolute strength'.

Yin Luo might not lose to Ye Xiwen as far as level of swordsmanship was concerned. However, just one attack from Ye Xiwen had almost crippled him in the real fight. So, it was clear that his body was far inferior to that of Ye Xiwen. What was crushing? This was crushing!

Ye Xiwen lifted the longsword that had condensed from his sword intention without any hesitation. Then, that longsword smashed down once again. It gave birth to a scene of doomsday. This longsword carried unrivalled power as it flew in the vast world. It destroyed the entire world.

This was the might of his Buried Heaven Sword. It seemed as if the entire world would perish under the might of his sword-light.

Yin Luo clenched his teeth. He tried to endure the severe pain, and slashed out his sword. It gave birth to a country of devils. Assassins were present all over in this country. Screams, chaos, slaughtering, and bloodbath could be seen everywhere.

This was the sword intention of his sword technique. It was as extraordinary as the majority of the creative concepts of the devil clans. It brought-about chaos and slaughtering…


However, Ye Xiwen's longsword smoothly forced into Yin Luo's world of swordsmanship like a hot knife through butter.

His longsword seemed like a sword that would extinguish the world. The atmosphere evaporated, the sky shattered, the rivers got cut down into two, and the earth crumbled within the split second of it piercing into the world.

Everything collapsed and broke down under the might of his sword.

"This is impossible. I can't accept this!" Yin Luo roared. However, his sword intention couldn't withstand even a single blow from Ye Xiwen no matter how unwilling he was to accept this. Ye Xiwen had thoroughly displayed the so-called saying 'all tricks are useless in front of absolute strength'. He had crushed his enemy depending solely upon brute strength.

"Bang!" Yin Luo's entire sword intention collapsed. And, he got blown away by the tremendous power. He then spouted a mouthful of blood since his internal organs had gotten damaged by the shock.

Ye Xiwen was obviously a very shrewd and ruthless person. So, how could he miss such a good opportunity? He stepped out, surmounted the vast space, and arrived in front of Yin Luo in an instant.

However, he didn't use a sword this time… He just shot a punch. That punch then transformed into a sword, and smashed down.

"Ah!" Yin Luo screamed as he got chopped into two halves.

Then, Ye Xiwen grabbed Yin Luo's soul in order to examine the many secrets of the 'Nine Spirit Shadows' technique. However, Ye Xiwen could only roughly see a few secrets… He didn't get enough time to examine all the secrets. Yin Luo's soul grew bigger and bigger in his hand as if it was under someone's control. Finally, it exploded with a loud bang.

Ye Xiwen's expression turned ice-cold. This was a method used by the devil clans to control some of their important members who knew too many secrets… All those secrets would get leaked if they fell into an enemy's hands. Therefore, many clans would use this method to protect their secrets. In fact, many forces in the True Martial World also had such a way.

This was just to guard oneself against contingencies.

However, Ye Xiwen hadn't expected that Yin Luo would be an important member of the Hidden Devil Clan. Could a trivial half-step Great Sage expert become an important member of the Hidden Devil Clan?

One must know that the Hidden Devil Clan was one of the eight major Devil Clans. They didn't have an outstanding reputation like some other clans. However, they still couldn't be underestimated. After all, Great Sages were present in abundance in this clan. In fact, Great Sages were nothing in this clan; let alone half-step Great Sage experts.

This had truly puzzled Ye Xiwen. He felt as if he was missing something.

Anyway, Ye Xiwen was back in action!

(To be continued)

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