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Chapter 62 - Rewards

With a violent fluctuation in the space, a person walked out of the door from the sky. Everyone looked at this person and actually saw that it was none other than the ancestor of Yi Yuan School, Lin Zhantian.

Lin Zhantian step by step came down from the sky and walked to the front of Zhang Ping and Zhang Quan then said: “Go back and tell the master of your family that this matter has not ended yet. Later, I will personally give him a visit and sort this out.”

Lin Zhantian had easily sorted out this mess. He had clearly proclaimed that this matter was not over yet and taking Ye Xiwen away was obviously impossible for the Zhang elders.

The faces of Zhang Ping and Zhang Quan flushed with anger, but they didn't say anything because they were scared to anger Lin Zhantian. The cultivation level of Lin Zhantian was unfathomable, and no one could ascertain as to how much extent he had cultivated.

After the unexpected emergence of Lin Zhantian, all of the Yi Yuan School's disciples felt relieved. They felt completely safe in their hearts because even if the two Zhang elders were to suddenly get mad and attack, nothing bad would happen to them in presence of Lin Zhantian.

Everyone had extraordinary confidence in Lin Zhantian, and even Ye Xiwen was no exception. After Lin Zhantian had arrived, Ye Xiwen had finally relaxed his tightened body a bit. The reputation of Lin Zhantian as the most powerful master of Qingfeng Mountain's Yi Yuan School had never wavered for many years. Several years ago, he had arrived here from the Main Sect, and at that time, the Lord of Zhang family had challenged him to a duel and had lost miserably. Although, their duel had been kept secret from public but people of Yi Yuan School knew about it, after all, it was such an honorable feat. Only the outer sect disciples did not know.

But, all of the disciples present here were core disciples, so naturally they knew about it.

Lin Zhantian was known as the strongest ancestor to ever come in the history of Yi Yuan School. In the end, no one knew how strong he actually was. Many years ago, he had arrived on the Qingfeng Mountain and miserably defeated the master of Zhang family. But, this had happened several years ago, and it was hard to make a guess about how much his cultivation would have progressed in these many years.

Although, Ye Xiwen couldn't guess the depth of Lin Zhantian's true cultivation, but just now, when he saw him easily walking high up in the sky, Ye Xiwen realized that perhaps, Lin's strength had already reached a terrifying level. (NT: líng kōng means 'to be high up in the sky')

Even the experts of Xiantian level couldn't easily achieve such a feat of walking high in the sky, and that too in such a relaxed manner.

Actual flight was something that only the masters above the Xiantian level could achieve! (NT: Xiantian masters couldn't fly as easily as Lin Zhantian could)

Lin Zhantian didn't say anything else to Zhang Ping and Zhang Quan and simply arrived to Ye Xiwen's side with a bit of a smile on his face and said: “Good, this time you have performed wonderfully and didn't lose your father's face.”

Then, Lin Zhantian, with the crowd of disciples and two elders, went straight back to the Yi Yuan School and all of them returned to the main hall of Yi Yuan School's ancestor. Lin Zhantian looked at the disciples of Yi Yuan School and said: “I learned about the things that happened there in Blood Yuan Territory, but your scores are still valid and now, the winners will be selected based on these scores. The top three can each win a Blood Yuan fruit and a Xiantian Pellet as the rewards. The rest can also have the rewards prepared for you!”

Ye Xiwen was dumbstruck. He knew that the first three were going to receive a Blood Yuan fruit each. But, regarding Xiantian Pellet, Lin Zhantian had just added it as the reward for the top scorers, and was definitely a compensation for the incidents that took place in Blood Yuan Territory, but he already had a Xiantian Pellet, so getting another was not too meaningful to him!

Lin Zhantian had come up with three Xiantian Pellets so easily, but Ye Xiwen did not feel strange about this matter, after all, he was the ancestor of Qingfeng Mountain' Yi Yuan School and he also had the backing of 'Main Sect'. There were a lot of masters of Xiantian level or more studying at the 'Main Sect', so giving out three Xiantian Pellets at once was not something impossible.

Soon, the scores had been calculated. Ye Xiwen had scored the highest score of nineteen thousand points. Ye Feng got the second best score of six thousand five hundred points, and Zhang Yang got the third best score of five thousand three hundred points.

Ye Ruxue was ranked twelfth, which was quite a surprising for Ye Xiwen. Even if she had participated in this competition with a lot of Houtian ninth stage masters, she had still managed to get a good enough rank.

However, according to Ye Xiwen's observation, it was only a matter of time before she would actually break through to the Houtian ninth stage.

They were going to enter into the 'Main sect' after three months. These three months were enough for Ye Ruxue to break into the Houtian ninth stage, and even improve a lot. She was only twenty years old, and an year older than Ye Xiwen but had already practiced to this extent, and this proved that her talent was not inferior to Ye Feng. (NT: I had written ‘two years older than Ye Xiwen’ which was a typo and it actually should be ‘twenty years old and one year older than Ye Xiwen’)

Ye Xiwen's cultivation pace was very fast because he was relying on 'Special Space'. Without it, his talent was not at all comparable to his two older siblings.

Ye Xiwen had already made up his mind that he would give the extra Xiantian Pellet that he had to Ye Ruxue, because he did not need two Xiantian Pellets. With the help of Xiantian Pellet, and her natural talent, the future progress of her cultivation would be incredibly fast.

As the top scorer, Ye Xiwen was the first to receive the rewards. A Blood Yuan fruit, a Xiantian Pellet, fifty thousand low-grade spirit stones, and an opportunity to learn a Xiantian power technique, as well as a large number of medicinal pills!

The rewards he had got were far more than what he had expected.

Now, Ye Xiwen did not need to worry about shortage of spirit stones in the near future and could easily practice for long intervals inside the 'Special Space'.

The most important thing was that the Blood Yuan fruit was something even the Xiantian masters were envious of. Only nine fruits matured in a period of 100 years and even Xiantian masters had to spend half of their lives waiting. The value of a Blood Yuan fruit was immense in the eyes of Xiantian masters, because, as long as they were in the Xiantian realm, eating a Blood Yuan fruit would be able to immediately enhance their cultivation, regardless of which stage they were on.

Although, a Blood Yuan fruit was not of any use to the masters above the Xiantian realm, however, it was very beneficial to become the 'Zhen dao' master of Xiantian realm. But, then why had it not been taken away from the hands of Qingfeng Mountain's Yi Yuan School and Zhang family in all these years?

Although, Xiantian Pellets weren't rare inside the Yi Yuan School, but there was no doubt that it was very precious. A Xiantian Pellet didn't have any side effects and would not affect the future cultivation of the expert. This was the reason why this pellet was so well-known, but unfortunately, it was only useful to promote an expert at the peak of Houtian ninth stage to the Xiantian realm.


(NT: I won’t make any promises, but you may expect chapter 63 in few hours :P)

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