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"Mission? Well, I'll also go with you!" That girl of the Fallen Angel Clan became overjoyed. This sudden change in her mood left Ye Xiwen amazed.

"By the way… my name is Ye Xiwen. I haven't asked your name yet?" Ye Xiwen asked.

"Ah… My name is Ling Fei!" the girl of the Fallen Angel Clan replied.

"But, you can't do this. Everyone on my side is human. You look like this... So, people will recognize you!" Ye Xiwen frowned as he looked at that pair of gray wings at the back of Ling Fei's body. The Fallen Angels' appearance made it seem that there wasn't much difference between them and the humans. However, it was that pair of wings behind their bodies that made them appear different from humans. It might be possible that quite many people didn't know about the Fallen Angel Clan. However, it didn't mean that nobody knew about them. And, it would be very troublesome if anyone recognized her.

"This is simple… Check this out!" Ling Fei's delicate body shook. That pair of wings behind her body turned smaller and smaller… until they finally retracted into her body.

"Done… Let's go now!"

Ling Fei cheerful laughter reverberated inside the forest.

Endless clouds were rolling in the sky. It seemed as if they had been dyed in black. One couldn't see beyond even if their gaze penetrated deep inside the clouds. It was all black… There was no daylight. The majority of areas inside the Devil World were like this. It was said that there was a devil sun hanging in the sky right at the centre of the Devil World. And, this sun hadn't set for years! It was the source of energy for everything in the Devil World.

A crackling sound was heard. The flames swallowed the woods, and a crisp sound was issued. The sound seemed louder and clearer in this dark night. The bursts of light smoke that rose from the burning woods flew towards the sky in spirals.

A burst of fragrance spread in the entire mountain forest. The fragrance of delicious food permeated the entire place, and spread far away. Fortunately, all the devil beasts had already been driven away from inside this mountain forest. Therefore, this fragrance didn't attract any devil beast.

Two washed and peeled rabbits were hanging on two twigs which had been placed above a bonfire.

The flesh of the rabbits gradually became golden as the flame roasted them. Drops of oil congealed into droplets, and fell into the fire. This ignited the flames further.

Ye Xiwen was roasting the rabbits by slowly turning the twigs. The fragrance in the air was becoming increasingly strong. He had been turning the branches for a long time now. However, it was simply nothing for him. It wouldn't matter to him even if he had to keep turning them until the end of time. It was very easy for him as long as he had this kind of patience.

On the other side, the girl of the Fallen Angel Clan had become impatient after having waited for a long time. She asked, "Can't we eat now?"

"It's almost done!" Ye Xiwen replied. He shot a glance at Ling Fei as he replied.

"It's not done yet? It looks well-cooked!" Ling Fei pointed towards the golden and oily external skin of those two rabbits.

"Not yet. It may look good on the outside. However, it hasn't roasted from inside yet!" Ye Xiwen's current perception was extremely keen. He knew whether the rabbits had cooked or not by just having a glance at them.

"Ah… It's such a pain!" Ling Fei once again pouted her tender red lips, and complained.

"Getting impatient, are we?" Ye Xiwen said with a smile. He hadn't barbecued in the wild like this for a long time. This was because he didn't need to eat anything in order to replenish his energy due to his cultivation. After all, he could replenish his energy just by absorbing the 'spirit energies' from the environment.

Xiao Ya was sitting quietly on the side. She wasn't far from Ye Xiwen. She was watching Ye Xiwen and Ling Fei. It seemed as if there was nothing in this world that could faze her. She was calm and composed even in the Devil World.

Perhaps, it was because she had gone through so much by now that nothing could faze her anymore. She would only have a smile on her small face whenever she looked at Ye Xiwen.

Ten years had passed. However, she still looked the same as when Ye Xiwen had met her for the first time. There was no change at all. The only thing that had changed was her strength. She had entered the truth realm. In fact, she had already reached to the peak of the truth realm! She would soon enter the legendary realm.

This speed wasn't as fast as that of Pang Yang Bo and other such geniuses. However, Ye Xiwen felt that it was fast enough since Xiao Ya didn't have the support of a large amount of resources like Pang Yang Bo had. Xiao Ya had cultivated to this extent within a short time of ten years depending solely upon her ability. This was enough to make Ye Xiwen admire her.

Ling Fei felt quite bored. So, she walked over to Xiao Ya, and pinched her small face. It wouldn't be strange to say that Xiao Ya was shy in front of people apart from Ye Xiwen. In fact, she wouldn't get close to them. However, it was different in Ling Fei's case.

Xiao Ya was quiet in front of Ling Fei. However, Ye Xiwen felt that the fact that Xiao Ya was willing to let Ling Fei get close to her was still a big miracle.

Ye Xiwen asked Xiao Ya about this secretly. And, Xiao Ya had merely replied, "This Young Miss somehow makes me feel intimate!"

Ye Xiwen clearly knew that a child like Xiao Ya couldn't tell who was good towards her and who wasn't just by looking at them. But, she could tell it by instinctively feeling their intention. She could naturally see this more clearly as compared to an ordinary person.

A while passed… Ye Xiwen had finally cooked the rabbit meat. All three individuals ate heartily. Ye Xiwen and Xiao Ya just tasted. After all, the two ate one rabbit put-together. However, Ling Fei of the Fallen Angel Clan ate a rabbit alone. But, she still wasn't satisfied. She argued noisily, went to grab a few more rabbits, and asked Ye Xiwen to roast them for her.

"Whoosh!" A golden light cut through the vast sky… A talisman carrying a message broke through the layers of space, and fell into Ye Xiwen's hands.

"Come at once!"

There were only three words. However, Ye Xiwen saw the name written on the message… It was Bi Jing Wei.

Ye Xiwen still had a good opinion about Bi Jing Wei. Ye Xiwen had told him to send a summon-signal for him when they needed to act together. A few months had passed, and no message had arrived. So, Ye Xiwen had almost forgotten about that matter. However, it must be a big operation now that the message had finally arrived.

A burst of devil wind whistled in the mountains as Ye Xiwen swept past them. Ye Xiwen was flying in the sky as fast as lightning. Ling Fei was also flying beside him quite freely. She didn't fall behind him. She would shout and complain from time to time. It seemed as if she had never flown in the sky before.

An outsider would believe that their speed was very fast. After all, their speed was as fast as lightning. However, these individuals weren't even flying at their top speed yet. Ye Xiwen hadn't revealed his devil wings, and Ling Fei had retracted her angel wings.

They were going to meet Bi Jing Wei and other humans. Therefore, the two individuals couldn't reveal anything related to the devil race. Otherwise, other people would find out, and that wouldn't be a good thing.

It must be mentioned that it seemed as if Ling Fei's persona had completely changed after she had retracted her devil wings and the devil energy on her body. In fact, she was giving off a pure and holy feeling now. She looked completely different from earlier.

Ye Xiwen could easily find the position of Bi Jing Wei and the others under the talisman's guidance; this was the same talisman which had carried the message.

Several months had passed. So, many experts had already penetrated deep into the Devil World. They had already scattered to faraway places… They were still on the periphery if one were to draw a parallel to the massive size of the Devil World. However, they had gone very far away in reality.

Ye Xiwen had to fly for three days and three nights before he came across Bi Jing Wei and the others in a sierra. Bi Jing Wei and the others had obtained some information about some beasts, and were exterminating them in these mountains.

The devil beasts present inside the Devil World were more ferocious than those demon beasts from their own world. The majority of them were in sage realm. So, a semi-sage expert couldn't separate from the group and act solo at this place.

These devil beasts were very powerful. However, Bi Jing Wei possessed tyrannical strength. A spear cut across the horizon just like a mountain. And, those devil beasts got swept away one after another wherever it went. Bi Jing Wei couldn't be stopped as long as he didn't come across a Great Sage expert.

However, this area could be regarded as a desolate zone of the Devil World. So, it wasn't probable for a Great Sage to appear here. Therefore, every big force would send their disciples here to temper whilst resting assured. Otherwise, a Great Sage expert was enough to make them vomit blood since the said-expert would kill their geniuses.

These disciples might not have great importance at present. However, they could grow and become the pillars of their big forces in the future. Therefore, it would be a very big loss for a force if they lost these disciples. In fact, it could be said that they would lose an entire generation of geniuses.

Ye Xiwen saw a very tyrannical devil beast of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm roaring and attacking. It was the king of the countless devil beasts who lived in these mountains. However, it had now been forced into a disadvantageous position by Bi Jing Wei. Even a hundred devil beasts like it couldn't be a match for him. All of them would get killed by him.

Bi Jing Wei's dreadful strength was clearly visible from this. In fact, his points were higher than the countless experts of True Martial World who had arrived in the Devil World this time; he was in the ninth position. He hadn't obtained the first position. However, he had truly stood out among these hundred-thousand or so experts. He was ranked among the top 10 experts. So, his strength was self-evident.

Ye Xiwen couldn't be a match for the present Bi Jing Wei unless he summoned the Star Colossus's Avatar. It wasn't surprising that Bi Jing Wei had said that he wouldn't get an opportunity to participate in the next Devil World competition. After all, Ye Xiwen could see that he was almost continuously suppressing his aura from rushing out of his body. In fact, he had reached a situation where he was about to enter the Great Sage realm.

"Brother Ye, you've arrived so soon. Ah! I don't know who this is!" Bi Jing Wei killed that devil beast of late stage of half-step Great Sage realm, and then came flying over to welcome them. However, he seemed a bit surprised. After all, he had sent that message only recently, but Ye Xiwen had already arrived. It was clear that Ye Xiwen's speed was very fast. It was in fact the same as what he had found out from the information he had received about Ye Xiwen.

He had obviously investigated about Ye Xiwen's background since he had invited him to join his group. It wasn't a difficult thing for him to find out Ye Xiwen's roots... This intelligence turned out to be true. Ye Xiwen indeed had an extremely powerful body. But, he also had another characteristic... His speed was extremely fast; not many could match his speed.

Having an incomparably tyrannical body was enough to rule the entire world. But, Ye Xiwen even had incredible speed.

"My name is Ling Fei!" Ling Fei didn't wait for Ye Xiwen to introduce her; a smile blossomed on her face as she replied. She was a bit excited to see Bi Jing Wei and such a large number of other disciples of the True Martial University. After all, it was the first time that she had seen so many humans gathered at one place. Therefore, it was hard for her to curb her excitement.

"Hello, Young Miss Ling Fei!" Bi Jing Wei replied.

"Brother Bi, who are we going to deal with?" Ye Xiwen jumped-in and asked. He didn't let Ling Fei speak any further. Otherwise, she might've messed things up if she had continued to speak.

(To be continued)

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