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Ye Xiwen didn't have a good opinion regarding those disciples of other forces. So, he wouldn't mind attacking them if they provoked him. However, targeting them at this time wouldn't be considered virtuous if the countless years old enmity between humans and devils was taken into account. The enmity between them was obviously very deep. It was like an ocean of blood!

Perhaps, some people could've done this. However, Ye Xiwen wasn't in a situation to use such underhanded means at this time.

He was certain that the most ferocious devil would soon catch up with him. And, the other human experts could escape from the remaining few devils at that time. He also didn't want to use the Star Colossus's Avatar since he felt that it wouldn't be worth it to do so in such a matter. After all, he would have to use up those three Magic Crystal Ore Deposits which he had obtained with great difficulty. And then, all his hard work would go in vain.

He could use the Star Colossus's Avatar thrice... once at a time. It was his protective talisman in this Devil World. Therefore, he didn't wish to use it unless he was in great need. Moreover, he had planned to use the harsh living environment of the Devil World to temper himself.

Furthermore, it was impossible for these devils to catch up with him!

It seemed as if those devil experts had turned into a group of infuriated roosters. They attacked Ye Xiwen one after another with a killing intention. Their dreadful martial arts congealed a huge spectre in the sky! That spectre then stepped ahead, and caught up with Ye Xiwen. Then, its foot suddenly smashed down upon Ye Xiwen.

It seemed as if the entire world would crumble under this foot. A dreadful power was boiling therein. It seemed as if this attack had been unleashed with an intention to kill Ye Xiwen since there wasn't any sign of holding back in the attack.

Ye Xiwen was merely an expert of Sage Great Perfection realm. But, they had still launched a full-scale attack on him. So, it was clear how furious they were. Their rage could simply burn the sky!

Ye Xiwen boldly retaliated... He clenched his hands, and formed a pair of fists. His hands then produced two big stars in the sky; they looked like a pair of iron hammers. The big stars went across the sky, and suddenly pounded upon that big foot... just like a meteor crashes on Earth!


A dreadful force reverberated. Two tremendous forces boiled at once. And, everything present in the surroundings got transformed into nothingness as a result.

"Puff!" Ye Xiwen felt a strange taste coming from his throat, and spouted a mouthful of blood. There wasn't any suspense left. His whole person had been stepped down to fall from the sky.

Ye Xiwen was tyrannical. But, he could also only contend against a few experts of intermediate stage of half-step Great Sage realm. However, the majority of these devil experts were in the intermediate stage of half-step Great Sage realm. Moreover, a few experts of late stage of half-step Great Sage realm were also present among them.

Even a person as strong as him suddenly spouted mouthful of blood under their joint attack. It was like he was fighting dozens of senior experts who were also stronger than him. Therefore, he couldn't resist even after using the strength of the seventh layer of his tyrant body technique. In fact, he had almost gotten trampled to death.

Ye Xiwen had spouted blood. However, other people were left dumbstruck by this. [The joint attack of dozens of senior experts of intermediate and late stage of half-step Great Sage realm has failed to kill Ye Xiwen on the spot. He has such a powerful body... Is he some kind of a monster?!]

Those sage experts who had planned to rob Magic Crystal Ore Deposits from Ye Xiwen earlier had particularly been scared to death at this time. They had thought that Ye Xiwen was cocky. So, they had wanted to kill him. However, they now thought that they were lucky that they hadn't chosen to do so. Otherwise, it would've been impossible for them to escape if they had gone ahead with the idea of killing Ye Xiwen.

"Brothers, let's go. Everyone run away. We'll humiliate these devil brats in the future as long as there will be life left within us. We'll kill these devil brats!" someone reacted, and unwillingly roared.

Everyone had been finally mobilized by him. That's right... It wasn't the time to watch Ye Xiwen's performance. It was the time to take advantage of this opportunity, and escape when the gazes of the majority of devil experts were fixed on Ye Xiwen. This was the only way.

A faint sound of the Phoenix came from inside Ye Xiwen's body at this moment... The Phoenix Regeneration Technique was at work! Ye Xiwen hadn't used the Phoenix Regeneration Technique since a long time. However, he had fully grasped the understanding of this technique. His present understanding of this technique couldn't be compared with earlier.

The injuries that Ye Xiwen had sustained by the impact just now got healed almost in an instant.

Ye Xiwen didn't hesitate any longer... He promptly flew outward to break out of the encirclement! Those devil experts also reacted one after another. They were also dumbstruck. They hadn't anticipated that Ye Xiwen would be able to withstand the impact of that massive foot.

They heard a sound of breaking of glass when they were about to stimulate that huge spectre once again to attack and kill Ye Xiwen.



Everyone was left dumbstruck. The fact was that the huge spectre that had stepped upon Ye Xiwen a moment ago had been shattered into pieces like a glass. It seemed as if it had suffered a heavy blow by a tremendous force.

That tremendous force spread throughout that spectre's body. Consequently, its entire body disintegrated and crumbled with a loud scream.

"How is this possible?" Mo Tian looked on in a daze. He had been trained as a heaven's pride expert since childhood. It could be said that he was an experienced and knowledgeable person. What kind of person had he not seen? However, he hadn't expected that someone wouldn't only survive in this situation, but also smash that spectre into pieces.

He was sure that he couldn't do it if he were to be in Ye Xiwen's place. Sage Great Perfection level experts might become overlords who could establish sects in the True Martial World. However, they were simply nothing in Mo Tian's opinion. He knew that he would've been screwed if he had come cross the joint attack of so many senior devil experts of half-step Great Sage realm when he used to be at Sage Great Perfection realm. It would've been impossible for him to escape because the experts of intermediate stage of half-step Great Sage realm weren't the only ones involved in this attack; even the attacks of the experts of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm were mixed in. It was simply impossible to be a match for them.

However, that was exactly what Ye Xiwen had done. On top of that, he had defeated the spectre.

"What kind of physique does he possess? How can he be so powerful?" Mo Tian was somewhat baffled.

"Your Majesty, he might be an owner of some special physique among the humans. He might have restored a part of the lineage of ancient humans. Our cultivation will progress even more quickly if we devour a human who has such a special physique. Moreover, we might evolve a physique similar to this special type after we've devoured this human expert!" The heaven's pride expert of the Asura Clan was behind Mo Tian. He suddenly stepped forward at this time, and said. He was looking at Ye Xiwen with a greedy expression in his eyes... It seemed as if he was looking at an exotic cuisine!

There were various kinds of clans among the devil race. And, every clan had its own speciality. Humans didn't have so many divisions. However, they used to have various traits in the past. Furthermore, the quantity of such traits wasn't much. So, it could be said that every trait was a precious treasure. Therefore, the martial power of these devil experts would increase sharply if they swallowed even one individual who possessed ancient human traits. It certainly wasn't a myth.

Mo Tian's eyes suddenly lit up. That's right... He had been thinking only about the shock that Ye Xiwen had given him. He hadn't been able to think anything else. However, he wasn't shocked anymore... Instead, he was thinking rationally now. Ye Xiwen had shown such a stunning performance. So, he must have some special bloodline in his body. This human could become a huge supplement for him!

"Catch him!" Mo Tian ordered. He himself took the initiative at this time, and chased after Ye Xiwen.

That heaven's pride expert of the Asura Clan also rushed out.

Several devil experts rushed towards Ye Xiwen one after another. Only a few of them had stayed here in order to encircle the other human experts. After all, these human experts were very insignificant in comparison to Ye Xiwen.

These experts with ordinary physiques were just like bloody meal for them. They didn't deserve to become even their slaves. There was absolutely no need to give importance to a group of such puny experts. However, there weren't many humans like Ye Xiwen who had such a special physique. Who would let such a person go?

Ye Xiwen's speed was extremely quick. He was about to break out of the encirclement of the devils. However, a senior devil expert of intermediate stage of half-step Great Sage realm had already arrived in front of Ye Xiwen. He had blocked Ye Xiwen's way in an attempt to prevent him from escaping.

His face was full of scales. And, it was brimming with a ruthless and sinister expression. He was looking at Ye Xiwen in a manner that made it seem as if he was looking at a meal.

Ye Xiwen had come to know about the devil race's characteristics from Ye Mo. Therefore, he obviously knew what they were thinking. He felt a bit sick after he thought that he was being considered as a bloody meal by these devil experts.

"Get out of my way!" Ye Xiwen shouted. He then angrily shot a punch in full swing... Ye Xiwen had attacked in a hurry. However, he hadn't held back. After all, he couldn't afford to be stopped. Otherwise, those devil experts who were coming from behind would catch up with him.

His speed was so fast that he could escape even from the hands of a Great Sage. However, the precondition was that he mustn't get surrounded... Ye Xiwen had enormous skills. However, he wouldn't be able to escape if he got surrounded. He would have no other choice at that time but to take out the Star Colossus's Avatar. And, that would mean that all of his hard work would go in vain.

That devil expert of intermediate stage of half-step Great Sage realm felt the fist wind coming over... It seemed as if a mountain was rolling over to crush him.

The fist wind, fist pressure, and fist intention along with the boiling Real Elemental Energy crushed the vacuum, and produced a black crack in space. And, this crack immediately proliferated in that devil expert's direction.

"Go to hell human!" That devil expert angrily shot a set of devil fist technique... Waves of fierce wind started to wail everywhere. It seemed as if a country of devil gods had been established. People were dying everywhere. It was deadly and frightening spectacle!


It was a shocking scene of doomsday! It seemed as if a big star had suddenly collided with that country of devil gods, and destroyed the mountains and rivers! Countless followers of devil gods were evaporated in an instant. They screamed as they perished.

The small country of devil gods was collapsing. It was being crushed by Ye Xiwen's fist technique… inch by inch!

That devil expert got frightened when he saw that Ye Xiwen's fist was quickly approaching him. He roared repeatedly, and shot all kinds of martial arts techniques. However, he couldn't stop Ye Xiwen's advancement.

"Get wrecked!" Ye Xiwen shouted as he advanced step by step. The world trembled under his footsteps, and the void broke down. The defences of that devil expert collapsed under his steps.

The devil expert felt as if he was being torn apart by a tremendous force. He then suddenly disintegrated in the sky. Blood splashed out, and the fragments of his bones started to swirl in the air.

His death created an opening in the encirclement that had been laid out by the devil experts. Therefore, Ye Xiwen quickly transformed into a streamer of light, and flew out.

"Damn it! Chase him for me!" the angry roar of the flustered and exasperated Mo Tian came from behind him.

(To be continued)

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