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Everyone was left dumbstruck. They felt as if they had misheard Ye Xiwen. [Ye Xiwen has refused?!]

[Doesn't he know how dangerous the Devil World is?]

Even these experts of half-step Great Sage realm had formed a team since they couldn't dare to say with confidence that they would be perfectly safe in the Devil World. And, Ye Xiwen had refused to join them?!

Ye Xiwen's complexion was calm and composed... The Devil World was a very dangerous place. However, it was a big treasure trove as far as Ye Xiwen was concerned since he had Ye Mo and the Heavenly Source Mirror by his side. However, other people couldn't see this.

The 'evil way' of martial cultivation wasn't necessarily accepted by the masses. In fact, anything related to 'devil way' was openly frowned upon. Everyone would start to clamour like street mice to show their detestation for it.

Ye Xiwen didn't wish to be ostracized from the crowd.

However, Yang Wen Jun and Deng Shui Xin had already reached an agreement with Ye Xiwen that they would join some of their friends from the university, and wouldn't stay with him during the competition.

Gao Ling Xiu also looked at Ye Xiwen with a bit of surprise. She hadn't anticipated that he would refuse her offer. She had put forward this offer because she had wanted to rope-in Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen didn't get along with the Law Enforcement Hall. However, they weren't like the Law Enforcement Hall. And, they weren't afraid of the people of Law Enforcement Hall either. Therefore, Ye Xiwen's enmity with Law Enforcement Hall didn't bother them at all.

However, she stepped forward, and said, "We won't force you if that's the case. However, I'll still hope that brother Ye will join us after going there!"

The experts who were behind Gao Ling Xiu were somewhat dissatisfied with this statement of hers. After all, it seemed from this statement that she was giving too much importance to Ye Xiwen. [This Ye Xiwen is extremely arrogant. He didn't agree even though we have personally invited him.]

Ye Xiwen nodded. This request was completely justified in his opinion. After all, he would possess the fighting prowess of Great Sage level if he summoned the star colossus avatar. So, he was naturally qualified to take care of her.

The fighting prowess of the star colossus avatar had also made a breakthrough into intermediate stage of Great Sage realm from the initial stage of Great Sage realm. This increment in strength had naturally boosted Ye Xiwen's confidence.

However, the experts in Gao Ling Xiu's clique believed this to be proof of Ye Xiwen's arrogance.

Sound of breaking of space unceasingly came from the sky while Ye Xiwen and the others waited here. Then, a series of flying lights broke through the horizon...

An increasing number of experts appeared in the sky one after another. Each one of them was a powerhouse of sage realm. After all, they wouldn't have participated in this time's Devil World Competition if they didn't believe that they had enough strength. And, that's because a place like the Devil World was very dangerous. However, the people with powerful strength didn't care about life or death. Therefore, only those people who had very much confidence in themselves had arrived.

These people who had cultivated till this degree were naturally very lucky without any exception. They must be much more tyrannical than those 'random cultivators with no background' sage experts whom Ye Xiwen had seen earlier. Those random cultivators didn't even have any heritage. They used to cultivate depending merely upon their own adventures.

The experts that had arrived here would be considered as elites of sage realm if each of them had been placed in the outside world. Each of them could hog up a big chunk of land.

Ye Xiwen still hadn't seen the true background of the True Martial University. However, he had already gotten a rough idea about it by looking at these people.

Ye Xiwen hadn't even pondered any further when a group of people descended from sky while treading the flying lights. However, they hadn't come for Ye Xiwen. They had instead come for Gao Ling Xiu who was beside him.

They were headed by a youth who looked about 30-years-old. He looked handsome, majestic, and awe-inspiring. His every movement gave off a feeling clashing metals!

Ye Xiwen shot a glance at him... He was shocked to find that this man had already entered the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. Moreover, he was the kind of expert who had profound martial power. In other words, he was just a small step away from the Great Sage realm.

Gao Ling Xiu's voice entered into Ye Xiwen's ears while he was wondering who this man was. "This man is Bi Jing Wei. He has an outstanding reputation among the core disciples. He is a peak cultivator among the core disciples. He is very straightforward. He is worth making friends with!"

Gao Ling Xiu knew that Ye Xiwen's cultivation was profound. However, his cultivation time was very short. So, he perhaps didn't know much about this outstanding character among the core disciples. Therefore, she introduced this man to Ye Xiwen.

"Sister Gao!" Bi Jing Wei came straight over to Gao Ling Xiu. He didn't look towards Ye Xiwen. In fact, it seemed as if he hadn't even noticed Ye Xiwen.

"I haven't seen Brother Bi in many years. You're just one step away from the Great Sage realm now. So, you'll perhaps make the breakthrough within a few years!" Gao Ling Xiu smiled and said. She had laid bare the secrets.

Ye Xiwen secretly said, [Gao Ling Xiu isn't ordinary. After all, it should be impossible for her to see through Bi Jing Wei's cultivation as per her current strength of Sage Accomplished realm.]

"Sister Gao is still as sharp as ever. Anyway, there's no comparison between me and you. Your future prospects are limitless!" Bi Jing Wei was looking at Gao Ling Xiu with a slightly envious look in his eyes.

"I'll come straight to the point. I've arrived looking for Sister Gao because I want to ask whether Sister Gao is interested in collaborating this time. Those bastards of Xuan Yuan Palace Hall had joined with a few other forces during the last Devil World Competition. They had then used underhanded techniques against the experts of our university, and annihilated them. I've planned to pay them back this time. I'll get rid of those experts of Xuan Yuan Palace Hall!" Bi Jing Wei's face exposed vigorous anger as he said. He looked ferocious and aggressive.

The True Martial University had once dominated the southern region. And, there was a possibility that it could revive once again. Therefore, it often used to face combined attacks in such competitions, and had often suffered disastrous losses therein.

Bai Jian Song had mentioned these things to Ye Xiwen. Therefore, Ye Xiwen also knew about it.

The top experts of the True Martial University could similarly take advantage of this opportunity, and kill the experts of the other forces. After all, the people of the other forces were a bigger threat than those experts of devil race inside the Devil World.

Bi Jing Wei hadn't been as powerful as he was now at the time of the last Devil World Competition... He had already reached to the peak this time. In fact, he might enter Great Sage realm before the next Devil World Competition. Therefore, he couldn't miss this opportunity, and must make the most of it.

Several disciples realized this thing as he said this. Everyone seemed to be brimming with anger.

Gao Ling Xiu also understood everything as she heard this. However, she immediately turned towards Ye Xiwen, and asked, "I don't know whether brother Ye is interested or not?"

Everyone looked at Ye Xiwen... The experts behind Bi Jing Wei in particular looked at him somewhat curiously. [Who is this man? Why is Gao Ling Xiu giving so much importance to him?]

Gao Ling Xiu was merely at the Sage Accomplished realm. However, it was obvious that she held an extremely high status among these people. They clearly didn't weigh her on the basis of realm.

"Sister Gao, who is this man?" Bi Jing Wei looked towards Ye Xiwen.

"Let me introduce him to you. This is Ye Xiwen. Brother Ye is the one who has defeated Law Enforcement Hall's Cao Yuyu!" Gao Ling Xiu replied.

Everyone was left in shock. [It's not surprising that Gao Ling Xiu is giving so much importance to this Ye Xiwen. This must be the reason for that.]

Ye Xiwen, Yang Wen Jun, and Deng Shui Xin had become the centre of attraction among this crowd of half-step Great Sage experts.

Thinking about it... It was expected!

However, everyone became even more curious after they came to know Ye Xiwen's level. How had a Sage Great Perfection level expert managed to defeat Cao Yuyu? After all, the latter had already entered half-step Great Sage realm at that time… However, they didn't know that Ye Xiwen had been a mere Sage Small Perfection level expert at that time. Otherwise, they would've been even more astonished.

However, they still felt that Gao Ling Xiu was giving too much importance to Ye Xiwen. He had surely defeated Cao Yuyu. But, Cao Yuyu had been the weakest among these half-step Great Sage experts. He could at most have been at the same level. Anyway, Gao Ling Xiu didn't need to ask for their opinion.

"So it's Brother Ye... It seems that Brother Ye has become very popular these days!" Bi Jing Wei smiled, and said. His attitude was very kind and friendly. He didn't ignore Ye Xiwen just because he was a sage expert. Therefore, Ye Xiwen formed a good opinion of this man because of this.

"The younger generation will surpass us in time. Our university needs several talents like you to emerge out in large numbers to ensure that it can thrive and become powerful. I can only participate in this time's Devil World Competition. After that, I'll be rooting for you all!" There was an expression of sincerity in Bi Jing Wei's eyes. It was obvious that these weren't empty words... He truly thought so.

Ye Xiwen secretly thought, [There are a very few people like Bi Jing Wei. It's not surprising that Gao Ling Xiu had said 'he's worth making friends with'.]

"Not at all!" Ye Xiwen's face also exposed a humble smile. "Our university will definitely revive if everyone in the university becomes loyal and devoted like Brother Bi!"

"I don't know whether Brother Ye is interested in joining our group. Our chances will certainly increase enormously if Brother Ye joins us!" Bi Jing Wei invited Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen also knew that such a matter would increase his weightage in front of the high-level experts. Therefore, he thought for a while, and then nodded. "Just send a summon signal for me when you guys are about to start your attack on the other forces. I'll rush over no matter where I am!"

"Excellent! That's reassuring!" Bi Jing Wei smiled, and said. "Then, I'll take my leave now. I must go, and meet other people!"

Bi Jing Wei was about to walk away. But then, he suddenly turned towards Ye Xiwen, and said, "Brother Ye, I've heard that the Heavenly Punishment Faction of Law Enforcement Hall is also participating. I hope you'll be careful and prepared in advance!"

Everyone was stunned by this. All of them looked towards Ye Xiwen with a bit of pity in their eyes. After all, how could a person have a good ending if they were being targeted by the Heavenly Punishment Faction?

Ye Xiwen was somewhat stunned. [The Heavenly Punishment Faction is also participating this time?!]

Ye Xiwen also knew a bit about the Heavenly Punishment Faction. This was an elite faction of the Law Enforcement Hall. Every member of this faction was an elite member in the Law Enforcement Hall. The majority of its members were at the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. And, the leader of this faction was a Great Sage expert. The Heavenly Punishment Faction would usually be out chasing and killing traitors who had flown away. Or, they would be involved in some other secret missions. However, they didn't participate in such competitions. Therefore, Ye Xiwen hadn't expected that they would participate this time.

[Could it be that it's coming for me?]

Ye Xiwen instinctively thought of this point at once. In fact, this was very probable. And, he must be careful if it was so. All the members of Heavenly Punishment Faction were elites. And, every individual was difficult to deal with.

(To be continued)

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