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Ye Xiwen clenched his fist. And, his face exposed a happy expression. He had finally crossed the threshold to the Sage Great Perfection realm! He had been cultivating almost the entire period in the last one year's time. And, he had finally entered the Sage Great Perfection realm now.

Ye Xiwen's fighting strength had increased enormously now that he had entered the Sage Great Perfection realm... His fighting strength had entered the intermediate stage of half-step Great Sage realm in one fell swoop! This strength couldn't be considered as the strongest. However, this was still a big progress from what he had been one year ago. He could now face those monsters among the core disciples with relative ease. In fact, he wouldn't even need to summon the star colossus avatar for that.

Ye Xiwen had learnt about several important subjects in his expedition of about 10 years... He had taken advantage of the last one year's time, and integrated the understanding of these subjects into his epiphany. Therefore, the enlightenment that he had gained from his epiphany could now reach to the peak. In fact, the Sage Accomplished realm was also a matter of time now.

He would move unhindered once he entered the Sage Accomplished realm… unless a formidable Great Sage expert attacked him.

"Ye Xiwen, the Great Sage realm is like a natural moat for most of the people. However, it's just an ordinary milestone for you. You've already completed the transformation of soul. And, the other people can't be compared with you in terms of this advantage... You just lack over-time accumulation of energy and consolidation now!" Ye Mo's voice resounded in Ye Xiwen's mind.

Ye Xiwen nodded. Entering the Great Sage realm wouldn't be a difficult thing for him if he got a time of 40-50 years to consolidate properly. He had already crossed the step that was most difficult for other people. However, consolidation and accumulation — something which most people took for granted — had become the things that he lacked the most at present.

"The world is so big. You can go anywhere once you enter the Great Sage realm. You'll be also considered as a top-tier character inside the endless starry space!" Ye Mo added.

However, the joyful expression on Ye Xiwen's face suddenly got replaced by a cold one.

"I'm still not capable of going to the Ancient Phoenix World!" Ye Xiwen said.

Ye Mo immediately became silent. How could he have forgotten? Ye Xiwen had been thinking about this matter almost all the time in the last decade. He seemed carefree on the surface. However, he was still brooding with the thought that Hua Menghan had been abducted by that Feng Ling guy.

However, Ye Xiwen immediately got rid of this thought, and didn't brood over this issue any further. The sound of ringing of bell came from the sky at this moment. It sounded like an age-old and boundless sound. It seemed as if this sound had been ringing since times immemorial.

It could shake people's hearts!

Ye Xiwen knew that this was the signal to inform that the Devil World Competition was going to start... This was done so that the disciples who had to leave for the Devil World could assemble in the True Martial University. This bell would keep ringing for more than three days and nights, and spark the return of a lot of talents to the university.

Yang Wen Jun and Deng Shui Xin would also go from the Hidden Star Peak in addition to Ye Xiwen this time. In other words... every inheritance would send their most experienced seniors. However, Hidden Star Peak didn't have too many people... Moreover, Bai Jian Song had recently entered the Great Sage realm. So, he wasn't qualified to participate in this time's Devil World Competition.

Big Brother, Second Sister, and Third Brother Bai Jian Song had left a huge impact in the previous Devil World Competitions. They had earned glory in the Devil World.

Yang Wen Jun and Den Shui Xin had never participated in the Devil World Competition. And, Ye Xiwen was also a newcomer. Therefore, it could be said the Hidden Star Peak had sent an inexperienced troop this time.

"You're going to the Devil World this time…" Bai Jian Song looked at these three individuals. "You must display the might of our Hidden Star Peak. Slaughter all those devil bastards for me!"

Bai Jian Song's face exposed a murderous look as he said.

The faces of these three individuals covered with sweat. [Does he consider those people of the devil race as cabbages that we can chop them up with a knife? Moreover, the experts of various factions of devil race will come. They're going to be very difficult to deal with.]

However, these three individuals also knew that Bai Jian Song had said this to Ye Xiwen. Yang Wen Jun and Deng Shui Xin were also going. However, they were barely qualified to go there. Therefore, it was impossible to think that they would run amuck there. In fact, it would be pretty good if they just managed to defend themselves there.

Only Ye Xiwen possessed the tyrannical strength to establish illustrious prestige over there.

The term 'low-profile' had perhaps never been present in Bai Jian Song's dictionary.

In fact, many people used to say that Bai Jian Song would be the next Huang Wuji if given time.

These three individuals bid farewell to Bai Jian Song, and then flew to the Ying Xin City. Yin Xin City was located in the periphery of the True Martial Mountain Range. All the participants in the Devil World Competition had gathered here.

Ye Xiwen felt nostalgic as he saw the city getting closer and closer. He had returned to Ying Xin City after a few decades. He had been a 'nobody' of half-step legendary realm back then.

Decades had passed within the blink of an eye, and he wasn't the same anymore. Ye Xiwen's current point of view allowed him to conclude that he truly was a nobody at that time... He was a person who didn't know the profoundness of this world.

Ying Xin City used to remain closed for the majority of time. It would open only when True Martial University recruited new disciples. It had now opened to welcome a large number of powerful sage experts.

Ye Xiwen could see tyrannical sage experts coming from afar while treading the flying lights. And, this bode true for wherever his gaze fell. The True Martial University's dreadful background could be seen just from the number of these sage experts.

Moreover, these weren't all the sage experts of the True Martial University. It was just a portion of them. Many sage experts could be engaged in some other matters or they might be aware that they couldn't reap big harvests by coming here. Therefore, they hadn't arrived.

Ye Xiwen watched these experts, and felt that it wasn't just luck that True Martial University had firmly obtained dominance over the entire southern region.

Ye Xiwen arrived in the Ying Xin City along with the other two individuals. He then swept his gaze over the distant places around... Everyone present over here was a tyrannical sage expert. Some people recognized Ye Xiwen, and immediately began to discuss.

"Is this man Ye Xiwen? From what angle does he look like a Sage Small Perfection level expert? It mustn't be true. He has the strength of Sage Great Perfection level. The information published in the newspaper is wrong. Has he once again made a breakthrough? However, what difference does it make? After all, he has defeated the legendary Cao Yuyu!"

"Don't get deceived by his appearance of Sage Great Perfection realm. How many Sage Great Perfection level experts can defeat Cao Yuyu? Cao Yuyu had only recently entered the half-step Great Sage realm. However, even you and I can't be sure of defeating him. However, Ye Xiwen has defeated him! Does he look like a nobody?"

"So, you're saying that you're not sure that you can defeat Ye Xiwen?"

"Don't be absurd? We had entered half-step Great Sage realm nearly a hundred years ago. What is he? I don't know how he has defeated Cao Yuyu. However, we also have some undisclosed strengths of our own that we haven't revealed yet!"

A series of tyrannical auras swept past Ye Xiwen's body. It seemed that they wanted to see through his cultivation. These people who had dared to see through him without any hesitation were all super-experts of half-step Great Sage realm without exception. The core experts were in abundance just like clouds in the sky. However, all of these core experts were top-notches among the core disciples.

Ye Xiwen had the success of defeating Cao YuYu. However, Cao Yuyu's strength wasn't the most tyrannical among these elites. On top of that, Ye Xiwen looked just like an expert of Sage Great Perfection realm. Therefore, these people instinctively looked down on him.

"A nobody of sage realm?" Ye Xiwen sneered. He deliberated a bit, and then bursts of golden light emitted from his body in the surroundings. The golden lights entirely extinguished the probing divine senses that had been wandering around him.



"Arrogant and despotic!"

Those disciples who had swept out their divine senses immediately shouted in anger one after another. After all, this was a provocation from Ye Xiwen. A nonentity of sage realm had dared to provoke these elite disciples of half-step Great Sage realm!

Ye Xiwen was a heaven's pride expert. However, strength trumps everything. After all, what was the worth of a heaven's pride expert who would die at a young age?

Ye Xiwen closed his eyes to regain composure, and didn't think too much about what these people were saying. These people had perhaps forgotten that sweeping one's divine sense over someone's body was also a kind of provocation.

"Brother Ye!" Several figures suddenly descended from the sky; they were headed by none other than Gao Ling Xiu.

There were also a few experts of half-step Great Sage realm behind her. There was another female expert in that group apart from Gao Ling Xiu. She was following Gao Ling Xiu. She was dressed in a magnificent embroidered robe. She had a tall and slender figure, and had delicate facial features. Her fair complexion contained pride. She looked just like an independent swan that had left the world behind her.

Every one of them was an expert. All the other experts were at the initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm apart from that female expert who was at the intermediate stage of half-step Great Sage realm. She was just one step away from becoming the peak expert of intermediate stage of half-step Great Sage realm.

However, what made Ye Xiwen even more surprised was that this group was headed by Gao Ling Xiu who was at the Sage Accomplished realm. She hadn't said clearly that she was leading the group. However, it looked so from the order of their line-up.

[This Gao Ling Xiu is not simple!]

"Brother Ye, I wasn't mistaken in reading your potential. I was right!" Gao Ling Xiu smiled, and walked towards Ye Xiwen. "Let me introduce these people to you. They are the fellow disciples of our Merit Palace Hall!"

Ye Xiwen came to know that that female expert's name was Jin Yi Qiu from Gao Ling Xiu's introduction. She was one of the disciples of Merit Palace Hall, and had been nurtured with care. She was also one of the heaven's pride experts of the previous session. She enjoyed an illustrious fame among the core disciples of the True Martial University.

Gao Ling Xiu introduced Ye Xiwen to those disciples, and they also looked at him with a bit of curiosity. It was hard for them to imagine that Ye Xiwen was just at Sage Great Perfection realm. [How has he defeated Cao Yuyu?]

Ye Xiwen immediately understood that these people had been gathered by Gao Ling Xiu. These core disciples were divided into different cliques. And, Gao Ling Xiu was the leader of one such clique.

"Brother Ye, it would be better if we unite after we enter the Devil World. We'll feel more confident that way!" Gao Ling Xiu looked at Ye Xiwen, and said. These cliques must unite this time in order to tackle the dangers in this foreign world. After all, it was necessary for everyone to cooperate sincerely in an extremely dangerous place like the Devil World.

Everyone looked at Ye Xiwen... They were waiting for him to nod. After all, everyone apart from a few monsters must work together in the Devil World. And, Hidden Star Peak only had only a few people in the competition this time. So, they weren't in a position to form a team of their own.

The members of this clique believed that Ye Xiwen deserved to join them... no matter how he had defeated Cao Yuyu

"Sorry... But, I have no plans to join any of the cliques!"

Ye Xiwen rejected the offer. This caught everyone by surprise.

(To be continued)

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