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Ye Xiwen would require huge amounts of 'Primary Spirit Dans' every time he wanted to make a breakthrough. His cultivation hadn't made a major breakthrough in the last few years. So, he wanted to improve his cultivation, and take some time to lay a solid foundation. But, there had been a shortage of 'Primary Spirit Dans' that entire time.

However, the situation was different now. His total wealth had surpassed 1.7 billion 'Primary Spirit Dans' after he had sold his heavenly treasures as well as seized wealth from Young Master Jin Xiu. This amount would be more than enough for other people to cultivate up to Great Sage realm. In fact, even Great Sage experts usually didn't possess this much wealth. However, Ye Xiwen's consumption was insane... Still, his current wealth was enough to make the breakthrough.

His foundation had already been firmly established after travelling for a few years. And, he had enough 'Primary Spirit Dans' now. Therefore, it was only natural for this breakthrough to happen.

The reason why he wanted to make the breakthrough urgently was that the Devil World Competition was about to begin... All the forces of the True Martial World would participate in this competition. Only the core disciples were taking part in this competition. However, it could still be regarded as a martial arts competition of the highest level.

The common partition criteria in True Martial World and other forces suggested that a person would automatically become a core disciple after they had entered sage realm. And, those above this rank were the true disciples who were the experts of Great Sage level.

However, an ordinary person would at most become an elder even if they luckily entered the Great Sage realm. There was very rare chance of them becoming a true disciple. In fact, even an ordinary heaven's pride expert didn't have this qualification.

One could only have a small probability of reaching up to the Great Sage realm if they didn't go on extraordinary adventures. However, those true disciples had the opportunity to make a breakthrough into the Great Sage realm as well as become a persona like the Supreme Lord.

There might not be even one true disciple among several heaven's pride experts of several sessions. Mu Sheng Jie, Ye Xiwen's big brother, second sister, and third brother were true disciples.

The Hidden Star Peak had a very few people. However, each of them was an outstanding expert. Therefore, nobody dared to belittle the Hidden Star Peak. On top of that, it also had an enigmatic and unfathomable Chief.

It didn't matter if a core disciple died. However, the death of one true disciple could injure the strength of a force. Therefore, such secret competitions couldn't be expanded to the true disciples.

The true disciples possessed huge strength. They were as powerful as the elders. Each of them was extremely tyrannical... just like Huang Wuji and Mu Sheng Jie. They could run amuck without any hesitation.

Therefore, the true disciples were the essence of a force. In fact, one could clearly predict whether a force could become rich and powerful in the future by looking at the number of its true disciples.

A true disciple could wield the authority over a country, and become its overlord if they felt like doing so.

This competition would be the most intense collision between a large number of disciples. Therefore, even Ye Xiwen had no choice but to be careful. He had defeated Cao Yuyu. However, Cao Yuyu was a disciple of a relatively newer session. His cultivation time was still very short. He was far insignificant in comparison to those disciples who had arrived a thousand or more years ago.

Ye Xiwen's current strength entailed that he had entered the most powerful group of core disciples. However, only barely so... And, he wouldn't be able oust this group unless he were to bring out the Star Colossus's Avatar. On top of that, the disciples of True Martial University weren't the only ones participating in this competition... The disciples of many other forces would display their skills therein.

The Devil World also had outstanding youths of devil race. The True Martial World considered this matter as an opportunity to temper their disciples. But, Ye Mo had suggested that the devil race also thought so. After all, a great number of outstanding youths of devil race would arrive every time.

The Law Enforcement Hall had suffered a huge loss this time. Therefore, it was very much possible that they would try to get back at Ye Xiwen. And then, there was the Xuan Yuan Hall as well. The Xuan Yuan Palace Hall apparently had resentment with Ye Xiwen since a long time. Many people had suspected Ye Xiwen after a heaven's pride expert had died at his hands. After that, Pang Yang Bo's inexplicable death had also made many people suspicious of Ye Xiwen. After all, Ye Xiwen had been present there at that time. Moreover, only he and Qi Feifan had come out of there alive.

These uncertain factors had pushed Ye Xiwen to make the breakthrough urgently. Otherwise, he could've come across a big trouble at the time when the gate of the Devil World would open.

He had many enemies and friends. It was just that there was hardly any person who could help him at this critical time. Therefore, he could only rely on himself.

The Hidden Star Peak had a very good environment for closed-door training. It only had a few people. Therefore, everyone over there could enjoy far more resources than ordinary people.

All kinds of matrix formations that absorbed 'spirit energies' had become fully operational. The 'spirit energies' present inside the room where Ye Xiwen was undergoing closed-door training had been liquefied already. Therefore, he had obtained great benefits by absorbing those 'spirit energies'. This was possible because the Hidden Star Peak had a very deep background. The other inheritances might also have such background. However, they mightn't be able to provide the support of so much 'spirit energies' to one expert. And, that's because they simply had too many people.

Ye Xiwen's body was like a huge bottomless pit. Endless 'spirit energies' had been absorbed by him. The 'Observing Person Scripture' was working with all its might. Countless 'Primary Spirit Dans' had been burning inside the Heavenly Source Mirror. And, the 'spirit energies' were flowing inside his body just like a long river.

Ye Xiwen's body was emitting bursts of golden light, and these lights were illuminating the entire room where he was undergoing the closed-door training.

The Real Elemental Energy surged about inside his body just like waves, and began to attack the barrier of the Sage Great Perfection realm under his command.

His extremely strong foundation had enabled him to skip levels to fight those of higher levels. However, it had also made it thousand times more difficult for him to progress. His martial power had already surpassed the Sage Small Perfection realm. However, it still looked weak when he was attacking the barrier of the Sage Great Perfection realm.

However, endless burning 'spirit energies' were rushing inside his body at this time. They were replenishing the power of his Real Elemental Energy, and scouring it unceasingly.

Ye Xiwen had immersed into his mysterious space while attacking the barrier of the Sage Great Perfection realm. He was unceasingly deducing all kinds of mysteries of the Sage Great Perfection realm.

A cultivator must have tyrannical power and incredible magical powers in order to make a breakthrough into a realm. But, he must also have deep understanding of that realm. Accumulating power would be just a matter of time as long as they had achieved the understanding of the realm that they were attempting to break through to.

The so-called 'levitating heavenwards in a day and overnight epiphany' is the best explanation of this.

It could be said that the current Ye Xiwen was understanding all kinds of mysteries of the Sage Great Perfection realm at a flying speed as compared to earlier. He had deduced the mysteries of this realm initially. However, he hadn't crossed over to this level because of being at the lower realm. Therefore, his comprehension speed had been slow. However, the situation was different now. His speed of understanding of all kinds of worldly principles had increased since he had transformed his soul by now. In fact, it had reached to the pinnacle. It seemed as if a Great Sage expert had comprehended a good deal of mysteries of sage realm... as if it was a piece of cake.

His speed was naturally much faster than earlier; it was on a whole new level.

Ye Xiwen's imposing aura was also gradually rising. It had been rising easily at first. However, it had soon become increasingly difficult. It seemed as if he was climbing a mountain. It would get more difficult every time his imposing aura rose a bit.

The Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree exhibited its figure behind Ye Xiwen. Countless 'spirit energies' were pouring inside it... Consequently, the tree emitted colourful divine rays, and enveloped Ye Xiwen.

This was also the reason why Ye Xiwen had swallowed great amount of 'spirit energies' earlier. It was impossible for the Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree to grow unless it had been fed with countless 'spirit energies'.

Time passed day by day.

The tense atmosphere inside the entire True Martial University had gradually begun to become lively because the Devil World Competition was soon going to start.

Many experts who had been out on expeditions for many years had also returned one after another.

Such joint competition wasn't something that used to take place frequently. Instead, it used to take place once in 200 or 300 years. So, many people who had been on expeditions outside had returned to participate in this competition. They would obtain the university's reward if they could obtain a good rank in this competition. Especially those people who would defeat the outstanding heroes in the competition, and earn glory for the university would obtain more attention and a lot of benefits from the university.

Basically, these people could be considered as the elites in the sage realm. And, their target was definitely Great Sage realm. It was impossible for many people to cross this line if there were no fortuitous chances for them to reap.

The entire True Martial University was cheering for all these core disciples who were about to take part in the competition. These core disciples weren't as rare as the true disciples. However, it could be said that each one of them possessed profound roots in the True Martial University, and had a big backing.

Each of these senior disciples had a big range of support behind them. Each of them had a network of connections, and interest chains.

It was early morning. There was a lively and bustling scene everywhere. However, the Hidden Star Peak was still quiet.


A terrifying aura swept out from the Hidden Star Peak. It condensed into an energy pillar, and soared to the sky. It rushed to the ninth heaven, and shook all directions.

The aura momentarily got suppressed by the matrix formations that had been set up above the Hidden Star Peak. However, it still couldn't elude the gazes of the resolutely curious people who had been paying attention to the Hidden Star Peak.

"Ye Xiwen has come out of the closed-door training!"

A loud cry revealed the secret. Many divine senses suddenly gathered in the sky above the Hidden Star Peak. And, they all began to discuss in the sky.

"One year of closed-door training... Ye Xiwen might have become even more ferocious after this one year. The Devil World Competition should have a place for him this time!"

"It can't be said for sure. After all, the experts of our True Martial University aren't the only ones participating this time. The most tyrannical people among the core disciples of the entire True Martial World will gather for the Devil World Competition. In fact, anyone below half-step Great Sage realm is a nonentity. They can only collect some leftover benefits. They are simply not worth mentioning!"

"Yeah... It may be possible that the top-tier experts of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm might also be there. Some abnormal heaven's pride experts must be planning to take advantage of this time's competition, and make a breakthrough into the Great Sage realm in one fell swoop. A person like Ye Xiwen may look pretty good at present. However, he's still far behind those abnormal monsters!"

"It is said that the Law Enforcement Hall's Heavenly Punishment Faction is also participating this time in order to deal with those abnormal monsters. Otherwise, obtaining the first place will remain a dream for our True Martial University!"

"That isn't right. We still have a hope to get the first place!"

A cold snort transmitted from inside the Hidden Star Peak when these divine senses were arguing endlessly. The matrix formations immediately became operational, and isolated the Hidden Star Peak from the probing divine senses of all people.

A cyan figure rose from the Hidden Star Peak at this time. It was Ye Xiwen!

Ye Xiwen said, "I've finally stepped into the Sage Great Perfection realm!"

(To be continued)

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