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Ye Xiwen very clearly knew that there was a huge disparity between a sage tool and Great Sage tool. Therefore, he had tried many methods to make the Heavenly Source Mirror break through... He wanted this top sage tool to become a Great Sage tool. After all, he would have a big hidden strength once he had a Great Sage tool in his hands.

Great Sage experts that used sage tools could be found everywhere. The Lord of the 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' was an example of this... He was indeed a Great Sage expert. However, it was clear that he was only a mediocre one. Therefore, he used merely a top sage tool... He didn't have a Great Sage tool.

It didn't matter whether a person wanted to fight against a Great Sage expert or escape from the hands of one... It would become very easy if that person possessed a Great Sage tool.

However, this also shows how dreadful a Great Sage tool can be. An ordinary sage expert would be instcrushed and reduced to ashes if they were attacked with even an incomplete Great Sage tool.

The sage realm and Great Sage realm might differ by only one realm. However, there was a difference of heaven and earth between their strengths.

The Demon Inscribed Tablet looked like a small hill. The word 'demon' was especially emitting dazzling rays of light. It seemed as if an endless pressure had firmly locked Ye Xiwen in an instant.

It wasn't known who had created this Demons Repellent Tablet. However, he ought to be an almighty expert... and that too an extremely powerful one. Otherwise, he couldn't have refined such a scary Great Sage tool.

Suddenly, the word 'demon' hazily transformed into a big demon. It then opened its mouth like a sacrificial bowl, and rushed down towards Ye Xiwen to bite him.

The master who had inscribed this word in the tablet must've possessed incomparably dreadful skill and understanding of dao... thanks to which he had created such a tablet.

"This is bad! This man of the Law Enforcement Hall is despicable... He was hiding a Great Sage tool up his sleeve. It seems that Younger Brother will suffer a loss this time!" Yang Wen Jun was present on the nearby Hidden Star Peak. He became very anxious as he looked at Ye Xiwen in the sky.

There was a great shortage of sage tools for the experts who had recently entered the sage realm. However, it was a completely a different thing for Yang Wen Jun and Deng Shui Xin. Hidden Star Peak didn't have too many members. However, there were only two words that could describe their background - 'deep' and 'strong'.

The benefit of this unfathomable background was visible in the sense that many sage experts of past generations had left behind many sage tools for them to choose from.

However, a Great Sage tool was a completely different thing. After all, it had the power to suppress ferocious sage experts. These two didn't have the qualifications to possess such a tool; only Bai Jian Song possessed one. However, it didn't mean that they didn't have any knowledge about it. They also knew that this Great Sage tool was so dreadful that Ye Xiwen might suffer a crushing defeat.

Deng Shui Xin was standing on the side; she didn't say anything. However, her face also exposed a worried look. Though, Bai Jian Song didn't look so anxious. Instead, he smiled as he said, "Not necessarily... Younger Brother has always been wise. He has always had all kinds of schemes up his sleeve. So, I don't believe that he won't have any contingency plans."

Yang Wen Jun and Deng Shui Xin let out a sigh of relief after they heard Bai Jian Song's words. They might not believe their own eyes. However, they believed those of Bai Jian Song.

"Ye Xiwen, grab it. The Heavenly Source Mirror would instantly evolve into a Great Sage tool if it swallowed this Demon Inscribed Tablet!" Ye Mo's excited voice suddenly echoed in Ye Xiwen's ears.

Ye Xiwen became hyped-up. He had tried many methods in these last years in order to evolve the Heavenly Source Mirror into a Great Sage tool. In fact, he had even tried many variations of those methods. However, all of them had turned out to be vague and futile. Therefore, the Heavenly Source Mirror hadn't transformed even a bit.

An ordinary Great Sage expert couldn't make a Great Sage tool. It could be crafted only by the powerful Great Sage experts who possessed extremely profound cultivation. Ye Xiwen knew that he would always fall short of making such a thing. After all, his cultivation was very inferior at present. It didn't matter what he thought... It was simply impossible for a sage expert to craft a Great Sage tool.

All of the methods he had come up with had turned out futile.

However, he couldn't have expected that he would hear Ye Mo saying that there was a way for the Heavenly Source Mirror to make the breakthrough, and become a Great Sage tool. Therefore, he was overjoyed to hear this.

He firmly looked at the Demon Inscribed Tablet.

The Demon Inscribed Tablet suddenly began to shake. It shook violently, and plenty of words rippled out from inside. These words destroyed the void in an instant, and emitted endless rays of light as the tablet smashed down towards Ye Xiwen.

"Insignificant technique... Bring it on!" Ye Xiwen shouted disdainfully. Then, a big hand stretched out, and suddenly grabbed the tablet... It seemed as if he had grabbed a wing dangling down from the sky.

"Bang!" the sound of a giant explosion was heard along with a metal clanging sound. The Demon Inscribed Tablet suddenly shook, and the sounds of vibrations spread in all directions.

A string of blood drops flew out in the air. It was Ye Xiwen's blood... A wound had been opened in his hand, and blood had splashed out when he had fiercely grabbed at the Demon Inscribed Tablet just now.

He was left dumbstruck... This was the first time that he had sustained injuries in this fight with Cao Yuyu so far. In fact, it could be said that he hadn't sustained injuries since a very long time. He also hadn't used the magical 'Phoenix Regeneration Technique' since a long time. The last time he had sustained injuries was when he had faced a Great Sage expert whose strength was far superior to his. However, he hadn't sustained injuries since a long time while facing other opponents of the same level. And, the situation was same even when he was facing Cao Yuyu who was a heaven's pride expert from the Law Enforcement Hall.

He had practiced his 'gilded tyrant form' to the seventh layer. So, his body had become tough to an incredible degree. He had certainly sustained injuries at this time. However, it wasn't that his 'gilded tyrant form' was weak. Instead, it was due to the fact that this tablet was way too tyrannical.

Ye Xiwen was stunned by this, but Cao Yuyu was even more surprised; so much so that he almost couldn't conceal what he was feeling. Ye Xiwen was left dumbstruck because his 'gilded tyrant form' had been destroyed by this tablet... But, Cao Yuyu was even more surprised...

Ye Xiwen didn't know this… But, Cao Yuyu was well-aware of that fact that he had been lent this incredible tablet only for an hour. He must return it to Me Sheng Jie once the time was up.

This Great Sage tool was so dreadful that it could grab the stars, seize the moon, destroy the heaven, and extinguish the earth. However, Ye Xiwen had grabbed at it with his bare hands, and hadn't been crushed into pieces while doing so!

The wound on Ye Xiwen's hand was neither worth mentioning nor worth paying attention to. It was simply a joke. After all, was such a tiny wound worth making any fuss about?

It was indeed a trivial wound.

However, Cao Yuyu still became excited when he saw that Ye Xiwen had sustained injuries. The present situation wasn't like earlier when all of his attacks had looked insignificant in front of Ye Xiwen... They hadn't had any effect on Ye Xiwen. In fact, it had seemed as if an ordinary person had been punching a wall... It had no use apart from hurting oneself.

However, his attack had caused an impact on Ye Xiwen this time. So, this had roused his spirits.

The Demon Inscribed Tablet pressed down towards Ye Xiwen once again under Cao Yuyu's control. It transformed into a huge demon in an instant, opened its mouth like a sacrificial bowl. Then, it smashed down towards Ye Xiwen to swallow him.

"Demon flames in the heavenly paradise within the starry sky!"

This big demon was made up of an incomplete Great Sage tool. So, it revealed the faint might of Great Sage realm in its attacks.

An ordinary sage expert would've been screwed if they had come across it. After all, it was simply impossible to contend against such a Great Sage tool. However, Ye Xiwen could even grab and kill an expert of initial stage of Great Sage realm if he summoned the star colossus avatar. Therefore, he didn't need to be afraid of it.

Ye Xiwen had already decided to grab this Demon Inscribed Tablet since he wanted Ye Mo to swallow it. Therefore, he stretched out a hand without any hesitation. It transformed into a big and fiery hand, and swept towards the Demon Inscribed Tablet to grab it.

Ye Xiwen opened his mouth, and spouted a few mouthfuls of Primary Essence in succession. The Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand became even bigger after absorbing his essence... Even its imposing aura became vaster. Ye Xiwen's body was very tough. However, the recent bleeding in his hand had allowed him to conclude that he still lacked strength when it came to contending against a Great Sage tool. Therefore, he had increased the might of his Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand by immersing some of his own Primary Essence into it.

However, Ye Xiwen's complexion had become deathly pale. The fact was that it wasn't a small thing for him to spout so much Primary Essence. It could even damage his source! Very few experts would use such a move. And, even these few experts wouldn't do so unless they were in a critical situation.

However, Ye Xiwen's complexion became florid once again within a split second. The cry of phoenix was faintly emitting from his body... The 'Phoenix Regeneration Technique' was at work!


The violent collision caused a huge turbulence in the entire world. Ye Xiwen's big hand had finally clutched the Demon Inscribed Tablet!

"You're very stupid. This Great Sage tool has been especially refined by Senior Brother Mu. You think someone like you can hold it? You're courting death! It's courting death no matter how profound your cultivation is… or how formidable your body is!" Cao Yuyu burst into laughter. It seemed as if he was seeing Ye Xiwen's moment of death. He was unceasingly changing the hand-seals.

It seemed as if that Demon Inscribed Tablet was receiving a big stimulation as Cao Yuyu changed the hand-seals. It had started to emit incredible rays of light, and it seemed as if it would definitely set itself free from Ye Xiwen's grip.


Ye Xiwen's blood splashed out, and sprinkled all around. Even the golden divinities were mixed with it. Everyone's eyes became wide open as they saw this scene. [Ye Xiwen hasn't sustained injuries in the entire fight. But, he's being repeatedly injured by the Demon Inscribed Tablet now. Blood is gushing out from his hand like a hurricane... Could it be that Cao Yuyu's admonishing remark is valid? Is it true that Ye Xiwen is overestimating his capabilities? Is he following the path of his doom?]

"Humph! It's just a divine tool, and he dares to be so arrogant?!" Ye Xiwen coldly snorted. He then raised his arm against the wind, and endless divinities rushed along his hand like a great river... The majestic divinities gathered in his palm. They then transformed into a god-spirit, and suppressed the tool spirit that was present inside the Demon Inscribed Tablet.

The fact that the tool spirit of the Great Sage tool had been suppressed meant that this Great Sage tool had finally fallen into Ye Xiwen's hands.

Ye Xiwen's blood was dripping little by little through his wrist, and falling onto the ground. His blood was a treasure... Even the weeds would transform into 'elixirs' if a few drops of his blood fell onto the ground. His blood was miraculous!

The Demon Inscribed Tablet issued a sharp demon-like scream with the unceasing influx of Ye Xiwen's divinities into it. It was obvious that it was in extreme pain because it had been completely suppressed by Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen's blood was still gushing out at a frightening speed. However, there was still a smiling expression on his face.

"How is this possible?! You…" Cao Yuyu looked incredulously at Ye Xiwen's hand. Ye Xiwen's hand hadn't been disintegrated by the Demon Inscribed Tablet. On the contrary, it appeared as if the Demon Inscribed Tablet had been suppressed by it.

"He he… this Demon Inscribed Tablet is mine!"

However, Ye Xiwen's voice hadn't even fallen when a scary energy surged out from inside the Demon Inscribed Tablet. Then, a majestic and sacred power swept out in a flash.

(To be continued)

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