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"I hadn't expected Ye Xiwen to be so outstanding. He's a rarely seen evil genius!" Zhao Feige's vision turned ice-cold as she said, "However, it's very unfortunate that people like him become unstable elements in the True Martial University."

"Such people must be eradicated if they're of no use to us. Anyone who comes in the way of our grand plan must die!" The black-clothed elder narrowed his eyes. The expression inside his eyes had become even colder.

Meanwhile, everyone exclaimed in unison as they saw that Cao Yuyu had already attacked. His speed was extremely quick. His attack had arrived in front of Ye Xiwen almost in a split second.

Ye Xiwen could feel the crazy vibrations happening in his devil wings. His golden divinities which had enveloped his wings vibrated even more... just like his body. Cao Yuyu's big hand pierced his body in that instant, and his entire person collapsed... like an afterimage.

Cao Yuyu's complexion instantly changed when this happened. After all, he hadn't expected that he would fail to grab Ye Xiwen once again. He was sure that he had caught Ye Xiwen off-guard this time. So, he couldn't have expected that he still wouldn't grab him.

"Your speed is slow!" Ye Xiwen's ice-cold voice came from behind Cao Yuyu. "You can try as many times as you want. However, it'll be in vain."

Then, Ye Xiwen shot his Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand. It blotted out the sky and covered the earth as it smashed down. He had already cultivated his Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand to a perfect condition. However, only genuine experts could tell that Ye Xiwen had perfected this technique.

The strength of this attack was very terrifying. It seemed as if the clouds in the sky had burnt, and fallen down onto the ground whilst crazily breaking the void.

The expressions in everyone's eyes had changed. Each chunk of these burning clouds possessed the same might as the full strength attack of an expert of the initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm. Those experts of half-step Great Sage realm might have the power to destroy one of such clouds. However, the massive attack range of so many clouds was simply overwhelming. They wouldn't be able to deal with it.

It seemed as if the king of initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm was disdainfully showing off his powers.

Ye Xiwen's hand gave off the feel of doomsday. It had suddenly shrouded the area in a radius of dozens of miles. Even the 'spirit energies' that came in contact with it got exploded in an instant. It was an extremely dreadful scene. Ye Xiwen's martial power was shockingly profound. Nobody could've thought that he possessed such strength.

They simply hadn't expected that they would be worried for Cao Yuyu. After all, everyone had believed that this would be an entirely one-sided battle. However, their imaginations had been subverted after only the first confrontation.

Cao Yuyu reacted when the hand was about to grab and extinguish him. His speed was extremely quick. He flew away, and streaked to the horizon just like a white lightning.

Then, Cao Yuyu suddenly turned around, and assumed an awe-inspiring stance. He then suddenly gaped, and a long and blazing river surged out of his mouth. This river launched attacks in all directions. In fact, this burning river had sourced from the inexhaustible 'Real Elemental Energies' that were burning inside him.

This vast ocean had condensed from Cao Yuyu's Real Elemental Energy! And, it had started to pour down at this time!

Everyone's facial expression spoke the same thing; [Cao Yuyu is going all out!]

Everyone felt ridiculous as they got to this conclusion. [Shouldn't Ye Xiwen be the one going all out? How come Cao Yuyu is going all out at this time?]

One was a heaven's pride expert of half-step Great Sage realm, while the other was that of Sage Small Perfection realm... There was a big contrast in power between the two. So, one could've told who was weak and who was strong without even looking at them.

There had apparently been no need to draw a comparison since everyone had been certain about one person's chances. And, that person had been Cao Yuyu in the beginning. However, Cao Yuyu was presently going all out in order to fight back against Ye Xiwen.

Cao Yuyu again shot his big hand after he had spouted the long river condensed from his Real Elemental Energy. The endless river of Real Elemental Energy got absorbed by the big hand. Then, that jade-like big hand smashed down in a flash to grab Ye Xiwen.


Everyone felt as if the world was swaying. A dreadful force had swept out from the collision between two terrifying attacks. The violent shock had distorted the space. The people that saw this became worried as they didn't know when it might suddenly collapse.

Ye Xiwen's expression turned cold. He knew that Cao Yuyu had attacked with his entire strength. Cao Yuyu had been completely suppressed by Ye Xiwen in terms of strength. Therefore, it was obvious that he would go all out this time.

"It's truly a fierce strike. However, it's still not enough!" Ye Xiwen realized that his own offensive had been instantly defeated, and the Control Crane Seven Divine Hands was about to grab his body.

He had already cultivated his 'gilded tyrant form' to the seventh layer. So, the toughness of his body had reached to an unimaginable extent. His every move had the power to destroy the stars. It was exceptionally dreadful.




Ye Xiwen stood unfazed in the face of the overwhelming Control Crane Seven Divine Hands. His Real Elemental Energy immediately surged out. It blew against his clothes, and issued fluttering sounds. Simultaneously, it transformed into countless sword energies, and emerged out from his body.

The sword energies emitted from every pore of his body. In fact, Ye Xiwen looked like a huge porcupine since his entire body was protruding spikes.




Each bit of sword energy crashed onto the Control Crane Seven Divine Hands, and issued dreadful sounds of explosion.

The Control Crane Seven Divine Hands looked robust initially. But, they were soon eliminated under the unexpected and violent raid of the numerous sword energies. Not much power was left in it after it had collided with Ye Xiwen's Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand. Consequently, it suddenly collapsed at this time.

The Control Crane Seven Divine Hands that seemed to possess illustrious might a moment ago had already disappeared by now. Not a bit of it was left since it had been wiped out by Ye Xiwen's sword energies.

Ye Xiwen strode out step by step. It seemed as if every step he took would shorten the sky... It seemed like he was shrinking a great distance into an inch. He had already arrived near Cao Yuyu along with a golden light.

He suddenly shot a punch, and the Big Bang Stardust Fist swept out unhindered.


It seemed as if Ye Xiwen's fist had broken the pillars that were supporting the Heaven since the vast sky collapsed all of a sudden. Simultaneously, an incomparably dreadful rumbling sound reverberated.

The Big Bang Stardust Fist was a fist technique that itself possessed ample amount of attacking power and murderous aura. It could nearly disintegrate the world.

Cao Yuyu's advantage of speed had also disappeared in front of Ye Xiwen. In fact, it seemed as if Cao Yuyu didn't have any speed since he couldn't even think of displaying this formidable advantage in front of Ye Xiwen.

Cao Yuyu's innate talent was considered outstanding in the entire world. Moreover, he had also obtained treasures over various adventures. However, Ye Xiwen had Ye Mo's assistance. Therefore, he had the assistance of an old monster which had followed the Devil King on expeditions for many years. And, Ye Mo was the only one of his kind in the entire world; there was no one like him.

Cao Yuyu's complexion had turned pale with fright since Ye Xiwen had unexpectedly and suddenly arrived in front of him. And, this had obviously caught him off guard. Therefore, Cao Yuyu promptly retreated. He must go as far as he could from Ye Xiwen's attack range. However, Ye Xiwen obviously wasn't going to allow his enemy to escape. He would never spare an enemy… nor would he allow them to make a comeback. So, he rushed forward, and chased after Cao Yuyu.

Ye Xiwen didn't delay in any respect, and didn't allow Cao Yuyu to escape.

Anyone with discerning eyes could see that Cao Yuyu was hugely disadvantaged in terms of speed at this time. Cao Yuyu's strength could be regarded at the peak in his realm. And, his speed was even faster.

However, his speed looked nothing in front of Ye Xiwen's, and he had completely fallen into a disadvantageous position. Cao Yuyu's speed had reached to the extreme. However, it could be said that it was fast, but not the fastest.

Cao Yuyu had failed to overpower Ye Xiwen in other aspects after he had fallen into a disadvantageous position in this aspect. And, that had led to the current situation.

"What kind of magical power is this? It's very hard to imagine that there is a martial arts technique that can surpass the agility skill of Control Crane Seven Divine Hands. It is true that the agility skill of the Control Crane Seven Divine Hands is merely an accessory skill. However, it's a top-tier agility skill. It is enough to be compared with the top-tier agility skills of our True Martial University. In fact, it is above them in all aspects. Otherwise, Mu Sheng Jie wouldn't have majored in this technique. However, it has repeatedly failed in front of a Sage Small Perfection level expert like Ye Xiwen. This is truly unbelievable!"

Someone said this whilst sighing with emotion. This was also what the majority of people were thinking at this moment. It felt way too terrifying. It seemed as if Ye Xiwen's speed had no upper limit. It could be said that the more Cao Yuyu's speed increased, the more his opponent's speed increased as well. Ye Xiwen had constantly suppressed Cao Yuyu in terms of speed. So, nobody could tell the real upper limit of his speed.

"Damn it! You've left me no choice but to use this!" Cao Yuyu secretly cursed. He suddenly stopped inside the void, and stood steadily. Then, he emitted endless divine beams. They spread all around overwhelmingly, and soon shrouded the entire sky.

"You're gravely mistaken if you think that this will work!" Ye Xiwen coldly snorted. Then, a big hand suddenly stretched out. It grabbed those divine beams, and pinched them to explode.

However, a huge stone tablet fell down from the sky before Ye Xiwen could carefully examine what was going on. It was exuding an enormously powerful coercion. It seemed as if it would completely crush Ye Xiwen.

The word 'demon' was engraved on top of this tablet. And, it was exuding a strange demonic light. It seemed as if a great demon had resurrected in an instant. And, that demon's ominous demonic eyes were seemingly staring at Ye Xiwen in a firm manner.

Ye Xiwen's complexion changed when he saw this. This was an incomplete but top-tier Great Sage tool. It was surely incomplete. However, it had displayed the power to extinguish the world.

Someone exclaimed loudly from the side-lines since they had recognized the origin of this stone tablet.

"Could it be that so-called 'Demon Inscribed Tablet'? Isn't it one of those 'Demon Repellent Tablets'? Indeed... It's the 'Demon Inscribed Tablet'. The legends say that Mu Sheng Jie had obtained two 'inscribed tablets' from an ancient ruin. The two words are individually inscribed on them — 'Demon Repellent'. And, the two tablets combine to form an incomparably formidable Great Sage tool. Moreover, it's a top-tier Great Sage tool. I had never expected that Mu Sheng Jie would be so fond of Cao Yuyu that he would've even lent the Demon Inscribed Tablet to him."

Everyone's complexion suddenly changed. All of them had started to believe that Ye Xiwen would win. However, they suddenly felt that Cao Yuyu's chances of winning were bigger now. After all, the disparity between a Great Sage tool and a sage tool was similar to the difference between Great Sage realm and sage realm.

There was an essential disparity. It was merely an incomplete Great Sage tool. However, it could still annihilate a senior sage expert with ease. Ye Xiwen had continuously displayed magical powers and incredible strength. But, even a person like him couldn't be a match for a Great Sage tool.

Ye Xiwen's expressions had naturally become solemn the moment he had seen this Demon Inscribed Tablet.

(To be continued)

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