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The accuracy and speed of Ye Xiwen's last attack had deeply impressed those Great Sage experts who were watching the fight. Otherwise, they wouldn't have asked what kind of magical ability Ye Xiwen had practiced in such an anxious manner.

One must know that each of them was an experienced and knowledgeable old monster; after all, they were Great Sage experts. It could even be said that the roads they had travelled so far were longer than the lifetime journey of many experts.

They had even seen many ancient magical powers. However, they had failed to understand when it came to Ye Xiwen's magical ability... They couldn't see through the origins of Ye Xiwen's current agility technique.

However, they didn't know that Ye Xiwen's devil wings ability would be regarded as an old magical power, but wouldn't be regarded as an ancient one... even in the Devil World! It was an incredible ability which had been developed by the previous devil king when he used to be famous back in the day. So, it wasn't something they could comprehend…

Moreover, the devil wings had been changed beyond all recognition after Ye Xiwen had cultivated and transformed them for such a long time. Furthermore, he had unceasingly modified this technique so that it could be more compatible with his human form of cultivation methods. In fact, he had used his mysterious space to deduce all kinds of subtleties of the devil wings.

He didn't want to transform into a person that was half-human and half-devil like those people of the Devil Worship Cult. A half-human and half-devil body might not be a big concern for those experts who were extremely eager to attain greater power. However, Ye Xiwen wouldn't be able to stand it if he got transformed into a non-human freak.

Cao Yuyu looked at Ye Xiwen with an incredulous expression. There was a complicated expression in his eyes at the moment. He had been just a bit careless a moment ago, and Ye Xiwen had taken advantage of it. Ye Xiwen had immediately launched a killing move, and nearly killed him in that instant.

However, Cao Yuyu was also an experienced person. After all, he had followed Mu Sheng Jie on an expedition for many years. And, it wasn't known how many battles of life or death he had experienced. Therefore, he was able to suppress his astonishment very quickly.

"Well, I wonder if I have the qualifications now," Ye Xiwen grinned and said.

Cao Yuyu's complexion turned very ugly. Ye Xiwen had mocked him by repeating what he had said a moment ago... that Ye Xiwen didn't have enough qualifications.

"I was just a bit careless; that's all. Do you think you'd get another opportunity of this kind?" Cao Yuyu replied. His figure suddenly disappeared as soon as he was finished speaking. Then, his divine power suddenly rushed out, and arrived in front of Ye Xiwen the very next moment. He then unfolded the Control Crane Seven Divine Hands, grabbed endless 'spirit energies', and overturned them upon Ye Xiwen.

"Crash-Bang!" Countless golden divinities began to boil on Ye Xiwen's body. They then surged out when the Control Crane Seven Divine Hands were about to grab his body in order to kill him. After that, they condensed into a pair of golden wings, and shrouded Ye Xiwen completely.


The Control Crane Seven Divine Hands rumbled on top of the pair of wrapped golden wings, and produced a mushroom cloud.

The dreadful shock waves swept out swirling in the air, and vibrated the surrounding space. The sound of explosion dissipated in all directions.

Ye Xiwen's devil wings had revealed their complete form. Those experts of half-step Great Sage and Great Sage realm opened their eyes wide to see Ye Xiwen's devil wings. All of them tried to guess the origin of his devil wings… [It's definitely the magical power of Gods or Devils.]

"You can't break my magical power. Your Control Crane Seven Divine Hands doesn't even come close!" Ye Xiwen burst into laughter. The devil wings used to be the outstanding skill of the Devil King in the past. The Control Crane Seven Divine Hands was also an outstanding technique. However, how could it be compared with the devil wings?

"Whoosh!" Ye Xiwen's devil wings transformed into a sea of endless thunder and lightning. The wind power and thunder power were boiling therein. The wind power and thunder power suddenly formed a wind hand and a thunder hand respectively. Then, the two big hands interlocked in the sky just like two dragons, and soared towards Cao Yuyu to grab him.

Cao Yuyu had sharp eyes. So, he naturally knew how dreadful these wind and thunder powers were. Their destructiveness was enormous. There weren't many experts who would want to encounter these two powers at once.

Pure-white wings suddenly unfolded behind Cao Yuyu, and he disappeared into the void. However, the speed of wind and thunder powers that were chasing him also increased more and more, and they chased him to the depths of the void. Both wind element and thunder element were famous for their incomparably fast speed.

Their speed didn't slow down under Ye Xiwen's control, and they continued to chase Cao Yuyu.

Ye Xiwen believed that Cao Yuyu didn't have any place to hide even if he had disappeared into the void. Ye Xiwen's control over the wind and thunder powers had reached to a satisfactory degree after his cultivation of the devil wings had gone up by one level. He could now manipulate the wind and thunder powers to chase down Cao Yuyu.

Everyone hadn't been able to see the proceedings clearly at first since these two fighters were extremely fast. However, they were clearly seeing what Ye Xiwen was doing now. Consequently, they were left dumbstruck on the spot. After all, they hadn't expected that they would get to see such a scene.

Cao Yuyu was being chased by Ye Xiwen like a stray dog! He had fallen into a disadvantageous position after their first clash itself. He didn't even have the power to fight back in front of a junior expert like Ye Xiwen whose realm was far inferior to his.

Ye Xiwen had unexpectedly gained the upper hand. What the hell was happening in this world?

Were they dreaming? Or had this world gone insane?!

It wasn't that they hadn't seen exceptions to these rules before. However, a Sage Small Perfection level expert competing against an expert of initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm… and still gaining an upper hand was the kind of thing that probably only Ye Xiwen could pull off. Moreover, it wasn't some ordinary expert of the initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm... It was a heaven's pride expert! Cao Yuyu had also been a famous heaven's pride expert some time ago. However, he was being chased like a dog right now!

This world had become too crazy!

Cao Yuyu also felt that the big wind and thunder hands were getting increasingly close from behind. So, he bellowed in anger, "Ye Xiwen, do you think that I won't be able to deal with you because of this move of yours?"


However, his angry roar got suppressed by the sounds of the dreadful explosions caused by those superposed big hands of wind and thunder.

The wind and thunder powers instinctively caused destruction and collisions right after being unleashed by Ye Xiwen. It seemed for a time as if there was no other sound present in the entire world…

"Has Cao Yuyu died?"

Someone couldn't help but blurt out. However, he had only said what the majority of the people were thinking after Cao Yuyu had been patted by Ye Xiwen's two big hands. [Has Cao Yuyu died?]

The dust settled. Then, a human's shadow appeared before everyone's eyes whilst the destroyed void restored at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

Everyone was surprised to see that Cao Yuyu was flapping his wings. Endless 'spirit energies' had condensed into dao talismans in order to form a huge shield in front of his body. Consequently, those explosions hadn't been able to approach his body.

However, the resolute people also noted that Cao Yuyu's complexion had clearly turned paler than before. It was obvious that the recent explosions had caused him some injuries. And, he wasn't as relaxed as he was showing from outside.

"Unstable elements like you must be eradicated. The True Martial University can restore to its former glory only after it has been united under Senior Brother Mu's leadership. Why can't you understand this? Why... why do people of your kind always appear? Damn it!" Cao Yuyu's complexion turned sinister and fanatical. Then, it became cruel again.

Ye Xiwen looked at Cao Yuyu again. However, there wasn't an expression of disgust in his eyes anymore. These people must be loathed. However, they indeed had a lofty goal that Ye Xiwen couldn't hope to attain. After all, Ye Xiwen wasn't thinking about the True Martial University's rejuvenation at present.

And, that's because… this wasn't something that could be achieved by one person alone. After all, True Martial University's emergence was accompanied by the sacrifices of countless ancestors and rains of blood. The road to its glory was paved with the bones of those who had sacrificed themselves…

Similarly, the True Martial University's decline was also accompanied by the deaths of countless ancestors who had been defeated in the war. Anyway, its rejuvenation wasn't something that could be achieved by a single person… or a small group. After all, the situation of the rival forces like Xuan Yuan Palace Hall had changed now even though they used to tremble in horror under the True Martial University at one point of time. They had become very strong now. In fact, they had become as huge a force as the True Martial University.

There was no need for the current Ye Xiwen to think about this matter as per his current strength. However, there was a chance that he might think about it in the future. But, that was again a matter for the future.

However, the look in Ye Xiwen's eyes turned even more determined. His killing intention didn't decrease. [He won't do. He and I have different paths. We can't work together!]

[They may have a great goal. But, can it still conceal their hegemonic ideology of 'if not my friend then foe'?]

[That big traitor Wang Jing Wei had defected to the enemy in the past life. And, he didn't necessarily have the intention to use this method to preserve the nation. However, he was unable to conceal his traitorous nature.]

Moreover, Ye Xiwen didn't believe that Mu Sheng Jie was suitable to be the one to take a stand if there truly was a need for doing so… [Even Big Brother Huang Wuji is more suitable than him!]

Besides, Ye Xiwen wasn't just an ordinary enemy of the Law Enforcement Hall's. After all, they had this 'if not my friend then foe' classification method. In fact, he was their arch enemy... someone who must be eradicated. And, he would remain a sworn enemy to them until he died. Therefore, Ye Xiwen had no other choice but to cut a bloody path out of the battlefield!

Cao Yuyu seemed to have gone crazy. He incarnated a mountain-sized giant crane, and stretched out its slender legs towards Ye Xiwen in order to crush him.

This was like trampling the world! A powerful claw grabbed the chaos itself. It seemed as if it would re-assemble the elements of Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind, and recreate the world.

The huge claw rushed to grab Ye Xiwen who was flying in the sky.

"Bang!" That claw grabbed the devil wings that had wrapped Ye Xiwen with massive power. It seemed that it possessed infinite might as it shook Ye Xiwen's devil wings. Countless 'spirit energies' surged about crazily as a result. That claw couldn't shatter the devil wings' flawless defence. But, it still managed to open up a gap in it.

It had happened for a split second. However, even a split second could decide the outcome of a battle for these top experts. In fact, it could even decide the outcome of a military campaign.

"It's over. Ye Xiwen, you're finished. You're going to act as a stepping stone, and witness Senior Brother Mu's glory!" Cao Yuyu's face looked incomparably cruel. His figure suddenly disappeared... And, he had already attacked Ye Xiwen from the front when his figure reappeared the next moment!

(To be continued)

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