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Their mood had turned exceptionally conflicted as they looked at Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen was like a supercar that raced at a lightning speed. They couldn't overtake him no matter how fast their speed was.

Ye Xiwen had advanced by leaps and bounds every time he reappeared after disappearing for a certain period of time. It seemed as if he hadn't made progress this time since he had suppressed his cultivation. However, they found him even more dreadful and unfathomable than before.

Everyone had made great progress in these three years of heritages. The ten individuals that had obtained the heritages had advanced by leaps and bounds. It now seemed that their dazzling brilliance would shroud the entire universe.

These people were the kings among the sage experts. They were the so-called sage kings. After all, each of them was strong enough to sweep away a large number of sage experts.

Many sage experts began to fly out of the Great Gas Collar after these ten individuals emerged. It was the time for the Great Gas Collar to be closed once again now that the heritages of the Great Gas Building had ended. The Great Gas Collar would be blockaded by the poisonous gas now, and people would have to wait until the next time it would open.

The demon beasts that had been previously suppressed by the Great Gas Collar were also about to wreak havoc. So, nobody wanted to stay here for another hundred years, and fight with these ominous demon beasts.

"Humph!" The sound of a cold snort resounded just like thunder. And, an incomparably tyrannical divine sense swept down from above. It swept past the crowd, and soon locked upon Ye Xiwen's body.

"Great Sage!"

Everyone's face turned pale with fright. All these sage experts held a very high position in their respective star fields. In fact, they could be considered as the kings of their regions. However, this was true only as long as they didn't come across a Great Sage expert. After all, not even a team of a hundred Sage Accomplished level experts could defeat a Great Sage expert. This was the so-called difference between quality and quantity.

Therefore, even the most arrogant and violent ones among these people tried to not provoke a Great Sage expert as much as possible. In fact, they usually wanted to stay as far away as possible from a Great Sage expert.

Everyone knew about the gravity of a 'Great Sage Encirclement'. Everyone's complexion had turned deathly pale. After all, it wasn't that the Great Sage experts had never intercepted people outside in order to rob their treasures.

It had happened only on a few occasions. However, this didn't mean that it could never happen.

They found out that a tyrannical divine sense had swept past their bodies, and had locked upon Ye Xiwen's body.

Everyone understood that this senior Great Sage had arrived for Ye Xiwen. Therefore, they felt relieved. They also became curious as to how Ye Xiwen had managed to provoke a Great Sage expert to such an extent. After all, this Great Sage had personally arrived here at the edge of the Great Gas Collar to deal with Ye Xiwen.

Someone who was familiar with the people of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' quickly revealed the grudges between Ye Xiwen and the 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' to everyone. And, everyone was stunned by this. After all, they hadn't anticipated that there was a mortal enmity between Ye Xiwen and the 'Dominating Heaven Dojo'. However, what had stunned them even more was the fact that Ye Xiwen had managed to escape from the hands of a Great Sage expert even after offending him. This was simply a miracle.

"This man is done for. He was running amuck everywhere in his arrogance, and had ended up offending a Great Sage. He has no way out of this."

"What a pity! This man is so powerful. He must've obtained some big treasures. And, he must be carrying a lot of them on his person. However, all his wealth will be robbed by the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' now."

Ye Xiwen had realized that it was the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' right when that divine sense had swept down upon him. The Lord of the 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' had been waiting for him outside since the last few years. But, this was just as Ye Xiwen had expected.

"Ye Xiwen, why would you provoke the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo'?" Xiao Yuan Yuan looked at Ye Xiwen in shock. "You shouldn't have come out so early. You should've cultivated inside for another hundred years. He might not have kept watch here for that long even though he is hateful."

What Xiao Yuan Yuan had just said was a defensive method. It was also the method that an ordinary sage expert would use when they encountered a Great Sage. After all, shouldn't one just hide if they couldn't defeat the adversary?

"I can hide for a while. However, can I hide for a lifetime?" Ye Xiwen grinned. "Hundreds of years would pass in hiding. And, I'd just end up wasting my time, and would eventually die. This Lord is dead-set on pursing revenge. So, I will give him the fight he so desires."

"Ye Xiwen, you're the one for whom this old man has come," the voice of the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' resounded in the space. His voice had burst out like a thunderclap, and had proliferated in all directions.

Everyone was staring at Ye Xiwen. But, it seemed as if they were looking at a dead man since he was being targeted by a Great Sage expert. After all, they felt that he wouldn't be able to reverse this situation no matter how many tries he got. He couldn't avoid death no matter what! Whatever he might try would be futile.

Some people were feeling pity for Ye Xiwen. They didn't know what heritage he had obtained. However, it would be in vain now.

"You better not think of escaping. This old man has been waiting for you since several years. I had laid out a trap. And, I was waiting for you to walk right into it. You had ruthlessly killed my disciple for some enmity that you and he had. So, don't think about escaping today!" the Lord of the 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' had almost roared this out.

"He considered everyone beneath him. He was used to being arrogant and despotic. Even death can't wipe away his crimes," Ye Xiwen coldly snorted. He didn't show any weakness as he replied.

Ye Xiwen trod forward after he said this. He transformed into a golden light in an instant, and then soared forward in the space with the vigor of a dragon and the ferocity of a tiger.

Everyone was staring at Ye Xiwen in a daze. They didn't know what they should say. They couldn't decide if Ye Xiwen was courageous or stupid. After all, he knew that this Great Sage expert must've laid out a trap outside. However, he had still dared to rush out.

However, nobody had seen that Ye Xiwen had already transformed his figure inside the golden light. Ye Xiwen's eyes didn't look as profound as they generally used to at this moment. However, they had become deep red.

Ye Xiwen had been replaced by the star colossus's avatar in an instant. It was just that he had transformed the avatar into a human form. Now, it wasn't a difficult thing for him to access a portion of the Star Colossus's secret powers.

He couldn't reveal the main body of the star colossus at this time since it could've caused a big uproar.

But, he was kind of excited in his heart. A Great sage expert! He had never fought a Great Sage expert.

Perhaps, he would've scared a lot of people to death if he had declared his desire to fight a Great Sage to everyone. Most people generally tried to stay away from Great Sages. But, Ye Xiwen was looking forward to fighting with one.

"How audacious... No wonder you have dared to kill my disciple," a sneering sound proliferated from above. Ye Xiwen raised his head to see. It was a middle-aged man. He was dressed in magnificent clothes, and had a beard across his entire face; this made him look like a dragon. He looked wanton and unrestrained. His face exposed a fierce look at this time.

"One doesn't need courage to kill a dog like him," Ye Xiwen sneered as he shook his head and said. He didn't appear afraid as he looked straight at the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo'. In fact, it seemed as if he was looking at a dead person or something.

"Ye Xiwen, it seems that the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' has made a lot of effort to catch you. He has arranged lots of matrix formations in the vicinity," Ye Mo laughed grimly. His voice even carried traces of disdain.

Ye Xiwen glanced around. A group of sage experts had arranged incredible barriers in the surrounding space in order to entrap him. They had indeed made a lot of effort.

Most people couldn't think of escaping if they came across such a battle formation. Even a Sage Accomplished level expert couldn't imagine escaping from this. On top of that, a senior expert of initial stage of Great Sage realm like the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' was standing guard here.

However, the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' might not have anticipated that Ye Xiwen had no intention of escaping. On the contrary, Ye Xiwen wanted to fight with him.

The complexion of the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' turned ashen when he heard Ye Xiwen's reply. "You little bastard! It seems that you haven't yet understood that you're facing a Great Sage expert. You are intensely proud of your strength. However, ants will forever remain ants in my opinion. It doesn't matter if they can move things that are several times heavier than their weight. I can trample you to death whenever I feel like. Even a hundred Sage Accomplished level experts can't contend against a Great Sage expert."

The Lord of the 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' stretched out a big hand with full force after he said this. The big hand swept towards Ye Xiwen to grab him. It spread in all directions just like an inescapable net. It then grabbed and crushed the space.

This place wasn't in the territory of the Great Gas Collar. So, there obviously weren't any limitations on this Great Sage here. He was waiting outside for Ye Xiwen because of this reason alone. After all, he was afraid of the Great Gas Collar's rules.

"Ye Xiwen is screwed. The Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' is going to butcher him. It's such a pity. An outstanding genius is going to perish inside this tight encirclement. He has obtained a heritage only recently. However, he won't get enough time to make full use of it since he is going to die now."

Many of the experts who had gone inside the Great Gas Collar had gathered here at this time. However, they hadn't dared to approach closer. Instead, they were just watching from afar. There were some who felt pity for Ye Xiwen. However, there were many who looked happy. The majority of people in the world are like this. They often find their happiness in someone else's suffering.

"Is that all you've got?" Ye Xiwen laughed disdainfully. He then launched his figure, and soared up. He unfolded his wings and soared high up just like a legendary giant bird. His golden figure tore through the space. He grabbed the big hand of the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo', and ripped it apart with ease.

There was no delay whatsoever. In fact, it had seemed as if he had torn a useless piece of paper. It was an extremely terrifying scene.

"How is this possible?!" The Lord of the 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' had thought that he would crush Ye Xiwen's martial arts with ease when he'd arrive. So, he felt very surprised at this time.

He couldn't believe that Ye Xiwen had shattered his attack. After all, he clearly remembered that this man had barely managed to escape from his attacks a few years ago. Moreover, this man had only been able to save his life because he had entered the Great Gas Collar. So, the Lord of the 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' hadn't expected that Ye Xiwen would be able to break his attack within such a short time.

However, it was rather obvious that this had also happened because he hadn't attacked with his full strength. After all, the saying 'a hundred Sage Accomplished level experts aren't a match for a Great Sage expert' wasn't bogus.

He could catch and kill a group of ants like him even if he had just effortlessly stretched out his hand. The only thing that had made him a bit afraid during their previous encounter was Ye Xiwen's extremely fast speed. After all, Ye Xiwen had managed to escape at that time. His incredible speed had saved him from being crushed by a Great Sage expert!

The Lord of the 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' had laid out an elaborate trap this time because of this very reason. He had thought it to be a foolproof arrangement. However, he hadn't expected that Ye Xiwen wouldn't choose to escape this time around. Instead, Ye Xiwen had opted for a head-on confrontation this time. Moreover, he had even destroyed this Great Sage's martial attack.

"This is Great Sage? It's nothing special." Ye Xiwen trod through the void. He was surrounded by a golden light which made him look like a Golden God of War. And, defeating that attack of the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' with ease had added a bit more grandeur to his divinities.

Countless experts were watching from afar. They became scared in their hearts when they saw this scene. [This is Great Sage? It's nothing special.] Who would dare to say such words in this situation? Even the peerless Heaven's Pride Experts who had the best chances of reaching the Great Sage realm wouldn't dare to say such words.

(To be continued)

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