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The Sage Small Perfection realm turned out to be a logical breakthrough in this way. It had indeed happened in a matter of fact manner. However, only Ye Xiwen knew how many hardship he had faced for this to happen. In fact, he had barely managed to survive through it. He hadn't reached to the centre yet. However, he wasn't far.

It had taken him almost three years in the Great Gas Building to complete this trial.

Yes, that's right. Ye Xiwen had been in the Great Gas Building for three years. He himself didn't know how much time had passed. However, Ye Mo had been keeping track of the time. It had taken Ye Xiwen three years to cover this remaining one-third distance!

This distance wasn't very long. However, a great change had occurred in Ye Xiwen's imposing aura. Therefore, he didn't regret it even though he had to invest three years' time here.

His soul had been transformed little by little… just like the water slowly turns into ice below zero degree temperature. It was a qualitative change.

Completing the transformation of soul was the most important step towards entering the Great Sage realm. And, Ye Xiwen had achieved this step in advance. Therefore, the remaining process had become much simpler. A logical breakthrough into the Great Sage realm would only be a matter of time. Moreover, his chances of entering the Great Sage realm had increased enormously.

He had completed the transformation of soul, and had solidified it. And, his cultivation realm had also benefited from this by making advancement to the Sage Small Perfection realm. Moreover, his fighting prowess had made the breakthrough into half-step Great Sage realm.

Initially, he had anticipated that his fighting prowess might not make the breakthrough into half-step Great Sage realm even if he broke into the Sage Small Perfection realm. It was merely half-step Great Sage realm. However, it contained the two words 'Great Sage'. Therefore, it was very different from the sage realm. But, his body had acquired some characteristics of Great Sage realm following the transformation of his soul. Therefore, his fighting prowess had also made the breakthrough into the initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm.

"Bang!" Another burst of aura soared into the sky. It had burst out from the Heavenly Source Mirror that was inside Ye Xiwen's body. The bloody aura had gotten mixed with Ye Xiwen's aura, and rushed out. Then, it began to boil in the void.

The blood slave had also made a breakthrough just now. It had been stuck at the Sage Accomplished realm for a long time. But, it had finally made the breakthrough at this moment. Ye Xiwen had thought that the blood slave must continue to absorb the soul of the Star Colossus in order to make the breakthrough. However, the blood slave had also made a breakthrough since Ye Xiwen had made a breakthrough. The blood slave was closely connected to Ye Xiwen. In fact, it could be regarded as his avatar. The fact that its deity had completed the transformation of his soul had directly influenced the blood slave that was inside the Heavenly Source Mirror. Consequently, the blood slave had also made the breakthrough into the initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm.

However, this wasn't the most important thing. The most important thing was that the blood slave could now manipulate the corpse of the star colossus to display the dreadful power of the initial stage of the Great Sage realm.

Moreover, his safety factor would increase significantly after having the support of the Star Colossus's avatar.

"Ye Xiwen, have you decided whether you want to fully integrate the blood slave into the star colossus and craft an avatar? But, you won't be able to summon the blood slave separately in the future if you do so," Ye Mo said.

Ye Xiwen had discussed with Ye Mo that he would fully integrate the blood slave into the star colossus and craft an avatar once the blood slave had made the breakthrough into half-step Great Sage realm. The advantage of doing so was that the blood slave would be able to fully control the star colossus. In fact, it would be like the reincarnation of the beast. So, it would be an entirely different thing from when the blood slave would merely enter the body of the star colossus in order to manipulate it.

Moreover, it was possible that the blood slave would display the strength of the initial stage of Great Sage realm after getting merged with the star colossus.

"Yes!" Ye Xiwen nodded. The blood slave wouldn't appear alone after it had been fully integrated into the star colossus. Only the Star Colossus would appear. However, the Star Colossus would become more than just a shell-avatar like it used to be in the past. Its strength would also increase significantly.

Ye Xiwen didn't hesitate any further since the matter had already been decided. He immediately began the sacrificial process.

He was sitting cross-legged in the middle of the void. The star-colossus's corpse began to float inside the Heavenly Source Mirror. Then, the blood slave emitted a burst of blood-light, and slowly started to integrate into the star colossus.

Ye Xiwen was the creator of the blood slave, and the blood slave's mind was linked with his. Therefore, he was feeling as if he himself was getting integrated into the star colossus.

Ye Xiwen could feel every inch of the meridians, every cell, and every bit of the muscles throbbing within the Star Colossus's body. These were the vital essences of life.

Initially, the blood slave had merely latched itself onto the Star Colossus's body. Therefore, it could only roughly control the Star Colossus's body. However, it had thoroughly integrated into it this time. So, this was entirely different.

This was the only way if he wanted to use the Star Colossus's body as freely as he would use his own arm.

He felt that he had gotten control over the entire body of the Star Colossus within a split second. He had obtained control over it within an instant! And, this was an entirely different kind of feeling from having just its shell-avatar.

Suddenly, the Star Colossus opened its red eyes. It was exuding an ominous energy from its body. A wave of divine sense swept out of its body, and cracked a section of the void inside the Heavenly Source Mirror.

Ye Xiwen had finally fused the blood slave into the star colossus!

"Very good! It can display the strength of the initial stage of Great Sage realm now!" Ye Mo was very pleased to see the Star Colossus inside the Heavenly Source Mirror. He just waved his hand, and that crack disappeared from the interiors of the Heavenly Source Mirror.

He was the God inside the Heavenly Source Mirror. Even a Great Sage expert couldn't escape if he fell inside it. Back then, the soul of the Star Colossus had also fallen into his control like this.

Xiao Ya was sitting cross-legged inside a bloody enchantment not far away. Her aura was fluctuating. She seemed to possess an overwhelming power. However, her appearance hadn't changed even a bit even though five or six years had passed. She hadn't turned into a Young Miss yet. She still looked an eight or nine years old child. Time hadn't left any trace on her body.

However, Ye Xiwen wasn't surprised by this. Nothing had changed in all those years he had taken her along. Her appearance had stayed the same as it was on the day he had met her for the first time. So many years had passed. However, she still looked the same. Nothing had changed.

However, this was true only for her appearance. She had advanced by leaps and bounds from before in terms of strength. She had already entered the truth realm. She had neither tempered herself hard, nor had she used huge amounts of resources to boost her cultivation. She had smoothly entered the truth realm just by meditative cultivation. Ye Xiwen envied this kind of talent.

Xiao Ya was very sensible. She knew that Ye Xiwen had gone out for an expedition. So, she didn't disturb him. Instead, she had merely continued to cultivate in seclusion.

She had continued such a boring cultivation routine for so many years because she thought that she could be of assistance to Ye Xiwen one day.

Ye Xiwen ordered the blood slave to make the Star Colossus perform an action. A claw stretched out, and the entire horizon inside the Heavenly Source Mirror broke down into fragments. It was an exceptionally terrifying scene. Ye Xiwen felt a kind of unforeseen power surging inside its body. It flowed out from the beast's inner core, and circulated throughout its body.

This was the power of Great Sage realm. There was a difference of Heaven and Earth between this power and the power of sage realm.

"Now, you don't need to be afraid even when that damned Lord of the 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' appears in front of you." Ye Mo spoke up like the pot-stirrer he was. "The Lord of the 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' must be waiting for you outside. So, it would be better if we go now, and get rid of him. Gee, let's make him the best stepping stone for your new Great Sage realm strength."

Ye Xiwen hadn't reached the Great Sage realm himself yet. However, the fact that the Star Colossus possessed the fighting prowess of that realm meant that Ye Xiwen possessed it as well.

Ye Xiwen heard this point clearly from inside the massive head of the Star Colossus — the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' certainly wouldn't give up. He must be waiting outside to kill him. So, he could only avoid the siege of the 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' if he stayed hidden here for his entire life.

However, this was impossible. He couldn't stay in the Great Gas Collar for his entire life. This was because it stayed open for only four years every time that it opened. And now, those four years were almost up.

There was no way that the Lord of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' wasn't aware of this fact. Therefore, Ye Xiwen was assured that he must be waiting for him to come out. And, he was like to have many experts of 'Dominating Heaven Dojo' along with him.

Ye Xiwen hadn't even said anything when the entire world began to shake around him. The black void in his surrounding began to disintegrate bit by bit. It then disintegrated, and fell apart into pieces just like glass.

The heritages of the Great Gas Collar had concluded!

Ye Xiwen instantly arrived inside the light pillar seat where it had all begun. Countless gazes surrounded him at this moment. The contest for the seats had already ended, and the 10 individuals had already appeared here. However, a great number of experts were still present here. They were eager to find out what kind of heritages these 10 experts had obtained.

The heritages could be of various kinds and categories. It could be a secret martial arts book, some rarely seen heavenly treasure, or even some divine tool. Everything was possible. Nobody knew what these experts had obtained. And, this had added to their curiosity.

However, Ye Xiwen found out that he hadn't obtained any heritage apart from the 'heritage space' of the Great Gas Building. He had utilized the majority of three years' time in passing through the area of that powerful coercion. The time was too short. So, he simply hadn't gotten enough time to think about those heritages that he might have been able to obtain. However, he didn't regret his choice. This represented the so-called saying 'you get back on the roundabouts what you lose on the swings'. He indeed hadn't obtained any heritage. However, he had completed the most crucial step for entering the Great Sage realm.

Therefore, he didn't regret it. The so-called gains and losses depend on one's perspective. And, he believed that he hadn't had any losses. So, he obviously hadn't lost anything.

Ye Xiwen had suppressed a portion of his martial power in order to bring down his fighting efficiency to Sage Accomplished level when that void had collapsed. He had done so because people with strength above sage realm weren't allowed inside the Great Gas Collar. They would be obliterated if they appeared.

Ding Tong and Xiao Yuan Yuan were standing far away; they hadn't left this place either. They became overjoyed when they saw Ye Xiwen emerge. They also hadn't wasted time in these three years. Ding Tong had already entered the Sage Accomplished realm. She had changed significantly from before. On the other hand, Xiao Yuan Yuan hadn't made the breakthrough into Sage Accomplished realm. However, she wasn't far from it either.

The relation between the two women had improved because of Ye Xiwen. They weren't in a state of mutual hostility like they used to be when Ye Xiwen had met them for the first time.

The expression in their eyes became even more complicated when they looked at Ye Xiwen. They hadn't made small progress in the last three years. However, they still couldn't see through his cultivation.

Ye Xiwen's aura had become even vaguer; it seemed deep and incomprehensible.

(To be continued)

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