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Ye Xiwen swept his knife-like sharp gaze across those three men. However, it seemed from the look on their faces that they weren't reluctant to give up. They had fought to make their way here. Moreover, all three of them were outstanding geniuses of their generation. So, they weren't the kind that would be willing to give up like this.

The tenth seat had remained unoccupied till now. And, this was because none of them had been able to sweep it away so far since there was only a small difference between their strengths.

Ye Xiwen's slim figure looked exceptionally grand at this time. He had awed these outstanding heroes like a venerable overlord. He had killed three experts of Sage Accomplished realm after his arrival. In fact, one among them was a guardian. This had made everyone even more terrified and apprehensive.

However, these accomplishments had increased his charm even further.

Those three men could see that Ye Xiwen was insanely powerful. Therefore, they had no choice but to withdraw even though they weren't willing to do so. None of them was sure that they could defeat Ye Xiwen. They were rivals of the same level. So, they might be able to defeat each other, but killing was out of the question. After all, which Sage Accomplished level expert didn't know a way or two to save their life? However, that tiger-demon beast had been effortlessly killed by Ye Xiwen. And, this had shaken them to their core. They had realized that they could also lose their lives if they continued to compete for the seat.

Ye Xiwen watched those three men retreat. Then, his figure swiftly reached beside the light pillar, and slipped inside it.

All ten seats had been occupied now. Rings of gentle light emitted from the top of the Great Gas Building, and enveloped all the ten seats as soon as Ye Xiwen entered the light pillar.

Everyone looked at these 10 individuals with envy. They knew that each of these 10 individuals was going to obtain a heritage. But, these people didn't know what kind of heritage each of these individuals would get. However, it had to be incredible no matter what it would be…

Ye Xiwen felt as if a flower had blossomed before his eyes. Then, he suddenly found himself arriving inside an incomparably mysterious dark void. Countless luminous spots were littered across the entire space.

There were many luminous spots. Some of them were emitting dazzlingly bright rays of light, while some were emitting weak light. Some of them were twinkling brightly like the stars in a starry sky. On the other hand, some of them were dark like the dark stars in the universe; their brightness was too feeble to be visible.

"Is this the space where the heritage is? Then, all these luminous spots must be the heritages," Ye Xiwen quickly realized. These luminous spots might be various martial arts techniques. They could also be heavenly treasures that don't appear on normal days. They could also be sage tools… or maybe even Great Sage tools.

Ye Xiwen shot a glance across the entire void; it appeared like a huge galaxy. The luminous spots closer to the centre were the brightest as well as the biggest. In fact, it seemed that some of them had been dazzling since eternity.

The ones in the peripheral regions of the void appeared smaller. He saw and realized that it would be better if he moved closer to the inner regions of the void.

He didn't hesitate any further, and launched forward. He transformed into a streamer of light, and flew towards the centre. However, he was cautious as well. He was vigilant towards the other people who must've appeared here to receive their respective heritages. After all, they had also proven themselves after passing through many battles. And, they also possessed incredible power. But, he soon found out that he was alone in this big space. There was no one else. This cooled down his mind.

However, he then realized that a tremendous force was pushing him outward, and was preventing him from going deeper. In fact, he felt as if a gigantic force was engulfing him with every step that he took to forge ahead.

He had managed to cover two-third of the void by now. However, he couldn't move even a step further towards the remaining one-third.

He was a bit stunned by this. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that his strength was at the pinnacle of the sage realm. However, he had barely managed to cover two-third of the distance. Could it possible that only Great Sage experts could obtain the heritages here?

However, this couldn't be the case because the people with strength above the sage realm weren't allowed at this place. This meant that the Great Sage experts weren't allowed to come here. So, this wasn't logical.

"Ye Xiwen!" Ye Mo appeared beside Ye Xiwen with a scholar-like appearance. This scholar's face looked strange and demonic at the moment. It looked weird regardless of how one looked at it. "This could be a big opportunity for you to break through to the Great Sage realm.

"It won't be an overstatement to say that this is a genuine treasure," Ye Mo glanced at the void before his eyes and said, "Ye Xiwen, do you know the biggest difference between Great Sage realm and sage realm?"

"Yes! Sage realm and Great Sage realm involve the process of a person's transformation. Sage realm involves the transformation of a person's body, and Great Sage realm involves transformation of their soul — thereby accomplishing the perfect transformation," Ye Xiwen naturally knew about these differences. One mustn't think that the difference between sage realm, Great Sage realm, and legendary realm wasn't very big. After all, there was a difference in the very essence of one's being between the three realms.

"That's right, it transforms the soul. That is hundred or thousand times more difficult than the transformation of body. This is why there are only a few Great Sage experts. It will be far more difficult for you to enter this realm than an ordinary person. After all, your soul is hundred times more congealed than that of an ordinary person. Therefore, it will be extremely difficult to transform it," Ye Mo explained.

Ye Xiwen nodded. It would always be more difficult for him to make a breakthrough than an ordinary person… whether it was the body or the soul. However, this place could help him with his quest to level up. Therefore, it was impossible for him to give up on it.

"The coercive pressure here is the best way to sharpen your soul. I think you will complete the transformation of your soul if you manage to reach the central region. After that, making the breakthrough into half-step Great Sage realm would just be a matter of time."

Everything became clear before Ye Xiwen's eyes as he heard this. He had been worrying over the difficulty of crossing the Great Sage realm's barrier. And, the most crucial thing for that was completing the transformation of soul.

[Ye Mo's words seem very logical. I can use the coercion of this place to complete the transformation of my soul. And, this is perhaps the real treasure of the Great Gas Building!]

Ye Xiwen didn't hesitate any further, and stepped forward. However, he suddenly felt as if his soul was being suppressed. He felt as if some heavy object was pressing against his chest.

This coercion was invisible. However, it had caused an impact on the depths of his soul. This kind of coercion was similar to the pressure applied by a sage expert on a legendary expert. It wasn't affecting his body. Instead, it was directly exerting pressure on his soul, and this was even more dreadful. In fact, a formidable expert could make a weak expert lose the will and ability to fight solely depending upon this kind of suppressive force.

However, it ultimately depends upon how strong the willpower is on both sides. Even a weak person can break the evils of the world with just a bellow if their willpower is strong enough.

Ordinary souls simply wouldn't dare to get close to such a strong-willed person.

For instance... this coercion wouldn't work on those awe-inspiring ancient scholars whose minds were like mirrors. After all, their minds wouldn't allow any external afflictions to affect them.

Ye Xiwen didn't use his Real Elemental Energy because he knew that this coercion was only suppressing his soul. And, this meant that he couldn't resist it using his Real Elemental Energy.

Ye Xiwen could feel the coercion directly impacting his soul. A single step seemed like a great distance... as if he had to reach the edge of the world. Each step was like a natural moat that he must cross.

He didn't know how many times he had failed in taking this one step.

Time passed gradually. An entire day had passed by the time he finally completed that step.

However, this was only the first step of a big journey.

He had moved just one step forward. However, he felt as if his soul had transformed a bit. There were too few Great Sage experts in the space as compared to that on macrocosms like the True Martial World. This was because the transformation of soul required the supply of an enormous amount of external forces. So, one needed to draw support from the worldly forces. However, there were very few worldly principles in the space as compared to that in macrocosms. And, this was true for the powers of principles as well.

Therefore, the number of Great Sage experts in the space was far less than that in macrocosms. Generally speaking, a person must choose some big world if they wanted to reach to the Great Sage realm. After all, the rate of success would be greatly improved if one did so.

However, this coercion was tempering his soul instead of the usual power of worldly principles found in macrocosms. Every second and every minute felt like an eternity. However, he didn't slack even a bit. After all, Great Sage realm would be within his grasp if he managed to pass this trial.

This task became increasingly difficult as he went deeper. And, his pace decreased constantly as a result. Moreover, his movement also became stiffer. This coercion wasn't causing any impact on his body. However, it was still affecting his movement since it was suppressing the depths of his soul.




Ye Xiwen was unceasingly panting. He didn't know for how long he had been walking. It seemed like an eternity. Moreover, it was getting increasingly unbearable with every passing second.

He would get drenched in sweat, and then that sweat would get evaporated. Then, his entire body would get covered with sweat once again. This process continued unceasingly.


"I must persevere!" Ye Xiwen was unceasingly shouting in his mind. But, even his voice was getting somewhat muffled.

The unimaginable coercion was attacking Ye Xiwen's soul unceasingly. However, he didn't have any way to ponder over it as he had already fallen into a state of daze.

The weakness of soul leads to the weakening of the control over one's body to a great degree. The exhaustion of his soul had left Ye Xiwen to feel much more tired than how he would've felt with an exhausted body. Ye Xiwen used to regain his fighting prowess with the help of his incredible willpower whenever he got exhausted at a physical level. However, his exhaustion of his soul had made it difficult for him to obtain the willpower to fight back at this time.

He was gradually approaching the centre… step by step. And, it seemed that he was reincarnating with every step that he took. The closer he reached, the sturdier his soul became. However, he also had to face increasingly strong coercion as he progressed.

He could feel that his soul was almost ready to complete a kind of leap. Therefore, everything would go in vain if he gave up now. He must achieve the complete transformation.

He was only lacking by a little bit.

"I won't fall here!" Ye Xiwen shouted. Every step was exceptionally difficult for him. However, it was also a brilliant opportunity to temper himself.

"Bang!" It wasn't known how much time had passed when Ye Xiwen finally took the last step. But, a startling change occurred in his soul as a result. His 'Real Elemental Energy' began to boil rapidly like water. And, the imposing aura condensed on his body made a breakthrough within a split second.

This breakthrough was bound to happen. Ye Xiwen had previously believed that it would be very difficult to make the breakthrough into Sage Small Perfection realm. However, this breakthrough had happened by itself since his soul had been transformed over the course of this trial.

(To be continued)

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