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"How could this happen? Are my eyes deceiving me…? Or has that guardian really been defeated by Ye Xiwen?"

There was a period of dead silence. After that, the experts that had stayed here to watch the fight suddenly went in uproar. After all, they hadn't anticipated that they would witness such a scene.

No one could believe this scene before their eyes. Everyone felt like they were going insane. A few people had defeated a guardian of the same realm in the past. However, no one had managed to kill one until now. This was simply unprecedented.

Ye Xiwen and Hong Jun had been fighting at a very fast speed. Therefore, these people hadn't been able to see clearly. They had only been able to see two peak figures fighting crazily in the sky. The two figures had exchanged a hundred blows whenever they had collided, and this had made it very difficult for these people to track their movements.

But, the fight had ended by now. And, everyone could clearly see that Hong Jun had died at Ye Xiwen's hands. This scene was extremely shocking. It had shaken everyone to the core.

Hong Jun almost hadn't had the power to fight back, and had perished quickly at Ye Xiwen's hands. A lot of people had become terrified when they had realized this. After all, this guy was extremely fierce.

Some people had wanted to curry the guardian's favour. However, Ye Xiwen killed them once he was done with the guardian. This was an event that could pierce the heaven. It was unprecedented!

Ye Xiwen didn't delay after he killed Hong Jun. He immediately rushed towards the Great Gas Building. The vast area surrounding the Great Gas Building had been divided into 10 regions by those 10 light pillars. And, 9 out of the 10 seats had already been occupied after a bloody battle. 9 extremely ferocious experts were sitting upright inside different light pillars at this time. Each of them was a domineering powerhouse. Each of them had the energy to swallow the mountains and rivers. Each of them looked like a ferocious lord that could dominate an entire region.

Ye Xiwen's eyes swept across the entire region. He was surprised to see two familiar faces here — the white-clothed young man and the Zhuyan Ape. The seven other people were also extremely powerful and ferocious.

Each of them possessed a world-shaking and murderous aura. In fact, it wouldn't be an overstatement to say that their vigour could encompass the entire universe.

Many experts were standing at a distant place. These were the ones who hadn't participated in the contest. However, they were staring at these 9 individuals with a complicated look in their eyes at this time. These 9 individuals were the representation of the most dreadful fighting prowess at this place… until the tenth individual appeared. They appeared aloof and detached from the worldly affairs. Their appearance hadn't scared the others. Instead, the spectators had started to admire these 9 people.

The fighting prowess exhibited by each of these individuals was far greater than that of an ordinary expert of Sage Accomplished realm. In fact, they could explode an ordinary expert of Sage Accomplished realm with just one punch; it was simply nothing for them.

Each of these senior experts was eminent and unapproachable. They had reached here after passing through numerous bloody battles. The other people could only watch these 9 individuals. But, they didn't dare to budge them.

Everyone's gaze was fixed on the tenth seat at this time. The fight to capture it had reached the superheated stage by this time. Many people had been fighting for that seat initially. However, only a few of them had remained by now.

"I want the tenth seat!" Ye Xiwen's figure penetrated the void, and arrived in the region of the tenth seat in an instant.

He had carried an incredibly imposing aura along with him. And, his ice-cold vision was fixed on those remaining 4 individuals. All of them were exceptional experts of Sage Accomplished realm. And, each of them possessed stunning imposing aura. They had been exhausted after fighting for such a long time. However, they had quickly restored their energy by taking advantage of the time when Ye Xiwen was speaking. These experts possessed profound martial power. So, they only needed some respite to restore their exhausted energy.

"Who do you think you are that you've dared to come here to compete for the seat?!" a giant tiger demon beast fiercely said with an ominous glint in its eyes, "I can see that you have exuberant vitality. So, it would be better if you obediently become my meal."

Ye Xiwen's exuberant vitality was surging about. He had hidden it deep inside. However, it could still attract these bloodthirsty ominous beasts.

"Are you sure you want to treat me as your prey?" Ye Xiwen narrowed his eyes, and replied with a wink.

"Do I want to consider you as a prey? What are you talking about? You're just an insignificant expert of sage realm peak. And, you still have such arrogance? Don't consider us four contenders to be as trashy as that Ran Hong Bin," the tiger-demon beast opened its mouth and replied. Its voice echoed inside everyone's ears like the sound of a big bell.

"This works out just fine. I happened to need a robe made of tiger skin," Ye Xiwen sneered. He didn't show any hesitation as he shot a punch.

He knew that many experts had arrived here to compete for that particular seat. So, it was impossible to force them to give up with just a few words. In fact, the use of his fist was the only way to let them know who the boss around here was…

Ye Xiwen attacked with his entire strength. The iron sword in his hand soared to the sky, and issued an inexhaustible sword beam. It transformed into a massive sword dragon, and burst forth. It lashed towards the tiger-demon beast while sweeping everything in the way.

Every pore in his body emitted sword energy. His understanding of sword intention had already reached to an unfathomable extent. He had brandished his sword like a Sword God. And, the sword intention wreaked havoc wherever it went. It was as if it ruled the fate of all living things. The cycle of life and death had manifested inside this sword attack along with the perpetual flow of time.

The tiger-demon beast roared in fury. And, a vast land appeared behind it. It was the King of this boundless land. It ruled this piece of boundless world. It was the violent overlord of this world!

This world expanded everywhere in an overwhelming manner. It then overturned upon Ye Xiwen with overwhelming momentum. However, Ye Xiwen's boundless energy rushed over while sweeping everything in its path like a dragon, and counterattacked.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's sword dragon smoothly broke into that boundless world with irresistible force. It then wreaked havoc everywhere. Consequently, that world was destroyed in an instant. However, Ye Xiwen's sword dragon sank into the ruins of that world, and got strangled to death.

Both sides emitted dazzling rays of light. In fact, it seemed as if the starry sky had exploded. Dreadful shock waves swept out, and the other three competitors evaded one after another. It was evident that they didn't wish to come in contact with those shock waves.

The tiger-demon beast was extremely tyrannical. It was a different kind of demon beast. In fact, it could be considered as the King among the demon beasts. So, it wasn't surprising that it was extremely ferocious, and had dared to look down on Ye Xiwen.

Ran Hong Bin had been extremely tyrannical in other people's opinion. However, he was a mere piece of trash in this demon beast's opinion.

It ought to have the most powerful strength among the four remaining contenders for the last seat. It wasn't necessary that the most powerful one would have the final laugh. After all, it was possible that other 3 contenders could join hands against it. However, it still had ample confidence.

The experts who were standing at a distance were also geniuses of the sage realm. Otherwise, they wouldn't have dared to arrive at the Great Gas Building at such a time. However, they could only watch from a distance. After all, they didn't have enough qualifications to compete for the seat.

Only one person could obtain the heritage in this contest of dozens of people. The cruelty of this competition was unimaginable.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't stop for a second. He took advantage of the moment when he shattered the world of that tiger-demon beast, and trod forward. His figure emitted a golden flash, and he arrived in front of that tiger-demon beast. Then, the sword-light swept out like a dragon.

"Ding!" Ye Xiwen's long sword opened a bloody seam on the body of the tiger-demon beast, and made its blood splash out.

However, this attack couldn't kill it. The tiger-demon beast took the advantage of this situation, and moved away from Ye Xiwen's reach. Both sides were left in shock. Ye Xiwen had been stunned since he hadn't anticipated that this tiger-demon beast's body would be so tough. After all, Ye Xiwen had failed to cleave it into two halves.

However, the tiger-demon beast was indescribably shocked as well. After all, it had tempered its skin to a great extent. In fact, its skin could be compared to a sage tool. However, blood had splashed out from its body in just one sword attack. This had gone beyond its imagination.

Just a trace of surprise had flashed in Ye Xiwen's eyes. Then, his figure moved like lightning, and he brandished the iron sword in the sky. The sword energy criss-crossed everywhere, and soared to the sky. It then rushed towards the tiger-demon beast.

The tiger-demon beast suddenly let out a loud roar. And, the boundless world that had been destroyed by Ye Xiwen reorganized. Then, that grandiose world crashed down towards Ye Xiwen. This was the embodiment of the tiger demon beast's artistic conception. It could reorganize this world at any time as long as it wished to do so. This means that it didn't need to worry as long as its martial arts cultivation was intact.

"Swoosh!" The long sword shattered the space, and cut open this boundless world. Then, Ye Xiwen took advantage of this moment, and stormed into that world.


Ye Xiwen's iron sword suddenly struck the body of the tiger-demon beast. That tiger-demon beast's figure was like a small mountain. However, its speed was far slower than that of Ye Xiwen. In fact, the speed at which it was moving was simply nothing in comparison to Ye Xiwen's.

The iron sword unleashed heaven-startling sword beams. These sword beams then penetrated into the tiger-demon beast's wound. It must be said that these strikes were insanely accurate; they didn't miss the point even a bit. In fact, it seemed as if the attacks had been calculated by a computer.

The sword strikes entered the wound one after another, and prevented it from healing.

Hundreds or thousands of sword strikes had entered the wound within a moment.

"Roar!" the tiger-demon beast screamed in pain. It wanted to escape. However, would Ye Xiwen give it such an opportunity?

He suddenly slashed his sword in the sky, and it turned into countless sword-lights. Then, these sword-lights joined to form an incredible sword beam in the void, and smashed down upon the body of the tiger-demon beast.

"Puchi!" The tiger-demon beast was cleaved into two by the sword beam, and it died a tragic death on the spot.

The sight of this outcome left everyone dumbstruck. It seemed that they couldn't believe this. After all, they had believed this tiger-demon beast to be the most powerful contestant for the tenth seat. However, it had been killed by Ye Xiwen's sword attack. This had subverted all of their anticipations.

Everyone had been scared by this outcome. In fact, they were so scared that they didn't even dare to say anything. Many people had become aware of Ye Xiwen's monstrous strength upon witnessing his previous fight. However, it was known to all that the tiger-demon beast was a top-tier powerhouse.

Therefore, even the people who were most optimistic about Ye Xiwen hadn't thought that he would be able to kill the tiger-demon beast so effortlessly.

There was a pin-drop silence on the scene at the moment.

"I want this tenth seat. Do you three have any objections?" Ye Xiwen stared at those three remaining contenders.

(To be continued)

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