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Gong Yan Jia waved his big hand, and it transformed into a map in the sky. It was the map of Evil Corpse Mountain Range. A few dangerous spots that had been previously explored by people were marked on this map.

Ye Xiwen knew that Gong Yan Jia hadn't shown the complete version of the map. Even so, Ye Xiwen had gotten a better idea of the Evil Corpse Mountain Range. Therefore, he wasn't in the dark like he used to be. After all, he didn't even know where to go some time ago…

Ye Xiwen couldn't help being emotional. What was the worth of heritage? Those with solid heritage would always be much superior to a 'random cultivator with no background'. After all, they had come from a deemed sect, and possessed an inheritance as a result.

It was the same as the children of officials and entrepreneurs in his previous life. An ordinary person wouldn't be able to compete with them even if the competition was fair. After all, the starting point wasn't the same for elites and commoners.

Ye Xiwen was far away from the True Martial World at this time. So, he couldn't enjoy the resources and information that had been accumulated for thousands of years by the True Martial World. So, there was no difference between him and a 'random cultivator with no background' at the moment. Gong Yan Jia had revealed enough information for him at a time when he was in the dark.

Everyone became relaxed after they had seen the map. And, they didn't complain after that!

"Ye Xiwen, this map may not be too reliable!" Ye Mo said.

"Maybe not. But, it's still much better than being in the dark!" Ye Xiwen replied.

Everyone flew into the depths of the Evil Corpse Mountain Range after the map's issue had been resolved. They could frequently see experts like themselves rushing into the depths of Evil Corpse Mountain Range. It was obvious that all of them had obtained the news about the depths of the Evil Corpse Mountain Range.

Most of these experts were at the Sage Small Perfection realm. However, there was no shortage of Sage Great Perfection level experts among them. They might not be as formidable as Ye Xiwen and the other people of this team. However, they weren't weak either.

Their teams also fought several battles; some battles were against the few other teams, while some were against the zombies that were wandering inside the Evil Corpse Mountain Range.

The human experts and demon beasts that had transformed into zombies after their death were also present among these zombies. Everyone had become scared when they had seen this scene for the first time. These zombies were very formidable. However, they weren't scared of these zombies. Instead, they were scared of this Evil Corpse Mountain Range since it could turn exceptional powerhouses into mindless zombies. There had been a very few cases in normal places wherein an ordinary person had transformed into zombies after their death. After all, it was possible only at the right place and under the right circumstances. However, it was a completely different deal at this place. This place was rich in the negative Yin energy, and this negative energy could directly transform the powerhouses into zombies upon their death.

"Roar!" suddenly, a roar came from under the ground where everyone was standing. A big hand swept out of the ground, and moved towards Ye Xiwen's foot to grab it.

It was an incomparably pale and rough hand.

Ye Xiwen didn't hesitate to stamp down his feet. The ground shattered in an instant, and cracks opened in the surrounding space.

That big hand suffered a fracture. However, Ye Xiwen became somewhat speechless. He was amazed by the hardness of this hand. He knew well that he possessed tyrannical strength. It wouldn't be an overstatement if it was said that he could easily crush a mountain. However, this hand had withstood his strength. It had only suffered a fracture. This was a miracle. This proved that these zombies had very tough bodies. They were still very difficult to deal with.

Ye Xiwen had understood that these zombies were very ferocious during his time on the demon island. Moreover, they were outside the bindings of the Three Realms and Five Elements. It could be said that these zombies were the very definition of trouble.

These zombies were different from the zombies that had been ordinary people before transformation. These zombies were extremely powerful experts before their deaths. Some of them had been sage experts before their death. Therefore, these zombies would be even more troublesome.

However, Ye Xiwen had merely thought about this. His actions hadn't slowed down because of these thoughts. He stamped his foot, and released a very incredible force downwards. The entire ground trembled. His golden divinities permeated into the ground, and shattered the zombie that had been preparing to mount a sneak attack on him.

These zombies were the most troublesome. It was clear that this zombie used to be an expert who had arrived to explore this place, but had died instead. And, his corpse had transformed into a zombie thereafter. Everyone felt a little bad for that expert after realizing this. After all, they had also arrived here to explore like him. They also wanted to obtain that legendary secret.

Everyone continued to move ahead. They came across the surprise attacks of a few zombies from time to time. All of these zombies were very powerful. Even a Sage Great Perfection level zombie appeared once. These experts had to collaborate in order to resist that zombie. However, it still had been very hard for them to resist it. Finally, Ye Xiwen timely moved into action, and took down that zombie.

These zombies must've been powerful when they were alive. However, now they were just a bunch of walking corpses that had no soul or consciousness.

These zombies would've given birth to resentful spirits within themselves if they were to be placed in the outside world. And thus, they would become another kind of intelligent creatures. However, it seemed that their resentful spirits had been suppressed by the Great Gas Collar. So, there was no sign of such phenomenon. It seemed that they were acting on their instincts.

These zombies were wandering alone. However, they were present in abundance. In fact, there were too many of them. This team possessed incredible strength, but it still took them three full days to reach the depths of the Evil Corpse Mountain Range where the huge tomb was situated.

The entrance to the huge tomb was surrounded by candle lamps. It seemed that they had been burning since ancient times. They had been burning since countless years, and still there was no sign of them being extinguished…

Ye Xiwen felt a chill by just looking at that green glow.

"Luxurious, it's so extravagant!" Ye Mo said. "These candles have been ignited from the corpse oil of above Great Sage realm zombies. Therefore, they haven't blown out even though they had been ignited thousands of years ago. The zombies are beyond the three realms and five elements. And, the corpse oil in their bodies has such characteristics!"

"Those small zombies that are outside won't dare to come close because these candles have been ignited from the corpse oil of Great Sage level zombies!" Ye Mo explained.

[Used the corpse oil to ignite the candles that guard against the corpses?!] Ye Xiwen felt numb.

Ye Xiwen nodded. Not a single zombie pursued them after they had entered the vicinity of this place. It was evident that they were afraid of this place.

Ye Xiwen also noticed that all the tyrannical auras that he had been sensing up until now had been lurking at this place since everyone was waiting for the tomb to open.

Probing visions immediately appeared after the arrival of Ye Xiwen and his team. Obviously, their attitude wasn't good towards these people who had arrived to compete with them.

"Humph!" Gong Yan Jia coldly snorted, and shattered the probing visions and divine senses. He occupied a place, and began to wait in silence.

Ye Xiwen and the other people didn't say anything. Their map had indicated that this must be the entrance of the tomb. This was a time to recover for them. They had consumed too much Real Elemental Energy while killing those zombies on the way.

However, these things weren't enough to make Ye Xiwen worried. These people were undoubtedly ferocious. However, they were only at the Sage Great Perfection realm. So, he wasn't afraid of any of them.

Several masters of matrix formations were unceasingly trying to break down the tomb's pre-installed matrix formation which was laid down in its front.

A team of dozens of people came from the sky treading on their flying lights. They were headed by a man. He stood holding a sword. He was dressed in a magnificent robe, and had bright and handsome facial features. He appeared to be around 20 years old. Drops of green-colored blood slid down from the tip of his sword. It was the blood of those zombies. It was clear that he had recently killed some zombies. He looked very intimidating.

The young man cast away the several men that were behind him after he landed. He then confronted those masters of matrix formation, and asked, "What's wrong? Why have you still not cracked it?"

"Young Lord, this matrix formation is very hard to crack. However, we should be able to crack it within half-days' time!" one of the masters of matrix formation turned around, and replied.

"You people are useless; you're so slow!" that man resentfully snorted, and said. His imposing aura permeated the surroundings at the same time. He was an expert of Sage Accomplished realm. His imposing aura contained a warning for the experts that were staring at him.

A Sage Accomplished level expert possessed more tyrannical strength than an expert of Sage Great Perfection realm. In fact, A Sage Accomplished level expert could take on a bunch of Sage Great Perfection level experts at once. However, there weren't only a few experts of Sage Great Perfection realm present on the scene. Instead, groups of such experts were arriving one after another. And, there were many experts of beyond Sage Great Perfection realm among them too.

"Who is this arrogant man?" Ye Xiwen frowned, and looked at that man who had brashly unleashed his aura.

"This Tang Can is extremely arrogant. Is he intending to deter us all?" someone resentfully said. However, his voice appeared weak. It seemed that he was afraid of Tang Can.

"It doesn't matter. There's nothing to be afraid of… even if he is at the Sage Accomplished realm. He must know that we are large in number. He can't deter us alone!" another person seemed equally undeterred.

"Does he think that nobody will dare to compete with him for the 'Sacred Spring of Life'? And, he thinks too highly of himself if that's what he believes. Moreover, it isn't clear how many experts are eyeing him at present. He-himself is a big target. It's just that he hasn't realized this, that's all!"

"He he, it's certainly going to be a bloody battle when the time comes. Let those top experts fight. We will take advantage of the chaos!"

Some people were planning to take advantage of the chaos.

Various conversations were happening via divine senses. In fact, the wave-lengths of these conversations had filled the sky. Those mixed noises seemed unbearable. Ye Xiwen grabbed all those floating discussions, and filtered them. And, he eventually found some useful information as a result.

[This Tang Can could be considered a very popular person in this operation. Many people have been planning to deal with him. However, the reason isn't he-himself. Instead, it is his brother. His brother was the one who had obtained the secret that could promote one to Great Sage realm when the Great Gas Collar had opened last time. Consequently, he had become an expert of Great Sage realm later. And, that so-called secret is this 'Sacred Spring of Life'.]

(To be continued)

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