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The mountain range appeared to be endless. One couldn't see its boundary. It had seemed great and boundless at first. However, it seemed gloomy and horrific now. There was danger lurking at every corner. Moreover, it had been locked up by the vast dark clouds. So, there was gloom all around the place. There wasn't even a trace of daylight. Moreover, the shrieks of some strange creatures — which definitely weren't beasts — were coming from the mountains from time to time. And, these sounds were enough to scare everyone.

"hoo hoo hoo hoo…"

Bursts of evil wind came from inside the mountain, and blew against everyone's body. The gloomy and bone-chilling wind made everyone shiver.

Each of these experts had profound cultivation. However, they still shivered as the chill wind caressed their bodies.

However, they weren't shivering because it was cold. In fact, their cultivation would allow them to move freely even in an environment with temperature of hundreds of degrees below zero. They were shivering because of the chilling Yin energy that was piercing their souls. This soul-piercing Yin energy was emanating from the mountains. Moreover, they could sense the presence of the undead creatures that were lurking in the mountain range.

"Could it be that this place has given birth to a lot of undead creatures?" Ye Xiwen secretly pondered. He was familiar with these undead creatures. He had witnessed countless tyrannical undead creatures during his trip to the Demon Island. In fact, he hadn't forgotten the roars and shrieks of those undead creatures till now. Gong Yan Jia's voice sounded like that of an old crow. But, the roars of these undead creatures sounded like the combination of all the unpleasant sounds in the world. And, these strange and sharp sounds were making everyone tremble with fear.

Ye Xiwen's conjecture was very much possible. After all, this was probably the tomb of a great powerhouse. And, the birth of some undead creatures in the presence of such an extremely gloomy Yin environment was a normal thing.

"Is the graveyard located inside this mountain range?" Ye Xiwen's divine sense swept out, and flowed into Ding Tong's ears.

He expected Ding Tong to be aware about the key locations since she had invited him on this trip. Other than that, one could also get some idea about the various key spots from the big outlined map of the Great Gas Collar. The Great Gas Collar had opened many times before. Therefore, many paces had already been explored by the people. Ye Xiwen had also thought of obtaining a map. However, he unfortunately hadn't gotten the time to do so since King Tai had disrupted his plan.

"That's right. This mountain range is known as Evil Corpse Mountain Range. Undead creatures are present everywhere in these mountains. Initially, there was a rumor that this mountain range could be the most evil place in the entire Great Gas Collar. It has been formed after the convergence of all the negative Yin energies of the Great Gas Collar. In fact, I've heard that this place used to be a battlefield. And, many experts had been slaughtered at this ancient battlefield. However, the resentful souls of those dead experts weren't ready to leave at that time. So, they had gathered and formed this Evil Corpse Mountain Range. There are many other rumors apart from this. It turns into a very dangerous place every time the Great Gas Collar opens. I will provide you with a map of this place!" Ding Tong replied. She then used her divine sense to pass on a map of the Great Gas Collar to Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen absorbed the entire map in his mind in an instant. And, he got an overall idea about the Great Gas Collar as a result. Now, his knowledge on this matter wasn't vague like it used to be. In fact, it seemed as if the fog that had blurred his vision had suddenly disappeared. This map was certainly incomplete. However, it was sufficient for Ye Xiwen.

He found some records regarding the Evil Corpse Mountain Range when he carefully looked at the map. However, the map's author hadn't clarified the main reasons clearly. He had only written some rumors and some predictions. Moreover, the map didn't seem to have the correct inferences.

"However, someone had accidentally found the tomb's exit when the Great Gas Collar had opened last time. It had revealed the true colors of this Evil Corpse Mountain Range… It was an underground burial site that stretched up to thousands of miles. It's reckoned that the perennial presence of negative Yin energy has slowly evolved this mountain range into such a gloomy place. And, the corpses of the creatures that had died in these giant mountains have also transformed into zombies over the years!" Ding Tong said.

"Everyone, that tomb is inside this mountain range. You must be careful because this sinister mist contains the poisonous miasma of corpses!" Gong Yan Jia said. It seemed that everyone had understood clearly. In fact, everyone already knew something or the other about this place through various means. They were going to face a deadly situation. So, how could they possibly have come unprepared? However, Ye Xiwen had recently become aware of this place. So, he didn't know much about it.

A protective layer of Real Elemental Energy appeared on everyone's body. It wrapped them up. It didn't matter whether it was the evil energy of the corpses, the poisonous corpses themselves, the various kinds of malignant influences, or the negative Yin energies — nothing could come close to them.

They hadn't gone too far into the Evil Corpse Mountain Range. However, they had started to fear this place once again because the superficial protective layer of Real Elemental Energy on their bodies had begun to issue crackling sounds… The protective layer was being corroded by the poisonous miasma of the corpses. And, the speed of corrosion was extremely quick. Fortunately, they had profound cultivations. An ordinary semi-sage expert in their place would've gotten corroded to death by now if they had entered this place. Even an ordinary sage level expert couldn't stay here for long.



Suddenly, countless withered vines issued rustling sounds as they appeared in the sky from all directions. They then swept out towards everyone. It seemed that they intended to bind everyone's bodies, and drag them away.

Everyone looked closely. It turned out to be a dozen or so trees which had come from a 'dead tree forest' located far away. Those trees contained countless withered vines, and these withered wines had stretched to more than a dozen miles in the sky in order to attack the team.

"Damn it! It's Pregnant Corpse Tree!" Gu Tian clenched his teeth, and secretly cursed. Then, his hand moved at a lightning speed, and he broke down a vine. However, he had become extremely depressed in his heart.

A terrified expression had appeared on everyone's face. There were no normal creatures inside this Evil Corpse Mountain Range. Even the plants were monstrous. These Pregnant Corpse Trees were present everywhere. And, they were extremely terrifying. They used to drag away living creatures, and absorb their entire blood essence. And, those creatures would transform into dried-up corpses as a result. Moreover, the deceased would transform into zombies after they had remained under the influence of the evil Yin wind for hundreds of years. But, they would be able to escape after they had transformed into zombies. This was the reason these trees were known as Pregnant Corpse Trees.

Everyone became extremely terrified when they thought about these trees that gave birth to zombies.

Fortunately, these trees were still more than a dozen miles away from the team. Otherwise, they would've landed into an enormous trouble. Everyone scattered one after another. They broke down the vines, and quickly flew away from this place.

"This Evil Corpse Mountain Range is extremely strange. It's hard to say how many formidable and grotesque creatures this place has. Many experts of Sage Peak realm and even Sage Small Perfection realm must've died at this place. We must be extremely careful!" Gong Yan Jia's expression turned dignified. He had put down the thought of scheming against Ye Xiwen for the time being. After all, there were much more dreadful things to be worried about right now. He would be able to scheme against Ye Xiwen only if he lived.

"Gong Yan Jia, you must have some information about this Evil Corpse Mountain Range since you are the one who is spearheading this operation. You must have a detailed map as well. Take it out, and let us have a look. You must let us know what we are dealing with!" Ye Xiwen indifferently said. Ye Xiwen had already come to know about this place from Ding Tong. Ding Tong, Yue Rui, Gong Yan Jia, and Xiao Yuan Yuan were the four founding members of this team. However, Gong Yan Jia had spearheaded this operation. He was the chief planner. So, it wasn't possible that he hadn't prepared for it. In fact, no one would believe it if they were told that Gong Yan Jia hadn't prepared for the operation.

Naturally, everyone's gaze fell on Gong Yan Jia. They also knew that Gong Yan Jia had spearheaded this operation. And, they also knew about this weird Evil Corpse Mountain Range. It could be said that there was danger everywhere. They wouldn't have been worried if they didn't know anything about this place. However, that wasn't the case. But, it was obvious that Gong Yan Jia must've prepared for this place. So, he must have a map as well. And, it would become difficult for him and these people to work together if he didn't take it out for everyone to see. Anyway, nobody wanted to die. So, who wouldn't want to have something that could increase the odds of their survival?

Gong Yan Jia shot a glance at Ye Xiwen. And, an intermittent killing intention appeared in his eyes. Obviously, each of these people possessed ulterior motives. The reason why he had formed such a team was that he wanted to survive by using them as cannon fodder. He had planned to kill them after using them since he wouldn't have any problems then. After all, could a dead person hold him accountable for anything?

However, he was faced with an unavoidable issue at this time. After all, this team of people who already possessed ulterior motives might become even more disunited if he didn't speak up.

"Audacious! What do you think of yourself?" the black-robed Old Yin opened his mouth, and said. "Young Master Gong Yan is the leader of our team. It's fine if he keeps the map with himself. We just have to follow him, that's all!"

However, everyone in the team superciliously looked at him as soon as his voice faded away. There wouldn't have been any problem if everyone in this small team was of one mind. However, everyone clearly knew what was going on.

Gong Yan Jia got a headache because of this. In fact, he was having doubts about his plan. [Have I made a mistake in my plan? I shouldn't have found such extremely troublesome people to be used as cannon fodders.]

"What do you think of yourself? Who said you could speak now?" Ye Xiwen looked at the black-robed Old Yin with his ice-cold vision. He didn't conceal his killing intention. And, everyone could see it in his eyes.

He wouldn't mind crushing the black-robed Old Yin to death if that person wanted to fight. Ye Xiwen wasn't prepared. However, the opposite party wasn't prepared either. Therefore, it would be better to strike first, and gain the upper hand by catching the opposite party by surprise instead of giving them a chance to prepare and rise in revolt.

Otherwise, god knows when he would lead him into danger.

Obviously, the other people were also thinking this. After all, everyone was distrustful. They were initially hesitant about whether they should speak or not. However, they weren't worried about anything now since Ye Xiwen had spoke up. They could also clearly see this time that the team was divided into two factions. One faction belonged to Ye Xiwen, while the other belonged to Gong Yan Jia.

Both of these individuals were exceptionally fierce. They wouldn't stand any nonsense.

"I won't mind sending you to join your brother in hell if you are so eager to die!" Ye Xiwen said in a deep voice. Everyone became chilled to the bone as they heard this since they recalled how easily Ye Xiwen had defeated the white-robed Old Yang.

Gong Yan Jia took a deep breath while facing everyone's gaze. Then, he said, "I don't want to keep the map to myself. We all belong to the same team. So, we must be of one mind. I would like everyone to see the map that I have in store!"

(To be continued)

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