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"100 million!" a loud shout suddenly overshadowed Ye Xiwen's voice. Ye Xiwen carefully listened. [Isn't this Dominating Heaven Dojo's King Tai?]

"Who's spending such a huge amount?" someone asked with unsurely.

"Who else can it be other than King Tai? Gee. He is willing to spend this much for Wen Yi Ren!"

"What do you mean?" Many people's ears erected suddenly. They had become curious.

"You guys are outsiders. Maybe that's why you don't know about this matter. However, who in our Great Gas City doesn't know that King Tai has been courting Wen Yi Ren for ten years now. Moreover, his infatuation with Wen Yi Ren hasn't decreased one bit. He targets the first and last auction items whenever Wen Yi Ren hosts the auction. He must take them. And, it's a dead end for anyone who dares to challenge him!"

Ye Xiwen pondered secretly. [It's no wonder that everyone is standing still, and that they haven't shouted the price for a long time.] Initially, he had believed that everyone must be considering chances of profit and loss. After all, it wasn't a good deal to purchase a damaged sage level inner armor for 70 million Primary Spirit Dans. However, it had also occurred to him that different people should have had different views.

A sage tool would cost approximately 100 million Primary Spirit Dans. In fact, a good quality sage tool might even get sold for 200-300 million Primary Spirit Dans. However, it would get sold for that much only… and not more than that. So, a sage level inner armor would cost approximately 200 million.

This inner armour's starting bid was 70 million. However, it could clearly be seen that it was seriously damaged. So, some discount must be given on its price. In fact, it would be better to purchase a new one than having to repair it. Moreover, it must also be considered whether one has an urgent requirement of this divine tool or not.

"You're buying this inner armour for the girl?" Ye Mo's voice reverberated inside Ye Xiwen's mind.

"Yes!" Ye Xiwen nodded. "I don't need it since I have 'Tyrant Body'. 'Tyrant Body' is stronger than anything else. However, she is not that strong. So, she might have to suffer disastrous consequences if she's not prepared for the upcoming battles!"

"But, it's broken. Are you planning to buy some materials to patch it as well?" Ye Mo asked.

Ye Xiwen nodded. His level of refining tools wasn't even close to that of those real great masters who used to refine tools. However, his skill couldn't be compared with an average person either. So, mending an inner-armour wasn't an issue for him.

"Yes! I'll buy some materials in the auction!" Ye Xiwen replied. He possessed a large number of heavenly treasures. However, most of them were raw materials for alchemy. So, he had very few materials for refining tools.

"Gentlemen and friends, let me have this inner armour. I want it!" King Tai's voice was loud and clear like the sound of a big bell.

However, his polite words had a strong hint of pressure. In fact, the threatening intention was very profound.

"105 million!" Ye Xiwen shouted softly. His voice sounded very clear in this quiet auction site.

Everyone was left dumbstruck by this. [Who is this audacious person? He has dared to compete against a person like King Tai. Does he have a death wish?]

King Tai frowned inside his private room. He hadn't met such a daring person for a long time; after all, everyone respected him since he enjoyed a very high status. So, it didn't even matter what his strength was. Who would dare to ignore the chief disciple of the Dominating Heaven Dojo?

"110 million!" King Tai shouted once again. This amount was more than enough for a damaged inner-armour. So, he became a bit distressed, and an ominous light flickered in his eyes.

King Tai didn't know who this stranger was. So, he couldn't even look down on him.

However, this price had made him somewhat distressed. A sage tool would approximately cost 100 million Primary Spirit Dans. And, there were many sage experts who had never possessed a sage tool. So, one could imagine what the real worth of these 100 million Primary Spirit Dans was. In fact, there had been many sage experts who hadn't been able gather this much money in their entire lifetime.

It hadn't been very easy to gather so much wealth even for King Tai. And, he wouldn't have spent such a huge amount of money, and suffered such a heavy loss if he didn't want to impress Wen Yi Ren.

"110 million, one!" Wen Yi Ren revealed a pleasant smile on her face. It was a good thing for the Chamber of Commerce that people were competing to buy this commodity. She had been afraid that nobody would compete for it. She knew that King Tai came every time she hosted the auction in order to impress her. However, she wanted someone to dare and compete against him.

"110 million, two!"

"115 million!" Ye Xiwen suddenly shouted from his private room when everyone had been thinking that he had given up.


Suddenly, everyone went into an uproar. Ye Xiwen's act had been unconscious in the beginning. However, what about now…? It had to be intentional this time! It was evident that he didn't give importance to King Tai.

"Who is this man? Do you know this man? He's very bold. He isn't giving face to King Tai!" someone said in disbelief.

"Does he have a death wish? King Tai has an ominous reputation. He can kill anyone who dares to disobey him. This man is safe inside the territory of Great Gas' Chamber of Commerce right now. However, it will be very difficult for this man to get out of Great Gas City alive!"

"He is very courageous. However, unfortunately he isn't far from his death!"

No one was optimistic about Ye Xiwen. They didn't think that he could escape from King Tai's hands.

Ye Xiwen was following the path of his doom in their opinion.

"130 million!" King Tai exclaimed in a loud voice. The speed of response was very quick. He didn't fall below Ye Xiwen.

"Go and find which man is daring to snatch my stuff? He is courting death!" King Tai ordered one of his aides. His complexion had turned fierce. "I won't let him live. I'll kill him, and then use his heart and liver to prepare a meal!"

An ordinary person would have gotten scared to death if they had heard King Tai's vicious words. However, the countenances' of the experts by his side didn't change. It was clear that they had seen King Tai's barbaric attitude many times in the past.

"Yes, Young Lord!" a weak looking expert answered. He then opened the door, and went out.

Ye Xiwen didn't know what was happening in King Tai's private room. However, he wouldn't have cared even if he had known. He didn't need to worry. After all, he could escape even if a Great Sage expert confronted him. And, he could kill anyone as long as they weren't a Great Sage expert.

Of course, he could do so only with the aid of the blood slave since it controlled a star colossus.

"135 million!" Ye Xiwen shouted. His voice seemed direct and effective. It didn't show any signs of weakness either. However, he had become worried since his limit was 150 million. He wouldn't be able to continue if the bid surpassed this amount. After all, he wanted to get a good deal out of this auction. Otherwise, it would be better to go and buy a new inner armour instead of spending this much money on a damaged one. King Tai wanted to impress Wen Yi Ren. However, Ye Xiwen neither had such a desire nor was he a foolish spendthrift.

Moreover, Primary Spirit Dans had flown out of his hand like running water because of his mysterious space. Many sage experts might not have earned the amount of money that he had already spent. However, he didn't have any regrets about doing so since it was something he should have spent his money on. He had spent his money on himself. But, that didn't mean that he was a spendthrift.

"Good, very good!" King Tai smirked. He smiled through his anger. He had been famous for many years. And, nobody had ever dared to disregard him like this!

A look which was as fierce as a beast's appeared in his eyes when he smiled.

"He's very bold. However, I can't let him walk away from this city alive!" King Tai smiled instead of being angry. "I will let him have it if he wants it so badly. However, I've sent someone to keep watch. So, I'm not giving up yet. I want everyone to see the end of this person who has dared to disobey me!"

King Tai hadn't become hostile and killed Ye Xiwen on the spot because it was Wen Yi Ren's territory. However, this didn't mean that he would let go of a guy who had dared to go against him.

King Tai didn't continue to compete with Ye Xiwen, and this was against everyone's expectations. After all, he had given up on the face of it.

However, those who were familiar with King Tai's nature knew that he would take his revenge after the auction.

"King Tai isn't speaking-up. Are the legends about him false?"

"They're not false. That boy is done for. He shouldn't have dared to compete with King Tai in this manner. After all, King Tai is always ready when it comes to killing people and robbing their possessions!" someone who was very familiar with King Tai smiled disdainfully and said.

Many people had found this whole incident of someone opposing King Tai very entertaining. However, that was only until the end of the auction. This incident would stop mattering rather quickly for everyone else apart from Ye Xiwen.

Many other items appeared one by one after Ye Xiwen had obtained the inner-armour. Medicinal pills, divine tools, demon beast's inner cores, and even demon beast's eggs were sold in the auction. Basically, there were all kinds of extraordinary things.

These things could rarely be seen on ordinary days. One could buy these things outside of this auction, but they would face great difficulty in doing so. Moreover, some of these things could only be purchased in such auctions.

Those things streamed out like running water, and were quickly sold. There were also various types of materials for refining tools. The auction finally came to an end after it had continued for an entire day. Ye Xiwen had also purchased many rare and precious raw materials, spirit fruits, and so on in this auction. He had spent over 50 million Primary Spirit Dans on these things. It could be said that he had also made a good harvest.

"The next and last item of this auction is 'Nine Leafed Dragon Primary Grass'. This grass can heal the injuries sustained by the soul, and raise it to higher level. It is a top grade medicinal herb. And, its base price is 100 million!" Wen Yi Ren explained.

Everyone held their breath. A mere medicinal herb was getting sold at the price of a sage tool. Moreover, this was only its base price. It wasn't clear what price it would be sold at if its price continued to increase during the auction.

A person's soul sustained injuries in a fight only on rare occasions. However, it would be troublesome if that were to happen. The wounds on the body could be cured quite easily. After all, there were thousands of treatments for it. However, the ordinary methods couldn't be used for curing injuries sustained by the soul.

The treatment scope of Ye Xiwen's 'Phoenix Regeneration Technique' would extend from curing just physical injuries to curing soul injuries once he'd advance a step further. However, there was no way to cure soul injuries as per Ye Xiwen's current level of 'Phoenix Regeneration Technique'. Otherwise, he would have already treated Ye Mo who had exhausted the primary essence of his own soul, and had fallen into a deep sleep slumber.

However, a medicinal herb had appeared that could heal souls. A bright light flashed in Ye Xiwen's eyes. [I must obtain it irrespective of the price that I must pay.]

(To be continued).

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