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Chapter 54 - A mysterious expert appears

After all of the Zhang disciples had been killed, Ye Xiwen seized their things. He gained a total of thirty thousand low-grade spirit stones. Although they were not as rich as him, but in the end, they still held the position of core disciples and this amount was enough to call them rich. Also, Ye Xiwen was already rich enough to be compared to a Xiantian realm master.

Most importantly, the score on Ye Xiwen's 'Yaopai' had gone up to five thousand points. Although, all this time, these people were looking for Ye Xiwen, but they had not forgotten to accumulate points on the way and that was the reason why their total score was so high. When Ye Xiwen killed them, their combined score got transferred to his 'Yaopai' and all of a sudden, his accumulated points reached five thousand points.

When the points in his 'Yaopai' increased, he reaffirmed that these rules were truly to encourage mutual fighting.

After seizing their things, he didn't stay there for too long. He quickly fled into the forest and disappeared.


In the forest, a group of seven or eight individuals were rapidly jumping from one tree to another. All of them were the masters of Houtian ninth stage, including this year's strongest top core disciple of Zhang family, named Zhang Jingxin, and the strongest female top disciple, Zhang Yuelian.

The most surprising thing about this group was that it was not being led by Zhang Jingxin or Zhang Yuelian either, but some other guy, a handsome youth who seemed to be in his twenties.

'”Brother Liu!” Zhang Jingxin said, “These Yi Yuan School disciples are very troublesome, so we should just go and kill them all right now.”

That youth surnamed Liu frowned then said: “Those Yi Yuan School disciples are dispersed throughout the forest, finding and killing them one by one will take a lot of time. Moreover, those Yi Yuan disciples don't pose much of a threat to my plans.”

“It's obvious, Brother Liu's ability is invincible, but that Yi Yuan School's Ye Feng is said to have entered half a step into the Xiantian realm and he can be considered as an extremely tough opponent. Also, his brother Ye Xiwen had easily defeated our core disciples and all those who have seen him fighting say that his strength is unfathomable.” Zhang Jingxin said.

“Don't worry, although he has entered half a step into the Xiantian realm, but he is still nothing compared to me. When the time comes, killing him won't be so difficult.” The youth surnamed Liu impatiently said, “And, it doesn't matter, our main focus should be on reaching the Fengye Mountain where Blood Yuan fruit trees are located. When the time comes, we will obliterate anyone who comes in our way.”

“In order to obtain a Blood Yuan fruit, you people and those core disciples from Yi Yuan School have come to Blood Yuan Territory to participate in this core disciples competition. I am determined to win this competition and receive a Blood Yuan fruit, and when the time comes, I will be able to break into the 'Zhen dao' realm. At that time, you people will also reap a lot of benefits.” The youth surnamed Liu said in a relaxed tone. (NT: 'Zhen dao' means 'the true way')

“Indeed, indeed, serving under Brother Liu is our greatest pleasure!” Zhang Jingxin hastily said.

“But, you should not be too hasty. Wait for me to enter into the 'Zhen dao' realm, then promoting all of you into the Xiantian realm will be a child's play.” The youth surnamed Liu said, “There's no need to hurry because there's still some time left for the Blood Yuan fruit to fully mature. Whether Yi Yuan School disciples, or those demon beasts, they won't start fighting for the fruit before it fully ripens. Once the time comes, we will attack and kill all of them whether it's those Yi Yuan disciples or the demon beasts of Blood Yuan Territory. Blood Yuan fruit won't go anywhere so we don't need to worry about it for now. I know that Yi Yuan core disciples are hiding themselves and planning something. So, let's go and enhance your strengths first and when the final battle starts, then you all can prove your usefulness.”

“Yes!” Zhang’s disciples agreed in succession and looked very excited, after all, they would be able to enhance their strengths so why wouldn't they be happy.


There were innumerable giant trees present inside the Blood Yuan forest, covering the entire range of sight with absolutely no end.

One could hear the sound of Apes eating and shaking the branches on these giant trees.

Several Silver-haired Violent Apes were issuing deafening roars. They had encircled a human figure and were constantly attacking him.

These violent apes had enormous palms, resembling a big 'putuan' and could seriously injure a master of the Houtian seventh or eighth stage. Each of these violent apes was already at the peak of Houtian ninth stage and adding their violent nature, they were very terrifying. (NT: 'putuan' is a cushion or mat, much like futons used in Japan)

However, there was a reckless young man standing in the middle of this group of violent apes and was constantly bearing their attacks on his body.




The big palms of these violent apes were ruthlessly hitting on this young man’s body, and he was uttering a stressed sound as if trying to bear the intense pain.

This young man was none other than Ye Xiwen. Since the killing of Zhang Yuntian and other Zhang disciples, twenty days had already passed. In these twenty days, he had spent his maximum time practicing his body and flesh by fighting with the demon beasts unarmed.

In the beginning, even though his body was surprisingly strong, but such a direct confrontation with the violent apes had almost killed him. The punches of those violent apes had seriously wounded him.

Although, Ye Xiwen could have used his true power by using his blade to easily kill all of these apes, but right now, he needed to exceed the limit of his body's strength. So, he was trying to exercise his own body and flesh to an extreme state, and bearing the attacks from these violent apes directly on his body was the best way to strengthen his body.

Fortunately, Ye Xiwen possessed a lot of medicinal pills. He had killed many core disciples, and also that young lord named Luo Tian, who was also a Xiantian realm master. Ye Xiwen had seized a variety of high quality medicinal pills and whenever he got wounded by fighting unarmed with the violent apes, he would wildly use medicinal pills to heal his injuries. He had continuously used those pills to heal himself and had trained nonstop for the last two weeks.

With every injury that got cured, his body would become even stronger and the “Tyrants Body Technique” would also progress a step. This technique was not only able to increase the strength, the toughness of the body and flesh could be rapidly improved, and now, he could easily kill a violent ape using just his hands. (NT: Imagine Goku's training)

Right now, those violent apes were constantly hitting Ye Xiwen’s body with their big palms, but their attacks couldn't even move him an inch.

“Ha!” Ye Xiwen gave out a loud shout and his palm slapped towards a violent ape and with an explosion, it collided fiercely against its big palm.

“Rumble!” Nine echoes of Rushing thunder hand smacked that had already come to the point of perfection. Being his first martial arts technique, he had already mastered it to a state of perfection.



With a loud sound of fracture bone, Ye Xiwen had unexpectedly fractured the arm of a violent ape in one move.

“Roar!” Violent ape bellowed, but, Ye Xiwen didn't stop and again slapped on the chest of violent ape and this attack was fast that there was no way for the violent ape to dodge it.

His palm, wrapped in a snow-white Zhen Qi, smashed into the chest of a violent ape with an incredible force and went right through its body.

A violent ape had been killed, and right at that moment, other violent apes severely slapped their big hands on Ye Xiwen's body.





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