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Chapter 539: Competition in the Auction (Part 1)

"The Great Gas City is worthy of being one of the centers of River Shore Star Field. After all, the successor of one of its forces has such a cultivation level!" Ye Xiwen secretly became speechless, "Don't tell me these forces have the backing of a Great Sage expert keeping watch?"

Ye Xiwen knew that it was easy to find sage experts in these star regions because of the harsh living environment. However, it was very difficult to find Great Sage experts. Generally, only one or two Great Sage experts could be found in a star region. But, it couldn't be compared with the huge number of Great Sage experts in those other worlds.

This place also couldn't be compared with a colossus like the True Martial University. Generally, the successors of True Martial University used to be at least at the Sage Great Perfection level. So, there was no comparison whatsoever.

Therefore, this force was enough to run rampant in this star region if a senior Great Sage expert was keeping watch.

Ye Xiwen was also somewhat worried. That Great Gas Building was still in the centre of the Great Gas Collar. So, everyone's gaze was fixated on the Great Gas Building. After all, it was the main target of the experts who had rushed over here. In fact, the treasures of Great Gas Collar were like the appetizer before the main course.

The experts which were the real deal had arrived here for the heritages present inside the Great Gas Building, and the magical items that could appear inside. However, the Great Gas Collar wasn't worth their time.

Of course, the target of the majority of experts on the weaker side was merely the heavenly treasures that appeared inside the Great Gas Collar since they couldn't dare to think about obtaining the heritages inside the Great Gas Building.

It wasn't clear how many experts had arrived. However, only ten experts could get the permission to enter the Great Gas Building. Obviously, the competition was intense and brutal. So, none of the experts who were below the Sage Great Perfection Realm had ever gotten the permission in the past.

Therefore, entering the building was merely a delusional and unrealistic thought for the majority of the people.

Ye Xiwen's current strength was enough to defend himself inside the Great Gas Collar. However, it wasn't enough if he wanted to get the permission to enter.

Ye Xiwen decided that he would undergo closed-door

training once the auction was over so that he could get the permission to enter. The entire Great Gas Collar would vibrate three times more. There was half-year left before the Great Gas Collar finished spitting magical items. And, he would have made the breakthrough into the late stage of sage realm by then. Therefore, there would be hope of getting the permission to enter the Great Gas Building, and obtaining the heritages.

Another group of experts had arrived after the arrival of the Young Master Tian Jian of the Sky Moon Sword School. However, they weren't holding swords like the experts of the Sky Moon Sword School. Instead, each of these experts was holding different kinds of weapons. They were headed by a tall man whose face carried a savage look, and whose eyes looked ice-cold and ruthless. Moreover, his cultivation was as good as that of Young Master Tian Jian.

"He is King Tai of the Heaven Dominating Dojo. His aura is very ferocious. He looks like a savage beast. He had merely shot a glance this way, and everyone had still felt as if they were falling down an ice hole. He is extremely frightening!"

"Don't you know that King Tai had fallen into a lair of star-beasts in his childhood? He was rescued several years later. However, he had transformed into a beast by then. His bearing is like a savage's. He kills the entire family of anyone who goes against him. He is the chief disciple of Dominating Heavens Dojo…"

The man's tone dropped increasingly. It seemed as if he was afraid that King Tai might hear him.

The private room had been designed very cleverly since no one could see inside the room from outside. However, one could use their divine sense from inside the room in order to see what was happening outside.

Ye Xiwen felt the ferocious aura of King Tai. He had made everyone scared, and nobody had dared to approach him. After all, he looked like a fierce beast. In fact, one would have believed that a fierce beast stood in front of them and not a man if they had closed their eyes and didn't see him.

Some other experts had also arrived after the people of these two groups. However, they hadn't been able to cause a sensation like the people of these two groups had.

Ye Xiwen fed the spirit fruits to Xiao Ya. He hadn't given her any medicinal pill since he was afraid that it would ruin her foundation. Her foundation was very deep and very pure at the same time. These medicinal pills would ruin her unique innate talent if she used them for increasing her cultivation speed. However, these

these spirit fruits wouldn't harm her. These fruits were natural, and had been grown on the ground. So, nothing could be better than these fruits.

Moreover, Ye Xiwen felt that Xiao Ya wasn't far from making the breakthrough into the Truth Realm. In fact, she would undoubtedly make the breakthrough into the Truth Realm within ten years.

However, he couldn't ponder much on this since the auction began very soon. It began with the loud 'thump' sound of a wooden mallet. It seemed that the sharp and clear sound worked as a calming force, and suddenly made the noisy atmosphere tranquil.

The Great Gas's Chamber of Commerce was rich and overbearing. Even that wooden mallet was a divine tool. In fact, it was a sage tool that could transform into a weapon at the time of need.

Everyone looked toward the middle of the auction stage at this moment. They saw an approximately 20-year-old young woman. She was dressed up in a dark green muslin skirt. Her facial features looked delicate, and her skin was as fair as snow. Her jade-like delicate arms were partly visible under her muslin skirt. They looked like lotuses, and made her look even more attractive.

A lot of people whistled like boiling pots when they saw this woman on stage.

"We are very lucky this time. Great Gas's Chamber of Commerce's genius Wen Yi Ren is hosting the auction!"

"Yeah, I've heard that Wen Yi Ren is a genius in the field of business. Great Gas's Chamber of Commerce used to be one of the many chambers of commerce in the Great Gas Collar in the past. However, it dominates the other chambers of commerce in the Great Gas City now, and it's all due to her great efforts. In fact, it has become a colossal force like the Dominating Heaven Dojo and the Sky Moon Sword School within a short span of three-hundred years!"

"She's not just a business-genius. After all, those other businessmen are nothing but money makers. They just know 'give and take'. However, she's also a top cultivator. In fact, it is said that her cultivation is as good as that of King Tai and Young Master Tian Jian. She is counted among Great Gas's Four Heroes, and has many admirers!"

Ye Xiwen heard these people's discussion, and understood that this young woman was one of the four heroes of Great Gas. He hadn't spent much time in Great Gas City. However, he had heard about the so-called Great Gas's Four Heroes. All four of these individuals were outstanding. The Eldest Young Master of the City Government was the other hero apart from King Tai, Young Master Tian

Master Tian Jian, and Wen Yi Ren. He was also ranked first among the four heroes of Great Gas.

This Eldest Young Master of the City Government wasn't the most popular among the four heroes even though everyone considered him as the leader of the four heroes. He wasn't as popular as Wen Yi Ren. After all, she looked beautiful, her cultivation was on top. Moreover, she had the support of a colossus like the Great Gas's Chamber of Commerce behind her.

One would soar into the sky if they got married to her. They would make rapid career advancement. However, she was even more difficult to get than the most precious treasures…

One could offend anyone in the city… except Wen Yi Ren.

"Everyone, I'm extremely grateful to have you all here. I hope everyone can buy whatever they think is important in the following auction!" Wen Yi Ren didn't speak much. However, her charming face made everyone feel as if they had bathed in a spring breeze, and every bit of resentment had been dispelled from their hearts.

"Now, we're going to auction today's first item. It's a 'sage level' inner armour. This sage level inner armour is a bit damaged. However, its defensive power is far greater than that of those pseudo-sage tools. So, one would have much more assurance when they would go for the treasure hunt in Great Gas Collar if they had this inner armor!" Wen Yi Ren calmly said.

"The starting bid for this sage level inner armor is 70 million Primary Spirit Dans!"

This inner armour made all the experts who were sitting below go crazy. After all, many among them wanted to go to the Great Gas Collar. There were semi-sage and sage experts among them. However, it didn't matter what kind of strength they possessed or what their cultivation was. Everyone knew what kind of place the Great Gas Collar was. It was considered as an extremely dangerous place. After all, one could lose their life on the spot if they weren't cautious enough. Therefore, one must increase their strength as much as possible before venturing there. The divine tools were mere accessories. However, they could be regarded as a part of one's strength.

Many among these people were still using pseudo-sage tools since the sage tools were rare. And, this was a very rare kind of divine tool. It was certainly a bit damaged. However, countless people would still chase after it like ducks.

Two young girls who were clad in revealing attires came up on stage with a metallic tray. These two young girls would have certainly attracted the attention of a lot of people earlier. However, no earlier. However, no one paid any attention to them at this time.

Everyone's gaze was fixed on the tray that had been covered by a red cloth. That cloth was also a divine tool which had cut off other people's divine senses. Therefore, they couldn't use their divine senses in order to see what was inside it.

A snow-white inner armour appeared in front of everyone as Wen Yi Ren lifted the red cloth.

This inner armour was faintly emitting sage power. It had unleashed a unique coercion that could be classified as the embodiment of anger. However, one corner of the inner armour was broken. There was a huge hole at that place... It seemed as if it had been drilled with a sharp weapon.

[This Great Gas's Chamber of Commerce has brought out a sage tool in the beginning of the auction. Naturally, there is no need to say that they are rich and overbearing. It's well known that many sage experts don't have sage tools, and even some Great Sage experts use pseudo-sage tools. So, it is clear that there is a shortage of sage tools these days. This sage tool is damaged. However, the price of a rare divine tool like this inner armour can't be any less. In fact, it can't be under the price of general sage tools.]

Ye Xiwen secretly thought.

Then, he swept out his divine sense, and found out that this snow-white inner armour had been made of the skin of a snake-type demon beast. However, he couldn't find out which demon beast it was.

This type of inner armor would have attracted his attention in the past. However, his 'Gilded Tyrant Form' itself was the best defence. So, this inner armour would be useless if even his 'tyrant body' wasn't able to resist an attack. Moreover, this inner armour would be even more useless if his tyrant body was able to resist the attack.

Therefore, he had always been dismissive about such defence type divine tools. In fact, it would be better to buy some attack type tools instead. However, he looked at Xiao Ya who was beside him. She was much more fragile than him since she was merely an expert of the Xiantian Realm. And, even a slight negligence on his part could cause a huge disaster.

So, he opened his mouth and shouted, "75 million!"

(To be continued)

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