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The entire restaurant had suddenly begun to seethe with excitement. Everyone had forgotten about that little fight after the Great Gas Collar had begun to vibrate. After all, it had vibrated for the sixth time.

The Great Gas Collar used to vibrate nine times before opening. Each vibration lasted for almost a month. Heavenly treasures and demon beasts used to appear on the edge of the Great Gas Collar because of the vibrations during this time. And, it depended on a person's luck whether they would come across a fortuitous treasure... or a disaster!

The entire restaurant had emptied within a few moments.

Ye Xiwen had also gotten mixed among them. He flew out of the Great Gas City, and went in the direction of Great Gas Collar.

The Great Gas Collar appeared in front of him in a short span of time. The Great Gas City was like a colossus floating in the space as Ye Xiwen had originally felt. However, the Great Gas Collar looked like a boundless continent floating in the space by that measure.

It looked infinite. It looked like a vast floating continent that had been surrounded by a poisonous fog. Ye Xiwen had barely arrived when he saw a guy getting corroded to death by that poisonous fog. That guy hadn't believed the rumours about this place. He had thought that he'd be able storm into the Great Gas Collar with the help of his sage tool. However, he and his sage tool had gotten corroded by the poisonous fog.

That guy's screams had shaken the void. There were many other experts who hadn't believed the rumours either, and had thought about entering the Great Gas Collar. But, all of them suddenly stopped at their places. However, these people were daredevils whose cultivations had reached the sage realm. And, each one of them was proud and arrogant. So, how could they stop because of fear? They obviously weren't going to give up.

"Puff!" A streamer of light spouted from the Great Gas Collar.

"It has started. It has started spitting!"

The Great Gas Collar had begun to spout heavenly treasures. All the experts suddenly went crazy because of this.

A dozen of the sage experts scrambled to capture those treasures. They rushed towards that streamer one after another. However, more than half of those experts hadn't even reached close to that streamer before they had been attacked by the other experts. And, not a single person among them survived this sudden ambush...


A roar came from that streamer. The divine light dispersed, and revealed a ferocious demon-beast. Its ominous energy looked dreadful. Then, that beast opened its mouth like a huge sacrificial bowl, and sucked ferociously. A few sage experts in the vicinity started to run quickly. However, they couldn't escape, and got swallowed by that beast.

That demon beast's speed was insanely fast. It had killed those unlucky sage experts in an instant. And, a river of blood started to flow in the space as corpses floated everywhere.

The demon beast swaggered away after it had killed those experts.

"It's too ferocious. This demon beast must be ten times or even hundred times more ferocious than the star-beasts!" someone said in fear. Fortunately, that person hadn't rushed towards the streamer. Otherwise, they would also have met their end like those other people.

Many of the remaining experts decided that they wouldn't hurriedly rush up. They would first see what was coming out. Otherwise, they could also come across such a tragedy. They had realized that gambling with their lives wouldn't be enough to capture those heavenly treasures.

Those ordinary experts had met with a cruel and bloody end. However, this was how the ordinary experts used to survive. After all, they didn't have an abundance of resources like those heaven's pride experts. So, they had to rely on themselves for everything.

"This place is very weird. One has to put their life on stake to fight for a bright future!" Ye Xiwen secretly said. Moreover, this wasn't even the most dangerous time. The most dangerous time would come after they had entered the Great Gas Collar.

Ye Xiwen waited for a long time before a streamer finally emerged out. A mighty aura dissipated in the surroundings. It seemed that a demon beast had come out once again. Everyone stopped in their tracks since they didn't wish to throw away their lives.

Ye Xiwen concentrated his 'Real Elemental Energy' in his eyes. And, he saw that a golden feather was wrapped up inside that streamer.

The 'Phoenix Regeneration Technique' had begun to operate automatically inside his body almost immediately after he had seen that feather.

"Ye Xiwen, quickly go and grab it. It's a Phoenix Feather!" Ye Mo's voice reverberated inside Ye Xiwen's mind.

He didn't wait for Ye Mo to speak further. A pair of wings suddenly opened at his back. He then transformed into a streamer of light, and rushed forward. Some people had been gloating since they had thought that the streamer contained a ferocious beast. However, Ye Xiwen smacked open the streamer, and exposed the Phoenix Feather in front of them. Then, the phoenix feather got sucked into the 'Heavenly Source Mirror'.

"Stop him. He has obtained a Phoenix Feather!" someone reacted quickly and shouted.

A bunch of dreadful and imposing auras rushed towards Ye Xiwen from every direction. These sage experts hadn't held back their imposing auras even a bit. Theirs auras carried incredible power and surrounded Ye Xiwen.

A few of those experts were very fast. And, they had arrived in front of Ye Xiwen very quickly.

Ye Xiwen sneered as his body began to leak golden divinities. The golden waves looked mighty and enormous. And, his murderous aura looked frightening.

"Bang!" A late stage sage expert who was the fastest among them had already arrived in front of Ye Xiwen. However, a big hand fell down from above and grabbed him. The gigantic hand pinched him, and made his body explode. That late stage sage expert had been reduced to a mass of blood fog as a result.

Then, the divinities took the form of a giant wave under Ye Xiwen's feet, and surged forward. It seemed as if a star had pounded with an incredible force. The other experts who had rushed towards Ye Xiwen got drowned out by this golden wave.

The rest of the experts found Ye Xiwen to be extremely ferocious. They couldn't possibly dare to go after him. After all, it would be akin to courting death. They were certainly wild. However, they weren't idiots. They knew that they didn't have any chance of winning.

Ye Xiwen picked up Xiao Ya, turned around, and left. He had felt the divine sense of a Sage Great Perfection level expert sweeping over here. Their aura was getting increasingly close. So, it was evident that a senior expert of Sage Great Perfection realm was coming.

Ye Xiwen's current strength was enough to sweep away an expert of Sage Small Perfection Realm. However, he could barely resist a Sage Great Perfection level expert. His speed became extremely fast once the demon wings opened. And, he returned to the Great Gas City in a matter of moments.

"This place is in chaos. There are no rules or restrictions. There is only one rule, and that is... strength rules!" Ye Xiwen secretly said. After all, everyone was fighting frantically for their future.

"Ye Xiwen, you got very lucky this time. It is clear that this Phoenix Feather is from a pureblood Phoenix. It would be an enormous benefit for your 'Phoenix Regeneration Technique' if you were to refine it!" Ye Mo said. This was also why he had told Ye Xiwen to grab it.

The Great Gas Collar spouted different kinds of magical items for the entire month. Some people had skyrocketed after they had obtained those treasures. However, the majority of people had died there. They had either died in the mouths of those demon beasts or they had been killed by other experts.

Ye Xiwen had moved into action many times in this one month. And, he had also obtained some heavenly treasures. They weren't extremely precious. However, they were very rare. Ye Xiwen hadn't missed any target since he had the assistance of Ye Mo by his side. Moreover, he would never grab the wrong item.

However, he had also encountered a very dangerous situation once when he had been tracked down by a senior expert of the Sage Great Perfection Realm. In fact, he had been pursued for a long time before he had finally been able to escape.

Ye Xiwen had returned to the Great Gas City from the Great Gas Collar today. The Great Gas City had become even more crowded during these past several days. He had come to know that there was a chamber of commerce in this city. Moreover, it was going to hold an auction very soon.

Four big forces resided in the Great Gas City. The City Government governed the entire city, and had been a super force for a long time. However, the other three colossuses — Great Gas's Chamber of Commerce, Heaven Dominating Dojo, and the Sky Moon Sword School — operated under the City Lord.

The Great Gas's Chamber of Commerce was the one conducting the auction. They'd conduct such auctions after every monthly vibration of the Great Gas Collar. And, they'd gain people's attention every time.

Those experts who had harvested big profits from the Great Gas Collar also wanted to sell some magical items. Those magical items were surely exceptional. However, not all of them were suitable for their own use. Therefore, it was better to sell those magical items in the auction, and get the equivalent amount of Primary Spirit Dans instead of having to safeguard them. After all, they could buy the things that they required with the 'Primary Spirit Dans'.

The Great Gas City had become much more crowded than usual at the time of the auction. Many experts had rushed towards the Great Gas's Chamber of Commerce. However, nobody dared to cause any disturbance at this time. They were rowdy and arrogant. However, they weren't idiots. They obviously knew that the Great Gas's Chamber of Commerce was counted among the four big forces of the Great Gas City, and this big force certainly wouldn't sit back and do nothing if someone stirred trouble.

A large number of experts who belonged to the Great Gas's Chamber of Commerce had been keeping watch outside the Chamber of Commerce. So, there was no way to cause a disturbance even if someone wanted to do so.

Ye Xiwen hadn't gotten mixed with the crowd like an average person. Instead, he had gotten hold of a private room. However, he had to make a security deposit of 100 million Primary Spirit Dans for this room. These Primary Spirit Dans would be returned to him after the auction.

This was the Great Gas's Chamber of Commerce's way of checking whether their client had enough financial resources or not. They didn't care about their client's strength. They only cared about their financial resources.

Ye Xiwen didn't mind this. After all, he possessed a huge amount of Primary Spirit Dans if one didn't consider his ceaseless consumption of 'spirit energy'. Moreover, he had obtained tons of Primary Spirit Dans by killing sage experts here. In fact, he had seized a huge amount of Primary Spirit Dans, and the total amount in his stock had surpassed one billion Primary Spirit Dans.

Ye Xiwen took Xiao Ya inside the private room after he had paid 100 million Primary Spirit Dans. The room wasn't very big. In fact, it was spread across an area of only a dozen or so square-meters. However, it looked extremely extravagant since it had been decorated magnificently.

Some fruits had been arranged on a table. These were spirit fruits which contained spirit energy. An average person would feel refreshed after having eaten these fruits. But, they were also very beneficial for the experts.

The time passed second by second, minute by minute. Soon, all the experts who wished to participate in the auction had arrived.

Suddenly, a loud uproar came from the outside as a group of experts walked in. They were headed by a young man whose face looked gentle but slightly gloomy.

"Gee, what's there in this auction that it has even attracted the attention of Young Master Tian Jian of Sky Moon Sword School?"

"Is this the Sky Moon Sword School's Young Master Tian Jian? He is outstanding. Look at his exceptionally calm aura! Perhaps, he has already entered the Sage Great Perfection Realm. It's no wonder that he is being trained by the Sky Moon Sword School to be their next leader. His strength is simply outstanding!"

"It is said that the Sky Moon Sword School will be represented by him this time around. He will go to the Great Gas Collar to compete for the top-ten positions!"

(To be continued).

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