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Chapter 537: Dispute is About to Begin

"The Heavenly Source Mirror has levelled up quickly, and has become a Great Sage Tool after it has swallowed so many sage tools!" Ye Mo merrily stated. Great Sage Tool and sage tool were two entirely different concepts. In fact, there was a difference of cloud and mud between them.

Ye Mo had sustained injuries to his essence. However, the Heavenly Source Mirror had nothing to do with that. In fact, Ye Xiwen hadn't seen the injuries affecting the essence of the Heavenly Source Mirror.

Therefore, Ye Mo had swallowed the tool spirits of many sage tools in order to replenish his essence. It was similar to when Ye Shu had swallowed other book demons in order to strengthen his essence.

Basically, all living things possess the ability to consume another life, and assimilate it into theirs. However, the extent to which they do it isn't the same. The human race also possesses a version of this ability... the so-called 'you become what you eat' theory. However, the extent of food consumption isn't so exaggerated in their case. After all, humans can't devour and assimilate food in its entirety like these demons and spirits can.

The 'Heavenly Source Mirror' had swallowed the remaining sage tools. It was impossible for an ordinary divine tool to level up like that. It could be said that the 'Heavenly Source Mirror' had grown up automatically. After all, an ordinary divine tool required the constant support of its owner to add materials. Moreover, special sacrificial techniques also needed to be utilized for it to progress.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't need to worry about these things because Ye Mo had taken care of these things by himself.

In fact, Ye Xiwen felt that Ye Mo could have used the Heavenly Source Mirror as his main body, and could've cultivated to become a peerless and great devil. After all, this was very much a possibility.

"That's awesome!" Ye Xiwen burst into laughter and replied. The 'Heavenly Source Mirror' would undoubtedly become his trump card since it had advanced and become a Great Sage Tool. It would be like a trump card that is hidden at the bottom of the deck. In fact, it would be enough to instkill his opponents.

"What are you planning to do next?" Ye Mo asked.

"I'm planning to visit this Great Gas Building. I want to have a look!" the expression in Ye Xiwen's eyes looked exceptionally firm as he replied. He could have returned to the True Martial University through the Northern Dipper's transportation portal. However, he had decided to postpone that because he wanted to test his limits and gain practical experiences before he returned to the True Martial University. This represented the so-called saying 'Reading ten-thousand books isn't equal to walking ten-thousand miles on the road'. There

were a lot of matters that couldn't be understood by undergoing closed-door training alone.

The Great Gas Building was undoubtedly the most famous place in the entire River Shore Star Field.

The Great Gas Building attracted powerful experts from all corners of the River Shore Star Field. It had been famous for countless years now. This place certainly had many treasures. And, they would provide a big boost to Ye Xiwen since he has always had to face great difficulties in order to promote his strength.

Ye Xiwen also had the assistance of his blood slave. The blood slave now controlled the body of the star colossus. So, Ye Xiwen was confident that he would be able to escape even if he were to come across a Great Sage expert.

The world was so big. And, he could go anywhere.

"Anyway, I can see that you have plentiful 'real elemental energy'. Moreover, you've already reached the peak of the intermediate stage of sage realm. Therefore, it would be better if you first look for a place to train. You should try to break through the threshold of the late stage of sage realm. You will feel much more confident if you go to Great Building after that!" Ye Mo said.

Ye Xiwen used his divine sense, and shared some information about the Great Gas Building with him.

"Ok!" Ye Xiwen nodded. He had the assistance of his blood slave, and his blood slave had become extremely powerful after it had started to control the star colossus. However, promoting his own strength would still take a lot of time. Moreover, he couldn't rely too much on others.

The River Shore Star Field was vast. And, there was a big region in its depths which was called the Great Gas Collar. The Great Gas Collar was gigantic. However, it was perennially packed with a poisonous fog. Even the Great Sage experts didn't dare to venture into this region carelessly. Otherwise, they would be corroded to death.

The Great Gas Building was located at the center of the Great Gas Collar. Some people said that the Great Gas Building was a divine tool, while some people said that it was the residence of a god. However, everyone agreed that the Great Gas Building was full of mysteries.

The Great Gas Collar remained packed with poisonous fog all the time. It opened once every fifty years. Many old fogies would come out of their closed-door training, and would rush to this place whenever it opened because there were countless precious treasures present at this place. And, they could possibly make the breakthrough into the Great Sage Realm if they were to obtain even a small number of those treasures.

However, the Great Sage experts didn't dare to approach the Great Gas Collar. They would

would get suppressed as soon as they entered it. It didn't matter how formidable a Great Sage Expert was. They would be demoted to the Sage Great Perfection Realm if they entered the Great Gas Collar. Moreover, there wasn't any exception to this. This effect was absolute. Moreover, once a great sage expert who had ventured into the Great Gas Collar had been targeted and killed by several experts of the Sage Great Perfection Realm inside the Great Gas Collar. Therefore, no Great Sage expert had dared to set foot in the Great Gas Collar since then.

Initially, the Great Sage experts weren't so scared of the Great Gas Collar. After all, they still carried the experience and perception of a Great Sage expert even if they had been suppressed by the effects of Great Gas Collar, and demoted to the Sage Great Perfection Realm. So, ordinary experts of Sage Great Perfection Realm would still be no match for them.

Therefore, many Great Sage experts would visit the Great Gas Collar. The ordinary experts of Sage Great Perfection Realm were no match for them, and would get tortured to death by these Great Sage Experts. However, the ordinary experts of Sage Great Perfection Realm had later joined hands, and had killed a Great Sage expert who had ventured into the Great gas Collar. And, no Great Sage expert had dared to enter the Great Gas Collar since then.

After all, how could they make such a mistake with so much wealth on their body?

Therefore, the Great Gas Collar had become very famous for being able to suppress Great Sage Experts. Its notoriety had even spread in the nearby star regions. It was a famous restricted zone for Great Sage Experts.

Ye Xiwen was looking over the information collected by Yan Hong Yi on the Great Gas Collar. However, he had also become apprehensive about going to the Great Gas Collar after he had come to know that even a Great Sage Expert had died inside this place.

Great Sage experts were very different from ordinary sage experts. All Great Sage experts were famous in their respective regions. However, they had been suppressed at this place. And, one of them had even died here. This represented the so-called saying 'A dragon swimming in the shallow waters is toyed by prawns, and a tiger fallen flat on the ground is bullied by the dogs'. This place was extremely mysterious.

Ye Xiwen flew quickly for another month, and finally sensed the Great Gas Collar. However, the first thing that had caught his attention was an incomparably large city. It appeared as if a huge continent was floating in the space. The city looked like a giant beast hidden in the space, and it extended as far as one could see. In fact, it looked like a star-colossus!

The cities in the space were often much bigger than the cities on various planets. This was because the space had a harsh environment. Therefore, a lot of people

of people lived in a region together. Moreover, there weren't any topographical limitations. So, the cities grew in size with time.

However, this city was even bigger than Shang Yang City. In fact, it seemed to be touching the sky. The city walls were so tall that one couldn't even see the edges.

This was the only city in the vicinity of the Great Gas Collar. Therefore, it was known as the Great Gas City. It had also become popular because of the Great Gas Collar.

Ye Xiwen entered the city without any hesitation. The Great Gas City was very lively at this time since the Great Gas Collar was about to open. The experts from various regions had rushed over here en masse.

The experts could be easily found everywhere in the city. The majority of these experts were ordinary sage experts. The Great Sage Experts couldn't enter the Great Gas Collar. Therefore, it was a great opportunity to shine for these ordinary sage experts.

Ye Xiwen entered a restaurant to rest for a while. Then, he let out Xiao Ya from the Heavenly Source Mirror. He had put Xiao Ya inside the Heavenly Source Mirror since he had been in a hurry to get to this place.

The Heavenly Source Mirror could be regarded as a self-sufficient space at present. It wasn't very big. However, it had enough area for Xiao Ya to perform a wide range of activities.

Xiao Ya had advanced in these two months, and had entered the sixth layer of the Xiantian realm. Ye Xiwen envied her progress. However, he couldn't do anything about it. There were too many geniuses in this world... like fishes in the ocean. Pang Yang Bo had become a heaven's pride expert at the age of 11 or 12. Ye Xiwen would have no time left to do anything else in his life if he started to envy each and every one of these geniuses.

The entire restaurant was unusually crowded at this time. Ye Xiwen and Xiao Ya were rather unnoticeable, and hadn't attracted anyone's attention. After all, there were too many experts here. Moreover, it was full of strange people. One could tell that there was an enormous difference in the living environments of these strange experts.

The majority of the people had black hair and black eyes. However, some of them had purple hair or red eyes. But, these strange looking people also seemed to have blended into the crowd. Someone there had mentioned that these bizarre looking people probably had some relations with a bereaved race. And, someone had also said that their living environment must've been responsible for such a change in their appearance. Everyone had different opinions. However, this was nothing but an ordinary matter.

Ye Xiwen wasn't surprised. He had seen white, black, brown, and all other types of people on the Earth. Xiao the Earth. Xiao Ya wasn't concerned about these matters either. In fact, she didn't seem to care about anything besides Ye Xiwen.

"The Great Gas Collar is finally about to open. I have been waiting here for more than a year. But, my wait is finally over!"

"Yeah... the Great Gas Collar has already begun to spit out some heavenly treasures!"

Ye Xiwen had been listening. Apparently, the Great Gas Collar was known to unceasingly spit out heavenly treasures whenever it was about to open. At that time, the entire territory would shake, and it would seem as if those heavenly treasures were falling from it.

A lot of people had arrived as early as one year before the opening so that they could find a favourable spot and capture those falling heavenly treasures.

Of course, sometimes demon beasts also used to get spat out. One could obtain rare treasures if they were lucky. And, they might bump into those demon beasts, and get torn to pieces by them if they were unlucky. In fact, the chances of that happening were very high.

However, these experts were basically desperados who would do anything for their cultivation. Many of them were 'random cultivators with no backgrounds'. They didn't have many resources at their disposal. Therefore, they had to strive for everything that they required.

Ye Xiwen was also like them in this regard!

"I will go to observe in a while. I wish to see what all heavenly treasures are going to come out. He he, it will be an easy task to gain riches and honour if I manage to obtain some!"

"Humph... Riches and honour? I think you want to die!" someone disdainfully sneered and replied. "You think it is some great place…? Beware. You will be doomed if some demon beasts appear instead of those pathetic heavenly treasures!"

"Who was that? Which bastard said this? Come out and face me if you have the guts. I dare you!" that man stood up and shouted.

"Why wouldn't I dare to show a reckless fool like you his place? I don't know how many arrogant men like you die every day!" that expert who had sneered suddenly stood up and shouted.

The entire restaurant immediately became noisy. It seemed that one wrong sentence would lead to a big fight in a place like this. The other experts who were present inside the restaurant also became vigilant, and stood up one after another.

"The sixth vibration has begun!" a loud shout came from outside the city, and travelled far and wide.

(To be continued)

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