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Chapter 53 - Killed instead

“Ye Xiwen, you will die today. First I will cripple you and feed you to the demon beasts. Then I will watch while you are bitten to death!” Zhang Yunfei said with a cruel look on his face.

The other Zhang disciples also had a cruel look on their faces. There always was an enmity between Yi Yuan School and Zhang family, although, they maintained a calm and tranquil look on their faces in front of Yi Yuan School's people but that was on the surface only.

Ye Xiwen was undoubtedly the newly emerging genius of Yi Yuan School and suppressing a talent before it had fully grown was the most effective way to eliminate a future threat. Therefore, they had readily accepted Zhang Yuntian's idea to gang up on Ye Xiwen.

“You will?” Ye Xiwen sneered and said, “Gee, if so many experts died at once then it would severely weaken the Zhang family.”

“Everyone, Kill this insolent fool, but first, I want him crippled!” Zhang Yuntian roared with a fierce expression on his face.

Several Houtian ninth stage disciples of Zhang family rushed together towards Ye Xiwen with all kinds of martial arts blooming in their hands. Although they were young, but they still were the masters of Houtian ninth stage so how could their attacks be so simple.

Various colorful Zhen Qi exploded together in the air and a terrifying shock wave rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

“Clang!” Ye Xiwen instantly unsheathed his long blade which was blooming with dazzling light. The long blade directly cut straight through the air towards the arriving shock wave.

“Boom!” Accompanied with a loud air explosion, Ye Xiwen's long blade completely cut off all their attacks. Ye Xiwen' blade instantly drew nine blade shadows which spread in the sky like a curtain of blades and enveloped a Zhang disciple.

“Bold, you are courting death!” Zhang Wu suddenly got furious and gave out a loud shout and suddenly shot a spear with a high degree of proficiency. The spear was covered in a terrifying Spearqi and it flew straight towards Ye Xiwen at an astonishing speed. If it had hit Ye Xiwen, then it would have directly pierced right through him taking his life right away.

Even after being attacked by a menacing Zhang Wu, Ye Xiwen's berserk mode did not stop, in fact, it actually got worse. With a rumbling thundering sound, his long blade slashed straight towards a Zhang disciple of Houtian ninth stage and instantly bisected him.

This was the terrifying 'new moon beheader' and its trademark trait was that it would instantly cover all the escape routes and leave nowhere for the target to run. The only option left would be to face Ye Xiwen's terrifying long blade head on.

Ye Xiwen pulled back his long blade splashing the blood drops on it and instantly attacked towards Zhang Wu's spear.

At this time, Zhang Wu's spear had already arrived in front of Ye Xiwen and was about to pierce his body.

“Dang!” A loud metal clashing sound spread all over and Ye Xiwen's long blade easily deflected Zhang Wu's spear.

“Ah!” Ye Xiwen had beheaded a Zhang disciple and this had made Zhang Wu very furious. He shouted in a voice filled with anger, “Today, even if the great king of immortals was to descend to this place, he would not be able to save you. I will give you a miserable death!”

“You want to kill me? Today, I will decide whether you people are going to live or die!” Ye Xiwen screamed and the long blade in his hands shone brightly like a star. An endless amount of Zhen Qi burst forth causing a terrifying air explosion.

“Missing moon beheader!” Ye Xiwen roared and his long blade instantly chopped out towards Zhang Wu like a falling meteor.

“Boom!” Zhang Wu shot a terrifying Spearqi towards Ye Xiwen.

“Again!” Ye Xiwen's second blade chopped out almost instantly without any stagnation between the two strikes.

“Boom!” With a loud explosion sound, the long bade struck on Zhang Wu's spear and he felt that his hands had gone numb. Ye Xiwen's strength was so terrifying that his blade strike could even explode a mountain. If Zhang Wu was not at the peak of Houtian ninth stage, with his strength already approaching the strength of 99 Tigers, then this blade strike was strong enough to send him flying.

Zhang Wu eyes were filled with an inconceivable look because this scene was simply unimaginable. How could Ye Xiwen, who had not even reached the Houtian ninth stage, actually block his offensive spear attacks and what kind of terrifying strength did he possess in order to repel the attacks from a master of peak Houtian ninth stage.

“Third blade!”

The third blade was even more terrifyingly powerful, ​​but at this time, other Zhang disciples finally reacted and rushed over towards Ye Xiwen, all at once.

Ye Xiwen's blade instantly changed direction and chopped off towards Zhang Yunfei. Zhang Yunfei was considered the fastest among the Houtian eighth stage disciples and wanted to torture Ye Xiwen to death. When he saw that Ye Xiwen was busy fighting with Zhang Wu, he had suddenly thought of this as an opportunity and had rushed up for a sneak attack.

“Idiot, do you think I couldn't kill you last time?” Ye Xiwen shouted and his long knife completely turned directly towards Zhang Yunfei and chopped off.

This strike was lighting fast and immediately chopped down.

“Don't!” Zhang Yuntian's eyes turned red and he exhaled loudly, however, there was no way to save Zhang Yunfei because his fate had already been sealed.

“Puchi!” Zhang Yunfei was frightened when he saw Ye Xiwen's long blade advancing towards him, but, he didn't get any time to react and was instantly split into two halves.

“No, little brother, Ye Xiwen, I am going to kill you!” Zhang Yuntian had suddenly gone demented and rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

But how could he be Ye Xiwen's match. Ye Xiwen's long blade, like a brilliant meteor, flew across the sky, while splitting the air and directly chopped down Zhang Yuntian into two halves.

Those Zhang disciples could not believe their eyes. How was this possible? In such a short period of time, three of their own had been killed by Ye Xiwen, including Zhang Yuntian, who was one of the top core disciples and was quite famous among the Zhang disciples. But he was still chopped down so easily by Ye Xiwen.

It was like a calamity to them who had come to kill but had been killed instead!

“Everyone, kill him, we absolutely cannot let him grow up!” Zhang Ziqiu roared.

How old was Ye Xiwen? Not even twenty years old and he was already so terrifying. If he was left to fully grow up, then how terrible he would turn out to be. Just thinking about had sent chills down their spines.

Ye Xiwen was dressed in dark green clothes and his black hair was flying wildly. He was carrying a long blade in his hand from which crimson blood was dripping constantly. He had an ice-cold expression on his face which was very frightening, as if the demon god from ancient times had come back to life to wreck havoc on everything.

However before Zhang Ziqiu could finish what he was saying, Ye Xiwen's Daoqi had chopped down and before he could even have a chance to react, this Daoqi had already chopped him down into two halves.

“You have actually killed so many people from our Zhang family, you will die, because our Zhang family will not let you off.” A Houtian ninth stage disciple clamored.

“Idiot, no matter how many of you Zhang people I kill here, your Zhang family will have no way to trace it back to me. Moreover, as long as I kill all of you, no one will know that I did it. It is a great idea isn't it? So I dare you, try to run away. Let's see if you can outrun me.” Ye Xiwen said and unleashed 'Celestial Step'. As if a celestial being had gone out on a stroll, elegant and effortlessly, he had instantly rushed to the front of that disciple of the Houtian ninth stage and chopped him into many pieces.

Ye Xiwen was extremely fast and his long blade seemed like the thunder itself. Within seconds, he had completely beheaded rest of the Zhang disciples. Zhang Wu turned around to escape and had taken only a few steps, however, was immediately overtaken by Ye Xiwen. The terrifying long blade slashed right at him and he met his end quite fast.


(NT: I have translated chapter 55 but translation of chapter 54 will take time(It was boring so i jumped to chapter 55 :P). However, its already late here and i might go to bed because i am very exhausted. So, i may or may not release chapters 54 & 55 today (in my timezone) )

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