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A+ A- Chapter 526: Assists in the Fight!


The ship was flying with a fast speed when it suddenly began to shake violently. It seemed as if it had met with a huge impact.

"Villa Lord, it's not good. Several hundred star-beasts have appeared in front!" a man suddenly came tumbling out from the crowd.

Everyone looked on, and found that several hundred star beasts had surrounded the ship. Moreover, each of them was as big as a hill. They looked like the magnified versions of fierce wolves. Their entire bodies were covered with silver fur. And, that silver fur was glowing in this dark Universe.

There were innumerable. And, these hundreds of beasts had tightly contained them in the space.

"Damn it! They've found us!" Yan Hong Yi's complexion turned unsightly as he said these words.

A dreadful aura soared into the sky from the middle of these star beasts' group. Then, a fierce mountain-sized wolf slowly appeared in front of everyone.

"Fierce Star-Wolf King!"

Everyone's complexion turned deathly pale when they saw this monster. They even forgot about those other hill-sized fierce star wolves. There was usually a certain relation between height and strength. However, it didn't necessarily mean that one was going to be insanely powerful because one had a big stature.

However, this fierce star-wolf king had truly frightened them. It had already surpassed the peak of the sage realm, and was currently at the sage small perfection realm. And, this had scared them out of their wits.

Yan Hong Yi was the strongest among the people of the Poyuan Villa. He was at the sage small perfection realm. However, he would have to put everything at stake while fighting this wolf king. Obviously, it wouldn't be that easy since this wolf king's ominous energy had gone off the charts.

The outcome of a fight between a fierce beast and human expert of the same realm would be difficult to predict. Some experts would win, while others would lose rather tragically. This varied from person to person.

There were some geniuses who possessed the power to crush opponents belonging to the same realm. It wouldn't have been a very difficult thing to deal with this fierce star-wolf king for such a genius. After all, they possessed superb divine tools, outstanding cultivation, and an ancient heritage. So, their attacks were far more powerful than those of their peers.

However, it wasn't that easy for ordinary people. They neither possessed powerful divine tools… nor did they have formidable martial arts roots. Moreover, they didn't even have a solid foundation. Consequently, even a group of three such individuals would be unable to defeat a fierce beast of the same realm.

"Finally arrived?" Ye Xiwen muttered. He shot a glance towards that powerful-looking fierce star-wolf king. Then, he looked at Xiao Ya with a smile of reassurance. After all, she didn't need to worry as long as he was there with her.

However, he didn't know that Xiao Ya wasn't worried. Her complexion had remained unchanged. She had faced all kinds of situations ever since she had tagged with Ye Xiwen. It seemed as if she felt that there was no need to worry as long as Ye Xiwen was by her side.

"Brothers, we are in this predicament because of me. So, it is my duty to go, and engage that fierce star-wolf king. Meanwhile, you guys must look for an opportunity to escape!" Yan Hong Yi took out a spear, grinned, and said these words. The look in his eyes made it seem that he didn't find himself to be a match for these star-beasts.

"Villa Lord!"

"Villa lord, let's go together. We aren't af

raid of death!"

"These star beasts have surrounded us. How can we escape? So, let's go together. We mustn't let these lowly beasts ridicule us... even if we die!"

These star beasts had long been wise and clever. This was because they possessed 'spiritual intelligence'. Their battle formation resembled that of a battalion of soldiers. They had already surrounded them from all directions. Moreover, their encirclement seemed to be impenetrable.

"Come with me. I will go and engage that fierce star-wolf king. Come to give me backup if you guys manage to kill those other fierce wolves in time. We still have a chance of survival!" Yan Hong Yi didn't resist any further. After all, he knew that his previous plan was hopeless. Moreover, there was only a slim chance of survival, and that too only if they went all out to hold their own against these beasts.

"Young Brother Ye, I'm sorry that I've dragged you into this. I shouldn't have done that. You must take off with little sister as soon as you get the opportunity!" Yan Hong Yi said.

"Relax. I have a plan!" Ye Xiwen replied. However, he felt that many of the people of Poyuan Villa that surrounded him were looking at him with bad intentions. He deliberated a bit, and understood that these people were suspecting him of being a spy of the Li Clan… just as Hu Anguo had earlier suspected him. They felt that it couldn't be a coincidence that they had come across these many fierce beasts after a mysterious person had come aboard their ship. It was also probable that he was the one who had attracted these beasts.

Ye Xiwen merely smiled. After all, everything would become clear from the outcome of his actions at this juncture.

"Howl!" Everyone was still discussing here, but that fierce star-wolf king couldn't wait anymore. So, it howled loudly. And, its howl shook the entire world. The void collapsed. And, a huge black crack spread out wherever the sound waves from its howl went. Then, the huge crack spread out towards the ship.

"Humph!" Yan Hong Yi coldly snorted. He advanced, and arrived at the front of the ship. He pointed his spear towards the vast emptiness. And, a boundless ripple proliferated and scattered in the vast space. Then, that ripple suddenly collided with that huge crack.


A vast chunk of the void collapsed under the suppression force. The fight between two senior experts of the sage small perfection realm had barely begun. However, it had already shaken the entire world.

Everyone's expressions had turned serious. The first clash was enough to determine that this star-wolf king was much more tyrannical than they had previously imagined.

The star-wolf king's loud howl stirred up the flock of fierce wolves. And, their eyes turned red. Their claws dug into the space, and split open deep black cracks in the void.

"Howl!" the fierce star-wolf king let out a loud howl like a sonic boom. Those fierce wolves also looked upward and howled one after another. They had launched a long-range raid towards the ship by doing so. The long-range raid of each of those small hill-sized beasts was overwhelming. The void shook as they approached with a scary momentum. It seemed as if violent waves were causing turbulence in an ocean.


The people of the Poyuan Villa also roared as they rushed out to face those fierce star-wolves.


The seemingly endless horde of the fierce star-wolves suddenly collided with the matrix formation that was protecting the ship. One-third of the matrix formation was destroyed in a flash. This was inevitable since these fierce star-wolves were too many in number. Even the ship's protective layer couldn't endure such a massive impact. However, the semi-sage level fierce wolves were instantly turned into ashes by the barrier.

Ye Xiwen's expression had also turned stern. The real fight was about to begin. The ominous aura of the enemy penetrated through the void, and blew against his face. This was a true battle.

"Be a good girl, and stay on the ship until I return... Alright?!" Ye Xiwen looked at Xiao Ya and spoke after everyone had left the ship. Xiao Ya was only at the Xiantian Small Perfection Realm at present. Her cultivation speed was extremely quick. However, she couldn't travel in the space by herself. Moreover, she could die here because there was no air in this place.

This was her vulnerability, and nothing could be done about it. Earlier, Ye Xiwen was there to protect her. However, he would have to engage in the battle now. He couldn't dare to say that he could protect her out there; at least not with confidence. Therefore, it was better to make her stay on the ship.

"Ok!" Xiao Ya softly replied. She was a very clever kid.

Yan Hong Yi had already started to clash with that fierce star-wolf king. His spear was waving like a dragon. It devoured a vast chunk of space as it rushed towards that fierce star-wolf king.

Yan Hong Yi didn't hold back. His entire 'real elemental energy' suddenly burst out of his body with an incredible spear-beam.

"Howl!" The fierce star-wolf king opened its large mouth… as if it were a sacrificial bowl. A dreadful 'spirit energy' fluctuated, and burst out of its mouth. The terrifying cannon-beam travelled through the void, and collided with Yan Hong Yi's spear-beam.


Two great powerhouses had begun to clash, and this resulted in crackling sounds being produced. The scene looked exceptionally stunning. The clash of their dreadful powers resulted in energy waves from the point of the collision. Those energy waves then swept all across. And, they shattered the space wherever they went.

The fierce star-wolf king issued an angry howl. And, its silver fur began to glow golden. Then, it dug its claws into the space, bolted forward explosively, and transformed into a golden streamer. It arrived in front of Yan Hong Yi in an instant.

Yan Hong Yi hadn't thought that this fierce star-wolf king would have such incredible speed. He hadn't even gotten any time to react, but it had already arrived in front of him. However, he couldn't retreat. That's because his whole team would collapse if he were to fall back.

He could only clench his teeth, and prepare for battle. He brandished his spear, and suddenly trampled the void under his feet. Then, he darted forward like a rolling mountain to crush that approaching golden light.


The boundless collision issued dreadful energy waves. The void shook, and cracks that resembled a spider's web spread out.

A tremendous energy wave swirled about violently. And, a figure was sent flying by that shock wave. It was Yan Hong Yi.

Yan Hong Yi felt a strange taste in his mouth. He was about to spout a mouthful of blood. However, he knew that he couldn't spout blood at this. After all, his power would suffer a heavy loss if he did that…

Therefore, he forcibly swallowed the blood essence. Consequently, his face turned an unusually dark shade of red. Moreover, he was forced to retreat over a dozen meters before he was able to break his momentum.

These human experts were undoubtedly weaker when compared to these fierce beasts. Therefore, fighting with these fierce beasts was akin to courting death for a majority of these human experts. However, that wasn't true for a freak like Ye Xiwen. The fierce star-wolves weren't considered among the top-notch star beasts. Nonetheless, their ferocity and instincts far surpassed that of humans.

However, the human experts had one advantage over these fierce beasts. They possessed 'intelligence'. They could use tools, divine tools, talismans, and whatnot. Only these things made the human experts eligible to contend against these fierce beasts.

Yan Hong Yi was an old expert of the society. So, he obviously knew this fact very well. However, he didn't have any other method at this time. Moreover, he couldn't retreat. He could only drag time since he had to hold-up until the people of the Poyuan Villa had killed those other fierce beasts. They could then help him escape… or they could provide him with backup. He would obviously have more room to choose then…

"Howl!" The eyes of the silver wolf-king had turned red. Moreover, there was an ominous glint in them. The wolf-king issued a thunderous howl once again. Its claws suddenly grabbed the void, and issued a metal clanging sound. It opened its mouth like a sacrificial bowl once again. Endless 'spirit energies' suddenly gathered. And, another sprit energy cannon-beam was ejected... but, not towards Yan Hong Yi. Instead, it was directed towards the ship!

This silver wolf-king was sentient, and had already acquired 'spiritual intelligence'. So, it had obviously made out that these human experts wouldn't be able to escape without their ship. In fact, they would be sitting ducks!

Ye Xiwen's exceptional flying magical power was extremely rare. The majority of human experts didn't have a divine tool they could use for flying away. Consequently, their flying speeds were no match for those of these demon beasts.

"It's not good! Damn it!" Yan Hong Yi stopped minding the silver wolf-king for the time being. However, it was already too late for him to stop this attack that was going towards the ship.

However, a frightening sword-rainbow dropped from above at this time.

(To be continued)

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