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This was a very realistic problem. The so-called 'killing people and preventing them from divulging a secret' was so. Ye Xiwen would certainly die if they didn't die. He might escape if one great sage expert were to chase him. However, what about a group of great sage experts?

How would he escape then?

Also, these people wanted to kill him as well. Therefore, letting them live could prove to be even more troublesome for him.

Ye Xiwen deliberated for a while. He then decided to put away the 'Thousand Stars Tyrant Palm'. He had obtained this palm technique from the blood-red-clothed Young Master. However, he had never used it. In fact, he hadn't even practiced it. Right now, he wanted to annihilate these people in the shortest span of time. Otherwise, some formidable ancient demon beasts might arrive here. And, that would be too bad. One mustn't forget that each of these beasts possessed extraordinary 'spiritual intelligence'. This 'spiritual intelligence' wasn't inferior to the intelligence of an ordinary human. Moreover, many of them had been alive since thousands of years, and were simply old foxes. So, why wouldn't they have any interest in the treasures that were present here?

Ye Xiwen attacked without any hesitation after he thought of this. His entire body transformed into a universe. This was a universe that had existed since eternity; a universe that was spread everywhere - An Eternal Universe!

The so-called Eternal Universe was the collection of space and time. And, only God could control space and time. Ye Xiwen's Universe was continuously growing. In fact, there would come a day when he would have so much power that he would be able to control the entirety of time and space. And, nobody would be able to do him any harm when that would happen.

He hadn't become that terrifying at present. However, faint signs of it were present. His Universe would transform into a realm one day. However, this was a matter for the future.

Ye Xiwen's fist suddenly pressed down like a huge star. It carried terrifying momentum. In fact, it seemed like a boundless galaxy as it swept down on Sheng Feiyue to crush him.

Ye Xiwen had attacked with all of his strength. This was the first time that he had attacked with his entire strength ever since he had made the breakthrough into the intermediate stage of sage realm. So, this attack was entirely different from the ones that he had performed when he was in the initial stage of sage realm. After all, he had made a substantial progress.

Ye Xiwen's ferocious aura arrived over Sheng Feiyue's head, and overwhelmed him completely. It looked incredible. Sheng Feiyue had started his journey many years ago. And, he had become a famous heaven's pride expert in a very short span of time after he had entered the Meteor Sect. However, the Meteor World and the True Martial World were different. The True Martial World had changed into a place where independent warlords used to compete for the power that had been vacated with the decline of the True Martial University.

However, the Meteor Sect was still in its flourishing period. The Meteor Sect alone was the largest force. Therefore, there weren't many competitions taking place in the Meteor Sect. The heaven's pride experts were particularly considered to be isolated. And, they weren't allowed to compete with each other… at least not until they had reached the sage realm.

Therefore, Sheng Feiyue had never fought with the heaven's pride experts of his generation. Let alone with a person like Ye Xiwen who had taken the lives of many heaven's pride experts!

He may have been engaged in the occasional fights, but he had never been beaten down before. Moreover, Ye Xiwen was much younger than him…

Ye Xiwen used his entire strength, and didn't hold back one bit. The 'Big Bang Stardust Fist' rushed through several hundred miles. It smashed the void into pieces wherever it went, and the chaos was unleashed from the other side. Then, this startling attack suddenly materialised in front of Sheng Feiyue.


Sheng Feiyue's 'Thousand Stars Tyrant Palm' got crushed in an instant. The starlight that had spread across the entire sky also vanished. Instead, Ye Xiwen's fist exploded like the Big Bang.

"Crack Crack!" the horrifying sound of breaking of bones could be heard. Sheng Feiyue's hands had gotten crushed!

After that, his body entered the spatial fault. The space broke down and he sank into it. His entire body had been drenched in blood. He was in a tragic state. The scene looked too horrible!

"Senior Brother Sheng has sustained injuries?!" Those people of the Imperial Clan of the Great Wei State were left dumbstruck as they saw this scene. Sheng Feiyue was a God-like figure to them. However, he had been seriously injured by this 'Dragon Master'. He was considered among the top-notch heaven's pride experts of the Meteor Sect. However, he was left powerless and unable to fight back.

It seemed as if they had been brought back to their senses by the sound of a loud and ear-piercing thunderclap.

However, the power of Ye Xiwen's fist didn't decrease. It swept down and struck Sheng Feiyue's main body. His bones began to issue gurgle sound under the ferocious pressure. And, blood gushed out from his entire body.

Sheng Feiyue was struggling with all his strength. His body had begun to transform into flames under the starlight. He looked like a burning fire ball… like a star that had illuminated the Eternal Universe.

These burning flames began to burn Ye Xiwen's fist. This produced a noise. It wasn't clear how hot those flames were… However, they looked exceptionally ferocious!

Ye Xiwen laughed loudly. [You think this will work?]

An ordinary person would've gotten burnt to death by these terrifying flames. This was also one of the hidden cards of Sheng Feiyue's. However, Ye Xiwen had practiced the 'Tyrant Body Technique' till the seventh layer. In fact, he could even contend against a sage tool with his bare hands. So, one could imagine how ferocious his body had become. Therefore, it was impossible for him to be defeated by such a counter-attack.


Ye Xiwen's fist had transformed into a huge star. And, it refused to bow under the impact of this counterattack. Instead, his fist pounded even more quickly. Those princes and other experts felt as if two stars had suddenly collided in a boundless Universe. The world had collapsed, and everyone had been left to tremble with fear.

"Aah!" Sheng Feiyue screamed. He appeared to be in an exceptionally dire situation. Ye Xiwen's ferocious fist had already crushed his entire body. His flesh had also begun to tear apart. And, his thick bones had become exposed. His blood had started to splash out as well. It was evident that he had sustained very serious injuries.

He realized that he had messed with the wrong person.

"I won't go down!" Sheng Feiyue roared, and his voice stirred the horizon. However, Ye Xiwen didn't show any mercy as his mountain-like fist slammed down on Sheng Feiyue.


Sheng Feiyue's bones got shattered, and more of his blood splashed out. It looked terrible. His internal organs had been destroyed. And, his soul was also annihilated.

Ye Xiwen searched for Sheng Feiyue's storage ring. Sheng Feiyue was extremely rich when compared to a troubled person like Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen alternated between being rich and poor. He swept in his divine sense, and found an abundance of wealth inside Sheng Feiyue's stock. The amount of 'Primary Spirit Dans' was alone more than 30 million. And, the total wealth surpassed 100 million after the value of the various other treasures were added to it. It could be said that Sheng Feiyue had been far wealthier than ordinary sage experts…

Of course, even this wealth of 100 million might not be enough for a spendthrift like Ye Xiwen.

"You... you dared to kill him!" The Third Prince was shocked. His heart sank as he realized that Sheng Feiyue had been killed.

"It seems like I did!" Ye Xiwen replied in a carefree manner. He was standing in the sky, and he was looking down at everyone like they were already dead.

That's right! He was looking at a group of dead people!

It seemed as if Ye Xiwen was looking into their eyes. A chill ran down the Second Prince's spine. He had suddenly realized that Ye Xiwen could kill all of them.

"You want to kill us!" the Second Prince spoke-up. His complexion had changed very significantly since he couldn't stop himself from getting scared this time. He knew that Ye Xiwen would kill all of them in order to preserve the secret of this place. Otherwise, the secret of this place would certainly leak out.

"Run! Quickly!"

The Third Prince shouted. He transformed into a streamer of light and promptly flew in one direction. Everyone else also flew away in different directions in quick succession. He believed that Ye Xiwen wouldn't be able to kill all of them if they escaped in different directions. And, he was obviously hoping that he would be able to escape while Ye Xiwen was killing the other people.

"Humph!" Ye Xiwen snorted. The 'spirit energies' began to condense frantically in the air. Then, a super-huge wave condensed and swept out. It then condensed into a great seal that filled the sky. And, the 'Inverting Ocean Seal' suddenly swept down.


A huge explosion occurred. A vast space got smashed to pieces. The chaos leaked out from the cracks in the space, and overflowed the entire sky.


Those people wanted to escape. However, it was impossible for them to match Ye Xiwen's speed. Ye Xiwen had destroyed them in a split second.

'Overturning the Heavens Seal' was a wonderful ancient technique. One could even overturn the blue dome of heaven if one practiced this technique to the peak. Ye Xiwen practised this technique all the time. However, he had grasped it only recently. In fact, he hadn't even practiced the 'Inverting Ocean Seal' to the peak. So, it wasn't clear when he would grasp the 'Overturning the Heavens Seal'. Let alone, practice it to the pinnacle…

Ye Xiwen wiped-clean the traces after he had annihilated these people. He then conveniently collected the dead body of the massive star colossus. This star colossus was enormous. So, it was very difficult for Ye Xiwen to collect it and put it inside… even though it was dead.

Fortunately, he had the 'Heavenly Source Mirror'. So, he placed the star colossus inside the 'Heavenly Source Mirror'. An ordinary spatial ring or some other space type divine tool would have broken down if it had been used in place of the 'Heavenly Source Mirror'.

Ye Xiwen had only consumed a little bit of this star colossus's star core in order to make the breakthrough to the intermediate stage of sage realm.

After that, Ye Xiwen started to play with Sheng Feiyue's 'divine tool palace'. He could only sigh at this huge world since it was full of extraordinary wonders. Someone had actually made a sage tool out of a palace! Moreover, it could attack as well as defend! Such a divine tool was extremely rare. In fact, it was rarer than those inner divine armours and those other defensive divine tools…

However, this wasn't enough to tempt Ye Xiwen. After all, Ye Mo was undoubtedly more important to him than these rare divine tools. Ye Xiwen would gamble everything if it meant waking up Ye Mo from his slumber. Not to mention that Ye Mo had become like this for his sake. In fact, Ye Xiwen would've long become a cold corpse if Ye Mo hadn't saved him.

Ye Xiwen had realized that this star colossus was a treasure house of herbs. Its corpse was like an incomparably huge stockpile of resources. He had only absorbed a little bit of the star core, and even that had been enough for him to make the breakthrough into the intermediate stage of sage realm. Therefore, Ye Mo would surely get well soon if he swallowed this entire colossus.

Ye Xiwen cast a spell to wake up Ye Mo when this thought crossed his mind. Ye Xiwen could take the initiative to wake up Ye Mo… thanks to the growing number of sage tools which Ye Mo had swallowed. Ye Xiwen no longer needed to wait for him to wake up on his own. However, Ye Xiwen wouldn't have wanted to wake him up as soon as possible if it wasn't important.

(To be continued)

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