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Chapter 52 - If you commit suicide then I will leave your corpse intact

Suddenly, the Quiet Shadow Leopard's shrill roar broke out, and with a faster pace than earlier, it pounced and arrived in front of Ye Xiwen in a blink of an eye. Its speed was so fast that it literally seemed as if a dark purple lightning had struck.

Ye Xiwen could even see its ghastly scarlet teeth in the moonlight, aiming to bite his neck off.

Ye Xiwen didn't get enough time to think, and the long blade danced in his hands releasing a terrifying Daoqi that instantly swept towards the Quiet Shadow Leopard who jumped away to avoid the attack, but the Daoqi had already cut off a large wound on its body.

After getting injured, it seemed as if Quiet Shadow Leopard had become blood thirsty. It once again ferociously leapt rising its sharp claws and it literally went flying towards Ye Xiwen. If it had grabbed Ye Xiwen in its clutches then even the body an expert as strong as him would get pierced right away.

Ye Xiwen crouched down to avoid its deadly attack and his backhand blade attacked fiercely towards the Quiet Shadow Leopard's soft lower abdomen.

Ye Xiwen only felt a slight lag and his long blade's tip inserted into the abdomen of Quiet Shadow Leopard and came directly out of its back with a lot of blood gushing out of its body.

“Roar!” Quiet Shadow Leopard gave out a shrill cry.

Without the slightest hesitation, Ye Xiwen gave a backhand twist to his blade and the Zhen Qi attached to his long blade instantly exploded. In an instant, the Quiet Shadow Leopard's internal organs had been destroyed and looked similar to a pile of mud.

Quiet Shadow Leopard roared twice and after struggling for a while, it finally died. Ye Xiwen kicked its dead body to the side while taking his blade out of his body.

This Blood Yuan Territory was not similar to the outside world. Even the same demon beasts here were more powerful and fiercer compared to their counterparts in the outside world.

Quiet Shadow Leopards were a rare sight in the outside world, however, they were present in abundance here in Blood Yuan Territory. The formation of such a small world, according to an old legend, occurred from the broken fragments of space left behind after the fight between ancient experts. The ability of these ancient people was not something Ye Xiwen could comprehend.

In addition to this small world, there were also some secondary planes, with unusual conditions. There were some with extremely cold environment, others filled with volcanic rocks, and each had different kinds of strange life forms existing inside. Legends about them were mentioned in the miscellany but the information it contained was very ambiguous.

In a blink of an eye, three days had passed, and Ye Xiwen had covered a long distance in the direction of central region of Fengye Mountain.

Fengye Mountain, in the entire Blood Yuan Territory, was very prominent because it was the highest mountain in the Blood Yuan Territory covered with crimson colored maple trees. Its peak was so high that it actually billowed into the clouds. Fengye Mountain was the goal of Ye Xiwen, because it was the place where Blood Yuan fruit could be found.

As long as he followed into the direction of Fengye Mountain, he would not get lost. However, during these three days, it could be said that he did not a have single moment of peace. Demon beasts were present everywhere in the Blood Yuan Territory and the weakest among them had already reached the Houtian fifth stage. There were no weak demon beasts present inside the Blood Yuan Territory and whether it was day or night, he had to be careful of the surprise attacks from these demon beasts, which was quite bothersome for him.

But Ye Xiwen slowly adapted to this rhythm, after all, he had roamed a lot in the backside of Qingfeng Mountain forest which was also filled with demon beasts.

During these three days, Ye Xiwen had beheaded more than a dozen Houtian ninth stage demon beasts and had also found some very precious herbs. It could be said that he had already made a lot of money on this trip.

The points of Ye Xiwen's Yaopai had quickly reached 1000 points, but Ye Xiwen felt that this was not enough, in fact, it was far from enough! What he desired was the Blood Yuan fruit because it was a treasure that even Xiantian realm masters would drool over. If he succeeded in obtaining one then it would be very beneficial towards his future practice.

“Ha ha ha, it took me three days to find you and I finally find you! Ye Xiwen, if you commit suicide then I’ll leave your dead body intact!” Suddenly, a rampant laughter came from the horizon.

A figure grazed over the tree tops, and in a while, it had come in front of Ye Xiwen.

It was actually Zhang Yuntian. There was a murderous look on his face when he was looking at Ye Xiwen, as if wishing to kill him right now. He was one of the top disciples among the Zhang core disciples, and when he received such a disgrace, it was far worse than getting killed. Although, Ye Xiwen had showed him mercy, but in his view, he had actually been humiliated. It was the greatest shame in his life, and the only way to wash this shame off his body was to kill Ye Xiwen.

“It's you!” Ye Xiwen said while pulling out the long blade from the scabbard tied to his back.

“Ye Xiwen, a few days ago, you humiliated me in front of everyone, my hatred towards you is absolutely irreconcilable. Today is the day of your death, however, if you commit suicide then I’ll leave your dead body intact.” Zhang Yuntian laughed and said.

“I see, it seems you have gone deranged. That day, in front of a large crowd, I had showed you mercy, but, do you think now you can have such luck?” Ye Xiwen said while sneering again and again. “Today, I’ll slaughter you without showing any mercy.”

Zhang Yuntian's complexion suddenly turned red just like a monkey's ass. Ye Xiwen words had deeply hurt his pride.

“Do you think I have come alone today? Since you refuse to commit suicide, then I will kill you first then feed you to the demon beasts.” Zhang Yuntian gritted his teeth and said.

Not far from Zhang Yuntian, five or six figures suddenly emerged and soon arrived in front of Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen quickly recognized them. In addition to Zhang Yuntian’s brother Zhang Yunfei, second ranked top disciple, Zhang Wu, had also come along with Zhang Ziqiu, who was also one of the top core disciples. In total, seven core disciples, including three top figures, had just now appeared in front of Ye Xiwen.

Other four were also the masters of Houtian ninth stage, although not at the top level like the other three, but they were still extremely powerful.

In order to kill Ye Xiwen, Zhang Yuntian had gathered a lot of strong masters.

“Ye Xiwen, you will die today. First I will cripple you and feed you to the demon beasts. Then I will watch while you are bitten to death!” Zhang Yunfei said with a cruel look on his face. After getting defeated by Ye Xiwen, the two brothers had been unable to lift their heads in front of other members of the Zhang family.

His heart was filled with extreme hate towards Ye Xiwen and he just wanted to tear him to shreds and torture him in the most vicious ways possible before killing him. All of this just to eliminate the hate inside of his heart and to wash off the shame Ye Xiwen had imposed on him.



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