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The Imperial Capital was facing turbulent times these days. The quick and drastic changes had dazzled everyone. Nobody could see the situation clearly. It seemed as if they were in a smoke screen.

First, the Fourth Prince had been killed. Then, the Twenty-third Prince had risen to fame abruptly. And, the Eldest Prince had led his troops into the palace immediately after that. However, the great sage ancestor had suppressed him with ease in the palace.

No matter how powerful the Eldest prince was… He had been suppressed easily by the great sage expert when they had met face to face. He hadn't been able to resist even a bit, and had been suppressed completely as a result.

The Eldest Prince's forces had suffered a stinky bloodbath. This clearly showed the interest of this forgotten old ancestor when it came to keeping the Empire stable. The fighting among those princes was one thing. However, daring to invade the Imperial Palace was a capital offense; it was a dead end.

The entire Imperial Capital had been shaken up. And, many forces had also chickened up all of a sudden. The forces that wanted to stir up trouble by taking advantage of this contest among many princes had suddenly gone silent in particular since nobody wanted to bear the rage of the great sage ancestor.

Everyone had become jittery inside the Twenty-third Prince's mansion upon the arrival of that founder of the great sage realm. All forces had restrained their actions no matter whether they were ambitious or not.

The Twenty-third Prince's faction wasn't an exception either. They had been warned and prohibited from going out and stirring up trouble. Any issue might trigger the anger of that old great sage at this time.

The pending matters of the Empire had been quickly resolved after the return of this great sage elder. He was worthy of being called the 'Founder Emperor'. After all, he had resolved so many pending matters very quickly. So, the Empire was back on the right track as a result.

Everyone had understood one thing — any military operation had become insignificant with the return of this great sage ancestor. Could these so-called powerful subordinates of the princes contend against a great sage expert?

Those ambitious princes were as inexperienced as young chicks in front of this great sage expert. After all, he was the Martial Emperor of the Wei State. He was the one who had laid the foundation of the Wei State in those chaotic times. So, it was simply ridiculous to compare him with these inexperienced princes.

Everyone had understood that it was no longer possible to mount the throne by competing against each other by depending upon their forces. Instead, it was possible only with the favour of the Martial Emperor of the Wei State. Everything would be pointless even if those princes had a bloodbath. In fact, he might not care even if all of them died. He might randomly extend support to another person from the Imperial Clan in obtaining the throne. And why wouldn't he? After all, all of them were his descendants. Perhaps, those courtiers used to differentiate between relatives and strangers. However, all those people were his descendants in his eyes. Then, what's the discrimination between close and distant relatives?

The people of the Great Wei State believed that their nation was safe and sound as long as the Martial Emperor of the Wei State was alive. And, perhaps the entire Great Wei State would collapse and fall apart once he died.

This case was similar to the one with the Old Founder's in the Yi Yuan School. Many people believed that he had already died in a seated posture. However, they hadn't expected that he would still be alive after having extended his life with the help of a secret technique. It was a big sacrifice on his part to continue living in the present world. He would've suffered unbearable pain by continuing to live-on with the help of some secret technique. One would have to endure pain every day and night if they used this technique. Anyway, it would have been impossible if he didn't have the will of iron and a stone-like perseverance. Moreover, he had endured such pain because he might have to fight for the sake of Yi Yuan School one day.

This had left people to admire this senior predecessor. They found him svelte and peerless. Even his last glorious battle was brilliant-enough to be written down in the annals of the Yi Yuan School. It had then been spread among the people of all generations.

He had appeared very abruptly in the Yi Yuan School in their most difficult time. The senior experts, teachers, and all the fellow students were in danger at that time. The Yi Yuan School was in a hopeless situation. However, he had stood-up firmly at that time. He had become the strongest pillar for the Yi Yuan School when it was on the verge of a collapse. Several hundred years of fighting had killed the prestige of the Yi Yuan School. However, he had single-handedly pacified the calamity of the Yi Yuan School.

He had led the expeditions of the Yi Yuan School throughout his life. And, he had died leading an expedition of the Yi Yuan School. Even his enemies hadn't dared to disrespect him for this reason!

Perhaps, death was also a kind of relief for him.

Ye Xiwen's present strength had surpassed that Old Founder's from back then. However, he still had respect for him in his heart!

At present, things had changed and become simpler for many people of the Great Wei State since the Martial Emperor of the Wei State had returned. Everything appeared blurred like layer upon layer of blood fog before his arrival. It wasn't even clear how many fights they would have to experience in order to see the outcome. However, everything depended on the decision of Wei State's Martial Emperor at this time. So, they would have to experience less turmoil now.

However, it was a big problem for Ye Xiwen. A great sage expert had interfered. And, this had suddenly left him to feel that he wasn't in a favourable position to use his skills. His former strategy dictated that they would wait for the old Emperor to die. Then, they would fight for the throne. And, the Twenty-third Prince could ascend to the throne as long as he could kill those other princes. And, this ascension would be perfectly justifiable.

However, who cared about that old Emperor's life or death now? It didn't matter whether he was dead or alive. The crucial point was the attitude of the Martial Emperor of the Wei State. There would be no problem if he supported the Twenty-third Prince. However, what should be done if he didn't?

Ye Xiwen also became somewhat frantic while facing this situation. In fact, he had even rashly thought that he would ask the Northern Dipper Organization to send a great sage expert. The Northern Dipper Organization didn't have too many members. However, there were many great sage experts in that organization. In fact, many great sage experts were even present among the peripheral members. After all, the official members were mostly top-tier heaven's pride experts. Therefore, they could at least cultivate up to the perfection level of the great sage realm if they didn't come across any calamity. However, the peripheral members were also a group of geniuses. They weren't some unnecessary people who could be used for dealing with small matters.

"Nothing can be done in this matter since things have reached this stage!" the voice of the Wood Dragon made a buzzing sound after it passed through the mask as he said this. Initially, there was no problem since Ye Xiwen was keeping watch. However, even Ye Xiwen couldn't do much now. Great Sage… this name was enough to represent everything! Great sage was considered the pinnacle of power in many big worlds. It was also considered the mainstay of a force.

Wood Dragon didn't want other people of the Northern Dipper Organization to arrive and interfere. After all, he wanted to run this place of the Wei State as his own nest. The so-called practice was the cultivation of law, loyalty, wealth, and land. He, Ye Xiwen, and Qing Xu didn't wish to establish their own secret little force on the side. Therefore, the best way to earn loyalty and resources was to help a force. And, it was a very good option as long as they could reap benefits and wealth at regular intervals.

However, they didn't have any other way if the situation had reached that extent. After all, it was still better than the failure of the mission.

The Wood Dragon couldn't help but hold his forehead either. He was quite depressed by these events. Unexpected things had been happening again and again.

"The Twenty-third Prince has also entered the palace. So, we will soon come to know what the present regulations are!" Ye Xiwen was leaning against the edge of a big tree as he said. Breeze blew the hem of his robe. It was a bit cold.

He didn't wish to call more people either. The majority of people apart from him and the Wood Dragon could very well be considered as 'outsiders'. He had also considered that he might attract the attention of the Meteor Sect if he called more people to get rid of the Wei State's Martial Emperor. The death of one or two sage experts wasn't a big thing. It wasn't that the sage experts didn't have any importance in the Meteor Sect. However, they weren't very significant either. But, it would be very surprising if the Meteor Sect didn't investigate the matter in case a great sage expert were to die here.

This was also the reason why this task had been handed-over to two inexperienced new comers like the Wood Dragon and Ye Xiwen. Many people would have wanted to get such a good task. In fact, there wouldn't have been so many unnecessary troubles if a great sage expert had received this task. Moreover, they wouldn't have required making countless plans like Ye Xiwen. In fact, they would've had only one plan… Kill all those who don't accept their decision. They would have continued to slaughter until the people had started to obey their commands. And, this task would've been complete without hassles as a result.

The Twenty-third Prince had been invited to the palace by the Wei State's Martial Emperor this morning. The other princes who had been fighting for the throne had also been invited along with him. It seemed as if the Wei State's Martial Emperor was planning to put his cards on the table. He also didn't seem interested in these ordinary affairs and needless entanglements. After all, he wouldn't have left the position of Emperor and fled to the Meteor Sect if that was the case.

Ye Xiwen hadn't accompanied the Twenty-third Prince. After all, who would dare to assassinate a prince before the eyes of the Martial Emperor of the Wei State? Therefore, safety was guaranteed. Moreover, Ye Xiwen was also afraid of a possible situation. What would happen if the Wei State's Martial Emperor were to lose his temper and capture the prince? Who would go to rescue him in that case?

"We must withdraw if there is any issue. Damn it! The mission description never said that there is going to be a great sage expert involved!" the Wood Dragon spoke-up in a complaining manner.

"The worldly affairs are unpredictable. We must be prepared to counter every move as-and-when they occur!" Ye Xiwen replied.

Suddenly, the sound of hurried footsteps sounded. Both individuals looked towards the gate to see who it was. One must know that both these individuals had honourable statuses inside the Prince's mansion. In fact, ordinary people wouldn't even dare to go in the courtyard where these two men used to dwell.

Soon, a middle-aged attendant dressed in attendant's clothes arrived in front of both these individuals. He saluted them and said, "Respected consecrate experts, someone is looking for the respectable Dragon Consecrate outside!"

Ye Xiwen recognized this person. He was a reliable subordinate of the Twenty-third Prince's. He was also an internal attendant inside the Prince's mansion. It was said that he had been accompanying Twenty-third Prince since many years. He had luckily escaped at the time when the Fourth Prince had been chased down. And then, he had again returned to Prince's mansion, and had taken charge of the internal matters of the mansion.

He didn't dare to lack any manners in front of these two senior experts. He also possessed martial arts cultivation. In fact, he possessed the strength of legendary realm. However, he knew that these two senior experts could poke him to death with a finger. Moreover, they had a good relation with his master. And, he himself could go a step further and become a main figure in the Imperial Palace if his master were to ascend the throne.

"Who is looking for me?" Ye Xiwen asked. The Dragon Consecrate! That's what he was called by people in the Prince's mansion to differentiate him among these two.

"It's President Jiang. He's the president of the Association of Alchemy Masters of the Great Wei State!" the internal attendant replied in a respectful manner.

"What does he want?" Ye Xiwen frowned. He obviously knew who this Great Wei State's Association of Alchemy Masters was.

It was a huge organization that comprised of the alchemy masters of the Great Wei State. The people of this organization could be found everywhere in the entire Great Wei State. A huge portion of this group comprised of alchemy masters. They were very exceptional. They had numerous and complicated contact-networks. He knew a bit about this force because he initially wanted the Twenty-third Prince to rope-in this force.

And, this President Jiang was the president of the Association of Alchemy Masters. He enjoyed a huge reputation in the entire Great Wei State. Nobody dared to underestimate the capabilities of this Association of Alchemy Masters. Many people had received the benefits of the Association of the Alchemy Masters.

He had wanted for the Twenty-third Prince to rope-in this force. However, they hadn't gotten enough time to act on it. And now, it was them who had come to pay a visit.

[I would gladly see you since you've come here to meet me.]

(To be continued)

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